Sunday, February 26, 2012

Al Austin For 8th District!

When we the people elected President Obama in mass we voted for change! Now, the old order has fought tooth and nail to impede the change we the people desire.  There are some of us who after four years may be disappointed and disillusioned; Don't BE!

It's time for the Working Class, the Poor and The Middle class to start thinking about the Long Game! The change we want has to be implemented constantly and in stages.We will have to elect CHANGE Politicians for the next two decades in Local, Statewide and National Elections, appoint judges and like minded people to boards and committees.  President Obama has gotten alot done but he can't do it alone,  we as the thinking electorate that wants change have to begin to impart it by electing more new blood.

 Al Austin is that Man! 

He lives in Long Beach, represents North Long Beach very well, and wants your help in not just getting elected but in bringing businesses to North Long Beach, changing the culture of City Hall and the Council but most of all by changing the landscape of hopelessness that saturates the 8th District.  

562 magazine once did a wonderful five part expose on Long Beach quoting " If you enter Long Beach from the Vincent Thomas Bridge and come down Ocean Blvd it looks wonderful and you think Wow Long Beach is doing great! But if you come into Long Beach by any of the other seven avenues of entrance and look at Long Beach, it's WOW LONG BEACH REALLY SUCKS! Well, try entering Long Beach from the City of Carson on Delamo Blvd or Southbound from the City of Compton by way of Long Beach Blvd and see how you feel.  North Long Beach needs and deserves to prosper. 

Al Austin is one small but very important part of that change! 

BE Prayerful BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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Mildred said...

The long game is the only way. Period. That's why the old heads used to call it the struggle. Hence, a luta continua. Ad hoc, temporary reactions and performance art pieces, however well intended are no substitute.

Smart post.