Monday, June 9, 2008

Yoga, A Path To Health!

Years ago, my friends Mama told me a story of how she once took her daughter out of a pre-school because the teacher and staff began teaching the children Yoga.

As a Christian she felt that this was necessary to protect her child from what she felt was a different, unchristian doctrine and influence, and today there are probally alot of folks from all different walks who still feel that way. They don't understand Yoga and the physical benefits or meditation and how it can complement there life no matter their spirtual practice.

First, Yoga like all the martial sciences, tai chi, Kung Fu and Karate all have eastern religious philosophies but all these physical exercises are designed and capable of including any religious thought or none at all. The arts themselves promote tolerance, physical fitness, mental stamina and clarity and spiritual awakening and awareness. They link the body and mind and energize the spirit. A good Christian believer needs mental clarity and physical fitness and flexibility, just as much as a non Christian believer but a non Christian believer is often taught tolerance and an appreciation of other people and their faiths whereas Christians are not always tolerant and should emulate these qualities. I always felt it was kinda stupid that most Christians I met would look down on meditation and yoga and other martial sciences when healthy but have a heart attack and then start meditation, tai chi, wearing copper bands, and change their diets to include vegetarian dishes. But God's eight natural health laws are universal! I believe that the Patriarch Abraham, the Chaldean, used a martial science to remain fit and all the Abrahamic religions included at least one. There is evidence that this is correct as there is Egyptian Kemetic Yogas, The asanas, Tai Chi and several others in the histories. I believe it is only Western thought that has discouraged all things Eastern, all things Afrikan from it's canon of thought and practice including History, religious thought and medicine. What a shame! It's time to change this. Try it, try something and live happier and healthier. Long life, without good health is a curse!

This is a great outward demonstration of God's eight natural health laws. Mediation and prayer, Exercise, fresh air, fresh water, proper nutrition, proper rest and temperance. This is right here in LA maybe you will try it or something like it soon.

Be Careful! Be Mindful! Be Prayerful!


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