Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thank God We got a Job We hate!

I watched an early morning news story about the stock market. I really don't understand economics but I know when something sux! That I understand!

It seems that everyone I know is going through it right now. The moneys tight, they're overextended and it doesn't look like it going to get better anytime soon but...

Years ago while working a security gig, a wise dude, tapped me on the shoulder and stated these prophetic words!
Thank God (IAM) ! We've got a job we hate! Wow! So many folks don't even have that!
I'm Blessed cause while it could pay more I actually like my job! Praise to the God! (IAM)
This week I saw two executives in their clean suits frowning on a Friday!
Good Morning!
What's good about it?
It's Friday!
Well, it could be worse you could be working for GM! You could be living in Detroit right now.
One of them then commented that he had been in Detroit recently and Boy! Was he ever glad he wasn't having to try to live there right now!
This perked them up! They were executives for a large company that while it too was suffering they weren't laying folks off. Dig?
Perspective! BE Thankful for what we have! But also be Thankful for what we don't have! Dig?

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!



Miss.Stefanie said...

Its rare we find a job we love. But a job we hate- usually teaches us a lesson on not taking things for granted. Makes us work harder and mature.

Rumait said...

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Serious Black said...

I agree 100 percent, those of us with jobs are indeed blessed. Our situation could easily be so much worse. Thank God I have a job!

NaturallyAlise said...

I concur, as much as I talk bad about my 2 jobs on my blog and to everyone who will endure I mean listen to me, I am so thankful for them and I work extra hard at both, because so many people are struggling...

CurvyGurl said...

Amen Jaycee! I'm even learning to love Mondays...imagine that. Have a fab weekend!