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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Teena Marie Dies at 54! Funk Legend Lady T Passes!

Teena Marie has passed away at press time at her home in Santa Monica.  The Funk Superstar, born Mary Marie Brockert in Santa Monica was 54.  She may have been European American (White) but she belonged to us. Legend has it that Motown Records Executives did not even want to hear that she was a White. They released her record without a photo.  No matter! She had the goods!

She loved Motown Records but successfully sued the label after the label failed to pay royalties and certain standard fees creating the Brockert (Teena Marie Law).  Several artists throughout the years have used the Brockert Law in order to get out of bad contacts. 

The most important thing that she be remembered though is that she could write, play, produce and most of all Sing!  Man, could she ever sing.

Rest in Peace Teena until Jesus comes!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, I went over to my Great Grandma's house and the rest of the Family would meet there for dinner.  Often times, it was the only time we all got together at once in one place.  Now, that Grandma is gone I realize with crystal clarity that she was the glue that kept us together. Since she passed my Family has scattered to the wind, each Family member, focusing on their own lives.  Although we send each other cards and may even call one another occasionally we have never captured what we took for granted going to Grandma's house every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Over the years I've even noticed that as my friends and acquaintances have become religiously enlightened they've left the traditional Christmas traditions of the having a tree, or state that Yeshua (Jesus) was not born on December 25 (Nimrod's Birthday) or maybe they shun the commercialism of the Holiday and opt for Kwannza instead. All of that is fine but what's truly lost is the sense of Family and community. The sense of connection.

Family, Community and Connectedness is what we have to keep to thrive and survive as a people.  

Make sure that you tell those who matter that you love them and make the effort to spend time with them.

Merry Christmas!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Senate Repeals Don't Ask Don't Tell!

The Lame Duck Senate struck down the discriminatory "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy! Whoo Whoo! A sensible, grown up policy for well, grown ups! Too bad they waited til they had nothing to lose by doing the right damn thing.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church Pioneer Ellen G. White penned "The greatest want of all the world is Men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall."

We need congress and the senate to do the right thing NOW! Instead what we have is partisan policies. We need to do what is right for the whole country and sometimes that means doing things that we don't agree with. You feel homosexuality is wrong! Fine, but you do not have the right to marginalize, and persecute homosexuals and keep them from what is theirs by right.  You have the right to your opinion and that's all.

Now get to work on Unemployment! Get to work on all these foreclosures! 

Congrats to the Lame D*ck, I mean Duck Senate on screwing on a pair and  doing something. Too bad you left President Obama holding the bag.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Jazz Great James Moody Transistions

Moody's Mood for Love composer Jazz great James Moody has passed away from pancreatic cancer. May the Lord remember him as a good and faithful servant.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Real Initiation!


Over the years while working in the Shades of Afrika I have been privileged to stock and read several books on fraternal organizations and secret societies and while I am happy that books like Behold a Pale Horse and The Unseen Hand have a large and growing audience, I also see tomes like Duncan's Ritual and Lost Keys to Freemasonry fly off the shelves too.

The problem is most folks who read these books have no idea what they are actually reading. They have none of the prerequisites in order to understand the subject matter. Reading Duncan's Ritual to a non mason would be like taking inorganic chemistry when one hasn't taken Biology 101 or better yet has only taken Bio 101. OK, save your money.
There ain't nothing in there that you gonna find out!

Just a little background to straighten out a couple of things flowing thorough the Hip-Hop Community. Lost Keys of Freemasonry was written by Manly P. Hall when he wasn't a Mason. He wrote it when he was like 19 years old and didn't have any first hand knowledge. It was written in the sensationalized dime store pocketbook style popular at the time which had helped books like Secret Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which sells to this day in some corners and is complete crap! become great sellers! It was tripe! And it fueled the anti-masonic sentiment of the times. He hypocritically became a Mason in his later life thirty years later but never denounced the book to my knowledge. But he sure took the money!

Albert Pike was a Freemason and his Morals and Dogma is the text most people cite when denouncing Masonry and fraternal organizations but again it is as his book said It was written for the Southern Scottish Rite. He was a confederate, a southerner, so it's no surprise that he said " I took my Oath before White Men, and while I see no problem with Negroes being masons if I had to choose masonry or have it brought down to their (negroes) level by mixing with the main I would leave Masonry"
The overall Masonic Fraternity promotes Universal Brotherhood. Albert Pike at least had some integrity when he stated he didn't speak for Masonry, he spoke for himself and wrote specifically for the Southern Rite. He was still a weenie though! So this should be kept in mind when discussions are held concerning fraternal organizations.

I read a book called " Gleanings of a Mystic" by Max Heidel, a Rosicrucian from Austria, who came to California in the 1920's. I disregard most of his ideas as he held in this writers opinion some questionable racial and cultural views, it fact it is my opinion that he held several racist and anti semitic views but his chapters on Initiation what it is and what it isn't are worth the coin I spent.

Mr. Heidel taught that there is external initiation and internal initiation. External is the ceremony, the pomp, the oaths, the rituals, the membership cards and regalia and don't forget the super secret decoder ring and hat! Just kidding! Maybe! This is easy to see.

And secondly, the internal initiation, which is inward and not easy to see. Here is an example. Take a bite out of an apple, now chew it slowly, slower, slower. Now tell me how it tastes, it's smell, is it soft or hard? Tell me!

Ok, you described it but do I know what the apple tastes like? No, I won't know what that apple tastes like even if you gave me a piece. It's gonna taste different for me but still in order to know any apple's taste you gotta try it for yourself! Only you would know when you understood the internal, Maybe....

Now, I am not a member of a lodge, but I know several members of several different lodges, Masons, AMORC, Elks and Kiwanis and what they share is essentially the same feeling on initiation. You gotta try it for yourself! Why am I writing on this? Because I saw this short video on You Tube, where this dude was trying to point out Kanye West and Jay-Z as Masons. They were supposedly giving a masonic handshake and the videographer just knew he hit on some esoteric gem! Fact! Anyone can do a Masonic handshake and may have learned it somewhere but it don't mean they Masons!
As I said in past posts you gotta check these people out! You can check to see if a person is a member and if thier in good standing in most organizations including Masonry. In fact if you look on their resumes you may see it.

It's become real popular in hip-hop circles and music to speak on metaphysics, Al-Islam and Esoteric subjects such as masonry but most of the time no one is actually speaking on anything of real substance. The rhymes are just peppered with code words to make it seem as if they know something but again, you gotta ask somebody who knows. If you want to know about wood ya go to a carpenter, dig!

The So-called Dr. Dwight Malachi York and others like him have made a living for years taking advantage of people's lack of knowledge and selling them counterfit versions. The So called Dr. York has been a Moor, a Muslim, ( He differentiated) a Mason, a Shriner, opened a Grand Lodge in Georgia, that had armed guards at the doors. ( That would not happen in a proper masonic lodge, Guns at the doors!) He claimed some Extraterrestrial Theta type thing recently that sounds like he was trying to make a rival Scientology type group and keep making money selling books and incenses all over the Hip-Hop and Afrikan American community on all these subjects. I would suggest you go to the Phylaxis Society's page on Bogus Masonry and check the interview E. Malik Bey, a moor, a Muslim and a Prince Hall mason did with the So Called Dr. York. It's a dooosey!

Facts, about Masonry! It is not secret it is private! Any man, 18 years of age, and of good moral character can apply for membership. Their rituals and ceremonies are not for public knowledge just to members. It's the same for any organization. The Deacon board at your church don't discuss everything in front of the congregation, and major corporations keep their shareholders meeting private including membership unless it is illegal according to its by-laws. That's not proper! Some things will only be discussed in private.

Look into a Blue lodge and ask questions and find out about procedure. You must first join a blue lodge and master the first three degrees. After one is a master mason (3rd degree) You needn't go any further but if you still wish to learn more then you can go up the York and Scottish Rite houses. You may do both, just one side or none beyond the blue lodge. Don't get hustled you must go to the blue lodge anyone bypassing that ain't proper. Dig!

It is up to you to ask questions for yourself instead of this crazy speculation. Hip-Hop is full of charlatans just waiting to sell a book, or take your money some other kind of way. The web is full of sites dedicated to exposing the secrets of this or that. But what secrets? You mean things that you could find out simply by getting a book from the local chain store? That ain't secret and even if you memorize it you don't understand it. As soon as someone who belongs asks enough of the right questions, the ruse is over.
Remember there are alot of shirks out there, talking like they know something about something but when you shine the light on them, find out they talking out they other end.
Now just think about these things for a second. You saw National Treasure, Raiders of the Lost Ark or read about America's Founding Fathers or Adam Wieshaupt and believe in this Grand Conspiracy theory. Well maybe there is but most people including those who may have memberships in organizations are not involved and in fact wouldn't know it if it kiss them on the lips. You mean to tell me that your drunk azz uncle who drives a truck for the city and still owes you five dollars is a part of some super secret plot? Come on, ya know better than that!
Ya Grandma, eighty years old, who still insists that you be in Church every weekend, is plotting a world overthrow with all the other old ladies at the Eastern Star meetings? Come on! Ya know better!
But if you do see something that bothers you spiritually or outright offends your religious spider sense then choose God and get the heck out! Don't fool with it and that goes for anything and everything that you find like that. Dig!
I am not endorsing or encouraging membership in any organization. That's your own choice! Make your own choice! Now if you are not a joiner that's cool too but A Choice of Weapons wants you to be informed no matter what with good reliable information and a solid argument.

Be Mindful! Be Careful! Be Prayerful!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Find Balance with God's Eight Natural Health Laws!

God's 8 Natural Health Laws For Humankind!


1. Fresh Air

2. Sunshine

3. Exercise

4. Pure Water

5. Proper Nutrition

6. Proper Rest

7. Temperance

8. Prayer, Meditation and Trusting in God

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

To all my European and Afrikan Jewish Friends Happy Hanukkah. 

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World Aids Day

Can any one of us say that they have not been touched or affected by the HIV virus and the AIDS disease? Maybe, you lost a relative or friend.  Maybe, someone you care for is suffering with the HIV infection.

Can you imagine being diagnosed with the HIV virus and then going through life waiting for the virus to become the AIDS disease? How would that reality change your outlook on relationships?

Do you realize that there are three or four generations of people who have never enjoyed "Casual Sex"? (There's no such thing) Their whole adolescent life has been spent knowing that a one night stand could be deadly. They've never had sex without a condom! Even though who do have unprotected sex much have had a conversation about their sexual history and their sexual partners.


Have you ever taken a survey about your sexual history to determine if you are at risk? I have.  It wasn't pleasant. It really doesn't matter how you answer. It really doesn't!

Q: Have you had sex?  Sex is defined as Physical intercourse with a partner (this includes oral)

Q: Have you ever been incarcerated? This includes county jail.

Q: Have you gotten a tattoo? 

Q: Have you received a blood transfusion? 

Q: Have you ever had anal sex?

Q: Have you engaged in an sex act with multiple partners? Did you use a condom? Did you use a condom each time?

Q: Have you ever had a homosexual relationship or encounter?  Did you use a condom?  Did you use any protection if you gave or received oral sex?

Remember, you are in a clinic or in a doctors office and your naked!

That's just some of the questions that are asked.  Fun! Loads of Fun! And just to add the whipped cream to it this poop sundae....

The Church calls it a plague. Accuses you of immorality if you are infected.

Dating conversation includes questions of do you lick, suck, bend, take it, or swallow before you met them? Appearances do not matter. The innocent looking nerdy girl could be infected. The nerdy microsoft dude could be infected.
Good Morals do not save you! Monogamy will not save you! Ask the faithful who are now infected! All that stands between us... is a piece of Latex! You can ask all the right questions but still...LATEX! Get Tested! Insist that your partner get tested. Go with each other! 
Damn it! Use condoms! Ladies keep some! Men, need to have them! And we need to talk with one another and ask the real questions.  Afraid? Don't be! BE Cautious!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



Hey Y'all,
I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and that you were able to spend time with your Family.

"We Don't Celebrate Thanksgiving Mista Jaycee!"

Oh, Sorry, Y'all Jehovah's Witnesses?

"No! We don't celebrate the wholesale slaughter of the Native American Population!

????????? WTH?????!!!!!!!!

Mutha----! No one commerates the Wholesale Slaughter of a whole group of People! NO ONE! Thanksgiving, like Christmas, Labor Day, and Presidents Day is a DAY OFF OF WORK WITH PAY!
So, of course you DONATE all your earnings from those days right?


Huh? I am asking you Do you donate your earnings from those days to charities that benefit Native Americans, for example?


I'll wait! So, let me get this correct. You will accept the day off. You will take the money that's offered to you, if you recieve a paid holiday. You will accept a gift certificate for a Turkey or THE TURKEY from your job on Thanksgiving or insert Holiday here right? Isn't that hypocritical? Of course it is.

On Thanksgiving, you can spend the days off with your Family.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are two days that Your whole Family can get together at once. People travel across states to get together.  You don't do that???? You don't spend the day watching football right?  You fast longer than the time to cook the bird right?

So you fast and pray and of course you go out and visit Native American Reservations right on the so called Thankgiving Holiday right?

"Does a Casino count?"

Let me check....NO!

So, now we both see that while your intent is admirable it's misguided and therefore BULLSHIT!

"Why Mista Jaycee?"

It's great that Black Folks and Euro-American Folks have gotten conscious of what happened to the Native Americans! Great! It's a good thing that we no longer subscribe to the WHOLE PILGRIM STORY with all the NOBLE Intentions cause we know what Really happened.  We all know that Columbus was one of the first in a long line of evil genocidal maniacs.

But BEING Conscious is a waste if it does not spur you to ACTION!   It just makes you SELF RIGHTEOUS and an A**Hole!

I talked with several people that considered themselves to BE CONSCIOUS that I wished good tidings to only to be rebuffed, scolded, counseled and rebuked. Tired and fed up with the posturing I issued a challenge to the SO Called Conscious Community that I will now extend to this medium as well.


Here is the challenge: Donate $25 or more to a Historically Black College or University, Divine Nine Plus 1 Organization, Prince Hall, Order of Eastern Star Organization or NAACP for Youth Scholarships.

Don't just read all the CONSCIOUS BOOKS, Wear Afrikan Garb, Change Your Diet, Change Your Hair and adopt all the POLITICALLY CORRECT CONSCIOUS OPINIONS and then put NO ACTION Behind it!

We do not need another rally of ANGRY PROTESTING Knuckas! We need Conscious Black Folks to BE Motivated to donate  their TIME, ENERGY, KNOWLEDGE and MONEY to REAL LIBERATION EFFORTS! Without effort, time and money your CONSCIOUSNESS is just a fad!

Yeah, a fad just like those Afrikan, Red, Green, and Yellow Leather Medallions from the 90's and it will go away like the Hightop fade!

We do not need another rally of ANGRY PROTESTING Knuckas!

Forget Marching! Forget Speeches! Don't call Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton!  What's needed is more ELIJAH MUHAMMED, MARCUS GARVEY, FATHER DIVINE, ECONOMIC DO FOR SELF EFFORTS! Money Brothers and Sisters! MONEY, TIME, KNOWLEDGE!

Put Up or Shut UP!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!