Thursday, August 27, 2009

Careful Obama! "White Folks" is Angry!

I watched this You Tube Preacher this past weekend that Rippa posted over at the Intersection of Madness and Reality. Check Rippa's Site out!

The "Good Doctor" James David Manning, the Pastor of Harlem's Atlan Ministries. He posted this "Sermon" basically saying that if President Obama continues with his agenda then of course "White Folks" were gonna get "Scared"! He continued on saying that "White Folks" were gonna get "Angry"! and "Rise UP!" Of course he prefaced it with "White Folks" from certain States.

This Con Man, the "Good Doctor" (Manning holds a Doctorate from his own unaccredited school) is the epitomie of "House Niggrity!"

See both the "House Nigga" and "Field Nigga" have the very real understanding that they are both "Slaves!" Both of them deal with that burden the best way they can. So, I don't judge him for that! Instead I would like to use this example as a teachable moment.

Quote, unquote "White Folks" have always been angry and scared. The Slave, The Negro, The Colored, The Black, Quadroon, Octoroon, Mulatto has always been the bane of existence in America.

You don't have to be a Genius Historian to know this. But "White Folks" elected Obama! "White Folks knew what the Agenda that would be implemented when Obama took office. The Democrats won the majority from "White Folks!"

You see "White Folks" these so called White, Anglo Saxon, Christian, Protestants peoples along with European Jews, Black Folks and other American Minorities elected Obama. So the idea that "White Folks" are scared and Angry in this light is just bull shit!

That's Right! Bullshit!

White Folks elected a Black Dude cause they were Angry and scared! The whole country lost jobs, bank accounts and houses! The entire system was on the verge of collapse!

So White Folks did, what they, had never done and elected a Black Dude! Of course he was smart, well spoken, elegant, easy on the eyes, Heterosexual, married, Christian but more than anything, he was, and is, a Capitalist!

"White Folks" get Angry alright when their jobs are lost! When their bank accounts and savings are lost! When their tax money is spent willy nilly on things they didn't benefit from. In every other War, defense jobs were plentiful! Funnie, I don't see any rise in Defense Jobs!

Shouldn't we be getting some Oil out of Iraq? Funnie, Gas prices are $3 a gallon again! "White Folks" are losing their health insurance cause they lost their jobs! Their credit cards are maxxxed out!

What Angry White Folks is the "Good Doctor" Manning speaking of? Obama, made History cause of "Angry White Folks!"

But what about the rest of us? You know us "Angry Niggas!" Oppps! Did I say Niggas?

I mean, "Black Folks" (This includes other Racial and ethnic groups) See, pundits like Manning and Lou Dobbs don't take account of "Our Collective Anger"!

CSPAN showed the "White Folks" in Alaska screaming about the Health Care Reform plan. Hint! Go to Compton, California and visit King Drew Medical Center. See, the figuratively boarded remains of what was arguably one of the Nations Best Trauma Centers! Go to St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, California on any Friday Night and see the Emergency Room filled to the brim with folks who have No insurance, or some insurance that they can't use when they need it!

Ask them! Gauge thier Anger! Go to St. Mary's, or Long Beach Memorial Hospital and wait for two hours in the URGENT CARE! Goooooo!

Ask All the people in California who work for the Department of Motor Vehicles or the County Libraries who have been Furloughed three days a month if "They are Angry"? Ask any poor person if they have any understanding at the Local Police Forces who prowl poor neighborhoods writing Ticket after ticket to fill the Cities dwindling coffers!

Ever had to use your credit or debit card so you could park at a parking Meter?

What Manning means when he says "Angry White Folks" is those who still want to talk about Abortion when the rest of us are worried about how we gonna support the ones who we already Got! He's talking bout those who are worried if Obama is gonna tell them they can only have 1 AK -47 Rifle, while regular folks are being gunned down every other day! He's talking bout them folks that want to talk about if the world was created in six days when the rest of us is trying to balance how much MONTH we have against the MONEY we don't!

Naw! Eff that! Time for us to stop listening to the House Nigga mentality which is "Better stop cause the "White Folks" is gonna get Angry and come and kill us!" Stop demanding Freedom! Education! Equality! White Folks don't like to be "Forced" to do Anything!
Name me one time in American History when the So Called "Angry White Folks" didn't harrass those "Good" Niggas?
I'll wait!

I guess us Niggas don't mind being "Forced" to live without proper health care facilities, Educational institutions and the so called "American Dream"!

There ain't never been a time when Black Folks were good enough to not be the blame for something else for the so called "Angry White Folks" to get mad at. If a Black Person got into a good college then it had to be cause of a Quota or a Ball scholarship. Dig?

No! Time to realize that we are all ANGRY! Now, we need to hold the Democrats and the Republicans accountable for making sure they are looking out for the best interests of the people! Problem is neither side has really shown they care that you are Angry!

So if you are jobless, home in foreclosure, rent sky high, credit card maxxxed and you've coughed a red colored substance from deep inside your chest but feel like a shot of Jack and Coke and some Vicks Vapor rub is a better option than going to the Doctor and paying that high azz Co-Pay!

Chime in!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



Keli said...

Sounds more like a field nigga to me...

I'm just saying...

I never thought about opening up my own school and awarding myself a PhD...

I mean, some white folks are angry...but he was elected to move an

Go B. said...

Got dammit! I love you choice.. I absolutely Do = I agree, I'm unemployed and angry and all of the above not at the President but at this country!

Love ya,


Miss.Stefanie said...


jjbrock said...

This is the fool that the Bible speaks of.

RiPPa said...

Good post bro! Helluva better breakdown that I could have done. Shit, I still watch this fools video to get a good laugh every now and then.

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Keli,
A Slave is a Slave!

underOvr (aka The U) said...


I couldn't even listen to this court jester. Why is it that I never saw one person packing when Bush or Clinton was President?

Where was the anger when oil hit $80/barrel for the first time? Where was the outrage when denial of medical services no longer affected someone else? Where was the outcry when layofffs hit home? Where is the protest now that a school closing affects a community that's not someone else's.

The problems in this country go beyond race and if folks want to be naive and ignorant, we will continue to be plagued by these same issues. It's not about a political party or agenda; America needs solutions to real problems.

Anything else is just bullshit.


clnmike said...

I remember this dude you should of heard his Uncle Ruckus butt during the election. Now that was funny.

Shady_Grady said...

Is there any white equivalent to this sort of person or do only Blacks in America produce people like this?

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Shady Grady,
Yes, there is an European American equivilant to this that is produced regularly. Newt Gingrich, Pat Bucahnan, Rush Limbaugh. Anywhere you have someone that will present only a piece of the story and play up the worst of it. These Men, called em MEN, produce fear where there is no fear. Anyone really checking for Obama's Citizenship? Is owning an Ak really what gun avocates care about? Nah! Just bullshit!


This just boggles me, where was all of this rage when soldiers were being shipped off to fight a war in Iraq, spend 4 tours of duty there, and if they were lucky make it out with an arm and a leg, and get inadequate health care from the local VA...

Why does it seem that as soon as we (America) elected out first President of Color ... all of this TomFoolery surfaces.

Statistics show that more hate based organizations have formed, that membership has increased, and now apparently, a lot of "slave Negroes" are surfacing ...

What's in the water??? I'm not drinking it

uglyblackjohn said...

Nice breakdown of the situation.
Assuming that the Angry White Folks represent the whole of whiteness is the same as assuming that Pookie an Dem represent the whole of Blackness.

The problem is that the larger issue easily gets lost when one injects race into a social problem.

Mista Jaycee said...

Dr. WEB Dubois stated that Race would be the problem of the 20th Century. He was right! Race is a social problem in America. It transcends class, religion, everything and changes or colors any area as well.

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