Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rumor! Reggie Bush to be stripped of his Heisman Trophy

Pro Football Star/Heisman Trophy Honoree Reggie Bush

University of Southern California Alumni and Heisman Trophy Winner Reggie Bush must be privately saying what the Eff?  I know that I am! The NCAA determined that the Student Athlete received improper benefits while playing at the University and in a draconian move stripped the University of 30 scholarships and Bowl play for the next two seasons.  The University is not allowed to associate with Reggie Bush in any way while the University is under penalty.  In response, the University, sent it's Heisman Trophy back to the Heisman Trust without being asked, changed their media guides advertising that USC has 6 Heisman Trophy Winners to 5 and painted over the murals honoring Bush.  Why?  Reggie Bush won the trophy for what he accomplished on the field! Did he use steroids? Did he cheat on the field? He proved he was the best on the field fairly and honestly.  His team proved they were the best team on the field as well.

The current rumor is that the Heisman Trust is considering stripping Bush of the honor advising that he was not eligible for the award during the 2005 season.  This seems peculiar, did Reggie Bush do anything that to dishonor or defame the Heisman? No! He's been a honorable dude in the NFL.  This seems to be an unprecedented move as well. USC Graduate/Hall of Famer and former Murder suspect OJ Simpson has not been stripped of his trophy! He has not been the most honorable dude or a great representative of the Heisman Trust since leaving USC. Murder trail aside, OJ Simpson has gotten into constant scrapes with the law even before that Bull ish conviction in Nevada. Yeah, I said Bull ish! USC could have covered OJ's murals and disassociated itself from him and no one would have blamed them.  But Reggie Bush? What the hell? How many recruits is OH JAY Simpson gonna bring to USC?  No, this reeks! It totally reeks! Hey USC! I guess, the checks in the mail too for all the money the University of Southern California made because of Reggie Bush! Glad to know that since you've held yourself to such high standards of integrity and honor that you will BE doing that too.

Hey! How bout vacating all the victories too! Taking down the banners! Come on! HONOR! INTEGRITY! It's about right RIGHT? Not the 30 lost scholarships or the two year bowl ban! Right? The University of Southern California of course will allow Bush to keep his education and degree right? You won't be asking Reggie to return any scholarship money right? Of course, if you do then, YOU wouldn't feel angry if Bush charged you a Million dollars a year for his services while he played there? Since he wasn't a STUDENT right? He must have been a PROFESSIONAL right?

Reggie Bush should be able to keep his Heisman cause he won it fair and square. USC did not deserve to be penalized to the extent they were but it serves as a reminder to all Student Athletes and especially to the BLACK STUD! Opps! I meant STUDENT ATHLETE that they will use you, and when THEY are DONE they will throw you away!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Sardonyx Jade said...

Well said!!! They never hinted at removing OJ's trophy and he is a disgrace in so many ways ...

GREGoRY said...

NICE!!! Very well said.