Monday, November 24, 2008

Price controls now on gas Obama and do it Quick!

1st things first! Now, that Barack H. Obama, that's "Bam Bam" to all y'all that have been following this blog has become the President elect let me just say that you have got to place some sort of limit on the gasoline companies.

Socialism! Is that what you're are saying Mista Jaycee?

Hell whatever! I really don't know or care. I believe that we have been gouged for years. In California where I live we were almost paying $5.00 a gallon for gas! $5.00! It hurt business but it hurt families more! Food, rent, jobs and everything was affected and we were told that the economy was sound and that it was great but peanut butter was $3.00 a jar. Bread was $3.00! Milk was $3.75! Eggs were $2.75!

Ya see if Bam Bam manages to give folks a good tax break and create jobs there will be economic benefits right? The overall economy will grow and with gas prices around $2.00 or in some cases $1.89 folks will spend money and pay bills and do some things. But we need a cap or some price control guidelines to make sure the Energy companies don't arbitrarily raise prices and leach away the benefits. They will make record profits again while the country suffers and Bam Bam will have egg on his face. Remember we are in a depression and desperate times sometimes require extreme measures!

Bam Bam you gotta move before the country loses it anger and will to do something different dig?

Your party has already pussed out on Judas Joe Lieberman! Politricknicians like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would say that it's just sensible politics. They're right but now is not the time for politics sensible or otherwise! It's time for leadership and statesmanship!

Bam Bam you need to be downright ambitious with your agenda while you still got the country on your side. Remember Nancy and Harry and the rest of the congress on both sides are just as hated as Bush and his people! The approval ratings are low so they are in no position Democrat or otherwise to bull----! Turn the country on em if necessary while the country is still with you and do it fast! They expect change and fast like fast food but they also expect it to taste like a steakhouse and not white castle dig?

I wouldn't want to play cards with you Bam but remember the Oil companies and the politricks don't play fair and they never have.

Remember that!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!



Miss.Stefanie said...

In Pasadena, gas was 1.79...I was "Oh my Lord" I hope the gas prices dont reach $5 again----I couldnt afford it. Great post and very insightful Jay

LaQT said...

I agree. Gas is $1.77 in Fort Worth. I was so shocked. I have an SUV. I put $20 in the other day and my tank was half full. I was thrilled. I think that gas shouldn't be so expensive. There is something to be said when the country is going into the red, banks are closing, welfare is rising, unemployment is rising, and CEOs and oil execs are partying like crazy. Taxpayers have to bail out wall street, but WHO bails out main street? Why does it become socialism when Americans need help? Why isn't it called socialism when "big money" needs help? Taking from the poor to give to the rich! Rich get richer and poor get worse off. You see how the execs leave with ridiculous packages and the workers loose there pensions, 401k, and their jobs. There is no reason that this should be going on. I am a guilty American. I sit aound writing on blogs when I should be holding my elected officials responsible. This country was founded by us for us. We have all gotten complacent, Bam Bam is trying to wake us up. Trying to tell us that he can only do so much and we need to make our presence known as Americans who really care about the future of America.
BTW, your blogs are really thought- provoking!

Mista Jaycee said...

Writing blogs, Playing music and doing poetry and art is activism but if no one sees it then it's for nothing!
Write your congresspeople, the senate!