Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mista Jaycee's Response To Albert T. Clown!

Cesar Romero as the Joker

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and Godspeed back to Crawford, Texas!

Good Morning Albert T. Clown,

As you can see I did post your letter and now I hope that you're Man enough or Clown enough or...whatever you are to hear my reply.

Bozo, The Last True Clown Professional!

It is not and has never been my intention to disparage an entire community nor Children's Entertainment Professionals in which clowns are included. I believe that Clowns have done quite enough on thier own to disparage themselves!

Why would anyone say a clown is Scary?

As a Children's Entertainment Professional it is you who owe the apology! As a Children's Entertainment Professional it is your job by definition to entertain. Clearly you have failed miserablly. This is not my fault. I find clowns to be creepy and outworldly to say the least! To say the most I don't think Clowns are funny!

The Late Great Red Skelton, The Loveable Clown! Isn't that an Oxymoron? Loveable Clown?

Your very Clownatude offends my sensibilities but back to your letter, Mista Jaycee is not a Clownophobe!

Oh, No! Clowns are funnie!
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Phobia: Noun, Irrational persistant fear. definition courtesy of Webster's dictionary
Clown: Noun, A Funny, Costumed, Entertainer. definition courtesy of Webster's dictionary
I do not possess a phobia of clowns! A revulsion yes! But not a phobia!
Now, Albert, I hope that I can call you Al.......

Al, you are indeed costumed but funny entertainer...well.............

Big floppy shoes, flowers that shoot water, loud garish colors may be the uniform of a clown but Hey Al, bring your A game dude!

Stale Knock Knock jokes, dime store magic tricks and creepy makeup just don't cut it anymore and it hasn't for over twenty years!

And another thing Al! You didn't go after Stephen King when he wrote about Pennywise! You didn't go after Batdude and the Joker! You didn't go after Fox when they called thier Propaganda program NEWS! Oh....sorry I digress!

You didn't write about Shakes the Clown, Bill the Clown or Armstrong Williams! Opps! Sorry, I digress yet again! Oh....they 've represented the Clown Community well haven't they?

Let's face it dude Clowns are creepy and the true American Capitalist Clown knows the real $$$$ in creepy! No one is more creepy than a clown! Well except Barney the Dinosaur and the Kenny G Christmas album, but again, I digress!

Al...your creepiness, not withstanding, I gotta give it to you! You got sack dude or whatever clowns got cause you ride for yours, dude! I respect that but you still creep me out!



Dwane T. said...

"What about all those in youuuuur community who are buffoons for freeeee! Even when the cameras not on!"

Jaycee, you let that one go?!?!?! You're a better man than I am.

Personally, having grown up with Bozo and Red Skelton, and been to Ringling Bros. numberous times, I always loved clowns... until I read that letter. But justice was served, 'cause Al got clowned.

Miss.Stefanie said...

Mista Jaycee...the clowns are scaring me :x

Anne Murphy said...

Oh look! You're using my photo of the evil clown mask. I don't mind, but would appreciate it if you'd provide a link back to the original photo on Flickr.