Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin's Gone!

Sunday morning, in Santa Monica, California, Social commentator, critic, actor and stand up comedian, George Carlin passed on from heart failure after reporting to the hospital, complaining of chest pains. He was 71 years old.

Now, in his 71 years, he amassed a great body of work! His wordplay was legendary. His, 7 dirty words you can't say on TVstill rocks! And by the way, was cause for a supreme court ruling on indecency and censorship. US versus Pacifica radio network, check it out. We all owe a great debt to George. Now, Eff, all this mushy stuff!

The dude was funnie! Voted the second greatest behind only Mr. Richard Pryor as the greatest stand up of all time! Wow! His commentary, caustic, profane and irreverent, lampooned everything but his favorite targets were organized religion, politics and the general failure of the human race as a species. He often voted for the meteor to come and wipe out this planet!

For me, I will always remember George for his role in Car Wash, as a cabbie, stiffed on a fare spending his day chasing a six foot Black chick with red hair! Who having escaped into a near by restroom, pulled out an assortment of outfits and hairdo's and transformed herself so well, George, talked to her and couldn't figure out it was her! Hilarious! I loved him in Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl starring again, with Ben Affleck proving he could act in a drama, and the his character The Cardinal, who introduces the new updated Catholicism WOW! Campaign re branding Jesus as the Buddy Christ and selling indulgences. Hilarious! But, all irreverence aside, the dude had something important to say. He wanted us to laugh but more so he wanted us to be truthful and honest and treat each other right!

His rift on material possessions is my all time favorite! Stuff!

We live our lives amassing stuff! Our houses are filled with our stuff!

We clean out our garages and throw away our stuff!

We rent trucks and place our stuff in storage.

We travel to Hawaii and we carry our prized stuff!

Spend money buying more stuff!

A friend invites you to stay over his house, you open the dresser drawer to put away your stuff!

Who's' Crap is this?

How come everybody else's stuff is crap and your stuff is stuff?


George Carlin, thank you for the laughter! Thank you for the honesty and thank you for most of all of the Thought!

Sleep Well!

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!


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jjbrock said...

God bless his family but I never got into him or his comedy.