Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Goods!

So I'm an artist! I sing, I write, I play, I paint, I write poetry, I take pictures and I write this blog.


Oh, you thought that I just fought Smoove Jazz, Clowns and tight binding Underwear! You did huh?

Well besides that! I do that too!

I'm serious about my art! I put alot of time in it and sometimes it gets a lil frustrating for me cause I see so many hacks get success! I don't know.. Is it fair to call someone a hack? I mean, the person I think is a hack may work super hard at what they do.

What's a hack anyway? I think it may just be someone who is not as serious about an art. Example, There are basketball players that really want to be Actors! But they stay in the gym practicing that jump shot not honing their acting chops.

You know going to auditons, taking workshops, reading for parts. So if they are a hack then in what? Acting or Basketball?

I used to be an executive with a record label. It sounds more impressive than it was, Trust! But I learned alot and even better I was able to crystallize some of my opinions. Dig! My partners and I had a constant desire to find singers who had the voices of Aretha Franklin and Martha Wash (C and C Music Factory) but had the looks and bodies of Ciara and Cassie!

It seemed that we never could! If they had the goods (Voice, interpretation, style and personality) they didn't have the body! They were 300 pounds! Or the exact opposite would occur and the camera made love to them! They had the presence but the vocals, if indeed you could call them that were thin and well some of them could stay on key. Sometimes!
Do you choose the voice over the visual? What to do? What to do?
We were not alone I assure you. Clive Davis hit the motherlode in 1984 with Whitney Houston. Houston had the goods! Tall, Beautiful, Model thin and she could really Sing!
Tommy Motolla not to be outdone found his own Whitney named Mariah!
Tall, Beautiful, Thin enough, and she had the Goods! The Voice! (The Biggest thin on Mariah in the Vision of Love Video besides her HEAD was her Butt!)
Come on.. Are you feeling me? Envogue! Four good looking Sistas with Bodies in barely there dresses with great voices! The Goods!

We love the voices but the visuals are important! They are! Erykah Badu had an interesting look and her voice reminded alot of people of Billie Holiday plus she was a theatre major so she brought that to her visual presentation as well. She was a hit! Hell, the only thing that stops Erykah is Erykah! She's an artist so she tends to go off on these musical tangents that don't necessarily make sense to anyone except her ala Prince!

But I digress.........

300 Pounds with the voice of the Heavens! Versus Video Centerfold! Well, Cassie and Ciara don't have the voice of a Jill Scott or a Jaguar Wright but they dance, they stay in the gym and they turn the viewer on.

Mrs. Jaycee digs Genuine and I would dread riding in the truck with her. Genuine was not El Debarge! But in fairness, Genuine stayed in the gym. That six pack wasn't fake!
Note to Mrs. Jaycee! Hunnie, I didn't hide your Genuine CD! It's somewhere in your collection!

So, is it fair to compare? Tell me!

Side note! Cassie! No more leaked nekked photos ok! I'm all for Nekked pictures, but you said you wanted to do Music! So how bout some leaked music.

But I digress.......

So dig, again, somewhere there's a singer who's calling another singer a hack? How do you tell the difference? I'm throwin a rock! Madonna has no Body and a sub par voice but she's a great artist! Why does it work?

What y'all think?
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


voyage2atlantis said...

i can't judge the seriousness of someone i don't know. i do agree some folks are hacks. not even in the same career i'm in. like you can't be lazy bout your stuff and expect me to respect you. the studio and good writers seem to make up for lack of vocals. people want to see good looking people can't change much about that. plus, the pretty ones have all the hits via good marketing.

i just think a good voice and good music is good enough for me. i like ginuwine. i was on his jock when i was younger but the dude does have some good music that isn't mostly about treating women like crap or objectifying them.

must love movies

Keli said...

The difference is...Ginuwine can sing...and in tune.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Hmmm...I guess this may be a guy thing because I don't know any women who would refuse to listen to great music because a dude's body isn't "ideal". Gimme fat over fake any day.

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Curvy Girl,
Good to see you. I would disagree as Luther Vandross spent almost 20 years in the shadows before he produced Never Too Much himself. He had several record deals and the weight always got in the way. Barry White was the exception! How do you explain Jennifer Holliday, Roz Ryan, Phyllis Hyman and Vesta Williams all were held back by thier weight. Martha Wash's voice was used but not her photo.

Now as far as the Men, Come on!
Tank and Jaheim both have great voices but Tank makes the ends cause of Sex Appeal. D'angelo is remembered for the How does it feel video not for his musical output.

LLCoolJ is known for Flexing and Flirting not for being a hardcore rhyme tech! So, the package matters dig? 8-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaycee!
I'm surprised you didnt discuss J-Hud..a beautiful curvy sister who was rejected from american idol because she needed to loose weight but kicked ass, won an oscar and grabbed the spotlight from Bey w Dreamgirls..and there is not stopping her.
Yet they continue to photoshop the hell out of her pics smh...
I guess the industry will never change but my taste in music will remain to be about quality more than visual stimulation.

ZenYenta said...

mmm..well, Aretha Franklin did OK being Aretha. She wasn't always as big as she is, but she never had what you might call classic beauty. Della Reese - pretty face, but chubby. Likewise Gladys Knight. Janis Joplin was known for a few things. The top two were her voice and the fact that she was considered ugleee in her time. Or did MTV change everything? I realize I'm very, very old. :)

This Song is My Life said...

The average music listener isn't listening vocal/or performance artistry, they are interested in being entertained. The pendulum on what constitutes good entertainment has swung to include which artist can wear the most expensive designer, the least amount of clothes (women), and sign/rap lyrics that they should be embarrassed to let their grandmothers hear. Listeners have become passive and have allowed music companies to define what is beautiful. What we are left with is 300lb women singing in the church choir and the Cassie's (not to demean Cassie, I hope she finds the success she is seeking) of the industry being forced on us through radio "programming." "The Goods" have turned into the "bad and the ugly." Check out our survey on this very subject. Thanks for allowing me to chime in...