Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mildred Beaubrun Murdered!

As a father of a lovely young woman, abuse of a lady pisses me the eff off, but the murder of one shakes me to the core. I read about this young lady, Mildred Beaubrun and how she rebuffed a group of dudes in a car trying to get her number. According to the article they were disrespectful and she was a lady so she wasn't buying it. Then these demons shot her and she died later. I'm glad the Orlando Sentinel covered the story and Black Sapience, my fellow blogger, posted it as have others but this needs to be front page news, covered everyday until those folks are caught and jailed!

Mercy on their Mama's for what they've done! But these dudes must be caught and punished their crimes!

How many other people did they hurt that evening? How much suffering have they created since that faithful night? Her blood cries out for justice!
But my voice cries for her now!
Blessed are they that are in the first Resurection. Book of Revelation

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