Sunday, November 30, 2008

Spiritual Food For Thought

Surah 100: 6-10 From the Noble Quran

[100:6] The human being is unappreciative of his Lord.

[100:7] He bears witness to this fact.

[100:8] He loves material things excessively.

[100:9] Does he not realize that the day will come when the graves are opened?

[100:10] And all secrets are brought out. [100:11] They will find out, on that day, that their Lord has been fully Cognizant of them.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Just go Shopping! You're Being Conned! Part 7

After 9-11 with America's infrastructure in danger, people in fear, awe, anger and shock we did not receive the call of sacrifice and conservation issued by previous heads of state. We were told to Go Shopping by President Select Bush! (He wasn't elected the first term remember?)

Go Shopping!

We shouldn't do that this time. Even if you are still doing well, we should not do that!

But Mista Jaycee, the deals are soooo great! Con!

I know they are on the front end but remember what happens on the back end. Great deal in front, high credit interest rates on the back! Overextended high credit charges, collection agency blues, ruined credit reports? Easy financing is predatory and we need to sit this one out!

Instead spend time with the fam, watch a movie, take time to empty your closets and cabinets and donate them to your local food banks, churches and Salvation Army stores!

But those deals?

Those deals will be there in a couple of days, hell, Xmas is right around the corner and still folks will need our help!

Black Friday! (1st day of shopping for the season) is a con!

It's there to continue the current system, the status quo! As long as we are shopping under the current terms and conditions, businesses have no motivation to change or alter the way they do business with you!

Citibank, The Auto industry and the rest have not changed one iota of their business tactics or plans! They come to the taxpayer the Jamal Six pack and the Julia Nurse in training for mercy when facing imminent financial doooooom! Where was that same compassion when business and congress passed that despicable bankruptcy law?

Where was the mercy when business foreclosed on all those homes? When it was revealed that predatory lending practices were the norm?

Temptation! Goooooo Shopping!

Wisdom! Don't! Empty your closets and cabinets and donate to Goodwill and the Salvation Army or the Midnight Mission.

Conserve! Look to the future!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yahhhhhh, Thanksgiving Day!

Oh Yeah, She leaves you for him!
even worse you would have left her for him!

Need I say More?

Sure, it's probally good but don't you get the feeling somethings not right?

He's gonna do this right after dinner!

Smile! It's probally gonna happen and still as long as you got Love, your health and Family and lots and lots of Tums and Tylenol then Hey! Happy Thanksgiving!
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Fear No Clown!

Good Afternoon and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Having read Albert T. Clown's letter to Mista Jaycee and Mista Jaycee's response (Both of which were funnie) I feel now is the time for us remember that as the country muddles through very difficult times laughter is one the most important weapons we have at are disposal. The others of course being Prayer, Meditation, Art, Music, Poetry, Writing and honorable discourse.

All over the nation people are losing their jobs, their homes and most of all their faith in human kind. To lose your hope is truly one of the greatest tragedies. Let us not de-evolve into name calling such as Clown O phobe! And Clowns are Evil! That's ridiculous! Clowns not your taste, There's something else for you. Don't diminish your joy! Don't lose your hope!

This country has endured far darker times than this and we made it through because we were open to ideas of change and collective endurance. Art, Music and Prayer will be essential as we begin the work! Laughter is a tool we can not and should not do without!

In closing Be Blessed in advanced! Happy Thanksgiving to all and never lose hope!

God (IAM) Bless!
Dr. I. M. Nutz

Mista Jaycee's Response To Albert T. Clown!

Cesar Romero as the Joker

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and Godspeed back to Crawford, Texas!

Good Morning Albert T. Clown,

As you can see I did post your letter and now I hope that you're Man enough or Clown enough or...whatever you are to hear my reply.

Bozo, The Last True Clown Professional!

It is not and has never been my intention to disparage an entire community nor Children's Entertainment Professionals in which clowns are included. I believe that Clowns have done quite enough on thier own to disparage themselves!

Why would anyone say a clown is Scary?

As a Children's Entertainment Professional it is you who owe the apology! As a Children's Entertainment Professional it is your job by definition to entertain. Clearly you have failed miserablly. This is not my fault. I find clowns to be creepy and outworldly to say the least! To say the most I don't think Clowns are funny!

The Late Great Red Skelton, The Loveable Clown! Isn't that an Oxymoron? Loveable Clown?

Your very Clownatude offends my sensibilities but back to your letter, Mista Jaycee is not a Clownophobe!

Oh, No! Clowns are funnie!
Photo courtesy of

Phobia: Noun, Irrational persistant fear. definition courtesy of Webster's dictionary
Clown: Noun, A Funny, Costumed, Entertainer. definition courtesy of Webster's dictionary
I do not possess a phobia of clowns! A revulsion yes! But not a phobia!
Now, Albert, I hope that I can call you Al.......

Al, you are indeed costumed but funny entertainer...well.............

Big floppy shoes, flowers that shoot water, loud garish colors may be the uniform of a clown but Hey Al, bring your A game dude!

Stale Knock Knock jokes, dime store magic tricks and creepy makeup just don't cut it anymore and it hasn't for over twenty years!

And another thing Al! You didn't go after Stephen King when he wrote about Pennywise! You didn't go after Batdude and the Joker! You didn't go after Fox when they called thier Propaganda program NEWS! Oh....sorry I digress!

You didn't write about Shakes the Clown, Bill the Clown or Armstrong Williams! Opps! Sorry, I digress yet again! Oh....they 've represented the Clown Community well haven't they?

Let's face it dude Clowns are creepy and the true American Capitalist Clown knows the real $$$$ in creepy! No one is more creepy than a clown! Well except Barney the Dinosaur and the Kenny G Christmas album, but again, I digress!

Al...your creepiness, not withstanding, I gotta give it to you! You got sack dude or whatever clowns got cause you ride for yours, dude! I respect that but you still creep me out!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mista Jaycee is Clown O Phobic!

Dear Mista Jaycee,

I happened upon your most recent posts about clowns and I must say that I'm appalled at your hatred and distrust of the Children's Entertainment Community!

Clowns are not evil! Well, Dick Cheney but hey! you can't blame a whole community on one can you? We, the clown community travel anywhere and everywhere to provide safe, wholesome, family entertainment using only our comedic talents, balloon artistry, magic tricks and good nature in an age of mindless childish, electronic, cartoon like violence!

Children are virtually being programmed into desensitized killers via PlayStation and yet I have never seen you post one not one critique or criticism on that!

Flava Flav, New York, Real and Chance not to mention Keisha Cole and DMX (Not clowns by the way) have all been beamed in your living rooms but when was the last time you saw a professional from the clown community represented? It's just not fair! With the exception of Krusty the Clown from the Simpsons, Clowns have virtually disappeared from the mass media.

You are a CLOWN O Phobe Mista Jaycee! If that is indeed your real name! I dare you to publish this post! Your audience should be able to compare and decide what's right for their families.

There is another point of view out there Mista Jaycee!

Are you against all Buffoonery Mista Jaycee or just Professional one's? You know underneath this makeup we in the clown community Fathers, Mothers, Parishioners and community leaders! I am a Proud Clown Professional not a buffoon! That's just my act!

What about all those in youuuuur community who are buffoons for freeeee! Even when the cameras not on!

We in the Clown community demand an apology and that you stop marginalizing and maligning an entire species, I!


Albert T. Clown

Children's Entertainment Professional and Real Estate Agent

Monday, November 24, 2008

Judas Joe Still needs to be Kicked Out!

Judas Joe Leiberman

Benedict Arnold
When King David of Israel lay on his deathbed waiting to sleep with his ancestors he charged his son Solomon with a to do list. He spoke of Jezrell..."Don't let the sun set on my body before you handle him!" Paraphrased though it may be King David charged Solomon with a hit list.
The enemies that had plagued King David during his reign must die! David knew this and knew that if left alone Solomon would not be able to get things done! Jezrell, G that he was when he heard that David had passed, went out to the alter, made his peace and killed himself! He knew that he would not be allowed to live under King Solomon. He, as Davids soldier knew that David would have instructed Solomon as to what to do. The Bible as well as history is replete with similar examples. Now history and the Bible also cautions what happens when you don't take care of it.
When Israel was told to wipe the Amonites off the face of the earth, King Amon was spared! He was captured and brought to the Israeli King! This was contrary to what God (IAM) had instructed them to do and the Nation of Israel paid for their disobedience.
I fear the Democrats are in a similar situation with a similar charge. Traitors must be dealt with!
Judas Joe Lieberman has betrayed the party not once but three times in recent memory.
1. Wasn't he the only democrat to vote for impeachment of William "Bill" Clinton? Correct me if I'm wrong but he did vote that way but he wasn't dealt with. He was given the vice presidential nod in the Gore campaign! What traitor do you know in history was given a leadership post in the army of the side he betrayed? Wait...American history is full of those.....Civil war not withstanding! Bad example but still.....
Then he voted right along with Bush and then eventually stomped for Mccain in the face of those he caucuses with. He should have been kicked out of the caucus! So what he sides with the Repubs! So what he wasn't loyal to you anyway! But noooooo! The Dems pussed out!
Still he should be bounced! I'm writing my congress rep how about you?
There does come a time for Revenge and retribution. There comes a time to balance the ledger, to clean the slate. To settle old scores! Think on it! King Solomon might have grieved and wished to himself that he didn't have to do it but it had to be done.
BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!

Price controls now on gas Obama and do it Quick!

1st things first! Now, that Barack H. Obama, that's "Bam Bam" to all y'all that have been following this blog has become the President elect let me just say that you have got to place some sort of limit on the gasoline companies.

Socialism! Is that what you're are saying Mista Jaycee?

Hell whatever! I really don't know or care. I believe that we have been gouged for years. In California where I live we were almost paying $5.00 a gallon for gas! $5.00! It hurt business but it hurt families more! Food, rent, jobs and everything was affected and we were told that the economy was sound and that it was great but peanut butter was $3.00 a jar. Bread was $3.00! Milk was $3.75! Eggs were $2.75!

Ya see if Bam Bam manages to give folks a good tax break and create jobs there will be economic benefits right? The overall economy will grow and with gas prices around $2.00 or in some cases $1.89 folks will spend money and pay bills and do some things. But we need a cap or some price control guidelines to make sure the Energy companies don't arbitrarily raise prices and leach away the benefits. They will make record profits again while the country suffers and Bam Bam will have egg on his face. Remember we are in a depression and desperate times sometimes require extreme measures!

Bam Bam you gotta move before the country loses it anger and will to do something different dig?

Your party has already pussed out on Judas Joe Lieberman! Politricknicians like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would say that it's just sensible politics. They're right but now is not the time for politics sensible or otherwise! It's time for leadership and statesmanship!

Bam Bam you need to be downright ambitious with your agenda while you still got the country on your side. Remember Nancy and Harry and the rest of the congress on both sides are just as hated as Bush and his people! The approval ratings are low so they are in no position Democrat or otherwise to bull----! Turn the country on em if necessary while the country is still with you and do it fast! They expect change and fast like fast food but they also expect it to taste like a steakhouse and not white castle dig?

I wouldn't want to play cards with you Bam but remember the Oil companies and the politricks don't play fair and they never have.

Remember that!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Tag You're It!

Happy advanced Big Chicken Day!

Miss Stephanie, the sexy, chunky but funke,( That's a good thing, a real good thang!) Cubana over at Curvaceous in the City, tagged me!

I think she's so cool that I just have to answer it. For the record though, I hate chain letters, those emails that promise that something great will randomly happen when I forward said note to twelve more people. I hate it! It's like witchcraft! EWWWW!

But here are the rulez!

1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.

3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Random and Wierd facts about Mista Jaycee:

Numba 1. Mista Jaycee is an avid watcher of Loonie Tunes and Dr. Who! (The 10th doctor)

Numba 2. In lue of birthday cake Mista Jaycee prefers a Sweet Patato Pie!

Numba 3. Mista Jaycee hates clowns! The Jury is still out on Mimes!

Numba 4. Mista Jaycee does not re-gift! It suxs and shows that you really don't value the person.

Numba 5. Mista Jaycee also believes that it suxs to give fellow employees the last of half of a dessert or old holloween candy. Bring fresh and new stuff if you truly value that person!

Numba 6. Mista Jaycee is an avid comic book collector focusing on Afrikan American comics and also Frank Miller and Neil Gaiman comics!

Numba 7. Fights a never ending battle against clowns, oppression and tight binding underwear!

In the spirit of good fun, I tagged Go Zack!, Ciao Bella! Aunt Jemima's Revenge! The Luscious Librarian, Funke Blak Chick, The Black Snob and Daisy's Dead Air!

Aunt Jemima's Revenge:

The Luscious Librarian:

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Tag y'all it!


Friday, November 21, 2008

[adult swim] : Adult Swim Halloween - Robot Chicken

Well now in addition to Clowns being Evil! I give you the Great Pumpkin!

The Sarah Palin Turkey Massacre

What! And they didn't elect her? Are You Kidding? I am (Laughing)
My God! (IAM)

Your being Conned! Part 6 Auto Industry Cries Poor!

The Status Quo!

I read an article in USA Today about the Auto Industries declaration that it can not produce hybrids as the auto industry endures a complete meltdown. Note to congress, this is a con!

For decades the auto industry has fought Cafe standards, higher fuel mileage standards, and cleaner fuels tooth and nail. Mention the electric car they'll say the batteries weren't good enough even though an entrepreneur had created better battery tech that could have been used on that generation of EV's. The auto industry purchased the rights to the tech and controlling stock in his company then made sure that the tech never made it to the market; Of course that may all be conjecture after all I got it from Who Killed the Electric car? Of course it may be all conjecture.....sure....let's give the auto industry the benefit of the doubt.....

Willie's Company

Sir Edgar Brofman Jr.

Country Star Willie Nelson invested in a company called BioWillie and uses bio diesel in his tour buses. Sir Edgar Brofman, owner of Virgin Worldwide, has recently conducted testing of bio diesel in his jet airlines to disprove theories that it would freeze at certain altitudes.

The Lincoln Navigator Fuel Efficency at it's best! Not!

America can ill afford not to be at the forefront of this technology. The Auto Industries declaration that it can not produce hybrids as the auto industry endures a complete meltdown maybe true in the interim but it does not hold water. To me this is just another stalling tactic! What the industry and indeed the country can ill afford is more stalling!

The Chevy Tahoe!

Without vision the people perish! Well the auto industry is now all but dead because of greed and lack of vision. We knew about sugar ethonol over thirty years ago when Brazil's entire ecomony took a massive stinky dump because of OPEC in the 1970's!

Rudolf Diesel
Rudolf Diesel created an engine that would run on vegetable oil did we use it? No! Sure after his death, the auto industry named an engine after him but it ran on petroleum. Nicki Tesla pushed the envelope with electrical energy tech directly sticking it to Edison. Tesla died a pauper but believe it when I say that his notebooks, journals and notes were seized before his body was cold!
Nikola Tesla

America has had more than its share of opportunities but the Auto cartel, the auto Costa Nostra, this oligarchy of combustion made sure that the status quo was safe!

Now they cry for a bailout! They blame the unions! They blame you, the consumer! I say to congress, make your stand now! Do not bail them out! They will go and build electric and bio diesel or whatever in order to stay in business and in a few decades we will have a new status quo to combat but today, America's auto industry, needs to put Americans back to work making more fuel efficient vehicles that run on something other than dead dinosaur.

Now take a trip by this link and check somethings out for yourself! Even Arrr-Nawld had one of his Hummers converted! Damn!

America! We can not afford to the status quo anymore! BE Warned or we'll all BE Walking!,0,1472154.story

BE Mindful! BE Careful! BE Prayerful!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thank God We got a Job We hate!

I watched an early morning news story about the stock market. I really don't understand economics but I know when something sux! That I understand!

It seems that everyone I know is going through it right now. The moneys tight, they're overextended and it doesn't look like it going to get better anytime soon but...

Years ago while working a security gig, a wise dude, tapped me on the shoulder and stated these prophetic words!
Thank God (IAM) ! We've got a job we hate! Wow! So many folks don't even have that!
I'm Blessed cause while it could pay more I actually like my job! Praise to the God! (IAM)
This week I saw two executives in their clean suits frowning on a Friday!
Good Morning!
What's good about it?
It's Friday!
Well, it could be worse you could be working for GM! You could be living in Detroit right now.
One of them then commented that he had been in Detroit recently and Boy! Was he ever glad he wasn't having to try to live there right now!
This perked them up! They were executives for a large company that while it too was suffering they weren't laying folks off. Dig?
Perspective! BE Thankful for what we have! But also be Thankful for what we don't have! Dig?

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thank You from Mrs. Jaycee

My loving wife would like to thank each and everyone who wished her a Happy Birthday!

We had cupcakes! There was fire and we sacraficed a CLOWN! (just kidding on the clown and the fire)

Thanks everybody I think my wife enjoyed the well wishes as much as I did.

Mista Jaycee

Spiritual Food For Thought!

Anubis weighing the heart. (Soul) against the feather of Ma'at
Ma'at's feather represented Justice and Truth. It was very heavy.
If your soul tipped the scales then you were evil and you were lost!
You were fed to the eater of the dead. If your soul balanced against Ma'at's feather
Then you were allowed to enter into the House of God's for all eternity and Thoth recorded whatever happened in the book.
Christians believe that our souls are weighed against the law of God (IAM)
and that Yeshua's (Jesus) blood cleanses us and balances the weight of us against the law of God (IAM) If we accept Yeshua as our Lord and Savior then he promises that we will have eternal life and enter into paradise. He seals this by his word, deed and blood. If we do not accept these gifts then we will suffer the abyss, hell fire then
the second death where we will no longer exist.
A Poem by Rumi
Within the Human Being is a jungle!
You, born of the Divine Breath, be aware!
Wolves and pigs by the thousands are within,the fair and the foul.
What dominates you is what you are.
If your gold outweighs your copper, you will be known as gold.
Whatever you most are is the form in which you will resurrect.
Imam Jaladdin Rumi

It's almost time for the Biiig Chicken!

Locusts: Extended family that swarms a bountiful table leaving scraps in its wake. Be cautious when dealing with locusts. Make sure they contribute more than just an appetite. Send them out for ice, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, beer and liquor if you indulge and if not then extra sodas! That way when the table gets swarmed and it will you won't feel bad. They drank some liquor, had a good time but they didn't drink all of your liquor. Dig?
Locusts can be slowed by beer and mixed drinks but true scavengers will ignore these and go straight for the 12 year scotch, the Henny, the Remi Martin. You'll walk out and your cousin who you haven't seen in four christmases will have gone to your secret cabinet behind the broom and mop and be drinking your good stuff. Watch and then come back and tell me if I didn't tell ya right.

Jackals: Like all scavengers this could be the uninvited new boyfriend or girlfriend or tagalongs from some of the other family. Most jackals come empty handed again see above definition for strategy. Remember though they are not family so be careful and courteous but make sure they take out the trash and again. Send them out to get a lil something.

Hooray! It's almost Big Chicken Day! That's Thanksgiving for all you folks not familiar with my lingo! I believe that a Turkey is nothing more than a musclebound chicken with a speech impediment. He has a lisp so he gobbles instead of clucking but he's a chicken. Because of his physique and his lisp he has been unfairly maligned, he has been ostracised by the poultry community.

This is unfair! So this Big Chicken day I propose that we boycott big chicken by cooking something else. How about a nice slab of beef ribs? Some great potato salad, can't you just taste the fresh mustard and green onions? Real Mac and cheese. Not velvetta or some processed chesse food but real grated cheese. Cheese! Colby, Jack, Munster, Chedder, mild and sharp, CHEEESE!

Collard Greens are a must! Use Smoked Turkey instead of the pork hoof Grandma used, add garlic and onions and Lawry's seasoning. Toss a green salad with everything in it. How about just some grilled chicken with lemon and lime?

I'm just saying that sweet potatoes and or Yams ( Not the same thing) is cool but variety is indeed the spice of life and the most important thing is not watching football or getting irritated with the Locusts and Jackals remember what the day is about. It ain't the Pilgrim nonsense, it's the family being able to get together, eat, share and cherish each other. We survive so much as a people separately, we should give thanks and share and celebrate among our families.


Happy Big Chicken Day! Gobble Gobble baby!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Wife!

My Wife just turned ****** (I aint saying) But join me in wishing her a happy Happy HAPPY Birthday!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is Racism Dead? You're Being Conned Part 5

With the election of President Elect Barack Hussain Obama it's easy to be lulled into believing that Racism is dead! That somehow we are in this New Era of race relations and that equal opportunity is the status quo.

We have now realized Dr. King's Dream!

If you go for it you're being conned! It's a crock!

Oh, yeah here's another one of these cynical knukka's who ain't ready to let that old ish go!

Nothing could be further from the truth but I ain't blind and neither are you.

Just a couple of weeks back this lil ole White girl branded a backwards B on her face and concocted a story about how she was robbed at an ATM by a Black dude and for good measure the robber carved a B for Barack into her face!

Is Racism Dead?

How many Afrikan American Men would have been accosted and harassed by the police because of that lie?

She only got probation for this horrendous canard. Would that have occurred if Shaniquah Jackson would have said that a John Mccain supporter called her a Nigger, slapped her and pissed on her before taking her money?

Is Racism dead? Is this a new Era?

What do you think would have happened to poor ole Shaninqah Jackson? She more than likely would be vilified in the press day and night, John Mccain and his Republican staffers would have made her the new Willie Horton and she would not have gotten off with probation. It would have been much more severe.

John Mccain questioned Barack Obama's experience by asking him why he had not gone to Iraq or any of the other theatres? Good question but why didn't not the same media that picked up on that question not ask Mccain had he ever been to the South side of Chicago, or South Central Los Angeles?

The Republican party has brought up voter fraud as an issue several times in spite of the fact that they have never proven voter fraud anywhere and the issue of voter disenfranchisement is virtually ignored. Who's tracking down all the misinformation and misdirection aimed at minority voters?

Is Racism dead? Are we in a New era?

In South Los Angeles (Watts) Martin Luther King Jr/ Charles Drew Medical Center is on the chopping block despite it being one of the only medical facilities in the area. Its trauma center which everyone agrees was world class has been closed down! It was closed down a few years ago. The closest trauma center now is County USC which is not close and who's Trauma center is also on the chopping block!

New era.....Racism is dead you say......

Last summer I traveled to an affluent, predominately White American but mixed area high school in Orange County in the city of Irvine. The high school had three gymnasiums, an actual theatre for it's drama group, state of the art science labs and classrooms. It has a snack bar, high tech vending machines in the food court and plenty of acreage. This high school was beautiful and served a large suburban enclave. About a quarter mile east was another nearly identical high school.

In Los Angeles Manual Arts, Dorsey, Fremont, Jefferson, Crenshaw, Locke and LA Jordan are old and falling apart. There are newer high schools that have been built such as Renaissance and Cabrillo. Both are large high schools but they resemble a correctional facility not a preparatory academy for college bound students! The Orange County kids wear their own clothing to schools and individuality is respected and encouraged. The minority kids in Los Angeles proper are forced to wear uniforms, have school id on them at the gates and the schools are fenced in just like a correctional facility. As far as green space and acreage the LA Kids have dead grass or in the case of the newer high schools have playgrounds on a fenced in roof just like prisons.

What's the message that we are giving these kids?

Is racism dead? Is this a new Era?

Dr. King spoke of equality and fairness that would not be denied on the basis of race. Character should be the basis that a person is judged on right?

There has been a constant assault on Affirmative action. Why? The math on it alone says that it could not have achieved anything close to it's intended goal. Think about it. We have the voting rights act of 1965. We have Brown vs the Board of Ed of Topeka Kansas in 1955, We have the desegregation of the Armed Forces in 1941. Think on it.

They were enacted but weren't enforced in those years. Black folks were still being killed, jailed, harassed whenever they tried to vote until almost the 1970's! Schools were still being desegregated in the 1970's and the armed forces still was fighting to desegregate in Korea. So you telling me that Affirmative action should be done away with. That's we are now so color neutral that it's no longer needed?

What about racial profiling? Sean Bell.....

Are we in a new era? Is Racism Dead?

If you believe the answer to be yes then I say that you're not being truthful.

Obama is a 1st! So in four hundred years we got a first! When just a year ago Rep Keith Ellison, Mich. Dem. Became the 1st Muslim American to serve in the house. He is also Afrikan American. You remember Keith. He was sworn in on Thomas Jefferson's Quran after Americans tried to make him swear in on the good ole American Bible and not his own Holy Book.

Carol Mosley Braun is also a first! Obama's presidency should not be diminished. Americans from all walks and races elected him but Obama is the best. Top of his class, his wife , also a lawyer and Harvard grad, were far ahead of academically than most of the candidates. They just didn't pick an average Black Politician, America picked the cream of the crop. And they did it at a time when the country is in dire straights! Our backs are against the wall. Funnie what you'll do when you feel you have nothing to lose.
So are we in a new Era? Is Racism dead?
Walk into work at your white collar job and count how many Non White faces you see then ask how many White faces think that you got your job not cause your overqualified and deserve to be there like you do but because of some quota they themselves (other White Folks) imposed.
You'd both be right! You're there cause they have to have a few so they picked the absolute best! When Time Warner and AOL were struggling who'd they pick to run the merger. The Absolute Best Gerald Parrsons. His resume reads like a CEO's Wet dream. He merged the two companies but when it eventually went south he was the one they blamed.
Fannie May and Freddie had issues long before the crisis. Franklyn Raines was CEO of Fannie, this dudes resume is incredible! He wasn't there just cause they needed the face, he was the best! He's suing the Gov right now because he alleges that the Bush admin tampered with Fannie and they were sound prior to his ouster and the eventual crisis!
American doesn't pick average when it comes to Black Folks! These dudes were the best of the best! The Best of Anyone and everyone not just Black Folks!
Racism is not dead! It just morphed and changed and adapted like all viruses.
BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!

Jheryl Busby Passes on!

This week I am saddened to report the passing of Music Mogul Jherl Busby. He passed on November 4, 2008 at home. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles (Watts) Busby, a Pathfinder alum of John C. Fremont High School, he attended California State University Long Beach for two years before taking a job at Mattel. He began a career with Stax records, pioneered the Black Music division of MCA Records. He guided the careers of New Edition, Johnny Gill, Pieces of a Dream and countless others.
There is not a hit MCA album from the eighties and nineties that this Brotha is not being thanked on. He took over Motown Records after Berry Gordy had sold the company continuing the Legacy of Motown with its signature acts Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and resigning Diana Ross to Motown after she had departed for RCA years before. He lit fire to the careers of Boyz to Men, Another Bad Creation and continued to find and guide new acts until his departure.
He pioneered the Black Music division of Dreamworks records then along with Producer Mike City helped to release Carl Thomas's latest release. He eventually became a board member for One United Bank, A large Afrikan American Bank. This Brotha was just bad. Over the years I have heard many music business war stories but I never heard a negative story about Jherl.
So on behalf of my Mother, one of Jheryl's classmates from the class of 1967, let me say Jheryl will be missed. He led a life on earth where he will be remembered but he also held on to a promised from God that he proclaimed God's name before men then God would speak his name before his father. He is remembered!
BE Mindful! BE Careful! BE Prayerful!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Poetry from Mista Jaycee

My Choice of Weapon today is a beautiful photo and poetry.

“New Vines”


J. C. Williams

It would be easy to live life like a new wine vine
Fertile, bearing much fruit, lying in the sun waiting
For harvest time but I would not be the very best wine!

No stress!
Youth and vigor of life on my side, it would be easy to live life like a new wine vine.

But if you stretched me tight where I felt I might break, took me to limits beyond what I think I can take, placed me in the earth, the rain and the wind and added the sun’s searing heat all over my skin then…

The Great wine I might be would begin.

The Great wine I might be would begin!

I want to be like an old wine vine, stretched to the limit
Not bearing much fruit but yielding great wine
Crafted in fire of sun, fermented by time
I would be an old wine vine!

Rolled, sampled and left in the dark alone
I’d gestate in barrel
The oak and tannins my home

I, stretched to the limit, old vine in the sun
Cultivated are great wines and I hope to become one

You may taste the potential that I will be great
As I grow in the bottle and change from day to day
And when the oxygenated glass is christened with my final yield, the flavor, the scent of what I am and what I was and what I will be is what I’ll give.

So as I grow in bottle changing from day to day
Awaiting the glass that will testify of my final yield
Sample the earth, the fruit, the scent of what I am, what I was and the joy of what I will give.


Friday, November 7, 2008

California Marriage Amendment Passes!

Days ago in conversation with my wife about the election, I stated that "America is going to be America!" What I meant was that America would be Amerikkka! It would be bigoted, petty and spiteful as it always has been. Hey! We have over two hundred years of precedence.

But then Obama got elected! Was I wrong? I could be....There's a certain Jheri Curl fixation I had for a short time in the eighties. But I digress! America in times of desperation went against it's nature and elected Obama, a supremely qualified, very classy, highly educated, married Christian Father of Two with an unmistakablly Afrikan name. Wow! Go figure!

But then the pendulum swung back to its correct axis and Prop 8 got passed! The spell was broken! America was once again Divisive! Unfair! Un-Libertarian! Petty, Spiteful! Mean Spirited! And all justified with religion. Hey! We can ignore all the above, cause We, and only We have God (I AM) on Our side! How ironic that America elects Obama with his mandate of change and promise to reach out to everyone, building bridges, find common ground and not engage in petty set trippin partianship but among ourselves we did none of that? We (The State) voted this nonsense in. We set tripped!

I was against Prop 8 and still am. It changes the constitution of California and legally denies citizens what is rightfully theirs! Thier rights! Consenting Adults engaged in the pursuit of thier happiness. This was only about the status quo! What a certain group or groups were comfortable with not what was right, legal or fair. Plus it managed to bolster a marginal segment of the religious community even more.
For the record I am a Biblical Faith Believer but just so you know The Latter Day Saints, James Dobson and the so called Religious right don't speak for me!

Prop 8 hurts real people. People in our families, people who we work with, people from our Churches, Temples, Mosques, synagogues, coffeehouses and bars! People! Flesh and Blood!
I got a cousin who is gay and always has been since we were little. We didn't know it then but looking back on it he was always! I wouldn't make a law that sought to limit or deney him happiness and fairness and justice anymore than I would allow a stranger to hit him! Yes! It's real, my cousin is a real person, who works, pays taxes, saves his money, parties, reads, goes to church, worries about the future just like you. I know y'all got sons, daughters, cousins, friends, neighbors that are gay. You hurt them! Justify it if you want to but face it you did!

This was not just some abstract idea debated among two eggheads this is real and the fact that
the so called religious community chooses to remain blind to the pain and suffering that they have caused or the hatred and bitterness that they have fostered is the even bigger shame.

Yeshua (Jesus) would not have handled this situation like this at all. His ministry demonstrates that. Yeshua, Jesus or Nabi Isa ( All Yeshua's names by the way) would have spoke the truth as he knew it pulling no punches but he would not have taken away your right to choose your own path. He doesn't take away your right to do that!

There is a scene in Star Wars The Revenge of The Sith where Master Yoda faces off with Darth Sideous and he asks the question if the dark side is so powerful and so much better then why do have the need to rule?

I ask that question to the so called religious community. Why do you choose to break the legs of anyone who does not choose to bow before your religious ideas, your church, your choice?

I know that my God (I AM) is a good and just God! I know that anyone who let my God be a part of their life, their life would be good, sooooo goood! But if they didn't choose my God, while I would feel bad cause I know they would be missing out. But I would have to respect their choice and their path. Why? Cause that's what my God (I AM) would do!

What kinda God do you worship? You did your God's will! You hurt people! Oppressed them, denied them what was rightfully theirs. The right to marry legally to try to get what every other human wants and in some cases take for granted. I wonder who broke your legs so you'd bow down to that God? How did you feel when you were forced, oppressed and subjugated?

God (I AM) gave you choice! What God do you worship that takes choice away?

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President Obama!

Strong Black Love, Strong Black Marriage!

The Fist bump felt around the world!

I just thought this was cute so I added it!

November 4, 2008 America has it's first Afrikan American Commander in Chief. Barack H. Obama, Senator from Illinois is now the America's 6th Black President (According to J.A. Rogers, There have been Five Previous Black Presidents But that's another Blog) well, actually the 1st undeniable Afrikan American President!

As I stepped into the voting booth and voted I was filled with unexpected emotions. I still am! Happiness! Excitement! Fear! Cautiousness! Hope! I think that the whole country feels the same thing. I loved seeing the beautiful Obama family. God Bless them.

It's been so long! Frederick Douglas, Marcus Garvey, Booker T., Dr. Dubois, Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vessey, Nat Turner, Malik Shabazz, John Brown, Sojourner Truth, Harriett Tubman, Ron Brown, Mickey Leland, JFK, RFK and even Jimmy Carter have waited for this day! It's a first! A wonderful, Long overdue first!
Tonight's your night Barack! You did it with style, God Bless you! Brother!
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Give the People what they want - The O' Jays


Monday, November 3, 2008

My Wife's Election Night Menu!

My loving wife has just unveiled our
Election Night Menu !

If John McCain Wins!

Jive Time Turkey McCain Sandwiches!

White Turkey Small Breast Meat
Mayonnaise ( I got some Hot Sauce in my purse!)
Some White "American" Cheese
2 Slices of any *** No wheat Bread
And I wish they would Let-Us Run Things! Lettuce
Can't afford tomatoes or the red onion
We will try to be good sports!

Now, if Obama wins!


Deep Dish or Thin Crust

Oh Yeah!



Italian Sausage


Black Olives

And maybe some

Hot Wings!!!!!

I'm talking Chicken yall!!

Happy Election! Good Luck Candidates!

Go Obama!