Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mista Jaycee is Clown O Phobic!

Dear Mista Jaycee,

I happened upon your most recent posts about clowns and I must say that I'm appalled at your hatred and distrust of the Children's Entertainment Community!

Clowns are not evil! Well, Dick Cheney but hey! you can't blame a whole community on one can you? We, the clown community travel anywhere and everywhere to provide safe, wholesome, family entertainment using only our comedic talents, balloon artistry, magic tricks and good nature in an age of mindless childish, electronic, cartoon like violence!

Children are virtually being programmed into desensitized killers via PlayStation and yet I have never seen you post one not one critique or criticism on that!

Flava Flav, New York, Real and Chance not to mention Keisha Cole and DMX (Not clowns by the way) have all been beamed in your living rooms but when was the last time you saw a professional from the clown community represented? It's just not fair! With the exception of Krusty the Clown from the Simpsons, Clowns have virtually disappeared from the mass media.

You are a CLOWN O Phobe Mista Jaycee! If that is indeed your real name! I dare you to publish this post! Your audience should be able to compare and decide what's right for their families.

There is another point of view out there Mista Jaycee!

Are you against all Buffoonery Mista Jaycee or just Professional one's? You know underneath this makeup we in the clown community Fathers, Mothers, Parishioners and community leaders! I am a Proud Clown Professional not a buffoon! That's just my act!

What about all those in youuuuur community who are buffoons for freeeee! Even when the cameras not on!

We in the Clown community demand an apology and that you stop marginalizing and maligning an entire species, I mean........community!


Albert T. Clown

Children's Entertainment Professional and Real Estate Agent


Miss.Stefanie said...

That is not real---is it? I'm afraid of clowns and how someone could find them remotely fun and pretty and entertaining is beyond me. Maybe it was watching it at such a young age that got me afraid of them damn things...but whatever, it is. Clowns are scary.

This was too funny though if it was real. Someone took the energy to write that... ha!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Yo, Albert T. Clown, I know Ronald McDonald put ya up to that. I still like Popeye's better; he was a sailor man... ;)

NaturallyAlise said...

How dare you put that picture up there, I think I flinched when I opened the post.... I have shared my past clown issues before, and that was just wrong...

The letter was funny though

Serious Black said...

Much like monkeys, clowns represent the true face of evil! Death to all clowns.....and monkeys.

Mista Jaycee said...

Not Death!
A bath maybe but not Death!
Serious Black shame shame shame!
See next week for cartoons!

Death Before Disco!