Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman????!!!!

Ahhhhhh, Comic book movies! Don't ya just love em? I love Comic Books, always have but I have not always liked comic book movies.  When it's done right a comic book character can been given much depth.  The Electra character in the Daredevil comic is a well written, well rounded Frank Miller creation but the movie....

Well at least, Electra the movie, had Jennifer Garner but on the minus side Daredevil the movie had Ben Affleck. 

The problem with Comic Book movies is as Ben Affleck stated in "Chasing Amy" It does not appeal to it's true core audience. "Over or Under Weight Guys that can't get laid they're our bread and butter!"

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman!  I like Anne Hathaway! Saw her in the Devil wears Prada! Loved that! Problem is that I have never found Anne to be sexxxy! Cute, attractive, but not sexxxy! Cat Woman is a Sexxxy character.  Anne Hathaway does not inspire Sexxxy!

"Over or Under Weight Guys that can't get laid they're our bread and butter!"

But Jaycee, the writers wanted a more balanced Cat WomanAnne Hathaway is a thespian and she could bring things to the character that have not been explored before with her talent and range beyond what has been put to film previously.  Hummmmm, something to think about......Bull Sh*t!

Halle Berry is an Oscar Winning Actress who is easily is in the top two of the sexxxiest Cat Women ever and it takes a SCRIPT to bring greatness to the screen which Halle did not have but also YOU have to fit the role.  Anne Hathaway does not fit the role.  Michelle Pfippher was hella sexxxy as the Cat Woman and she too can act! Sexxxy and can act! Sexxxy and can act! Did I mention Sexxxy!  And the purrrr belongs to the Late Miss Eartha Kitt.

"Over or Under Weight Guys that can't get laid they're our bread and butter!"

Now let's be fair to Anne Hathaway, let's look at the previous group of Cat Women.  Halle Berry, Sexy and can act. Michelle Pfippher, sexy and can act. Julie Newmar, sexy, could act but it was the TV series Bat Dude and she didn't need to act well.  Eartha Kitt, Sexy, interesting, and the purrrrrr, plus she was a Black! Anne Hathaway......not sooooo sexxxy! She don't fit the group!

Cat Woman is not August Wilson or Shakesphere, it's exploding cars, bouncing boobs and great catch phrases, but most of all SEXXXY! Damn it!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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Ehi aka Ayoko Lee bka Ayoko said...

hey i havent been on here in a min, and i miss reading your blog. Cant believe that they are making another catwoman.....i guess O_o.