Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You're Being Conned! Occupy Movement!

Hi Y'all,

I'm back! Sorry for the long hiatus but I had to take a break, the daily news was just too much for my nervous system to handle.  But I digress!

The Occupy Movement seems like a good idea on paper, after all, look at what the Tea Party Express has been able to do but if you look at the Occupy Movement critically you see it's nothing more than a cargo loaded Fart!

A Cargo Loaded What???!!!


Why Mista Jaycee??

The Tea Party Express, (pricks that they are) spelled out a specific agenda to go along with their racist vitriol.  The Deficit is too high, reduce it! End Obama Care! End OBAMA! (that's what they really wanted, bunch of pricks)

The Occupy movement stated WE ARE THE 99% but have not outlined ANY Specific Demand or thing that they would like to achieve.  Do you want banks to stop foreclosing on homes, jobs, lower tuition?? What????

So, they set up Tent cities to protest and yell about what??? What are your goals or demands? You risk arrest for what??

Oh, that's right! They haven't risked any arrests.  Has anyone gone inside good ole B of A and just sat down impeding B of A's right to do business? 

I'll wait! Has the Occupy Movement shut down any of the Property Brokers who use B of A or any other bank to foreclose on home owners?  I'll wait!

Has the Occupy Movement blocked up Check Cashing Businesses while Blocking the Banks Business? You know protesting Chek Systems or just leaving the banks.

What about the masses of people who joined a credit union and left the banks?

How bout going to the Chamber of Commerce in one's local and protesting the amount of Liquor stores, checking cashing, tobacco shops and Medical Marijuana dispensaries and fast food places that are allowed to open in a small concentrated area where the people are mostly Black and Poor?

In the 50's and 60's a sit in meant you were gonna get arrested.  It meant that you could be beaten, jailed or worse. It meant that local police, state agencies and Federal groups could target you.  There was a risk to being involved.  So far, with no clear demands, no specific goals, you can not achieve even incremental change!

So you are being conned! Occupy Movement is just a Cargo Loaded Fart! It's stinky but in the end you know you got nothing but ISH!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!