Thursday, August 27, 2009

Careful Obama! "White Folks" is Angry!

I watched this You Tube Preacher this past weekend that Rippa posted over at the Intersection of Madness and Reality. Check Rippa's Site out!

The "Good Doctor" James David Manning, the Pastor of Harlem's Atlan Ministries. He posted this "Sermon" basically saying that if President Obama continues with his agenda then of course "White Folks" were gonna get "Scared"! He continued on saying that "White Folks" were gonna get "Angry"! and "Rise UP!" Of course he prefaced it with "White Folks" from certain States.

This Con Man, the "Good Doctor" (Manning holds a Doctorate from his own unaccredited school) is the epitomie of "House Niggrity!"

See both the "House Nigga" and "Field Nigga" have the very real understanding that they are both "Slaves!" Both of them deal with that burden the best way they can. So, I don't judge him for that! Instead I would like to use this example as a teachable moment.

Quote, unquote "White Folks" have always been angry and scared. The Slave, The Negro, The Colored, The Black, Quadroon, Octoroon, Mulatto has always been the bane of existence in America.

You don't have to be a Genius Historian to know this. But "White Folks" elected Obama! "White Folks knew what the Agenda that would be implemented when Obama took office. The Democrats won the majority from "White Folks!"

You see "White Folks" these so called White, Anglo Saxon, Christian, Protestants peoples along with European Jews, Black Folks and other American Minorities elected Obama. So the idea that "White Folks" are scared and Angry in this light is just bull shit!

That's Right! Bullshit!

White Folks elected a Black Dude cause they were Angry and scared! The whole country lost jobs, bank accounts and houses! The entire system was on the verge of collapse!

So White Folks did, what they, had never done and elected a Black Dude! Of course he was smart, well spoken, elegant, easy on the eyes, Heterosexual, married, Christian but more than anything, he was, and is, a Capitalist!

"White Folks" get Angry alright when their jobs are lost! When their bank accounts and savings are lost! When their tax money is spent willy nilly on things they didn't benefit from. In every other War, defense jobs were plentiful! Funnie, I don't see any rise in Defense Jobs!

Shouldn't we be getting some Oil out of Iraq? Funnie, Gas prices are $3 a gallon again! "White Folks" are losing their health insurance cause they lost their jobs! Their credit cards are maxxxed out!

What Angry White Folks is the "Good Doctor" Manning speaking of? Obama, made History cause of "Angry White Folks!"

But what about the rest of us? You know us "Angry Niggas!" Oppps! Did I say Niggas?

I mean, "Black Folks" (This includes other Racial and ethnic groups) See, pundits like Manning and Lou Dobbs don't take account of "Our Collective Anger"!

CSPAN showed the "White Folks" in Alaska screaming about the Health Care Reform plan. Hint! Go to Compton, California and visit King Drew Medical Center. See, the figuratively boarded remains of what was arguably one of the Nations Best Trauma Centers! Go to St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, California on any Friday Night and see the Emergency Room filled to the brim with folks who have No insurance, or some insurance that they can't use when they need it!

Ask them! Gauge thier Anger! Go to St. Mary's, or Long Beach Memorial Hospital and wait for two hours in the URGENT CARE! Goooooo!

Ask All the people in California who work for the Department of Motor Vehicles or the County Libraries who have been Furloughed three days a month if "They are Angry"? Ask any poor person if they have any understanding at the Local Police Forces who prowl poor neighborhoods writing Ticket after ticket to fill the Cities dwindling coffers!

Ever had to use your credit or debit card so you could park at a parking Meter?

What Manning means when he says "Angry White Folks" is those who still want to talk about Abortion when the rest of us are worried about how we gonna support the ones who we already Got! He's talking bout those who are worried if Obama is gonna tell them they can only have 1 AK -47 Rifle, while regular folks are being gunned down every other day! He's talking bout them folks that want to talk about if the world was created in six days when the rest of us is trying to balance how much MONTH we have against the MONEY we don't!

Naw! Eff that! Time for us to stop listening to the House Nigga mentality which is "Better stop cause the "White Folks" is gonna get Angry and come and kill us!" Stop demanding Freedom! Education! Equality! White Folks don't like to be "Forced" to do Anything!
Name me one time in American History when the So Called "Angry White Folks" didn't harrass those "Good" Niggas?
I'll wait!

I guess us Niggas don't mind being "Forced" to live without proper health care facilities, Educational institutions and the so called "American Dream"!

There ain't never been a time when Black Folks were good enough to not be the blame for something else for the so called "Angry White Folks" to get mad at. If a Black Person got into a good college then it had to be cause of a Quota or a Ball scholarship. Dig?

No! Time to realize that we are all ANGRY! Now, we need to hold the Democrats and the Republicans accountable for making sure they are looking out for the best interests of the people! Problem is neither side has really shown they care that you are Angry!

So if you are jobless, home in foreclosure, rent sky high, credit card maxxxed and you've coughed a red colored substance from deep inside your chest but feel like a shot of Jack and Coke and some Vicks Vapor rub is a better option than going to the Doctor and paying that high azz Co-Pay!

Chime in!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy Passes!

Ted Kennedy has passed on. He may have been the youngest of his Brothers and expected to rise above their achievements. Some would say that was unfair to expect anyone to surpass John and Robert. Instead he forged his own path and a great one at that!

Rest well until the Resurrection!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Ramadan!

To all my Muslim Friends and Family may the blessings of the Lord of the Worlds be bestowed upon you during and after your season of Fasting.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Miss Napster!

"Money ain't got no owners! Only Spenders!" Omar Little- The Wire

Do you remember the Original Napster? I think that was one of the most revolutionary inventions of the last half of the 20th Century. It was easy to use, you just downloaded the program and you could upload your music and share it with anyone who shared the peer to peer network.

You could share music! It got all eff'ed up because the recording industry raised questions of copyright infringement, licensing and ultimately ownership.

On one hand you had groups like Metallica (Mista Jaycee bangin his head) crying foul as their entire catalog was uploaded to the site and fans worldwide traded and downloaded it. They wanted to get paid for each download.

On the other hand you had artists like Prince who openly challenged digitally selling music. Prince actually proposed selling "The Crystal Ball Album" online years before the whole Napster debate came to the floor only to have Warner Brothers refuse to allow it!

I weighed on the side of the people not cause I don't believe in trademarks and copyrights cause I do! But cause Napster really was just people trading music.

Say for example if Stefanie from over at Curvaceous Cuban uploaded the new LEDISI album, I can now listen to it and decide if I want to buy it! I can download it and burn a copy.

"But that's taking money out of LEDISI'S Pocket Mista Jaycee!"

Possibly! Sometimes, yeah! But it also introduces her to a new person who may be interested but wary of buying the album. For the record, Albums that I really end up liking I go and buy.

What if it only has one good song on it? What if it sux?

$17.50 is alot of money to spend on a compact disc for it to only have 2 good songs on it!

The other thing was that if LEDISI put out an independent or several years before she was on a major label and some guy in Sweden had it then he posted it and I got to hear her before she blew up! You see that's a benefit for her and the record company because now they can re-release the material they have that might not have sold then as well as things that were in the vault!

Metallica for example was a fringe, speed metal band in the 1980's! They had a cult following but speed metal in the 80's was obscure! You really had to like speed metal to find them! So bands like Slayer, Metallica and Megadeath could have used the exposure from a Napster! A dedicated fan would have posted his collection and traded it!

Metallica might have seen an upswing in ticket sales at their club dates! Just think Albums like "Ride the Lightning!" and "Justice for All!" might have actually sold THEN instead of after they got really, really, really famous!

What would have happened if Prince "Black Album" never got released as a bootleg? As the legend goes Prince chucked the master recordings cause he didn't like them and someone released them.

Personally, I hated the "Black Album!" Still, do! but tons of Prince fans loved it!

Side note! I don't believe Prince has ever thrown out anything! Naw, that was a shrewd plan that worked!

Now, I am a huge Donnie Hathaway fan! It pissed me off that the record companies have been sitting on material and recordings for years! I'm sure some bean counter and a few lawyers haggled over the rights and the quality of the recordings. I'm sure the recording were quality, it's Donnie Hathaway for Goodness Sakes! But what they really mean when they say that is commercial viability!
Last year they release some previous unreleased live recordings they said themselves that they went through thousands of hours of live concerts and found Donnie doing an incredible version of Stevie Wonder's "SuperWoman" Where were you when I needed you? Donnie Hathaway recorded that gem at UCLA in 1972 while opening for Roberta Flack! Donnie's been gone since 1980!

Ok, so a record company doesn't think this recording is commercially viable and they don't release it but is that right? These are the same people who thought Marvin Gaye's career would be over when he released an album of Protest songs called "What's going on?"

I don't think any company should have right to say we are not going to release something and then let it rot in a closet or vault!

A record company should have the opportunity to get paid from an investment but not to horde material for infinity!

So back to Napster! I might have an out of print copy of "Miles Davis Sings!"

Commercially Viable? Well........ No, I don't have Miles Davis sings!

But so what! William Hung and William Shatner released musical albums! Who's to say that you shouldn't be able to hear Miles Davis singing "I've got you under my Skin Dammit! ??????

It's like Omar said "Money ain't got no owners! Only spenders! same with Art!"

What Y'all think?

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Richard Pryor -- Star Wars Bar

Serious Laughs! Thank You George Lucas for allowing this!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Brian Blade Fellowship

I think this one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

AFRIKA with a K not a C!

Use coward in a Sentence
This is just a short blurb about a COWARD who decided to comment on the spelling I chose for the word Afrika! Most folks who have read this blog know that I spell the word with a K and not a C.

Is that some sort of LA Gang Thang Mista Jaycee?

No, not at all! Afrika is spelled with a K by some Afrikan's! It's neither incorrect or significant. It comes from years of working at various Afrikan bookstores and art galleries.

But back to the COWARD! See I didn't spell that with a K! You visited my blog and dared to try an CLOWN me. You didn't comment on my opinions, my art, or actively engage me in any intelligent discourse. That's a shame for you! You could have asked me Mista Jaycee why do you spell Afrika with a K instead of a C? I would have gladly explained and then you would have learned something new and I would RESPECT you.

Instead you Punked out by trying to be a smart ass! Opps! I usually spell smart ass with two ZZ's. You know, SMART AZZ! I only commented this time because we live in an era where technology has made it so easy for those without INTEGRITY, BALLS or a SPINE to DEVIL the rest of us.

You didn't sign your name! You used ANONYMOUS! COWARD! Again, I didn't spell that with a K!

You are a COWARD! You see an Adult uses their name and stands by what they say and who they say it to. I published the comment. Too bad YOU didn't sign it!

But COWARDS Never do! See I didn't spell COWARD with a K!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

National Health Care! WTF?

Congress is gonna reform Health Care! Get a Rope! String them Up! Never You Mind all those crowded Emergency Rooms! Forget about the lack of Trauma Centers! Darn Your Oily Hides! If You point out the skyrocketing Costs of Health Care to ME ONE MORE TIME!

Have you seen these town hall meetings? If you go to a meeting Hollering about an issue that you know nothing about then.......How shall I say this gently?

What pisses me off is that in 2000 when Bush was APPOINTED President of the United States of America there was no massive uproar! When we found out about the SECRET PRISONS! RENDITIONS! WHEN TORTURE WAS ALLEGED........ NO UPROAR!
A wimper!
After all that's happened. Now, you protest?
None of that bothered you?
So I guess, when we are still dealing with skyrocketing health care costs and even more millions of people don't have HEALTH INSURANCE we won't care at all that we blew yet another chance to actually deal with it!
Maybe when the Next Black President is elected! Got to love it! America!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Goods!

So I'm an artist! I sing, I write, I play, I paint, I write poetry, I take pictures and I write this blog.


Oh, you thought that I just fought Smoove Jazz, Clowns and tight binding Underwear! You did huh?

Well besides that! I do that too!

I'm serious about my art! I put alot of time in it and sometimes it gets a lil frustrating for me cause I see so many hacks get success! I don't know.. Is it fair to call someone a hack? I mean, the person I think is a hack may work super hard at what they do.

What's a hack anyway? I think it may just be someone who is not as serious about an art. Example, There are basketball players that really want to be Actors! But they stay in the gym practicing that jump shot not honing their acting chops.

You know going to auditons, taking workshops, reading for parts. So if they are a hack then in what? Acting or Basketball?

I used to be an executive with a record label. It sounds more impressive than it was, Trust! But I learned alot and even better I was able to crystallize some of my opinions. Dig! My partners and I had a constant desire to find singers who had the voices of Aretha Franklin and Martha Wash (C and C Music Factory) but had the looks and bodies of Ciara and Cassie!

It seemed that we never could! If they had the goods (Voice, interpretation, style and personality) they didn't have the body! They were 300 pounds! Or the exact opposite would occur and the camera made love to them! They had the presence but the vocals, if indeed you could call them that were thin and well some of them could stay on key. Sometimes!
Do you choose the voice over the visual? What to do? What to do?
We were not alone I assure you. Clive Davis hit the motherlode in 1984 with Whitney Houston. Houston had the goods! Tall, Beautiful, Model thin and she could really Sing!
Tommy Motolla not to be outdone found his own Whitney named Mariah!
Tall, Beautiful, Thin enough, and she had the Goods! The Voice! (The Biggest thin on Mariah in the Vision of Love Video besides her HEAD was her Butt!)
Come on.. Are you feeling me? Envogue! Four good looking Sistas with Bodies in barely there dresses with great voices! The Goods!

We love the voices but the visuals are important! They are! Erykah Badu had an interesting look and her voice reminded alot of people of Billie Holiday plus she was a theatre major so she brought that to her visual presentation as well. She was a hit! Hell, the only thing that stops Erykah is Erykah! She's an artist so she tends to go off on these musical tangents that don't necessarily make sense to anyone except her ala Prince!

But I digress.........

300 Pounds with the voice of the Heavens! Versus Video Centerfold! Well, Cassie and Ciara don't have the voice of a Jill Scott or a Jaguar Wright but they dance, they stay in the gym and they turn the viewer on.

Mrs. Jaycee digs Genuine and I would dread riding in the truck with her. Genuine was not El Debarge! But in fairness, Genuine stayed in the gym. That six pack wasn't fake!
Note to Mrs. Jaycee! Hunnie, I didn't hide your Genuine CD! It's somewhere in your collection!

So, is it fair to compare? Tell me!

Side note! Cassie! No more leaked nekked photos ok! I'm all for Nekked pictures, but you said you wanted to do Music! So how bout some leaked music.

But I digress.......

So dig, again, somewhere there's a singer who's calling another singer a hack? How do you tell the difference? I'm throwin a rock! Madonna has no Body and a sub par voice but she's a great artist! Why does it work?

What y'all think?
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Does Canada's Health Care System Need Fixing?

I'm an avid listener to NPR and I heard this story this morning. As our current debate continues on our American Health Care System I think it's fair to get a more unbiased opinion on the subject of Universal Health Care. Don't You?

Story Re-Printed Courtesy NPR.ORG

Does Canada's Health Care System Need Fixing?
by Sarah Varney
August 10, 2009

Amid the debate about reforming heath care in the United States, it's tough to turn on your television these days without hearing a political ad condemning the Canadian health care system.
One such ad from Americans for Prosperity features a woman talking of her experience with getting treatment for cancer.

"I survived a brain tumor, but if I'd relied on my government for health care, I'd be dead! I am a Canadian citizen. As my brain tumor got worse, my government health care system told me I had to wait six month to see a specialist," the woman says.

The ads are provocative, but just how accurately do they portray Canada's system?
At a small doctor's office in the gritty working-class neighborhood of East Vancouver, Dr. Larry Barzelai meets with John and Bessie Riley, who have been his patients for more than 20 years.

John Riley was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. Contrary to the woman in the TV ad, he says his experience getting in to see specialists has been "nothing but good" so far. "Everything's gone bang, bang. I've had no waiting times for anything," he says, adding that his only out-of-pocket expense has been the cost of getting to the doctor's office.

Socialized Insurance, Not Socialized Medicine!

Canada has a Universal Health Care System that's paid for through income taxes and sales tax. All Canadians are covered, and they can see any doctor they want anywhere in the country with no copays or deductibles. Some things aren't covered: optometry, dentistry and outpatient prescription drugs. Many Canadians have private insurance to cover those services, though some struggle to pay for them out of pocket.

U.S. critics of Canadian health care like to call it socialized medicine, but it's more like socialized insurance — meaning the risk is pooled together. And while the individual provinces and territories set their overall health budgets and administer the health plans, the delivery of medical care is private. Doctors run their own businesses and then bill the government.

Barzelai says physicians in Canada earn a good living and aren't faced with the same administrative hassles that American doctors gripe about. "Medical costs here are half of what medical costs in the States are," he says. "At the same time, our infant mortality is lower, our life expectancy is longer, our rates of obesity are a lot less. So there's got to be some positive aspects of living in Canada and with the Canadian medical system."

The Commonwealth Fund, a respected and nonpartisan U.S. health research organization, looked at deaths that could have been prevented with access to quality medical care in the leading 19 industrialized countries. In the latest survey, the United States ranked last and Canada came in sixth.

Professor Bob Evans, one of the grandfathers of the health economics field, has been studying the Canadian and U.S. systems since they were founded around the same time in the mid-1960s. He says that what many Americans hear about Canada — rationed care, long wait lists and a government bureaucrat who gets in between a patient and doctor — is "absolute nonsense."

"Are there cases of people who wind up not getting the care they need at appropriate times?

Yes, of course there are," says Evans, who is with the Centre for Health Policy Research at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. "This is a huge system and it's a very complicated one and things do go wrong. But as a general rule, what happens here is that when you need the care, you get it." But that wasn't always the case.

'The Most Frustrating Moments In Our System'

When federal spending on Canadian health care declined during a recession in the 1990s, lines for non-urgent procedures — and some urgent ones — grew. A few years later, Canada's Supreme Court found that some patients had in fact died as a result of waiting for medical services. Stories of the deaths and of residents traveling to the U.S. for medical care dominated Canadian news coverage.

In response, Canada's government poured billions of dollars into reducing wait times in the five medical areas deemed most troublesome, including cancer care, cardiac care and joint replacement surgery. And wait times for these services has dropped: Most provinces now report those times on publicly available Web sites. Such data — and public accountability — don't exist in the U.S.

But that's not to say there still aren't frustrations with waiting for medical care in Canada.
Jocelyn Thompkinson is a peppy 29-year-old who was born with a neural tube defect similar to spina bifida. "I haven't been able to walk since I was 8, and I've had lots of surgeries, lots of medical interventions of various types," she says at BC Children's Hospital, in a leafy Vancouver neighborhood. "But beyond that, I hold a job, I have a pretty much normal life."

She credits an army of Canadian doctors and physical therapists for giving her that normal life, though there have been roadblocks. "Of course there were some times when I had to wait for care, and those are always the most frustrating moments in our system," Thompkinson says. Several years ago, when she was on a long waiting list for a pain clinic in Vancouver, she traveled to Seattle and then Texas to get care. The visits and tests cost her $1,800.

Few Canadians actually go south for medical care, though. Canadian researchers say it's a bit like getting struck by lighting — it's extremely rare, but when it happens, everyone talks about it.
Provincial governments do pay for Canadians to receive specialty care in the U.S. in some cases. For example, a shortage of neonatal beds means a small number of women with high-risk pregnancies are sent to U.S. hospitals to deliver their babies.

It doesn't happen often, though, and public opinion polls continue to show strong support for publicly financed, universal health care in Canada.

An Option To Buy

Keith Neuman of Environics, a long-standing Canadian polling group, says, "It's not something that everybody is completely satisfied with or complacent about. There are concerns about waiting and that sort of thing. But when you ask people about their experience and the experience of people they know, the vast majority think the system's pretty good."
At the same time, he says, about half of Canadians say they would like the option to buy a private health insurance plan. Currently, that's not allowed.

In many ways, Canada is confronting some of the same problems as the U.S. — anxiety over how to pay for its aging baby boomers, a shortage of primary care doctors, and too many people who overuse hospital emergency departments. But what Canadians don't worry about is losing their health insurance or going bankrupt because of an injury or illness.
Chime in on this!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

When is it OK, For your Spouse to Wet the Bed?

One night, Mrs. Jaycee and I were watching TV in our bed room; I got up to go to the kitchen to make myself another glass of Ice tea/Lemonade, I asked Mrs. Jaycee, if she would like something else to drink or a cup of Ice? She can eat a glass of ice as easy as breathing! She replied, just a half a glass! I don't want to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night! and if you dont want me to pee in the bed (Laughing) just a half will do!

My reply to her was,"I don't worry about things like that cause you always manage to get up."

"Yeah, but you know one of these days ,I might not make it! (Laughing) No, sense tempting fate!" LOL, LOL

I was laughing so hard! Then Mrs. Jaycee asked "When is it ok for your spouse to wet the bed?" (Laughing)

I answered her ! "Only When You're 90! and I'm 86! (Laughing)

She told me never!!!

Then Mrs. Jaycee said what a great question for the blog!

Marriage is for better or worst, right! So is it ok in sickness or old age? What about drunk?

So, I want to ask all the Married folks and those folks who have a special someone (for all y'all single folks) When is it ok to have an embarrassing incident including passing wicked gas?

When do you think it's OK!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Careful, Bam Bam!

Tell me Jesus of the things that you see, I hope that you would listen to me! Things have changed and I know you want to do right! They calling you Messiah! You've set their minds on Fire! And they'll hurt you if they think you've lied! Carl Anderson as Judas In Jesus Christ Superstar!

It's hard to believe that it's been six months since Barack Hussein Obama became the first openly acknowledged Afrikan American President of the United States of America but it has been Six Months! In that six months "Bam Bam" has signed executive orders to close Gitmo, began to pull troops from Iraq, gave the go ahead to shoot some Somali Pirates all while trying to pump new life into a dead financial system, restore faith in Democracy, raise Sasha and Maila and keep Mrs. Obama happy!


I've been busy lately fighting Clowns, the Tyranny of Smoove Jazz, and tight binding underwear but as I was quickly turning away from the Wave I got to thinking about "Bam Bam", Opps! President "Bam Bam"! In the last couple of weeks, the Homeboy Skip Gates, got reminded that he was a Black Man (Nigga) in Amerikkka! Yep! Professor Nigga! Nigga! Professor to borrow the phrase from the United States of Anthony! Now he's taken on the Health Care Industry!

I couldn't help thinking about all the talented Black Men who have broke ground before him in recent years. I hope that you would BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! Mr. President "Bam Bam" Sir.

Remember United States Commerce Secretary Ronald "Ron" Brown? The Brother was running the Democratic party before he passed on in that plane crash! A Super Nigga!

What about United States Congressman Gerald "Mickey" Leland? "Mickey was flying to Ethiopia trying to feed the hungry when his plane went down. Another climber. A Supa Nigga if you will.

What about Reginald Lewis? Who? Do you mean the dude used to play for the Boston Celtics?

Naw, not that Reginald Lewis! I mean, the Reginald Lewis who bought RJR/Nabisco and changed the name to Beatrice Corporation! Reggie made Beatrice the First Afrikan American Company to gross over a Billion dollars! Before he died of a mysterious infection in 1993.

Now, Ron and Mickey died in plane crashes and Reggie passed from an infection but what about Franklin Raines?


Frank Raines! You know, that boy ran Fannie Mae! Another, Harvard Educated Super Nigga! This is a boy that ran with all manner of Really Rich White Dudes before he was "retired"! He was hailed as an Icon that we should all aspire to be like. He had the right education, the right connections, the drive, the brains and he knew how to hang with the right people and say all the right things until well........he didn't then well, you know...

What about Richard Parsons? Who? Richard Parsons! That Black Republican dude who presided over the AOL/Time Warner Merger! He's hanging with "Bam Bam" Right now!

Another Harvard Educated Super Nigga!

What's your point Mista Jaycee?

President Obama sir, Brotha "Bam" ....Sir, please remember they loved you last year. They've viewed you as a Savior! Just like all these other men were viewed as Saviors in their areas and eras too. Some of these Men were betrayed and sold out by the very ones who kissed them and shouted their names and it could happen to you to President "Bam Bam" Sir.

In fact, they've already started to break you down. Yeah, I know it's not fair that they expect you to fix the economy in six months when it took over twenty years for it to collapse! It's not fair that you preside over 10% unemployment and wars in two theatres! But they expect you to fix it all and clean it all up and Mr. Obama sir.....

You need some help and I don't think that everyone wants you to succeed. The Repugnicrats already curse you and the Demoncrats are still pussies! They are and they will sell you out and leave you for dead unless you do more radical things!

That's right! You need to make a New NEW DEAL and fast! Use your muscle while you got it and trump on your opponents starting with some of these Demoncrats!

The Health Care Bill will fail if you leave it solely to them. What the Hell is a so-called Conservative Democrat? A Blue Dog? A Reagan Democrat? Is that like a DIXIECRAT? A SOUTHERN DEMOCRAT? Well, Hell! Mister Obama, it's time to clean house!

Sure you are a moderate Democrat trying to reach out to everybody but they are not reaching back Mr. President "Bam Bam" Sir. They not reaching back!

Remember, what happened to Jesus of Nazareth. During Passover they bought him into the City on the back of an ass, blessing him and fanning him with palm leaves! But by that next Thursday Evening, he'd been framed, arrested, tried at night, convicted and by Friday he was well....Crucified! That's all hellava difference from the previous Friday!

Mr. Obama! Take note, You Black, but you ain't even close to being Jesus of Nazareth!

Take heed from the Brothers that came before you. They have lit the path for you.

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Original Poetry!

The Bottom Line!

The Bottom Line is the standard used to justify every evil that's ever come to mind

The Bottom Line!

Invoke it and it doesn't matter how we behave

You can kidnap someone and make them your slave!

The means always justify things in the end

Never mind what the moralists say

The Bottom Line!

550 Years with No Pay!

The Benefits negate the Sin!

Still feeling bad no problem just recant in the End!

The Bottom Line!

Go on and Invoke it!

J-LO used to be a THICK Girl but now she's micro sized and passes

BEYONCE Blond ed out her tresses Michael Jackson Thinned out his nose

Bleached away his melanin coated skin

to appeal to the Masses!

What's the point of this poem you ask?

To Appeal to the Masses We erase ourselves

Bleaching, cuttin, weaving

to appeal to the masses we're losing our


The Bottom Line!

Mista Jaycee

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Philip Glass At the Hollywood Bowl!

Photo taken by Mrs. Jaycee

Mrs. Jaycee and I spent a wonderful Thursday night at the Hollywood Bowl for "Classical Thursdays" courtesy of Project Ensemble. My buddy Pat's Wife, Mrs. Pat runs the organization whose aim is to expose people to classical music. Her main goal is to expose Black and Hispanic Kids from the Inner city to Classical music.


So, this past Thursday, Mrs. Jaycee and I drove to the Hollywood Bowl. Now, for all y'all folks who haven't been to the Hollywood Bowl, dig, The Hollywood Bowl is So Cal's Carnegie Hall! It's one of the greatest venues for presenting music. The scenery is wonderful! The acoustics are extraordinary!

That said, the Bowl is the Playboy Jazz Festival's regular venue but you can hear and see many different things at the Bowl. One night you can hear Branford Marsalis and the next Mary J. Blige followed by Ravi Shankar! So, Pat hooked me up with tickets and I called two other couples to attend with us but both were unable to make it that it evening. So Mrs. Jaycee and I braved the 110 Northbound to the 101 freeway and exited on Highland blvd. Now, just so you know. Mista Jaycee hates the hills surrounding Hollywood! But I'll brave them as long as the Hollywood Bowl is standing cause that's just how awesome the Bowl is!

We parked and grabbed our picnic basket! That's right, you can bring a picnic basket and your own wine. We ended up hitting the concession stand, which was cool, but $4 dollars for a HOT DOG! Noooooooooooooo! Never again! The next time I go, I'm hitting up Costco to grabbed a few Kosher Hotdogs!

But all that aside, the crowd was at full capacity. I did see a small but very noticeable amount of Black People but the crowd of 18,000 came from all walks of life. There were Elderly people, Artsy Fartsy high school kids, and people who looked like they would be right at home at a Phish Concert and a Jazmine Sullivan show. So it was a real cool mix! We sat behind a Cuban Family, who brought their kids! Alot of Families did and it was great!

Photo courtesy of the Web

You know the mainstream media never covers certain aspects like folks from different racial, economic and cultural backgrounds getting together and enjoying each other! This happens regularly in LA! It does! There are some cool folks all around!

So the concert began. There were five big screens surrounding the bowl. As the sun set I was a lil nervous about what I would hear. The only thing I knew about that evenings composer Philip Glass was that South Park once spoofed him in a Christmas Episode! I had heard he was a minimalist composer but even though I was a Music Major I had no idea what the heck that meant! I braced myself for an evening of dissonance!

But after the rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was played at the introduction, Mr. Glass came out and talked with the audience. He was personable, funnie and friendly. He didn't talk over us! He seemed like he was just as excited that we were there as we were!

Photos taken by Mrs. Jaycee

He sat at the piano and played "Facades" and "Spaceship from Einstein on the Beach!" Facades was played on a grand piano and wasn't that way out at all. In fact, the piece sounded like other classical musics like Chopin if he was filtered through Chick Corea or Robert Fripp! It was melodic, soothing and pretty not scary at all! Don't confuse that with safe! It wasn't safe!

Philip Glass was accompanied by the The Great Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. So in addition to his own ensemble we heard electronic synth sounds counterpointed by violas and trumpets. Lisa Bielawa's soprano vocals were outerworldly set against the organ and electronic sounds with the orchestra!

But the highlight of the night was the new arrangement of Koyaanisqatsi (Life out of Balance)
This is where the screens around the bowl came in handy. Koyaanisqatsi is set to film. The filmmaker is none other than Francis Ford Coppola. Yeah, that dude! So for the next hour you heard at least four movements of music with at least and hour and half worth of all manner of visuals! Buildings imploding! Smiling faces! New York City traffic! Imagine it at super speed! It was like a roller coaster then it would slllllllllow to a snaaaaaails crawl and so would the film!

We didn't wait for the end of the program cause it was well after 10 and we were scared we'd be trapped by the traffic but as I waited for Mrs. Jaycee, to freshen up in the powder room, I spoke with an older man who like me got scared of a very large Gorilla Mutant German Shepherd type dog thing that a Lady in a wheelchair had on a leash! Anyway, he found the visuals stunning but a lil overwealming! We had a fantastic time and we are looking forward to going again this week! I am going to post more on information on Project Ensemble and hope that you subscribe and perhaps......donate! It's a great program!

Right! I second that but hey sometimes you can use a lil more overwhelming cause well....most of the shows I've seen lately leave me a lil well.....underwhelmed!

To join the membership list of PROJECT ENSEMBLE send an email to BE Sure to send a Donation!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Being Human! Have you watched it?

This past weekend I peeped out "Being Human" on BBC America. Hummmm, a show about three roommates, a Vampire, a Werewolf and a Ghost trying to live together peacefully. Ok, You got me!

It sounds like a good bar joke! Interestingly enough, it looks like it will shape up to be a good show. The premiere episode was a lil dry but I think that's more my American taste than any problems with the show. I'm used to the introductions going a lil faster.

The show begins with Annie, (Ghost) Victor (Vamp) and George (Werewolf) who end up living together after Annie uses telekinetics to scare the heck out of a nice couple who decide they are going to live in what was to be her martial home!

Fortunately for us, and the show, Victor and George don't scare easily. And that's great for Annie, for in George and Victor's presence, she's solid, she can be seen and heard, she can travel!

So they all share some semblance of life although the night beckons!

There's a war starting and the vampire counsel wants Victor to lead the charge once again. Victor does not want any part of a new Vampire campaign but he has to deal with the problems of his hunger. Now, the really cool feature is that the Vamps can walk in the daytime!

You know I don't know if yall read LA BANKS and her Vampire Huntress Series but I love what's being added to the whole vampire patheon. Maybe I will publish my own Vampire Love Story on here. "Love by Night!" What y'all think about that?

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well alright Y'all
I've been writing and I intend to post some good stuff for your to read next week. But in the meantime I hope you can groove to this. This Brotha played on Barry White's Label and wrote some great songs! Hear's one of them!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!