Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Boston Really Traded Kendrick Perkins!

Let's face it the MOST HATED boston celtics traded Inside Banger Kendrick Perkins as part of the nefarious plot to keep the MOST BELOVED LOS ANGELES LAKERS from THREE PEATING as WORLD CHAMPIONS.

What??? Ok, Mista Jaycee, we believe that the boston celtics ARE EEEEEEVVVVVIL! But trading Kendrick Perkins, knowing full well they need as many BIG'S as possible as part of plot to keep the MOST BELOVED LA LAKERS FROM BEING CHAMPS AGAIN.....Explain!

The boston celtics have no desire to meet the LAKERS in the finals.  The boston celtics do NOT fear Lebron 'The Phenom" James or the Miami Heat! The celtics though evil are a solid basketball team. The Heat is not a solid TEAM. The celtics, though up in age, can handle the EASTERN CONFERENCE.

The Most BELOVED LAKERS are Younger than the celtics, faster and can BEST the celtics in the finals. But unlike the MOST HATED boston celtics, the MOST BELOVED LAKERS, face a far more superior conference en route to the WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS and then to the BIG DANCE. 

Oklahoma is a budding powerhouse. Kevin Durant is a beast! Last season they gave the Lakers fits in the playoffs.  They need the WEST to BE strong. They need the LAKERS to be worn down. The Thunder needed a BIG! The celtics just gave them one. A Big, Tough, Nasty, Workhorse BIG that will help them become that much more a threat to the Lakers.  The Lakers will have to go through Dallas, San Antonio

Utah and DenverCarmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billips were both in the West just a couple of weeks ago. Now Denver has traded both players. The Lakers should strut right? Heck no! But it makes it a little less difficult for the Lakers to win the Western Conference.  No one knew or believed that the Utah Jazz would not have Hall of Fame Coach Jerry Sloan at the helm. I believed that Utah didn't give him the proper respect he deserved and he retired.  Playmaker Deron Williams is a beast! He gave the Lakers fits! Utah gave the Lakers fits! The celtics did not know Deron Williams would be traded to New Jersey further complicating their return to the Finals. But they knew he probably would resign with the Jazz next season. So, now two teams in the West are weaker than last season. 

So the Evil Empire's Main executioner Danny Ainge traded Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma.  The moves boosts up the THUNDER who were a band of young killers in the West waiting for their moment to kill the Champion Lakers.  Did I forget Portland?? They may not be in the running but they too are dangerous.

What's your point Mista Jaycee???

The boston celtics are EVVVVVVVVVVVVVILLLLLLL! That's my point!

Go Lakers!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Matrise and Phylicia! Media's Neglect or F*ck the Single Black Female!

The Late Ms. Matrise Richardson went missing after being released from a LA County Sheriffs station at two in the morning. It made the news, but there was no daily follow ups, no investigative journalism, no probing reports questioning the department. Just a few blurbs here and there every other week, then every month.

First, her Dad, organized a Motor Cycle Ride to Vegas to raise funds for a proper investigation. This received Human Interest style coverage, but there were no interviews aired questioning Sheriff Lee Baca or the Lost Hills/Malibu Division Commander.  There were no follow up interviews of the restaurant owners, waitresses, waiters, where Matrise had eaten before she was arrested. Then, one week before her body was found, the news conveniently reported a rumor that Matrise had been sighted in Vegas. The rumor of course was uncorroborated then her remains were found in a deserted area in Malibu. There were no interviews probing why the Sheriff had not allowed Matrise's remains to be recovered by an independent contractor to avoid the appearance of foul play or a cover up?  There was no follow up when the FBI declined to investigate this case. Why?
Mitrese Richardson

I hate to make this a racial issue but you will see that race should be applied.  JC Duggard, Young White Teenager went missing, her case made National news and it stayed in the National news. It's still there now! Years after she's been found, her kidnappers court case is being covered.

The Late Ms.  Natalie Holloway goes missing in Aruba! It made National news. Why? Was she the Daughter of a Diplomat? Was her Family friends to the President? National News and a TV movie.  Why not Matrise?

National News!

The Late Mr. Austin Bice went missing last week in Spain. His disappearance was covered until his body was found in a river outside of Madrid.  He received a hellava lot more press than Matrise did in a whole year.  Matrise disappeared after being arrested and released on foot in a wooded area at 2am. And still she has not received the kind of coverage JC Duggard, Natalie Holloway or Austin Bice received in just days.

16 Year old Student Phylicia Barnes

Now Phylicia Barnes, a 16 year old A Student is missing in Baltimore, Maryland. She disappeared while walking home. National Coverage??? Some. Nightly??? Heck no! You know it's bad when the Baltimore Police Department states that they have not had enough media coverage to help them in this case. That's bad!

So what is the criteria for a missing person's case receiving National Media coverage? We know that Chandra Levy received coverage because of the brutality of the case but also because a Congressman was possibly involved. But how are other cases and events decided???

Race can not be ruled out. Matrise was a Master's degree candidate, Pretty, Young, Lesbian, and Black who was arrested by the Sheriff. Her car was impounded and she was released at two in the morning, on foot into a wooded area with no purse or cell phone.  This does not get national coverage. You've got possible dirty or neglect cops, you've got sex, you got a possible hate crime and cover up. That's must see TV Baby! 

In another case you got a 16 Year old Pretty, A Student who's gone missing while walking home after calling her Father. This is every parents nightmare! That doesn't get national coverage??? That doesn't dominate the local papers??? Then what does?

JC Duggard did! Natalie Holloway did! Austin Brice did! Chandra Levy did! All four were White! Two were out of the country. Phylicia and Matrise were Black and in the country! IN THE COUNTRY!

The underlining message seems to be that if they are Pretty and White then Alright! We are concerned about what happened to them but if they are Black then... Who gives a F*ck!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!