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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Herman Cain, Super Pimp????!!

Are you aware of the damage one geechie nigga can do?  Sgt. Waters.   A Soldier's Story

I don't like Herman Cain and I never did.  I don't like his politics.  But now I friggin despise this Knukka.  First, Herman you out Republican the Republicans! That was bad enough.     You tout yourself as a little businessman while in reality you are an Affirmative Action Baby who spent Twenty Years in a Government job (Secretary to the Navy Office) and then got in to Proctor and Gamble before helming their failing pizza business "God Father's" Pizza Chain.

And now, your campaign is over. Why? Multiple sexual harrassment accusers, and an alleged 13 year affair. 

Listen Pizza Boy! You played the part well for the Rich White Boys that put you in power.  You sang! You came up with catchy hip slogans! You smiled that 150 K Smile for the cameras, belittling anything that helped your Race and the Poor; And in the end you gave em the cherry to go on top of their Sh*t Sundae. You went for their White Women! You Niggered for them! You jackass, sell out COON!

Lets go over the list so you and our readers will understand the depths of your COONERY!

1. Sold your own people out! Check!
2. Belittled the Poor! Check!
3. Gave little or no substantive ideas or thought just hip slogans! Check!
4. You smiled and sang for those F*ckers! Newt, Ron, Mitt and even Rick didn't do that! Why would you? The only Black Dude on the panel.

And # 5

You a Black Dude with a Black Wife but you caught up in Multiple Sexual Harassment cases with WHITE WOMEN and There is no confusion that these are White Women.  No Multi-Ethnic, could be mistaken for any other race than White Jessica Alba, Jennifer Beals thing happening here! 100% Blonde, Blue Eyed, Corn fed, All American White Girls!

So, you LIVE UP TO THE GOT DAMN STEREOTYPE that the White Power Structure has preached about your Black Brothers since the beginning of our torture here! That the Black Man is only after the WHITE WOMAN!

You an Educated Dude, with Multiple degrees, Government experience and Corporate Success who has climbed high in the White Corporate World that your Black Brothers have to live in and navigate like a laser lighted mine field and you lived up to the stereotype! And hurt your Black Brothers to boot!

Good for you and Good Riddance you sell out piece of sh*t!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You're Being Conned! Occupy Movement!

Hi Y'all,

I'm back! Sorry for the long hiatus but I had to take a break, the daily news was just too much for my nervous system to handle.  But I digress!

The Occupy Movement seems like a good idea on paper, after all, look at what the Tea Party Express has been able to do but if you look at the Occupy Movement critically you see it's nothing more than a cargo loaded Fart!

A Cargo Loaded What???!!!


Why Mista Jaycee??

The Tea Party Express, (pricks that they are) spelled out a specific agenda to go along with their racist vitriol.  The Deficit is too high, reduce it! End Obama Care! End OBAMA! (that's what they really wanted, bunch of pricks)

The Occupy movement stated WE ARE THE 99% but have not outlined ANY Specific Demand or thing that they would like to achieve.  Do you want banks to stop foreclosing on homes, jobs, lower tuition?? What????

So, they set up Tent cities to protest and yell about what??? What are your goals or demands? You risk arrest for what??

Oh, that's right! They haven't risked any arrests.  Has anyone gone inside good ole B of A and just sat down impeding B of A's right to do business? 

I'll wait! Has the Occupy Movement shut down any of the Property Brokers who use B of A or any other bank to foreclose on home owners?  I'll wait!

Has the Occupy Movement blocked up Check Cashing Businesses while Blocking the Banks Business? You know protesting Chek Systems or just leaving the banks.

What about the masses of people who joined a credit union and left the banks?

How bout going to the Chamber of Commerce in one's local and protesting the amount of Liquor stores, checking cashing, tobacco shops and Medical Marijuana dispensaries and fast food places that are allowed to open in a small concentrated area where the people are mostly Black and Poor?

In the 50's and 60's a sit in meant you were gonna get arrested.  It meant that you could be beaten, jailed or worse. It meant that local police, state agencies and Federal groups could target you.  There was a risk to being involved.  So far, with no clear demands, no specific goals, you can not achieve even incremental change!

So you are being conned! Occupy Movement is just a Cargo Loaded Fart! It's stinky but in the end you know you got nothing but ISH!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month! It's also Domestic Violence Awareness Month so Ladies and Gents check ya boobs and your tempers! Dig?

Longtime Raiders Owner Al Davis passed away, Hank Williams Jr. seminal football jingle got pulled after he compared President Obama to Hitler, Steve Jobs died and now Jason Campbell has a broken collarbone. WTH???

Well, guess I'll go Occupy Long Beach, listening to a Raiders Podcast on my Ipod and protest the lies that the Republican and so called Right Wing cook up about who is responsible for the economic meltdowns still affecting America.

Hint... It ain't President Obama.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful BE Careful!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple Founder Steve Jobs Passes!

Steve Jobs has passed after a long battle with cancer.  I am saddened.  I had just purchased another IPOD. I loved watching the battle between Apple computers and Microsoft.  Bill Gates may have won the war of attrition by flooding the market with PC'S and his windows operating system but Steve Jobs made sure that the personal computer was ICON based.  Even the PC is now ICON based. 

If you want to do graphics, or music the MAC is just the standard of excellence.  But to me Apple's and Steve Jobs greatest achievements are PIXAR, where he helped revolutionize cartoons and the ITUNES/IPOD system that blew the doors off the music business after Napster.

The Music business railed against file sharing, stating that no one would buy music online when they could get it for free.  Jobs created a system that sold singles for 99 cents and allowed you to store it and use a player that was fun but most of all easy to use.  Record companies are making money again off the itunes network and best of all I can load up my own music and pick songs I like not just the whole wack album.

Thanks Steve! Glad you are not suffering anymore.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

October is Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness month.  Both are extremely important causes to be conscious of ALL YEAR ROUND.

Fellas YOU CAN GET BREAST CANCER TOO! 15% of all new cases are with MEN so regular breast exams are just as important for you as your better half.  Ladies, encourgage your fella to check himself out regularly.  Teach him how, DO THEM TOGETHER. 

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE affects MEN and WOMEN! Anger management tools are important. 

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Troy Davis set to die!

I've written on Troy Davis before so I won't rehash what's already written; Instead I would like to take the time to say that I do not believe that he should be put to death.  There are too many things that should have been addressed years ago that have not been.  There is NO Physical evidence linking Troy Davis to the murder of that poor Security guard.  Seven of Nine eyewitnesses who testified that TROY DAVIS MURDERED that poor SECURITY OFFICER have RECANTED their testimony some advising they were pressured and coerced.  That in, and of, itself, should be enough to demand more evidence but alas The State of GA and all the appeals say TROY DAVIS received a fair trail. There is nothing to reverse the findings and conclusion of that trail.  His attorney didn't suck, he had a most White Jury of his peers etc.  Innocence has NOTHING to do with if the COURT should reverse the decision. I am paraphrasing it but last year the appeals court REALLY said just that. 

You should be chilled to your very bones over that. 

There will be some who say that the victim Martin Macphill, Off-duty POLICE OFFICER Martin Macphill, needs justice.  They will get no argument from me on that.  One thing though.  Officer Macphill was working as a SECURITY OFFICER that night and I am almost positive he didn't have time to identify himself or his DAY Job to his Murderer so it should have no bearing on the weight of justice.  America loves to proclaim it's LAW ENFORCEMENT Officials deaths as higher, more heinous, and deserving of more investigation than the rest of it's citizens.  Would America and the State of Georgia be this hot for Troy Davis if Martin Macphill HAD been just a SECURITY GUARD working at the 7-11?  You know they wouldn't be. 

This has allowed folks to turn a blind eye to what we should all see clearly.  If JUSTICE is truly BEING served.  Poor Martin Macphill's Mama wants someone to pay for her sons murder.  She has every right to want that! But Mrs. Macphill can not have that at the expense of JUSTICE and FAIRNESS! Those standards, our standards have not been met.  Evidence and Reasonable Doubt state that TROY DAVIS is not the MURDERER of her son. God Bless her! She will have neither PEACE NOR CLOSURE from this.

More so there is no room for oops! None! No do over! No Replay! TROY DAVIS needs JUSTICE! Marty Macphill needs the Man or Men who really murdered him brought to justice. God Help Us if we just watch the State of Georgia or any state execute someone who most likely is INNOCENT!

God Help Us!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tea Party Thugs Meet Jimmy Hoffa!

Where are all those Angry White People who Elected President Obama? The one's who didn't sabotage him, two years later by electing the Republicans and the Tea Party answered the question! They are fighting for thier Pensions! They are fighting for their Health Care and Dental Benefits! They are fighting to keep a well paying job!  And who's with them?  Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa Jr.  Jimmy Hoffa knows his lane and he stays in it! We Work for a Living and We will kick your Ass if you try to take our jobs!

Jimmy Hoffa scared the Republicans, Faux News and the Tea Party to Death the other day when he stated President Obama WE ARE YOUR ARMY and WE ARE READY TO MARCH! Let's Go and Take these Tea Party Sons of Bitches OUT!

Suddenly, The Right Claw wants President Obama to denounce Hoffa for his so called violent rhetoric. The nerve of Hoffa countering the TEA PARTY'S Violent Rhetoric with Violent Rhetoric! White Folks is Angry! LOL

Remember that Sell Out Clown Pastor James Manning?  White Folks is gon get Angry he railed at Obama!

Good! Black Folks and Everybody else are already Angry and Now we got Jimmy Hoffa too! Goood!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

President Obama Challenges Congress on Jobs!

Much has been made about the lack of Job creation since America took a massive dump over the past five years. It's the Presidents Fault! He won't give Big Business yet ANOTHER tax break! Yada yada yada!
Well, I still think that President Obama is being a P*ssy much too often when dealing with the Republicans, Turn Coat Democrats and the So called Tea Party.  Good for him on coming up with some good ideas and dropping them in Congresses Lap!

In times of Emergency I believe it is the President's duty to create jobs. President Franklin Roosevelt set the precedent during the First Great Depression but Obama is trying his best not to give in to any Socialist Democratic/Big Gov ideas so this has not happened on his watch during the Second Great Depression but it should. 

Jobs! President Obama and Congress you can not continue to give corporations tax breaks when they are laying off workers and shifting the burden of their support onto the States while they amass record profits and ship jobs overseas!

Mr. President Sir, If you did create another FDR style worker program, this time it would be Big Businesses fault because they could hire back their workforces and retrain them in things they need. Big Business could avert you creating another FDR workers program. They could avert you outbidding them on jobs and taking thier profits. They could avert all of this but it's up to you, the President, to put the pressure on them to do their part! Take their tax breaks! Go after the tax shelters! Make it hard for them. Go after their wealth individually! See no one is doing that or threatening to do that!

Get some balls Mr. President or Find yours! That's why we elected you!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Spiritual Food For Thought!

Faith  /feɪθ/ Show Spelled[feyth] Show IPA


1. confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another's ability.

2. belief that is not based on proof: He had faith that the hypothesis would be substantiated by fact.

3. belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion: the firm faith of the Pilgrims.

4. belief in anything, as a code of ethics, standards of merit, etc.: to be of the same faith with someone concerning honesty.

5. a system of religious belief: the Christian faith; the Jewish faith.
I met with an old running buddy yesterday who I had not seen in years. She looked good and attributed her newly toned physique to exercise and diet.  She shared her Christian Faith with me, which was a change because last we met she was a Taoist.  Also,during our catch up session, she asked me had I seen the "Obama Deception" video she'd shared on my Facebook page. She posted this video because she loves to tweek folks who she believed dig President Obama.  I let her know I had seen it.  It did not move me. 

President Obama has been called everything except Mr. President or a Child of God (IAM). I also shared that I didn't trust outright "Anything" White Folks said.  I check out and examine it all because of all the past things that have happened to Black People.  I said this with full knowledge that she is in a commited relationship with a White Dude.  (I don't care, as long as they are happy Cool!) My feelings on Race Relations go far beyond petty matters like Interracial dating.

It was an amazing bit of conversation because I shared with her that I too am a Christian.
I believe in God (IAM) and had accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as my Savior many years ago. Her response to me was "That's surprising! I never thought of you as a Christian in the least." WOW! I let her know I was slightly offended by that statement. But it got to thinking.

I am Christian.   I do not accept all the doctrines or dogmas of the Church.  I believe the Bible has been tampered with.  I believe that the Bible has been used for evil purposes to hurt my People.  I do not take the Bible at face value.  I do not lend my trust to Churches and their dogmas.  Pastor Charles Stanley, Ralph Reed and the Falwell ilk do not represent me or the Faith I believe in.  That said, let's talk about Faith.

What is Faith? The Book of Hebrews Chapter 11 Verse 1 says that Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things HOPED for the EVIDENCE not SEEN.  I believe in Yeshua (Jesus) although I have not literally SEEN him.  I have seen his reflection in the people that I have met though.  I have seen his works in the lives of the People around including my old running buddy.  With that I believe. 

Now, as far as my running buddies assessment of ME as a Christian when last she knew me. I say this.  When we knew each other last, I drank, I smoked, I used foul language, I lusted after Women.  Years later, I mediate, I pray, I do yoga.  I still drink although not often. I still smoke although not often.  I curse. I am a Married Father of one.  I still lust after Women. (sometimes)  What does that make me?  A Man! Imperfect unapologetically Man!

While there has been some growth and some changes I am still the same Man with the same sins. I'm just not ruled by them! I am not a slave to them. I am not condemned because of them.  I am saved because of my Faith! I am more than a conqueror through him that loved me. (Yeshua, Christ Jesus)

I am a Christian because I accept Christ as my Savior. Am I perfect? Nah, just forgiven.  Am I blind or brainwashed because I am a Christian? Nah! God (IAM) has never asked for Blind Faith. He asked me to trust him and he would prove himself to me in his works and in my Life and he's done that over and over again. I read my Bible, I have read the Quran and the Gita as well.  I have tested them to see what's what! I Believe. Can I prove it! No! That's Faith. That allows change. 

Still don't think I'm a Christian? Cool, luckily my membership card is not approved by YOU! (WINK)

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mitrese Needs Justice and Eff dem Damn Dogs!

 Michael Vick should never be allowed to earn a great Living!

Philadelphia Eagle Quaterback, Last season's MVP Candidate and Comeback Player of the Year Michael Vick has signed a $100 Million dollar contract for the second time in history after being convicted of fiancing and participating in a Dog Fighting Ring.  He served two years in Federal Prison, forfieted millions of dollars, served probation and re-entered the league on a minimum contract to achieve greatness. 
Good for you Mike! Good for You!  If you gon get Exploited for your talent Mike that's the way you do it! Hell, Mike, we all know you only there cause they can make serious Money because of you and your talent.  They ain't letting you play or giving you all that Damn Money for nothing! Way to get Exploited handsomely!

There are those who will never let Mike Vick live down the terrible crimes he commited and was a part of.  In thier eyes nothing short of being maimed and killed would satisfy thier sense of justice.  To them, I say on behalf of everyone F*uck Y'all and Dem Damn Dogs!  

I don't see them crying out against anyone else convicted in the DOG FIGHTING GAMBLING RING that Michael Vick and Bad News Kennels fought with.  It was a Ring and Mike Vick was NOT the head or the organizer of the GAMBLING DOG FIGHTING RING! He was just the Famous Dummy that was involved. 

F*CK Y'all!   Mista Jaycee how could you say that?

Two words! Human Being! HUMAN BEING! HU-MAN BE-ING!  I'll give you two more words. Matrise Richardson! MATRISE RICHARDSON! Let's make a sentence.  Matrise Richardson, a Human Being, is dead, after leaving a LA County Sheriff's station.

Matrise, a Master's degree candidate, a 24 year old Young Woman, was arrested and was released on FOOT after midnight into a wooded area without her purse, vehicle or phone. She was never seen alive again.  The Sheriff's have yet to explain anything plausible concerning her death.

The County of Los Angeles paid $900, 000 dollars of TAX Payer money to her parents but this TAX payer wants JUSTICE! This TAX Payer wants an Explanation and this TAX Payer wants arrests to be made, those responsible released from thier duties as Officers and procedures implemented to make sure that it never occurs again.   JUSTICE! Where is the PEOPLE'S Consistently Sustained OUTRAGE over that?!!!! But you cry foul over Mike Vick and some Damn Dog? DOGS?

It's a Damn Shame that there are those who care for about some Damn DOGS than they do for Justice for a HUMAN BEING!

I care Mitrese!

Congrats Mike!

And Again, Don't forget F*ck Y'all and the Dem Damn Dogs!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mista Jaycee's Bouncing Bundle of Bountiful Boobs and Buns!

I happened upon this infomercial for the PERFECT BOOTY and it featured a small European Woman with a tiny booty jumping into some spanx type panties that in were supposed to boost her non existent ass-ets.

Talk about a Cheap Tease! Perfect Booty, let me say it again. PER-FECT BOOOTAY! In order to have a PERFECT BOOTY you must HAVE a BOOTY!  Same thing happened with the one that said PERKIER BOOBS! You must have BOOOBS! And in order for them to need to be PERKIER you have to have Boobs in such ABUNDANCE that GRAVITY is having an Affair with them. 

Needless to say I got cheated but you know who got cheated even more and more often?  Black Women! Who?  Mista Jaycee Who?  Black Women! Sistahs! Sistas! Nubiennes! Afrikan Women, Afro-Derived Women such as Cubanas, Dominicanas, Boriquas, Mexicanas and the rest of all the Beautiful Black Wimmmins!

They were not in the commercial anywhere! Cheated! The product was not made for them in mind! Cheated! But even more and now the point of this pointless post! Personalities such as Kim Kardashian get famous for what Black Women have for Standard Equipment and Black MEN and WOMEN need to put a stop to it.   So here is Mista Jaycee's Bouncing Bundle of Bountiful Boobs and Buns!

Now, there's a commercial for PERFECT BOOTY and PERKIER BOOBS! Now feel free to make your own personal lists and add them to mine.

Have Fun!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mista Jaycee does the Long Beach Funk Fest!

Katadelic playing at the 3rd Annual Long Beach Funk Festival

The 3rd Annual Long Beach Funk Festival this past Saturday, August 23, 2011 was in a word Awesome! The Line up began with Delta Nove, Steve Arrington formerly of Funk Legends SLAVE, PFUNK Alums Katdelic, and Mr. Fred Wesley and the New JB's, Zigaboo Modeliste from the Meters and The BIG OL Nasty Get Down. 

Mista Jaycee with LBFF MC Rickey Vincent Author of the History of Funk! 

Good Food, Good Art and Great Freakin Music marked the day! Everybody was partying out there. People of all races, old and young.  No Violence!

Mrs and Mista Jaycee at the Funk Fest

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Obama Should Hire America! End Tax Breaks for Big Business!

Obama has not created one job!
The Government should be concentrating on job creation!
America is unfriendly to Business with all the regulation.
With De Regulation Businesses can grow and create jobs!
Businesses need lower taxes in order to create jobs and compete.
The Government needs to create a Business Friendly enviorment!

Is it a Governments role to create jobs? 

I, personally would not mind if President Obama created a FDR style workers program for the unemployed labor of this country.  I believe that it would be a great boon to the country.  The country's infrastructure is falling apart and we have more than enough labor and more than enough need.  America would benefit for the next 75 years if we upgraded and repaired our highways, levies and bridges alone. 

But wouldn't that create a deficit for the country Mista Jaycee? 

No, it would not be a deficit for the country.  America would see an immediate return on it's investment with a labor force that is building up it's own infrastructure, (2) A labor force that is being trained in various skills, (3) A labor force that spends it's income on products that it needs boosting the country's economy. (4) There would be possible reductions in crime, (5) no unemployment, (6) Skilled labor that could go into private sector work, the country could tailor job and skill training in areas it needs and the private sector could take it over and service the country.

I believe leaving America's labor unemployed taxes the health care system, and state and local governments without any of the benefits listed above.

But is it the Governments role to create jobs? 

In a state of Emergency it is the Government's role and duty to create jobs, just like it is the Government's job to tax and police it borders.  We are in a state of Emergency now.  The country's unemployment rate is at 11%. 

Well if the Government gave Businesses tax breaks and didn't burden the Business community with so much red tape and regulations then businesses could hire. 

That's simply not true!

Why Mista Jaycee? Why is that not true? 

The Government has given many Corporations tax breaks and subsidies for decades now.  The Business community has taken that savings and placed the earnings in off shore accounts, they closed factories, they've laid off workers. They've moved factories overseas for years irregardless of Democratic or Republican Administrations.  They reneged on Pension and health care obligations they agreed to pay their employees, shifting the burdens to the States.   Think about it.  How many factories were built under Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama?  That's Five Republican administrations to Three in over a thirty year period. 

When GM Motors began to use robotic/mechanized assembly how many workers were put out of a job? When the Shipyards mechanized, how many dock workers, longshoremen and stevedores were let go?  When the shipping industry was required to build double bottomed ships for eco protection, how many ships were built in America?  Where is our steel industry?  How many machinists, tool and dye makers, mechanics and electrical technicians are out of work or find themselves unable to find work that pays what their predecessors made?

Well, it was technological advances that made that occur Mista Jaycee.

Partially true, but it was big businesses failure to train and re-hire it's labor force.

Why Mista Jaycee?

Business had no problem implementing the new technology to create it's product faster and cheaper. Business also demanded a tax break from the Fed, and more of the same from State and local govs. Big Businesses pays far less than smaller business on water and sewage. It pays far less in taxes benefiting local governments.  Why should the Government give Business anymore tax breaks?  Why should Local, State and Federal branches keep the taxes low for Big Business? Business has not reinvested in America. If the factories are off-shore then America does not benefit. If the labor can not work and buy a home on their salary or educate their children then what benefits does America get from allowing business to have these perks.  China and Mexico have cheap labor forces but that only benefits Business not America. 

The Government in my opinion should eliminate tax breaks with big business and create it's own labor force, hiring big businesses best and brightest until big business gets the message that They need to give back to the country not just take.

But hell what do I know.  Chime in!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman????!!!!

Ahhhhhh, Comic book movies! Don't ya just love em? I love Comic Books, always have but I have not always liked comic book movies.  When it's done right a comic book character can been given much depth.  The Electra character in the Daredevil comic is a well written, well rounded Frank Miller creation but the movie....

Well at least, Electra the movie, had Jennifer Garner but on the minus side Daredevil the movie had Ben Affleck. 

The problem with Comic Book movies is as Ben Affleck stated in "Chasing Amy" It does not appeal to it's true core audience. "Over or Under Weight Guys that can't get laid they're our bread and butter!"

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman!  I like Anne Hathaway! Saw her in the Devil wears Prada! Loved that! Problem is that I have never found Anne to be sexxxy! Cute, attractive, but not sexxxy! Cat Woman is a Sexxxy character.  Anne Hathaway does not inspire Sexxxy!

"Over or Under Weight Guys that can't get laid they're our bread and butter!"

But Jaycee, the writers wanted a more balanced Cat WomanAnne Hathaway is a thespian and she could bring things to the character that have not been explored before with her talent and range beyond what has been put to film previously.  Hummmmm, something to think about......Bull Sh*t!

Halle Berry is an Oscar Winning Actress who is easily is in the top two of the sexxxiest Cat Women ever and it takes a SCRIPT to bring greatness to the screen which Halle did not have but also YOU have to fit the role.  Anne Hathaway does not fit the role.  Michelle Pfippher was hella sexxxy as the Cat Woman and she too can act! Sexxxy and can act! Sexxxy and can act! Did I mention Sexxxy!  And the purrrr belongs to the Late Miss Eartha Kitt.

"Over or Under Weight Guys that can't get laid they're our bread and butter!"

Now let's be fair to Anne Hathaway, let's look at the previous group of Cat Women.  Halle Berry, Sexy and can act. Michelle Pfippher, sexy and can act. Julie Newmar, sexy, could act but it was the TV series Bat Dude and she didn't need to act well.  Eartha Kitt, Sexy, interesting, and the purrrrrr, plus she was a Black! Anne Hathaway......not sooooo sexxxy! She don't fit the group!

Cat Woman is not August Wilson or Shakesphere, it's exploding cars, bouncing boobs and great catch phrases, but most of all SEXXXY! Damn it!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Obama Shows he's Got a Large Pair!

Finally! President Obama showed he's has a spine!




I was starting to wonder if he had it in him to stand up to the Republicans on anything and by announcing yesterday that HE'S HAD ENOUGH and declaring the meeting over during the Debt ceiling talks he earned his respect.

To Representative Eric Cantor and to the REPUBLICANS! The POTUS does not STORM out of anywhere! He's the POTUS! It's time you learned that! When the PRESIDENT gets up to leave the meeting is then, OVER.  When YOU get up to leave, Mr. Cantor, and the PRESIDENT is still sitting then it is YOU who STORMED OUT!

If YOU were to leave and the PRESIDENT called you back, you better sit your ass down. The PRESIDENT can ream your sorry ass all day if he wants to. HE is the PRESIDENT and YOU GIVE HIM THAT RESPECT!

I know y'all just can't STAND the fact that this is so but it IS!


President Obama is the FIRST openly acknowledged United States President of Afrikan descent.  He is the First President in over 30 years to get any kind of HEALTH CARE BILL done.   HE is the First in over 30 years to get a BANK REFORM BILL passed!


Everybody around the world is dancing to a brand new beat! Dancing in Chicago!

Dancing in the street!

Down in New Orleans!

Dancing in the street! Martha and the Vandellas

Let me say it again!


You Repubs better learn who you dealing with.  Some Fool Cop Arrested a Respected Harvard Professor in his home and Obama said let's talk it out over a beer and y'all thought he was a PANSIE!

You Repubs called him a LIAR during the state of the union address and he let you slide!

You've called him and his family everything under the sun and he's kept it classy and polite but note that if Obama ever decided to slap the ish out one of y'all at anytime it would be too soon and y'all deserve it!

Congrats Mr. President on standing up for the American People!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

World Premiere! Odie Hawkins Bright Shadows!

World Premiere! New Fiction from the Underground Master Odie Hawkins! Availiable Tuesday, July 19 Only at ODIE HAWKINS UNLIMTED@

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bachmann Says Obama has failed Black People! What about the Repubs?

"Obama has failed Black People!" Tea Party Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachmann

Has President Obama failed Black People or the American People as a whole?  I would say neither. President Obama certainly has not done enough to help Black People but he has not failed us either.

Michelle Bachmann is WHITE! Michelle Bachmann is in fact, so WHITE, that she can state things like "Obama has failed Black People!" without stuttering as if the REPUBLICAN Party has NOT failed Black People. 

She can say this as if the Tea Party, The Republican Party and the so called Right Wing has done anything to help bolster the health and overall benefit of the Black Community.  Has the Republicans created any jobs in the Black Community, sponsored any Job Training or Educational Learning opportunities that have helped Black People grow and excel in the last Twenty Years? 

I'll Wait.......

Have they talked with Accepted Black Leadership?  When has Michelle Bachmann, for example, visited the board of the Urban League, 100 Black Men, The National Negro Women's Council, NAACP, Rainbow/Push, the National Black Chamber of Commerce or any Black Church that was not headed by the likes of a Republican Friendly Black Pastor? You know someone that is accepted and admired by the Black Community in let's just say several Northern States? 

When has the Tea Party, Right Wing, Republican Establishment addressed the problems that Black People are concerned with?  Black Folks across the Nation lead in Unemployment. We are above 10 percent! Where are the jobs that will lead us to home ownership, being able to pay for our children's education and buy those cars, golf club memberships that so many other races seemed to enjoy?  All I see is low wage jobs that pollute Black Neighborhoods poisoning the people and making the property values go down.

I'll wait....

The Right Wing is big on Law Enforcement! Last, I checked a large part of the Black Community agrees that while Police are necessary they are neither Friendly or Friends of the Black Community.  Police Brutality is a very real thing in the Black Community what has the Right Wing shown Black People that they are doing to take the Lead and change this? Well, I would say they've made it even easier for Law Enforcement to continue doing it and NOT get prosecuted for it. 

Counter to this....hummmmmm??? I'll wait for your responses.

Black People were caught up in the Housing Crisis with so called Predator Loans. What has the Right Wing done to make sure that Black People could own a home, without being taken advantaged of my Predator Loan sharks and Banks? Hummmm????

What about Health issues? AIDS is running rampant in the Black Community, what has the Right Wing done to help Health Officials stem the problem? Where is the leadership? Hummmmmm

What about Education? Public Schools suck, but especially in the Black Community. Have they built better, more modern schoools? Is the Right Wing leading in innovative ideas like Software Shop? You know like Auto and Woodshop used to be?  What about jobs that teach kids how to build America's infrastructure? Like how to repair a Bridge?  Get rid of Mold in a home?  Build a new Power Grid? Hummmmm

So, clearly the Right Wing has done little or NOTHING to address any of these concerns and I just narrowed it down to the past 20 years.  That's enough for Reagan, Bush Sr, Bush Jr.  That's the right Wing holding the House in the 90's under Presidential Candidate Newt Gringich. Come on!

So, let's get real. President Obama inherited a HUGE Deficit! He Inherited a Huge Job drain. HUGE! Tons of Corporations have left America under Republicans. They moved their operations and their taxes off shore in spite of huge tax breaks given to them here.  They've laid off more than enough workers and only re-hired when they could lower the Workers wages. 

Union Busting anyone?  Obama has not done all he SHOULD Have done for Black People but let me BE the First to say that compared to the SO called RIGHT WING. He's still BETTER!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hey Working Class, You're Fuq'd!

I was working for a Leading Roadside corporation and had to attend a seminar called "Who moved my Cheese", Have you heard of it?

"Who moved my Cheese?" Is a self help tome about adapting to sudden and sometimes extreme change in Life and specifically in the workplace. Now, if I had grabbed the book in Borders or Barnes and Noble I could have used the book for the good it was intended but I quickly learned it was my company's lame way of letting me and others know that we were about to get Eff'd!

We were told we needed to adapt to sudden change. We would NOT be getting raises, we would BE expected to do more work for the SAME or LESS money and do it well.  The Claims department was downsizing a large portion of it's staff, and now we would have to learn to file claims. Well, at least the grunt work of it.  The New Membership staff had been ELIMINATED so WE had to now process the new members all while still taking calls from disabled motorists, dispatching calls to local towing and emergency agencies.

Would we get a slight pay bump for learning new skills? Hell NO! We'd get to KEEP our jobs and make the SAME money.  "Who moved my Cheese?" Would help us adapt and accept the changes that were happening in our lives. 

Evil Bastards!

Has this happened to you?  Come on????? Tell Uncle Mista Jaycee! Yeah, it's happened to you!

1. Are you making more money than five years ago or less?  Sub Question. Are you employed?

2. How many people have gotten laid off, downsized, rightsized or fired in the last five years?

3. Can you buy a home, car, pay tuition and save with your salary?

4. If you have a post graduate degree has it helped you or hurt you in today's job market?

Ask yourself these questions. 

My Mom got a job right out of high school and could work that job til she retired, buying a house, a couple of new cars and support the Family.  Can you or I?

Can you buy a house off your salary now?  Will you work your job for more than five years?
Can you accrue sick time? What are your benefits like? Do you have any benefits?

See the pattern here? You and I are making less, working multiple jobs in two to five year increments, without any of the benefits that our PARENTS had. Some of us are working now without the benefits that are older Brothers and Sisters had.

This is the enviorment that we are living in and trying to talk politics.  It infects everything.  Now, listen carefully to the NFL and NBA lockouts cause you are going to hear what's affecting YOU now. 

In the NFL the owners want the Players to play an 18 game schedule instead of a 16 game schedule including Pre season games, and camp. So you want me to work more without more money and risk even more injury in a dangerous profession?  The NFL is a Multi BILLION dollar industry and BILLIONAIRE OWNERS want Labor to do MORE and take less. Remember, not all these players make a million dollars a year and incur injuries that require lifetime medical treatment. Same with the NBA alot of the LABOR does not make Multi million dollars, just a few do. KOBE does, LEBRON does and now what the Owners want  is to cap the cost of a RASHARD LEWIS who made 19 Million last year but DID nothing basketball wise, the GREG ODEN's who signed a 100 Million dollar deal but has played on about 49 games in three seasons.  Most players make far less.  It's about the owners PROFIT margin.

Now, I know it seems like your salary and labor struggle are light years apart from a MILLIONAIRE ATHLETE but it's really NOT! The amount of salary separates you but that's all the STRUGGLE IS the same.  Greedy owners or shareholders want an even larger piece of an already profitable pie and want LABOR to take less, work harder and longer without any additional benefits. 

We can't go on like this. 

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Sorry about the skimpy posts y'all. Glad to be back!

Today, I was on Face Book and while just checking a buddies page saw a comment/false compliment posted that just pissed me off!



What the hell is this nonsense?

"Obviously, Mista Jaycee the writer meant to convey the current social status of the Black Woman and the absence of Father's in their off-springs lives."

"Bull Ish!"

Listen Sistahs! Listen up Single Ladies!

Numbah 1.  A Female will never BE a FATHER! You will never understand what it is to BE a FATHER of a Child. It is a BIOLOGICAL REQUIREMENT! I know some of y'all don't wanna hear that but it IS.

Numbah 2.  Absence of a Child's Father does not mean that the child does NOT have one.  It means that the Father is an absentee for whatever reason.

Numbah 3.  Lack of a Man or the Father of your Children does NOT make YOU the FATHER! Can you teach a BOY how to BE a Man? NO! You can't teach a Boy to shave, pee standing up by example, or any of the 1 million unspoken things that need to be taught by emulation.  Ladies, believe it or not there are things that a FATHER has to TEACH a DAUGHTER as well as a Son.

What Mista Jaycee?? That's right Ladies There are things that a FATHER Must Teach his GIRL CHID/DAUGHTER that a MAMA/WOMAN Can't teach her.  Which is one of the reasons dumb posts like Happy Female Father's Day ever get uttered.

Numbah 4.  Happy Female Father's Day feeds into the attempt to REMOVE and REPLACE the MAN!  Believe it or not there are Sistah's who think they can raise a fully COMPLETE Child without a Father. It's bullshit! Sistahs know too many Men and Women who are incomplete and broken inside because they lacked the presence of their FATHERS.

Last point!

Numbah 5.  A Man CAN NOT Replace a WOMAN or a CHILD'S MAMA! A Single Mama who raises her child or children alone is JUST BEING A MAMA! Sure, she is AWESOME in her efforts to Feed, Educate, Nurture, Discipline and LOVE her Children but it's just a MOTHER BEING A MOTHER and going that extra mile.  THE CHILD is STILL Missing everything that should have been imparted by their FATHER. So, you can go to all the basketball games, teach that kid to mow the lawn, clean a rain gutter, change a tire but you can not replace the intangibles that MEN/FATHER'S Provide any more than a Man can give a child the nutrients contained in Breast milk.

Sistah's I understand that a great many of you are doing the awesome job alone and you are hurt and angry and overwhelmed.  It's a shame but it's true! Alot of Father's have abandoned and neglected their responsibilities but it does not excuse the NEGATION of the MAN/FATHER! You have to BE real about YOUR Pain in the situation that you are asking FATHER'S Where are you and WHY are you NOT taking care of your Seeds? Not trying to ask as if you BIRTHED that child alone.

Women when you try to BE THE FATHER you give up the POWER invested in you to be A WOMAN and THE MOTHER!

In short KNOW YOUR ROLES and Stay in your Lane! It avoids so much confusion when you do.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Odie does Leimert!

Novelist/Pioneer Odie Hawkins will appear this week at the 5th Annual Leimert Park Book Fair!

Come meet the Author! Grab a copy of Odie's Books or download them from Author House or just have Odie sign your Kindle!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Oscar Grant's Killer Released After a Year!

The killing of Oscar Grant III: A timeline of events

Sean Maher and Paul R. Rosynsky

© Copyright 2011, Bay Area News Group

Posted: 06/13/2011 05:34:35 PM PDT

Updated: 06/13/2011 05:34:35 PM PDT

Jan. 1, 2009: Responding to reports of a fight on a late-night BART train, five transit police officers stop two trains at the Fruitvale station shortly after 2 a.m. As hundreds of passengers look on, Officer Johannes Mesherle draws his gun and shoots Oscar Grant III, of Hayward, in the back.

Jan. 3, 2009: A video that captured part of the shooting, recorded on a BART passenger's cellphone, is shown on television and posted online. Within days, the video racks up millions of views.

Jan. 7, 2009: Mehserle skips a meeting with internal BART investigators and quits his job. Later, several hundred people join a rally to protest the shooting, forcing BART to temporarily shut down service at the Fruitvale station. Several protesters become violent. In the brief riot that ensues, dozens of windows are smashed and cars are set on fire. More than 100 protesters are arrested.

Jan. 12, 2009: BART concludes its investigation into the shooting and submits its findings to Alameda County District Attorney Tom Orloff. The report does not comment on whether Mehserle should be charged with a crime.

Jan. 13, 2009: Orloff issues a warrant that charges Mehserle with murder. Mehserle turns himself in to authorities in Nevada, where he has been staying in the wake of several death threats.

Jan. 14, 2009: More than 1,000 protesters gather in downtown Oakland for an hours-long rally, with speakers using the words "peace" or "peaceful." When the program ends, about 50 people begin smashing windows in the City Center, and a small number are arrested for possessing Molotov cocktails.

Jan. 15, 2009: Mehserle pleads not guilty to the murder charge.

Jan. 30, 2009: A judge sets Mehserle's bail at $3 million. Police quell a protest outside the hearing. Michael Rains, Mehserle's attorney, says the now-former officer meant to use his Taser rather than his gun.

Feb. 6, 2009: Mehserle's family posts his bail, and he is freed.

Aug. 18, 2009: An independent investigation, paid for by BART, finds the officers responding to the call Jan. 1 botched their response, failing to work as a team and lapsing in tactical communication and leadership.

Oct. 16, 2009: A judge grants Mehserle's request for a change of venue, agreeing that he cannot receive a fair trial in Alameda County.

Nov. 19, 2009: The same judge orders the trial moved to Los Angeles County.

Jan. 27, 2010: BART settles with the mother of Grant's daughter, agreeing to pay $1.5 million.

June 1, 2010: Mehserle's trial begins in Los Angeles.

June 8, 2010: Jury selection ends, with no black jurors chosen. BART police, having had Taser use suspended while they were retrained and policy was re-examined, resume using the stun guns.

June 24, 2010: Mehserle speaks as a witness in his own defense, the first public words he has spoken since the shooting. He takes the stand again the next day and cries as he describes the moment he says he realized he had shot Grant.

July 1, 2010: The attorneys on both sides make their closing arguments, and the jury begins deliberations.

July 8, 2010: The Los Angeles jury reaches an involuntary manslaughter verdict against Mehserle. Riots break out in Oakland, during which several stores downtown are looted.

July 9, 2010: Rains releases a handwritten letter that Mehserle composed while he waited for the jury's verdict. In the letter, Mehserle apologizes for killing Grant, but Grant's family is not impressed.

Nov. 5, 2010: Mehserle receives a two-year prison sentence from a Los Angeles County judge who refuses to send the former officer to prison. Instead, Mehserle is sent to Los Angeles County Men's Jail and told he would be released in about 11 months, with credits for time served. Protests break out in Oakland again, but this time police control the crowd.

Dec. 3, 2010: Mehserle seeks bail while he appeals his involuntary manslaughter conviction. A Los Angeles County judge denies request.

June 13, 2011: Mehserle released at 12:01 a.m. from L.A. County Men's Central Jail.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Makes Me Wanna Holler Premieres Tonight!

Leimert Park Village Poets Affiliate and Compton Native Casanova Brown sets off the poetry world with a new Open Mike Poetry Set in Compton, CA tonight. Saturday June 11, 2011 at 7:30 P.M.

What:  Makes Me Wanna Holler (Poetry Reading) Hosted by Tyrone "Casanova Brown" Davis

When: Every 2nd and 4th Saturday night of each month

Where:  410 North Long Beach Blvd  (Cross Street Rosecrans Ave)

             Compton, CA 90220 

Time: 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Real Cost:  You couldn't pay what it's worth but Donation only

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weiner says "DON"T BLAME THE WANG!"

Weiner:   Welcome to my press conference and thanks for coming out. I like to thank Nesquik and all my sponsors from Nascar who believed in me.  Well, I guess y'all wondering about the pictures.  I know that I said that I didn't do it, well I lied.  

Audience: Uhhhhh Huh! No duh Spumwad! (From the Far rear left hand side)

Mista Jaycee:  Why would you try to lie about a matter like this when there are so many recent examples that demonstrate that it would have been better just to come clean? Tiger Woods, John Edwards.....

Weiner:  Well, have you seen my Wife?  Do you know what she's capable to doing to me? Sheeeeeeeeeet! She hangs out with Hillary Clinton,   Her thighs are massive. She'd kick the crap out of me and  hell, I ain't been in a fight since sixth grade. 
Mista Jaycee:  I can imagine what your Wife would do to you.

Weiner:  It was just some friendly fun. Come on, I was talking to Sexxxy Virgin Girl,  Hawtbod669, Lusciousbootie and Hawtunda21 on Facebook and after talking about how I would help Mr. Obama save the economy we started a game of Show me yours and I'll show you miiiine.  Well, They showed me theirs! (Congressman's eyes go glassy)

Mista Jaycee: Uh, Congressman! Congressman! Congressman Weiner, Ewww Man?
You want a few minutes alone of something? Maybe...Oh Damn it, Wipe the drool off your tie Man! 

(Short Break and an empty lotion bottle later)

Weiner:  So about those pictures, they were all innocent! Just good clean fun.

Mista Jaycee: Mr. Congressman, where is your Wife?

Weiner: See, Why you gotta bring that up?  Not to be all Kobe Bryant in this mutha but Bill The Thrill Clinton gotta hummer from that nice intern and his Wife stood next to him. Hell, that wasn't even the worse time, Sheeeet what about when Rush Limbaugh was poppin Oxycontin and masturbating to tapes of Ronnie Reagan and Michael Steele goosed Sarah Palin.  Sheeeet, she's a freaky lil vixen. Whooo!

I think it's just something that's been used to smear me and the Colors of my Public Office since I pointed out that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's Wife was making all this unreported side Cheddar from conservative think tanks   . I'm just saying.

NOTE: Neither A Choice of Weapons or Mista Jaycee can or really wants to confirm that Rush Limbaugh was masturbating to Ronald Reagan or that Michael Steele goosed Sarah Palin. We'll take Lil Weiners word for it. ( By the way Mike, if it is true, you nastee)

Mista Jaycee: Congressman, every Real Newspaper and Journalist in the World is aware and investigating your recent assertions that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's Wife has been paid UNREPORTED (By Justice Thomas)  SIDE INCOME from CONSERVATIVE THINK TANKS.. but does that really excuse YOUR behavior?

(What every newspaper in America is NOT checking to see if SUPREME COURT JUSTICE THOMAS has a BIAS and a CONFLICT OF INTEREST?)

Mista Jaycee: So Congressman, what are plans after Public Life? 

Weiner:  I'm not going to resign! I've admitted my wrongdoings (at least the ones you can prove) and I think we should all just move on.  And why would I resign?   I assure you I ain't the only one that's gotten caught up with some bull-ish like this and more besides you ask what would I do after public life? F*c* if I know! Have you seen the job market out there? Who the hell besides Congress would hire someone like me? You've seen my Twitter! I'm not going to resign!

Mista Jaycee: Good point Congressman who the hell would hire someone like you? And yes, I've seen your Twitter. Damn! You sick lil Weiner Monkey! You stated it right, who the hell would hire you besides...Congress?!!! Well, Justice Thomas has proven to be resilient after the Anita Hill sexual harassment case, maybe after public life you can be a Supreme Court Justice. You certainly have the resume.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Spiritual Food for Thought! They Say the World is Ending!

A preacher named William Miller once preached that Jesus would return in 1844.  Thousands of people listened and believed his prophecy and interpretation of scripture.  In 1844 when Jesus did not return there was a great disappointment.  From this though the Seventh Day Adventists, Seventh Day Bapists, The Jehovah's Witnesses, and the World Wide Church of God owe their beginnings. 

Last week another Christian Pastor prophesied the end of the world!  Well, we still here! I'm not mocking him or others. Really, I'm not! We live in a time when people are searching and expecting some great upheaval, or transition time.  People are afraid and they look for answers! This preacher was using so called Biblical codes, math, that he thought revealed Jesus's Return. Some people are using the Mayan Calender and believe in 2012 and you can bet your sweet bottom that someone is already using some other method, or book in an attempt to figure out when the World will end or when Jesus will return or Both. But take note!


Thus Saith The Lord in Matthew 24:36 No Man Knoweth the Day or Hour of My Return except the Father!

Jesus told his followers that ALL would see him at ONCE when he returned.  If they say that I am in the Desert do not go there! Does the Bible not say that? Of course! It's what William Miller found out in 1844.  It's what some Jehovah's Witnesses believed in 1976!  I'm sure that there have been several churches and groups of all faiths that have believed the same thing.

Check out Mark 13: 32 for confirmation on Matthew 24:36

Thus Saith The Lord in Matthew 24 No Man Knoweth the Day or Hour of My Return except the Father! Go to Matthew 24: 36  and Look! Read it for yourself.

Did not Jesus state that he would NOT return until these signs are fulfilled? The MOON would turn to Blood! (Happened See American Journal of Arts and Science)  The Stars will fall from the Sky! (Great Meteor Shower)  Mark 13:25 (Happened! See AJAS) Earthquakes in Divers (Various) places?  Read Acts 2:20, Read Joel 2:31

Well, there have been earthquakes all over that normally don't have earthquakes. But Jesus goes on to state, EVEN when these signs are fulfilled HIS COMING IS AT THE DOORS!

But if you reading Matthew 24 and 25 and you go back to the verse Thus Saith The Lord in Matthew 24 No Man Knoweth the Day or Hour of My Return except the Father then you realized that even JESUS does not know the hour of his return.

Why? The Day of Judgement and the end of probation (Grace) is determined by the Fathers word. 

How do you know this Mista Jaycee?  In the Book of Revelation It states that Jesus upon receiving the word that it's time, stands up in the Most Holy place and announces "Let him that is JUST be JUST and HE that his FILTHY be FILTHY Still and that he would take off his PRIESTLY ROBES and put on the ROBES OF VENGEANCE. Revelation 22:11

Stop trying to figure when the End time is coming and just accept that it is coming and that YOU have a major decision to make. But don't be deceived or mistaken again.

Thus Saith The Lord in Matthew 24: 36  No Man Knoweth the Day or Hour of My Return except the Father!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

History was made this week when the City of Long Beach named a park in honor of the Late San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk, the First openly Gay elected official to serve.  Long Beach First District Councilman Robert Garcia championed the cause. 

I have some mixed feelings about naming the park after Harvey.  Why Mista Jaycee? Well, Harvey Milk didn't have any real connection to Long Beach.  Mr. Garcia explained that several parks are named after folks who have no connection to Long Beach, Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez and he's right.

I feel it's to a city's detriment though to ignore it's own History and it's citizens.  When I walk down 3rd street in Long Beach, I remember Richard Kyle Books, The Barber College, The Blue Cafe, Jack's Liquor and the Original Shades of Afrika.  When I walk Pine Ave, I remember the Ben and Jerrys, the Long Beach Mall, Education 2000, The Tape and Record Room, Jillians, Mums and The AMC Theatre.  Most of these businesses are gone but what about the people who served the city? The characters?

The next park or public square should be named in honor of someone local. There are plenty of folks who have yet to be honored or worse honored and thier stories are not told with the reverence they deserve. Who is Ernest Mcbride? (Photographer, Activist and LB NAACP President)  Who is Theodora Brewitt?  (Long Beach Librarian who stood up against censorship in the 1950's red scare)

Why do they matter to Long Beach?  Who is Akinsawa Kambon (Former Black Panther, Runs Pan Afrikan Art School)  and why does he matter to Long Beach? Who is Bob Jones? I knew Bob Jones as a nice old gentleman who visited the Shades of Afrika. He was a photographer and owned a studio over on Broadway. He was in his eighties but faithfully went to the gym for his workout daily.  After he passed away I found out that during the 50's Bob was one of Long Beach's leading Gay Activists. 

He led protests, he campaigned against harrassment based on Sexual orientation, he had been persecuted.  The Man I'd knew was not a grizzled, bitter social war vet, he was a kind, personable fellow.  He did alot for Long Beach and lived in the section where the Harvey Milk Park will be built.  He would smile but he deserved alot more and so do alot of other residents of all stripes who have graced the city. He was local, LGBT and lived and worked in the area of the park.  He should have been considered.

We should remember that when thinking about Long Beach or the City where you live.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lemon's A Fruit!

CNN News Anchor Don Lemon 

Wow Jaycee! Juvenile title to this post huh? 

Yeah, it was. Funny though huh?  Ok, CNN Don Lemon "came out "to the Public at Large.  To some this is a big freakin deal but not to me.  See, I don't care about Mr. Lemon's sexual orientation in the least.  I care if Mr. Lemon reports truthful and accurate news period! I watch him regularly and I believe that he does.

Don Lemon true show of courage is that he faced his own self and he was honest about it.  He probably had to tell his Mama and Grandma at some point and it could not have been easy.  He has probably endured many a church sermon about how "Homosexuality is a sin!, yada yada, hell fire, yada. 

That's not an easy life.  Your life, your definition of love is disputed, your attractions judged and worse politicized.  

With all the folks at every end of the spectrum writing about this I will offer this one piece of advice to Mr. Lemon.  Stand up and have courage! This is your chance to talk about some real ish to some real people about something that we all have to deal with on a daily basis. And don't let those political pricks including those SO Called Gay Activists co-op you or your celebrity.  They would "Out" you in a second even though you may have chosen to keep your personal life "Private". Well, now the cats out of the bag! 

Use it for positive change and I hope that it brings you peace. Hell, now you can help someone else who may be in dispair and suffering about who they are and how they feel.  This is a good thing.  I'll let God be the judge on your life and the way you live it but I know that God hates lies and liars.  Stand up and BE truthful!  But let's make sure that the most important thing in all this is not lost.....YOU BETTER NOT STOP REPORTING GREAT NEWS! 

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Common....A Threat????

I watched a clip of Jon Stewart the "Daily Show" talking with Pundit Bill O'Rielly about his opposition to Rapper/Poet Activist Common's invite to the White House for all things performing poetry.  Seems that Mr. O'Reilly is an avid listener (Sarcasm) of Hip Hop Music, having gone after Ludacris some years back for having been a drug dealer, got Pepsi to pull their commercials with him as a feature.  This time, he points out Common's "Song for Assata." Bill O'Reilly asserts that Common is celebrating a "Cop Killer" and that the White House should not invite him based on that. Funny how he didn't point out that Common also speaks out against Abortion on his "One day it will all make Sense" album.

"Musta really thought I was God to take the life of my Son, I turned your womb into a tomb"

Common's "Song for Assata" does NOT celebrate a "Cop Killer"! Assata Shakur formerly Joanne Chesimard was a Black Panther and Black Liberation Army member. She was "convicted" on flimsy evidence and escaped from Prison. She last resided in Cuba.  Hey Right Wing, there are alot of People, Black Folks in particular who BELIEVE that Assata is INNOCENT of the crime.  She is left handed and the EVIDENCE points out that the Officer killed was shot by a right handed person.  The EVIDENCE points out that Assatas left arm was injured at the time of the shooting. Buts let's not let a little thing like EVIDENCE or INNOCENCE get in the way of the killing of an AGENT Of THE STATE!

Guess what Right Wing Political believers, this may be hard for you to stomach but guess what???


(Whispered) "Afrikan American People have their own definition of patriotism! Afrikan Americans have their own history that is both intertwined, interlaced and interlocked with yours but it is unique and distinctive.
America has been at war with the Afrikan America since before there was an America.  It was J. Edgar Hoover who allowed the programs like Cointelpro and Project NU MAN to proceed against American Citizens. Those Afrikan Americans ARE Americans and they had rights.  J. Edgar Hoover was at WAR with the Afrikan American community and he used his intellect, his muscle and the power of the American Government to disgrace, frame, discredit, jail and kill Afrikan American Citizens.

There are hundreds of Afrikan American political dissidents, Black Liberation Army, Black Panthers, United Slaves and other groups that have had their leadership and membership harassed or murdered by their own Government. Geronimo Ji Jaga Pratt spent 30 years in a California Prison including six months on Death Row for the murder of a Santa Monica School teacher when the FBI states in the COINTELPRO papers they knew he was in Oakland at the time of the murder.  Marshall Eddie Conway still lives in prison in Maryland because of the COINTELPRO program. 

Sorry, my Right wing European American Brothers and Sisters but America does not fight fair and didn't and Black Folks do not, will not and can not take your word that everyone who is CONVICTED in the American Justice system received an unbiased, fair trail.  Assata Shakur is one of them.

The Obama's did a courageous thing bringing Common to the White House. Mr. Obama showcased American Freedom of Speech, American Freedom of from persecution due to Religious, Creed or Political belief and showcased that American Citizens have the right to disagree and criticize it's Government.  Common is doing just that by fighting for Assatas right to a fair trail, which she has not received and for her innocence. 

Shame on you Right Wing and Bill O'Reilly for criticizing the PRESIDENT for actually Living by the principles America says it's about!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!