Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mista Jaycee's Chocolate Orchid Inspired Smooovie!

Chocolate Orchid gave me this great recipe for a Green Smooooothie to try! Well, I remember most of the recipe. Most of it but I forgot some of it! I had to improvise! Bruhhahhhhhhaha! I made a smooothie! (Maniacal Laughter)


I want you to try this one!

Mista Jaycee's Chocolate Orchid inspired Greenie Smoooovie!

1 1/2 Cups of Crushed Ice

6 Pieces of Frozen Mango Chunks

1 Navel Orange Peeled

8 to 10 Sprigs or Baby Spinach

1/4 Cup of Fresh orange Juice

2 Tablespoons of Ginger Powder

Blend until all the ingredients are smoooooove then served chilled!


BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Mista Jaycee List of the Unsung Diva!

I'll make you a bet! I can go to any party in America, where there's Black Folks, throw on Cheryl Lynn's signature tune, and all I have to do, is recite Morris Day's classic line from "Purple Rain" I want some azzes wiggling, I want some perfection! And I will have it!

"Got To BE Real!" is one of the greatest dance floor concoctions, ever served to an unsuspecting public. This song came out at the end of the "Disco" Years! But from the opening horn riff Azzes are still wiggling!" Ha!

The Sista could sing. I mean absolutely turn it out! I will now submit her duet "If this World were mine" with Master Balladeer Luther Vandross for your approval! How many Babies were made, relationships started or saved because of this masterstroke? How many Babies were almost made?

Cheryl Lynn did not have a long music career. She only went on for about ten years between about six albums. In truth, she never reached Diva status! But she had all the right ingredients!

Serious Vocals! Great Delivery! Great Tunes! Alas! Cheryl if you reading this! Take comfort Baby! Azzes is still wiggling, You gave us perfection!

Next up! I submit Angela Bofill! This Sista was Beautiful! She had an almost alien beauty to her, the kind of stuff that Fashion models must BE built out of but she was more than a pretty face. This Chick is a Writer! "I Try" can still BE played today and it never sounds dated. Angela Bofill posesses a quality that's lost on today's radio. No one sounded like Angela Bofill, the voice I mean. Think I'm mistaken? Name somebody that sounds like her in the last two decades? A Contralto? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! Go on I dare you! I dare YOU!

And our next contestant.....Anita Baker! Now Anita Baker should BE listed among the DIVAS! Who you know get kicked out of a band after singing the lead on an R and B Classic " I just wanna BE Yours" at the demand of the Record Company cause they say she can't sing? Who????
Then, go on to record an absolute classic first solo album? The Songstress is one that you can play all the way through. "Angel" "You're the Best thing Yet" I mean she just blew the world apart, or so we thought. Then in 1987 She released Rapture and that open the doe for every other songstress of the next decade including Angela Winbish (another unsung) and Lalah Hathaway (often overlooked but not yet unsung)
Then "Giving you the Best that I got" which she did. If I had to be critical of Anita at all it's the overuse of the word "Baby" Damn! Ya need another lyric Mami! But other than that! Anita should be standing tall. She put in the work! Who sound like her? Name me one album from Chapter 8's "I just wanna Be yours" to Body and Soul where the quality hasn't been there?!!!!
Name it! Come on you pansies! Plus did you hear her on the Winans "Ain't no Need to worry?" The fact that she ain't listed among the Divas is a tragic injustice! But Mista Jaycee will fix it! DIVA!

And last for this episodes approval. The immaculate Phyllis Hyman. The Philadelphia Songstress is basically what Clive Davis found in Whitney Houston. Tall, Stunningly Beautiful with a voice that could melt solid rock! Damn! "I refuse to BE Lonely" "Gonna make Changes" "Living all alone" "BE One" I mean, Phyllis..........
I saw her in Spike Lee's "School Daze" wearing her crown and singing. I saw her in an interview with Donnie Simpson and I declared "That Woman needs to BE thoroughly kissed in the Dark!" True story! If only she would have let me! If only..........
Name me one that sounds like Phyllis? Name me one that's as elegant? Whitney Don't count cause she only managed to BE that cool on her first album then well..........Hell to the Naw, Crack is wack....
Go ahead name em!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Locked away in the Lab!

Hey Y'all,
I'm locked away in the lab writing new stuff. I will BE back on Friday!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eff Doritos!

Did you see the Doritos commercial that aired during the Super Bowl? Young Fine Sista introduces her date to her lil Man while she gets ready for their date. Prospective Suitor makes nice with Lil dude and grabs a Doritos. Lil Man slaps the living poop out of his Mom's date!

"Put it back! Don't Touch My Mama or My Doritos! "

Cute huh?

Well, butt whuppin aside, that Lil Dude, would have gotten, it goes on to show how jaded we've become. Dig, a baby, has taken it upon himself, to be the "Man" of the house to the extent that he exacts punishment upon anyone who breaks his rules. Ask yourself, what has Lil Man seen in regards to who dates his Mama and how they have been treated?

When I was dating, I met alot of Sistas, that had a kid or children. It's very difficult to date a Sista with a child cause you have alot of things that you have to deal with. A potential suitor deals with the child, the Father, the Woman's current, and previous relationship, with the Father. Last, but not least, the Child's relationship with the Father.

Most of the Father/Child relationships I have seen were dysfunctional, totally FUBAR! (Effed Up Beyond All Repair)

And for my next trick I will now attempt to start a healthy relationship with a new Lady who has a Child.


Cause she fine as hell and I like her! She likes me!

What about the kid?

Now, I remember having to deal with the kid cause the kid was in the way of ME getting with the MAMA! But as the relationship got more serious and went beyond the first three dates and beyond the EYE just wanna Eff you stage; When it got real, I did think about the child. I would Try to BE friends with the Child and tried to BE a decent Male Model for the child.

Dig, YOU are the MALE Model for them. If it's a Boy, they will see and record how you act, how you act towards them and how you treated they MAMA! Every Woman the Boy dates from then on, will recieve a recording of YOU and every Man that ever tried to Date his MAMA!

If the Child is Female, then SHE will record how you act towards HER and treat HER MAMA! And every DUDE she meets from then on will BE compared to the MEN she has recorded.


Big, Heavy, Responsibility huh?????

Feeling it NOW?


Now, the biggest frustration for me was when the Child's Father comes around. If HE's a Deadbeat, then you always got to Deal with him sabotaging your relationship with the CHILD cause the "Fatherman" refuses to give up the title of "DADDY"!

No, HE still wants to BE Daddy! That's my SON! That's My Lil Girl and he comes around to BE good time Charlie! Buying them gifts! Taking them to Chuckie Cheese and doing all the FUN stuff! He may even kick in a lil money! But he won't take the real job of BEING their Father!

He especially makes his presence known when YOU come around. See when he hears that there is a NEW suitor then he comes to make sure the new suitor KNOWS that he planted his flag on Planet Girlfriend BEFORE YOU and has populated EDEN!

Kind of a weird pissing contest! The Child then remembers that HEY YOU ain't my DADDY!

This is the most unfair thing cause the child has no idea what a piece of shit they Daddy might actually BE!

The Child understands three very real things.

1. YOU are NOT the FATHER!

2. MOMMY and DADDY should BE together and they ain't

3. They don't have to listen or respect you IF they don't want to.


You guessed it!


So let me get to the point! To all the Absentee Fathers and Deadbeat Dads! You need to step up and take a real point in raising, loving and nurturing your child or children. See you need to DO it, even if you and the MAMA, are not ever getting together again.

You need to work with the Man, that your former Mate, has chosen to BE with in order that you all make a concerted effort to raise decent HUMAN BEINGS.

But what if I can't do that Mista Jaycee?

Good Question Dead Beat Dad!

Ideally you should step aside! You should BE GONE and Stay gone! But ideals rarely work in the real world.

NO! You had the child! It's always your responsibility and the child NEED to have you even though YOU a piece of Shit! The kids wants YOU but YOU a piece of ****!

Raising another Man's seed means that I take on the Garden as my own. Once, I've taken the child as MINE! There is no coming back! I took the vow to raise them, love them and BE there for them and if they turn out to BE eff'd up HUMAN BEINGS then I take the blame.

Hey Man! Heavy!

Yeah, it is heavy so with that. Step Up or Stay Gone but You will not be permitted to create mischief!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mista Jaycee's Talks Women!

Mista Jaycee has got some ish he needs to get off his chest! It's about Women, Girls and dating Men and Boys.

Serious subject matter!

So, now let me separate my moobies (Man Boobs) and get this ish off my chest.

Ladies: (Girls and Women)

1. A boy or Man will only give you respect if you establish the groundwork for it.

I watched my Daughter and her Girlfriends and how they talk to one another. "Hey Hoe!" "What up Lesbian!" (Giggle) "Stop Fuckin with a Bitch head!"

These are examples of how Girls and some young Ladies, talk to each other. Hint Ladies, Guys hear that shit! One of the basics when establishing the groundwork for respect is to not talk in demeaning fashions to one another. My Daughter, and her friends say that they are just playing. Let some Dude call you a Hoe, Lesbian, hooker or Bitch and see what happens. Dig?

2. BE Clear on who you are and who you would like to BE perceived as.

If you spend most of your time dressed half nekked, you can't blame them for thinking you're not a nice, respectable, Woman. Just cause you Got Boobs don't mean you gotz to show em all the damn time. I know, I know. You got a lil body over the Summer and you wanna show it! You've been working out in the gym, watching what you eat and now it's paid off! Right? Your inner dialogue is saying "They all ignored me when I was FAT! Now, they want to touch these T*tties, they want to squeeze this bootie! Revenge! I have the Powah!"
Ok, We get it! You lil D*ck teaser! Hey! You looking great! You feelin powerful and free! Great! But once he gets passed the new look then what? Who are you? Will he be meeting the real you? Hummmm? Keep some Mystery.

3. If he honks, texts, or calls from the cell ,when he's picking you up then you can tell him to go to Hell!

There is no compromise on this rule. It would BE the same if it was my Mama! If you picking up a Lady from my home. Park the car, ring the doorbell, BE seen by the Family, then depart. Guys you should at least, offer to open the door, for the young Lady. Ladies, stand at the door and see what the Young Fella does. If he looks at you and says What's wrong? Tell him, I thought a Gentleman such as yourself always opened the door for a Lady. If he has the attitude of "You better get in this car!" Then, you know where you stand. You can go back in the house right then. HE should walk you back to your door when the dates over. Why? To make sure that you got in ok. Don't invite him in on the 1st date Hunnie! Just don't!

3. P*ssy is Awesome but Your P*ssy is NOT the ultimate!

Listen close, Guys want to Eff you! Hey! And you want to Eff them too! That said, Ladies.....After the Guy's gotten it from you, he'll start looking for the next Girl! See, you've only satisfied his Urge for YOU! Not for IT!

You must protect yourself and decide who's worthy! Not every Dude is Worthy! In case, you haven't noticed; there's always plenty of Dudes hunting for treasure. Yours and every other Woman's.
Even more important YOU must BElieve that YOU are Worth it!

4. Insecurity is a Guys Best Friend! BEware the Bullshit Book!

You must BElieve in your worth. You must BElieve that you are worthy! To the predator it really does not matter why you are insecure. You could BE the the absolute finest Girl but in your head, you think that you are a pimply faced, 390 pound chick, with no hair and missing a tooth. The predator is going to use that! The predator will use flattery! Why? Cause the ish works! A dude will say anything! He will Lie! He will give constant Oscar Worthy performances that even HE will BElieve cause he's got the scent of the Hunt in his nostrils and he can't stop! He will MAKE ISH UP! He can't help it! It's the power of the Bullshit Book! We all got one! Girls got one too, although I think some of y'all, actually have the Teachers Manuel, but I digress!

It works no matter what kinda of Girl you are. All Girls like to BE told that they are the prettiest, finest thing walking. Take it from me, even if the Girl had her pick of dudes, I always got and kept her ear. An Ugly Girl loves to BE told she's pretty! A Pretty Girl loves to BE told she's the prettiest! I'd play on the pretty girls arrogance and vanity! The Girl needs to feel Sexxxy! If a guy can make a Girl feel sexxxy, then half those buttons are popped right there! Making her feel sexxxy gives her the illusion of empowerment! See, the Girls do all the real work for the Dude.

But what the predator is really looking for is the Insecure Girl. See, the Insecure Girl might BE a Swan, but she used to BE an Ugly Duckling and she needs to be reassured, that she's a SWAN!

Her low self image and low self esteem is my Golden ticket to Wonkaland! It ain't the dude who convinces the Girl that she's too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, butt too BIG, Butt too small, hair too short, skin too light, skin too dark! It ain't the MEDIA either! It's YOU! It's your own inner dialogue. The predator plays on your OWN INNER DIALOGUE!

You mean The Predator can read our minds Mista Jaycee? !!!!

"Huh, Why, Yes! Yes! We can! We can read your minds and there is no way you can resist our charms! You must give into our advances! YOU MUST!!!!!"

Just kidding........maybe!

So who's responsible for Your Self-Image and Your Self Esteem? You are of course! You have to BElieve that you are worth him opening the door for. You have to BElieve that you do deserve to BE treated with respect. You have to make him BE a Gentleman. He's got a sex drive and a barometer dangling from his body that tells him to GET IT! I WANT IT NOW! NOW! NOW! Guess what it is????? Come on......It's something that's comfortable tucked between your thighs! Ever wonder why the legs are soooooo strong? Too protect the RING! It's because of the POWAH of the RING! (sorry nerd moment there)

5. BE Clear on what it is and what it ain't!

If you are interested in a Fella, BE clear on your feelings. He asked you to the movies. Cool! Ask, Are you asking me on a Date? Make sure it's a date! There is no kickin it, hangin out or any of that stuff if it's someone who you are interested in.

Ladies, y'all know if you are interested in a Dude and you know in what way you are interested! Yeah, some times, a Fella, may surprise you, and your feelings change but admit it, that's rare! No, if it's a Dude you "interested" in then you got to set the boundaries. If it's a Date, then Date Rules apply! He asks you on a Date! You set a Time! He picks you up! See Dad rules above. And if y'all just "Friends" then be real with that too! HE may not want to BE in the "Friend" Zone. If you ain't interested in the Fella Date wise, and He's got no real chance at any but Friendship then Kickin it is ok as long as you both understand the boundaries. You, young Lady have to set those boundaries! This is to keep you out of trouble. See, y'all will say y'all buddies and then act like your Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Y'all kissing and basically dating in everything but name. Then, when one of y'all starts having real feelings and wants a Commitment, then, it's hey we were just kicking it remember? So keep that boundary straight! Friends is friends! Dating is Dating!

That way neither of y'all will get mixed up!

Remember, the rules you set, will BE the rules he plays! You just accept any kind of treatment and HE won't treat you like a Queen. And until you learn that basic lesson then you will be Doomed to always date the crumb bums on the B and C teams.

The worst thing is that you wake up one day and realized that you've gave the Golden Ticket to Wonkaland to too many unworthy, bad, inconsiderate, azz people and now Wonkaland is totally Eff'd up!

Think about it!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Valentines Day Poems!

Poem # 1

Low lights wine glass remnants
Lovers embraced cheek to cheek
Ballads convey emotions that neither
Dare speak yet

Poem # 2

Both hold each tighter as hips sway side to side
Lips brush lightly noses rubbed
Passion ignites into wild burning fire
Both know the other is in love.

Poem # 3

Her hand was my hand I inhaled as she exhaled
Her belly nine months full of love and butterflies
Nurtured with kisses and well wishes
Love visualized now made flesh.

Poem # 4

He had eyes for her same as I
Brushed by me en route to snatch her from my grasp
Treated me as if I was invisible and I guess I was
But he underestimated my determination necessity births ingenuity
Twenty bills in DJ’s palm/PA Announcement made
Car towed in parking lot clears dance floor
Apple martini and conversation Love seed planted.

Poem # 5

Tall never was I
She towered above me
Eyes met gaze held
Conversation started by joke
Minds meld
Tall never was I
She, the mighty one like Everest
Intimidating sure but worth the climb

Poem # 6

He offers you a football field of roses and an ocean of wine
I offer you forever
He offers smoove drives in expensive autos
Canary diamond girls best friend
I promise you love that will never end
I offer You forever…
Forever Loved
Forever desired
Forever cherished
Forever appreciated
Forever filled with the bounty of my Love
Tell him that then ask Can u match it?

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! May Everyone find True Love and Passion!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day History

I really dig this podcast and hope that it returns. For Love Day (Valentines Day) I posted both parts of this podcast.
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Valentine's Day pt II

I really dig this podcast and hope that it returns. For Love Day (Valentines Day) I posted both parts of this podcast.
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

BE Black Damn It! 2010 Census

Back on June 29th, 2008 I wrote a post called "Box marked Other". I changed the title after a few readers suggested that the title wasn't good enough to "Call me Anything But Black". I wrote the post, (Link provided) because I saw this model's portfolio where she answered the racial question as Other. She worked under the name "Mixed Breed!"

I wrote her suggesting that she should change her name. Humans PRO-CREATE we do not BREED! Animals BREED! She wrote back explaining that she was Afrikan American and Puerto Rican and that she never felt that she was enough of either race to proudly proclaim it. She always felt like she was an outsider. A Mutt!

Bi-Racial Black Dude Tiger Woods

I remember when I first heard Eldrick "Tiger" Woods claim that he was Cablanasian or some bull ish! I was like what the Eff? Alot of Black Folks had the same reaction. Tiger, your Daddy's name was "Earl" and he was a Big Black Dude. Your Mama is an Asian Woman. Cool! So that makes you a Bi-Racial Black Dude.
I am writing on this subject cause the 2010 Census is being taken right now. I'm putting this out there before we have some Black Folks who earn the Dumb Nigga Award. Check Afrikan American! Check Black!
This is NOT to NEGATE your other Parent or the other part of your racial heritage. This is to ensure that we as Black People receive our fair share of Federal Funding for Education, Housing and anything else that comes with the Census.
The stakes are too high for you to bullshit around with something this important. Check Black/Afrikan American. If you do not then they will say that the Afrikan American people's numbers have NOT Grown which is not true.
Now, as for Black Folks who claim other Racial Groups although they appear to BE Black Folks. This paragraphs for you.

Dominican Black Dude Manny Ramirez

You a Puerto Rican. Cool! But don't you dare claim to be Spanish, Hispanic or Latin. You Black! If Manny Ramirez was Emanuel Jenkins with dreads He'd be called a Black Dude! He's from the Dominican Republic which is right next to Haiti! Right across from Cuba!

Dominican Black Dude David "Big Papi" Ortiz

See, Black Folks have been conned and we continue to BE conned. You can BE as Black as an Ace of Spades in your own country and get to America and you start to believe that you anything but as Black as an Ace of Spades that you were in your own country. You check Hispanic (dark skinned) but they still count you as a Latin. Not an Afro Cubano but Latin.

Noooooo! BE Black! Check Black! It's a Beautiful thang! But more importantly! It's for our very survival. The Numbers matter. The way the numbers are counted matter! The numbers say that Black Folks (Afrikan Americans) are only 12/13 % of the Population. I say, we are more than that! Some Black Folks are claiming to BE a part of other groups! Some Black Folks are claiming to BE part of Multiple groups. That does not translate into POWER and INFLUENCE!

It dilutes POWER and INFLUENCE by reducing the NUMBERS!

Don't let em con you!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Please Donate to A Choice Of Weapons

Hey Y'all,
Thanks You for your love, encouragement and support. Your comments, discussions and in some cases, friendship make this all worthwhile. I have added a donation button to A Choice of Weapons.

Please donate to A Choice of Weapons. Your help spiritually and financial is greatly appreciated.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday!

Mrs. Jaycee will kill me if I watch today's Lingerie Bowl. Hey! What? I love Football. (Wink) So, I guess I'm watching the NFL Superbowl. I'm going with Jazz City Baby! My Raiders couldn't make it this year but that's the way it goes. Commitment to Excellence Baby! Raiders Suxed the Absolute Best this year! Next Year but Today is the Saints day! Go Saints! Congrats to the Colts for getting there with class and style!

But today, Go Saints!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Black History Month!

Happy Black History Month! We give honor to all those who have passed before and to the future!

This post is for all the Brothers and Sisters who represent Afrikan Peoples daily without any fanfare. You work hard, raise your children, and sometimes, other folks children. No one gives you a tax break for just being an honest, decent person but you are. But you are loved and appreciated!

So while the local elementary school may never have your picture on the wall honoring you. You will be honored here. Hotep!

God Bless!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!