Friday, November 21, 2008

Your being Conned! Part 6 Auto Industry Cries Poor!

The Status Quo!

I read an article in USA Today about the Auto Industries declaration that it can not produce hybrids as the auto industry endures a complete meltdown. Note to congress, this is a con!

For decades the auto industry has fought Cafe standards, higher fuel mileage standards, and cleaner fuels tooth and nail. Mention the electric car they'll say the batteries weren't good enough even though an entrepreneur had created better battery tech that could have been used on that generation of EV's. The auto industry purchased the rights to the tech and controlling stock in his company then made sure that the tech never made it to the market; Of course that may all be conjecture after all I got it from Who Killed the Electric car? Of course it may be all conjecture.....sure....let's give the auto industry the benefit of the doubt.....

Willie's Company

Sir Edgar Brofman Jr.

Country Star Willie Nelson invested in a company called BioWillie and uses bio diesel in his tour buses. Sir Edgar Brofman, owner of Virgin Worldwide, has recently conducted testing of bio diesel in his jet airlines to disprove theories that it would freeze at certain altitudes.

The Lincoln Navigator Fuel Efficency at it's best! Not!

America can ill afford not to be at the forefront of this technology. The Auto Industries declaration that it can not produce hybrids as the auto industry endures a complete meltdown maybe true in the interim but it does not hold water. To me this is just another stalling tactic! What the industry and indeed the country can ill afford is more stalling!

The Chevy Tahoe!

Without vision the people perish! Well the auto industry is now all but dead because of greed and lack of vision. We knew about sugar ethonol over thirty years ago when Brazil's entire ecomony took a massive stinky dump because of OPEC in the 1970's!

Rudolf Diesel
Rudolf Diesel created an engine that would run on vegetable oil did we use it? No! Sure after his death, the auto industry named an engine after him but it ran on petroleum. Nicki Tesla pushed the envelope with electrical energy tech directly sticking it to Edison. Tesla died a pauper but believe it when I say that his notebooks, journals and notes were seized before his body was cold!
Nikola Tesla

America has had more than its share of opportunities but the Auto cartel, the auto Costa Nostra, this oligarchy of combustion made sure that the status quo was safe!

Now they cry for a bailout! They blame the unions! They blame you, the consumer! I say to congress, make your stand now! Do not bail them out! They will go and build electric and bio diesel or whatever in order to stay in business and in a few decades we will have a new status quo to combat but today, America's auto industry, needs to put Americans back to work making more fuel efficient vehicles that run on something other than dead dinosaur.

Now take a trip by this link and check somethings out for yourself! Even Arrr-Nawld had one of his Hummers converted! Damn!

America! We can not afford to the status quo anymore! BE Warned or we'll all BE Walking!,0,1472154.story

BE Mindful! BE Careful! BE Prayerful!



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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

It's as though we're damned if we do and damned if we don't.

If they're not bailed out, I read that up to 10% of the workforce will be in deep do-do.

If they are bailed out, it will be the biggest union bust of the world.