Monday, June 9, 2008

Lakers, Celtics! Game 2 Ugly yet amazing!

What the hell?????

The Lake show entered game 2 looking listless and uninspired. Did they not know it was game 2 and they lost game 1 in the hated Fleet Center? Of course, they did but they sure as hell didn't play like it! Where was the hustle in the first three and a half quarters? Sure the hometown refs weren't calling any fouls for the Lake Show as they were hacked to pieces by the hated Boston Celtics but even so....where was the rebounding, the post presence? The cutting to the basket? Where Damn It? Where?

It wasn't there. We didn't post underneath, we shot from the outside, we didn't control the offensive or defensive glass and I sat next to a bold Boston Celtics fan in a Laker room and she was the only one cheering.

Didn't she know she was a Celtic fan and she should feel dirty and ashamed of herself?

She didn't and she wasn't wrong but the Lakers should feel dirty and ashamed because they are the better basketball team and they let the Celtics believe the lie that they are actually in the same class. Shame on the Lakers for that!

But I'm sure by game three, Phil, Brian, Kurt, Kareem, Frank, Jim and Ted will have worked out the problem. Here's a suggestion...If the starters aren't hustling then put in the bench team especially since they're one of the main reasons we're here anyway. Just a suggestion.

Play hard!

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!


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