Friday, October 15, 2010

Mista Jaycee is NOT Clownophophic!

Anyone who has read my blog knows of my disdain for clowns.  They are scary, creepy and wrong! That said, A Children's Entertainment Professional has taken issue yet again with me over my outspokenness towards clowns.

I find this hilarious because they commented on the Letter and my Response from Albert T. Clown. Al called me a CLOWNOPHOPE! I am NOT Afraid of CLOWNS! I JUST don't like em or think that they are funny!

Clowns are EVIL! I would like to extend my thanks to all the great artists and photographers from Deviant Art who allowed me use these renderings of Clowns! Ewwww! Take a look at them and ask yourself why would anyone think that CLOWNS are scary? Go Figure! A Clownophobe? No, I just got good sense.

Fear No Clown! Happy Halloween!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Federal Judge Ends Don't Ask...Don't Tell!

A Federal Judge ended the United States Mililtary's 17 year "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy prohibiting those enlisted from asking an ensigns sexual preference and an from one's announcing one's sexual preference.


The policy was a piece of garbage anyway! It was built from an unproven, irrational hetrosexual fear! The fear that somehow an OPENLY GAY Enlisted person would undermine troop morale.

Reality Check!

I work for a living and some of the folks that I work with, go to church with, shop with and live next to are guess what.....????? There has never been any study to verify that an openly gay soldier or group of soldiers undermined morale in any quantifiable way. Sure, Hetrosexual Men have always had a FEAR of OPENLY Gay Soldiers looking at their winkies or maybe a game of slap and tickle or some such nonsense.

Gay Soldiers have always served and they should continue.

I live with it! Most ADULTS live with it just fine.  I'm sorry but if I'm about to get my behind shot off in Kabal by the enemy the only thing I wanna know is if the soldier next to me is gonna do they job?  Can I count on you in battle?

Congratulations America on growing up! Gay Enlisted Personell should have the right to live in the open, go out on dates, get married without having to hush up about it all the darn time! That ain't fair and it ain't right! Congrats LGBT Soldiers! Now, remember to be smart and fair to us Hetrosexuals. Use good sense and good taste!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vote Folks! The Calvery Ain't Coming

I am sick of all these Effin Election ads! News Flash for the Republican Meg Whitman supporters she ain't gonna change California! News Flash for Democratic Jerry Brown Supporters...Unless Jerry can change some things like the Property Tax code in California he ain't gon be able to do ish either!

Remember, Arnold Swartzenegger was gon go all TERMINATOR on California Politics and FIX California? Too Bad he couldn't get passed his OWN Parties Opposition! See folks, in California you have a to have a 2/3rds Majority to pass a budget.  This allows a MINORITY Party like the REPUBLICANS to CREATE GRIDLOCK! 

Swartzenegger found out how hard it was real quick! He ended up doing everything that former Governor Gray Davis wanted to do but couldn't! California's credit status is in the toilet! State employees are being furloughed at least three days a month. Social programs are being scaled down or cut! Educational spending is being cut! Class sizes are increasing!

Billionaire Warren Buffett warned Swartzenegger when he took office that he would have to fix Prop 13. Buffett paid less in property taxes on his Newport Beach, California home than the one he had in Wyoming!

Hey California Property Owners! Prop 13 is NOT Sacrosanct! It was voted in in 1978! Jimmy Carter was still president! Jerry Brown was THE Governor then and he said it was a rip off! It took monies out of the hands of the cities and now the cities have to go crawling to Sacramento and have it doled back to them!

But I digress.....

How is Meg Whitman gonna fix California dealing with a political environment that was hard for Dukemajaian, Wilson, Davis and Swartzenegger?  How are you gonna fix California?  Gonna raise Tuition again?  That's a TAX on the Students! Maybe you gonna cut down the pensions on State Workers? Sounds good! The California Prison Guards Union is the most powerful UNION in the state. Go for it!

See all i hear from the Republicans is the Same Bullshit they always preach! LOW TAXES, LESS GOVERNMENT, PRO BUSINESS!

Never mind the FACTS that BUSINESS has BETRAYED THE PEOPLE! California gave BUSINESS Tax Breaks and they moved to MEXICO! So Eff Business!

Never mind the FACTS that LOW TAXES are the PROBLEM! See, EVERYONE is NOT being TAXED Fairly! So there is no money in coffers to DO anything!

Never mind the FACTS that LESS GOVERNMENT is what got California and AMERICA in this mess. IT was LESS GOVERNMENT enforcement of the Tax codes, The banking industry, the Credit Card companies, the Real Estate Industry, The Food and Drug Administration, Wall Street. It was hands off on all of those entities and THEY RAN WILD and RAN THE COUNTRY INTO THE GROUND!


GO OUT VOTE! YOU ANGRY?  GOOD! GO OUT AND VOTE! YOU LOSING YOUR HOUSE! GO OUT AND VOTE! Take time off from one of those TWO MINIMUM WAGE Jobs if you have one and GO VOTE!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Republicans are Responsible!

Hey Angry Electorate!

So, you've lost your home! Your 401 K is used up! Your Job has gone overseas! You've recently coughed up a red liquid like substance and the Co pay from your insurance is really expensive!

Need someone to blame? 

Yeah! Yeah!

It ain't OBAMA! NO BAMA! It Ain't OBAMA!

Is it the MEXICANS Mista Jaycee?


The Republicans are Responsible!

Well, Mista Jaycee We Elected that Black Fella and the Country is still doing poorly! He's been in Office for what TWO Years and we want to see some results!

The Republicans are Responsible!

Mad at Congress? THE TEA PARTY is NOT the SOLUTION!  SARAH PALIN has never been and will never be the SOLUTION to solving Washington's problem unless it's to make it worse. Now, go back to pleasuring yourself with her pictures Bama! It's ok.  I won't tell anyone!

The Republicans are Responsible!

The same Bastards that got you in this mess are NOT gonna get you out of it! If you are not going to vote DEMOCRAT then VOTE GREEN, PEACE and FREEDOM or LIBERTARIAN but DO NOT VOTE TEA PARTY or REPUBLICAN!


The Republicans are Responsible! The Republicans are Responsible!

The Republicans are Responsible! The Republicans are Responsible!

DEREGULATION is the Blame!

My Foil Brother Logical says it WRONG for me to place the blame squarely on the backs of ONE Party!

Maybe! Maybe it is UNFAIR! But so what! Brother Logical is not incorrect in saying that the TWO are to blame.


Both groups are bottom feeders and deserved to be expelled from EARTH! However, Since no other intergalactic planet or planetoids will have them all we can do is Kick em out of Congress!

The Republicans are Responsible!

Why? Cause "Bam Bam" that's what I call President Obama, reached out to all those bastards when he took office and they spit on him and threw rocks!

"I hope you Fail!"  Rush Limbaugh

"Obama is a Muslim!" The Right Wing

"Obama is a Socialist!" The Right Wing

"Obama is NOT a Legal Citizen of this country" The Birthers Movement

Yet, President Obama has not slandered or demeaned anyone! He's reached out when he didn't have to.  Past President George Walker Bush never reached out to the Dems when his party held the Presidency, Senate and the House! He pushed his agenda no matter how extreme it might have been.

That's why The Republicans are Responsible!

What American needs are Statesmen! A Statesmen looks out for the benefits of the people. All the People not the needs of the PARTY! None of these people have done that and none are doing that now.


If the Republicans get back into real power what will they do for you? Will they help people who's houses have been foreclosed on get back into their homes?  Will they rebuild the manufacturing sector of America? Will they create jobs or start training programs that help people get jobs that pay more than the minimum wage?  Will they help with the rising costs of health care and tuition?


So the Republicans lowering taxes even further on the Highest Wage earners is gonna help YOU (not one of the Highest) get in a better state? 

Well, maybe you read me for fun and really care about Business.  Will the Republicans make sure that sewage and pollution is lowered? You know if they are allowed to build a factory for instance, will it pollute the area it's in so bad that the land is not usable again?  Of course the Republicans are known for being concerned with folks drinking water right? 

Of course the Republicans will make sure that once businesses get those tax breaks that they stay in AMERICA and create jobs in AMERICA right?  They won't just lay off even more people and pocket the savings right? 

WRONG! And you know it! They've never done that! They've never looked out for anyone other than the HIGHEST WAGE EARNING BUSINESS OWNER CONTRIBUTORS TO THEIR PARTY and they ain't gonna start now! That's why you elected the BLACK DUDE!

Now, Get behind the Black Dude (President Obama) and make sure that his agenda is carried out! And in two or six years if it still sux or sucks worse then throw President OBAMA out but YOU MUST GIVE him a FAIR CHANCE! 

It took 20 Years or Longer for all this to fall apart and YOU Can't Expect one dude to fix it in 2 years!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!