Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"The Help" Mississippi God Damn!

The 2012 Oscars have been awarded. Viola Davis didn't win Best Actress for her role in Kathern Stockert's "The Help"  but Octavia Spencer did. I love both Sistahs and I hope that they both have long, successful careers but personally I couldn't care less about "The Help".

I ignored it when it was in the theater and only saw it after much pressure from my Wife to rent it because it was up for an Oscar. The help is about a White Woman who writes the stories of 1960's era Jackson, Mississippi Domestic maids and their lives behind the scenes. 

One segment of the film sums up why this movie gets the finger.  The Octavia Spencer character after having been verbally abused by her young White employer and fired, seemingly grovels back to her with a baked pie in tow.  After the shrewish employer eats two slices she is informed that she literally has eaten a pie filling made of the Maids shit! Later in the movie the shrewish employer is bullied in silence, and some compliance because she doesn't want her embarrassment revealed. 

This is 1960's era MISSISSIPPI! In real life if that maid had even implied that she had done anything remotely close to that, that WOMAN would have shot her where she stood and had her body burned.  That's not hyperbole, that's fact! The Book and Movie fail cause it ignores what really happened in that time.  God Damn Mississippi was the most hellish of all the segregated South!  A Black PERSON COULD BE KILLED FOR NOTHING! No reason at all.  There was no Sassin in MISSISSIPPI! 

It's an insult to our ancestors memories and all our folks who are still alive that suffered in it! But that's the trick of White Supremacy.  Over time they try to rewrite history! It minimizes what has happened to where the oppressed victim and their decendants say oh it wasn't that bad. 

No! NO! GOD DAMN MISSISSIPPI! For all the innocents who were hung, burned, raped, humiliated, beaten, framed, jailed, drowned, castrated, poisoned, sterilized, burned and ran out of Mississippi and the South for nothing more than being Afrikan, Colored, Negro, Black, Afro American, African American. 


And to all the Monsters Ball's, Training Day's and movies like "THE Help" and the White so called Liberal film makers and writers who create these vile products and then award talented ACTORS the industry highest honor for bringing them to life while projects that would enrich, elevated and empower Afrikan Americans and America as a whole go ignored or remain unmade.  A BIG MIDDLE DIGIT!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful, BE Careful!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Al Austin For 8th District!

When we the people elected President Obama in mass we voted for change! Now, the old order has fought tooth and nail to impede the change we the people desire.  There are some of us who after four years may be disappointed and disillusioned; Don't BE!

It's time for the Working Class, the Poor and The Middle class to start thinking about the Long Game! The change we want has to be implemented constantly and in stages.We will have to elect CHANGE Politicians for the next two decades in Local, Statewide and National Elections, appoint judges and like minded people to boards and committees.  President Obama has gotten alot done but he can't do it alone,  we as the thinking electorate that wants change have to begin to impart it by electing more new blood.

 Al Austin is that Man! 

He lives in Long Beach, represents North Long Beach very well, and wants your help in not just getting elected but in bringing businesses to North Long Beach, changing the culture of City Hall and the Council but most of all by changing the landscape of hopelessness that saturates the 8th District.  

562 magazine once did a wonderful five part expose on Long Beach quoting " If you enter Long Beach from the Vincent Thomas Bridge and come down Ocean Blvd it looks wonderful and you think Wow Long Beach is doing great! But if you come into Long Beach by any of the other seven avenues of entrance and look at Long Beach, it's WOW LONG BEACH REALLY SUCKS! Well, try entering Long Beach from the City of Carson on Delamo Blvd or Southbound from the City of Compton by way of Long Beach Blvd and see how you feel.  North Long Beach needs and deserves to prosper. 

Al Austin is one small but very important part of that change! 

BE Prayerful BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Black Folks Want??? According to Santoram!

White Folks, let Mista Jaycee talk with you for a minute.  Come here, sit a while. Tryna help you! 
Republican Contender Rick Santoram stated that he wants to talk to Black Folks about something besides WELFARE! 

What the hell????

I know that Conservatives (White Folks) patron saint is  Ronald Reagan  (Effin Devil) and Ronald Reagan and all the Republicans that have followed him since like to tell y'all "good" Conservatives  that Black Folks want welfare and they always show a Big Fat Black Woman in a Ghetto somewhere waiting on her check.  

Here it is Conservatives, coming right from your Black Progressive Independent friend Mista Jaycee.  Black Folks don't give a F--K about welfare and we never did. Not one single, solitary F--K!  We wanted Good Jobs and a fair shake that is all we ever asked for.  

And by the way, stop demonizing the poor you F--ks! People that need welfare, regardless of color, don't want to suffer the humiliation of going down to the Welfare offices in America, answering those numerous embarrassing and intrusive questions about why they need assistance and food stamps but they endure it cause Nobody wants welfare but nobody should have to starve either in America! 

The majority of the American people that are on WELFARE and have always been on WELFARE are WHITE PEOPLE! It's time y'all deal with that! 

Mista Jaycee???!!! Stop hyperventilating! Get a brown bag and breathe.  White Folks are the MAJORITY in this country, so it is White folks who benefit the most from any  entitlements and special interests.  It is also WHITE FOLKS who shoot themselves in the foot by voting for folks like Ronald Reagan (Effin Devil) and his Republican ilk who don't want anyone to have any entitlements except them and their friends of which y'all really ain't included.  

So what do Black Folks want?? 

Well, I won't be so presumptuous as to speak for "Black People" there are alot of us ya know. 
But I'll give it a shot.

1.  Great Schools and Great Vocational training

2.   An End to Police Brutality and Fairness in the Criminal Justice System

3.  Employment opportunities that lead to the Middle class and beyond.  

4.  Equal and Affordable access to Healthcare 

5.  Equal and Affordable access to good housing

6. Grants and Loans that allow us to build business and employ our own people.

That's just a small part of what (Black Folks) want!   

Now, what I personally would like is for White Folks to really talk to these so called conservatives  and asked Conservatives like Santoram why there is no manufacturing industry in America? 

Point out to so called conservatives that when the Unions were strong in America that the poor and working class moved up into the middle class, buying homes, going to college and sending their children to college.  The GI Bill is an Entitlement that Americans White and Black have been able to use to move up in America.   

Ask Newt why he has voted against increasing Educational Grants throughout the years and force millions of young people trying to elevate themselves to take out high interest student loans that keep them indebted for decades after they have finished school?  Why not just invest in your people with grants as they will be paying taxes back into the system after school?  

Why have conservatives not dealt with the country failing infrastructure?  Roads, Highways, bridges and levees are all falling apart.  With all these Americans out of work, you'd think that conservatives would be thrilled to have a Government that would hire the unemployed to REBUILD America and pay taxes into the system.  

Ask so called conservatives why so much time has been spent on President Obama's birth certificate and not on all the homes that have been foreclosed on?  All the jobs that have moved overseas?  All the tax breaks that  have been given to the highest wage earners and not the working and middle classes? Why Corporations continue to enjoy tax breaks and subsidization while they put their income into off shore tax shelters?  Shouldn't conservatives demand that Corporations pay the American people back by creating good paying  jobs on shore?  

Just asking! 

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful! 
Mista Jaycee

Friday, February 24, 2012

Vote Al Austin for 8th District City Council!

Long Beach needs some New Blood, New Vision, and someone who's vested interest is the working and middle classes.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Rest in Peace Whitney!

Whitney was the package! Stunning looks, height, weight, and that VOICE! She didn't just display vocal acrobatics but she knew how to caress a lyric.  One singer may have a wonderful voice but can't make the song live. And some have a marginal voice but interpret a lyric to no end.  Baby Face falls in the category.

But Whitney had it all! That is sooo rare and even with all of those gifts a singer may not make it to the top.  Trust, the music business is treacherous!

Gonna have to pull out my copy of her first album and listen to "You give good love" again.

Rest in Peace and thanks for the music.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Black History Month!

Ahhhh! The shortest month of the year is here! Even doing leap year! 29 days!
But don't dispair for any student of history knows that there is no history without Black History.

Don't ya just love this photo with Dr. King and Bayard Rustin? Who's Bayard Rustin?  He organized the March on Washington, gave Dr. King lessons on Non Violence Resistance tactics. Mr. Rustin had been protesting and using these tactics throughout the South for over a decade by the time Dr. King and he met. 

Mr. Rustin was honest and open with his homosexuality which caused concern and in some cases rifts in the movement as Activist worried if it would be used to discredit the cause along with their own prejudices and homophobia. Rustin took a step back in order to keep the movement from damage.  Rustin made Nixon's Enemies list! Whoo Whoo! Up into the 1980's he branched out from Civil and Human rights causes to Gay and Lesbian causes.  He should be remembered for his great work.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!