Monday, March 5, 2012

Darth Plagueis! Novel Review

Star Wars Nerd Alert!!!!
Spoiler Alert!!!

If you have not read Darth Plaguius by James Luceno then you gonna find out about it here cause I read it! I read it and now I'm gonna tell allllllll about it!

Before Emperor Palpintine/Darth Sideous ascended to the throne of the Galactic Empire he apprenticed under Darth Plagueis the Munn, a master of Midiclorian Manipulation.  It is said in Star Wars lore that Plagueis could create life and may have been the force daddy of one Anakin Skywalker who goes on to be YOU KNOW WHO!

I read this great long short story called "I Palpintine" by Christian Defeo which I highly recommend, it can be found in PDF form online. But I digress!

The novel starts with Plagueis apprenticing under Darth Tenebous the Bith who believes that Plagueis is destined to bring about the near completion of Darth Bane's vision for the destruction of the Republic and the Jedi Order. 

While Plagueis is apart of the 85 % of the story it's NOT about Plagueis but about Palpentine.  It mentions all of Plagueis experiments in trying to achieve immortality blah blah blah but nothing really about Plagueis or what really made him turn to the dark side, what really made him a great Sith Lord before he chose his eventual successor.  Nothing! The novel spends alot of time on Palpentine and his rise to power. 

I mentioned the "I Palpintine" story because it does what Plaguius should have done and been.  It starts with Palpentine as a young artist with a very ambitious, cunning, intelligent politician of a Father who guides his son to politics, it shows his falling in love, his joy, his passion, and the betrayal that ruins his family, his career, and his love that leads to embrace the dark side of the force and eventually rise to be Darth Sideous.  I suggest you find it online and read IT! Not Darth Plagueis unless you get it from the library for free. Don't waste your money! You are being Conned!

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