Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lakers, Celtics, Game 3 And they didn't recognize Kareem!

It was a must win for the Lake Show, down 2 zip to the hated Boston Celtics and they came through in fine style. They hustled, they played defense, they got hosed on alot of calls as the hungry Kevin Garnett, continually set an illegal screen that the refs didn't notice until almost the end of the fourth quarter.

I began watching this game with a cold spot in my stomach, hearing faint strains of Kenny G and seeing Barney smile, as he prepped the other two horsemen for Armageddon or worse, a concert!

Then, I heard that Kareem was turned away in Boston the game before. They didn't recognize him. Who? Kareem, Kareem Abdul Jabarr, the all time leading scorer in the games history! Kareem, six time MVP, Kareem, owner of five rings with the Lakers during the leagues most successful period, owner of another ring with the Bucks, Kareem, world renowned author, Kareem, Yoga and Jeet Kun do practitioner, friend of Bruce Lee, actor at the top of the Pagoda in Lee's last film, The Game of Death! The greatest college basketball player in history, UCLA Bruin, Baby, that Kareem, co pilot in Airplane, the movie; You didn't recognize that Kareem? Hell, Naw!

The League should be outraged that the legends who made it possible for some snotty nosed kid on the door to have a job and a team to cheer for are being disrespected in this way. The league needs to show an all Mikan, Jabaar, Russell, Walton, Dawkins, Erving, Wilt, tutorial to remind folks what greatness truly is. But even more than that the league needs to buy a million copies of each of Kareem's books and give them to schools and to fans in the stands, and say we are sooooo sorry Cap, we are sooooo sorry Mr. Bill Russell!

This is just one more reason why Boston must be defeated. No respect for Kareem! Mr. Bill Russell would be welcomed into the Staples Center as he is an eleven time NBA Champion, an Olympian, a scholar from San Francisco State, the NBA's first Black coach, and from what I understand, a pretty nice dude!

Mr. Russell, if you are ever disrespected at Staples, I can't afford a ticket for you, but I'll buy you a couple a hot dogs and some nachos too! Bet!

Play Hard!
Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!


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(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

I remember seeing Kareem on TV as a teacher on "Different Strokes". Arnold accused him of hitting him in class. CLASSIC!