Sunday, June 29, 2008

Call Me Anything But Black!

Which one of these beautiful Sistahs is mixed? Take your time.....

What if I told you only one of them, could you guess which one?

They all look similar don't they? So, why so strong an emphasis on the racial mixture?

I would say that it's just another way to continually divide and keep us conquered.

I talked with an aspiring model who's moniker highlighted her racial mixture, no, ya pervs, she wasn't a stripper! I mean, Adult Men's Entertainment specialist, laugh, ya pervs! That's funnie!

She checked Other when asked to describe her race. She looked Black to me but she checked other. I noticed quite a few other models did the same thing but they all looked Black to me with no immediate racial mixture. So what gives?

I checked the 2000 United States Census and it states that Black folks only compromised 12.7 percent of the total American population. Asians and Hispanics were growing at a much faster rate and would soon be the dominant minority in this country. Think about this. How many people do you think identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino/A who visually were Black? How many people do you think claimed multi racial or bi racial ancestry that otherwise would be Black? I would say that is where our population growth went.

Jennifer Lopez, J-Lo, exploits her African features, her lips, curves and her behind. She's made a career off it. She celebrates her Puerto Rican ancestry while denying the African ancestry that is inherent in Puerto Rican history. Dominicans are doing the same. How many baseball players are coming from the Dominican Republic these days, that have Afros, goat tees, dark skin and Spanish surnames? Are they identifying themselves as Black/Hispanics? No! Just Hispanic, and as a result Black folks don't receive the population growth. The case could go on and on but it matters.

Population growth determines political clout which translates into money. Money for scholarships, neighborhood building and political strength. That's the point!

Now, socially, it matters as well. I got called a Nigga by a Mexican dude. I replied, Nigga! are you kidding ?You're darker than I am! He looked at his arms then I saw the light bulb come on in his eyes. He thought he was different! That we were separate! No, you speak Spanish, that's all Hispanic means. Racially you could be Black but linguistically speak Spanish and culturally celebrate the mores.

So you have tons of so called Hispanics coming from Vera Cruz, Michocan, Durango, practicing Santeria and Catholicism and fighting Black folks! Ridiculous!

In Mexico, Brazil, The Dominican and Cuba not to mention Puerto Rico, the Afro populace is still fighting for equality and against varying degrees of racial apartheid and caste systems but they're taught African Americans are bad, then they get here and think we ain't them.

Dig, I love the Brazilian carnival that happens every year here in the LB. City of Men is one of my favorite shows, Oh, Poderosa! (Power Girl, The Mighty One) wait a minute..........

OK, all better, now! (smile) Do you see any dark Afro-Ricans in the parade? How about the Cubans, They always show them railing against Castro but not the Cubanos, the Afro Cubans who make up the majority of the population. Naw, cause they Black folks!

I know that I may be oversimplifying the issues but it ain't enough time to go into specifics. The point is while bi racial or multi racial folks should celebrate their diversity, Black folks have always been multi racial and/Bi racial and have always celebrated their diversity! Multi racial folks need to indentify themselves as Black period or else we all will suffer for it. We must eliminate all hatred of ourselves.

Hey! Bi Racial, Multi racial folks ask yourself, do the police identify you as Latino or Hispanic?

NOOOOOOOOO! Maybe the Hispanic groups that lobby congress claim you, huh? NOOOOO!

You won't see anyone who looks Black in the front row. See the point? We have to Unite and find ways to Prosper together. Diversity is great! But, Survival and Prosperity is Best!

Be Careful! Be Mindful! Be Prayerful!



Obi Asad said...

Interesting take on multiracial and multiethnic issues, Jassonn. I think it's tight rope that we all walk. I, myself, identify as African American, but I know there's some European and Indian ancestry in me. But I do think it's a tight rope we all walk, specifically those of us who are first generation mixed--how do we identify? This also brings up the bigger issue of just why is it not OK to identify as black? I know quite a few multiracial folks who list black at the bottom of their list of ethnicities--if at all. Yet, when you look at them, the first thing you'd see is black (Tiger Woods, anyone?). It's almost as if people are going out of their way to say they are anything but African--it's sad. Good post, brother.

uglyblackjohn said...

Me - 1/2 Black (father is a Louisiana Creole) and 1/4 Mexican (Euro-Mex), 1/4 Native (Klamath and Modoc Tribes).
But I just say "Black".
Even when people ask; "What are you/" - I just say Black.
"Oh, and what else?" - again, I just say "Black".
There is nothing wrong with being Black (or black) - but the problem lies in it's commonly limited definition.

FreeMan said...

Everyone bubbles in the one that avoids them being asked what they are. They don't want to chose Black even if they all are. I have a family member who is Black and PR, but she grew up with us but is fair skinned. Now she is mingling with the whites and when I show up I think they think WTF who is this black guy with her. Some people are black when it's convenient and so far in this country it never seems to be a good time to be Black. I guess I'm just stuck being a 24/7 Black. Hey maybe you can rename the post that!

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Free Man,
Thanks for coming into read and comment. I changed the title at your suggestion.

John said...

"Jennifer Lopez, J-Lo, exploits her African features, her lips, curves and her behind. She's made a career off it. She celebrates her Puerto Rican ancestry while denying the African ancestry that is inherent in Puerto Rican history."

To be fair, does she really deny it or is she just silent about it?