Friday, April 29, 2011

Obama proves Citizenship!

When I went to get my first Summer job I had to state that I was a United States Citizen and show my birth certification, Social Security card, and my California ID.  I was 13 and had to prove I was a citizen. When I was 18 I had to go to the post office and register with Selective Service or risk jail.  Every document I've ever signed of great importance has had me prove that I am a citizen. 

I think that you and Barack H. Obama II, the President of the United States of America has gone through this same process numerous times before. That said, The BIRTHER Movement is nothing more than another RACIST AMERICAN RUSE! Maybe Obama just should have cracked a beer open and belched aloud while, scratching his butt on television like SNOOKIE! She's American, sort of . She is a SHE right?


Yeah, I said it. Hide behind all that constitutional, originalist, bullshit banter if you want but it comes down to that.  If General Colin Powell, born to West Indian immigrants, had become President would the BIRTHER MOVEMENT exist? Yeah, probably cause America KNOWS that the system did not fail.

THE SYSTEM DID NOT FAIL! Barack Obama is a Native born US Citizen and he always was. 
The Racist American System Failed! See, Obama and any other Black was not supposed to be President or Vice President ever.  It's not written anywhere. There is no document that states this but this was TRADITION. White Men, WHITE MEN always ruled.

That's the true reason and America needs to get over it. It's long overdue it's been almost half a MILLENNIUM already!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Body of Missing Teen Found!

Phylissa Barnes, the missing teen and honor student was found floating in a river near Baltimore, Maryland where she had been staying with relatives before she went missing. I am saddened and angry that the young Sister did not receive the type of news coverage that had been afforded so many other missing White teens and children in recent years. 

I am more dismayed that the story ends this way. A Young teen dead.  Why? Why do the stories of our children always end up dead, and police with little or no clues? Rest in Peace Young Sista.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mista Jaycee goes to Disney World!

Just got back from Florida. Mrs. Jaycee snatched me up and took me to the Sunshine state for a vacation.  I enjoyed myself. Orlando is a very pretty city.  Here are just a few photos of the Magic Kingdom.
Mickey and Minnie Rox!

Mista Jaycee with his hero Stitch! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Oil Reserve.....You're Being Conned!

I wish Obama would open the oil reserve to lower gas prices..........

Where is America's oil reserve? Is it a National Security Secret? If it is don't tell me! I'll just google it. 

Oh, come on! That's funnie!

I always thought that the oil reserve was crude that we took off the open market and stored in case of an emergency. How many readers thought that too?

Oh come on! It ain't just me. 

TRUTH! The oil reserve is just land that the Government has staked out that potentially could have vast amounts of oil based on the amount of certain trace chemicals associated with oil.    It is on what's called the Oil shale.

REALITY: America does not have a reserve. There is no oil savings bank.  The Politicians have engaged in hyperbole. 

Gas goes up to $4.50 and the President opens the reserve to take the price down to $3.00 because he allowed this reserved oil to enter the market.  That's not what would happen in the event America fell on hard times.  What would happen is that the land would be drilled in the sections where they believed oil should be then refined and  sold but that could take years. 

What if the oil was not easy to get to? What is the oil was not the grade of crude we wanted? What is there is not enough?

REAL TALK: Fossil fuels are a LIMITED RESOURCE! We will eventually run out.  We need to changed to Biodiesil and other fuel supplies. That's real!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Giant Fan Beaten by Thugs at a Dodger Game

A Working Man with a Wife and two kids was beaten by thugs in the Dodger Stadium parking lot following the Dodgers opening day victory over their most celebrated rival the San Francisco Giants. 

The Dodgers and Giants rivalry is one of the greatest going all the way back to the start of baseball when both clubs were based in New York.  I am a life long Dodger fan and I enjoy calling the San Francisco Giant,s the MOST HATED San Francisco Giants.  This is fan fun.  I don't actually hate the City of San Francisco or either of the Bay Area Clubs.  This is all in fun. 

Sports and sports rivalries are about fun. F-U-N! What happened to that Working Man is disgusting and there is no justification for it.  I don't think it had anything to do with the rivalry at all. Just two A-Holes who looked for any reason to kick somebodies ass. 

I hope that the police catch you! Now as for the Dodgers, the reward is $100,000 dollars but it should be 500,000. It happened at DODGER Stadium and these types of incident can not be permitted to occur ever!The Dodgers have always been a Classy organization and that should never change.   I took my Family to a Dodger game. My Grandpa took me and my Brother to the games and I plan to take my Daughter, Nephews and Nieces to alot of  them in the future. This can NOT happen again EVER! I'll  stop routing for the DODGERS! I'll burn every piece of gear that I own. BElieve that!

Signed Mista Jaycee, a LIFE LONG DODGER FAN,

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!