Thursday, August 6, 2009

Careful, Bam Bam!

Tell me Jesus of the things that you see, I hope that you would listen to me! Things have changed and I know you want to do right! They calling you Messiah! You've set their minds on Fire! And they'll hurt you if they think you've lied! Carl Anderson as Judas In Jesus Christ Superstar!

It's hard to believe that it's been six months since Barack Hussein Obama became the first openly acknowledged Afrikan American President of the United States of America but it has been Six Months! In that six months "Bam Bam" has signed executive orders to close Gitmo, began to pull troops from Iraq, gave the go ahead to shoot some Somali Pirates all while trying to pump new life into a dead financial system, restore faith in Democracy, raise Sasha and Maila and keep Mrs. Obama happy!


I've been busy lately fighting Clowns, the Tyranny of Smoove Jazz, and tight binding underwear but as I was quickly turning away from the Wave I got to thinking about "Bam Bam", Opps! President "Bam Bam"! In the last couple of weeks, the Homeboy Skip Gates, got reminded that he was a Black Man (Nigga) in Amerikkka! Yep! Professor Nigga! Nigga! Professor to borrow the phrase from the United States of Anthony! Now he's taken on the Health Care Industry!

I couldn't help thinking about all the talented Black Men who have broke ground before him in recent years. I hope that you would BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! Mr. President "Bam Bam" Sir.

Remember United States Commerce Secretary Ronald "Ron" Brown? The Brother was running the Democratic party before he passed on in that plane crash! A Super Nigga!

What about United States Congressman Gerald "Mickey" Leland? "Mickey was flying to Ethiopia trying to feed the hungry when his plane went down. Another climber. A Supa Nigga if you will.

What about Reginald Lewis? Who? Do you mean the dude used to play for the Boston Celtics?

Naw, not that Reginald Lewis! I mean, the Reginald Lewis who bought RJR/Nabisco and changed the name to Beatrice Corporation! Reggie made Beatrice the First Afrikan American Company to gross over a Billion dollars! Before he died of a mysterious infection in 1993.

Now, Ron and Mickey died in plane crashes and Reggie passed from an infection but what about Franklin Raines?


Frank Raines! You know, that boy ran Fannie Mae! Another, Harvard Educated Super Nigga! This is a boy that ran with all manner of Really Rich White Dudes before he was "retired"! He was hailed as an Icon that we should all aspire to be like. He had the right education, the right connections, the drive, the brains and he knew how to hang with the right people and say all the right things until well........he didn't then well, you know...

What about Richard Parsons? Who? Richard Parsons! That Black Republican dude who presided over the AOL/Time Warner Merger! He's hanging with "Bam Bam" Right now!

Another Harvard Educated Super Nigga!

What's your point Mista Jaycee?

President Obama sir, Brotha "Bam" ....Sir, please remember they loved you last year. They've viewed you as a Savior! Just like all these other men were viewed as Saviors in their areas and eras too. Some of these Men were betrayed and sold out by the very ones who kissed them and shouted their names and it could happen to you to President "Bam Bam" Sir.

In fact, they've already started to break you down. Yeah, I know it's not fair that they expect you to fix the economy in six months when it took over twenty years for it to collapse! It's not fair that you preside over 10% unemployment and wars in two theatres! But they expect you to fix it all and clean it all up and Mr. Obama sir.....

You need some help and I don't think that everyone wants you to succeed. The Repugnicrats already curse you and the Demoncrats are still pussies! They are and they will sell you out and leave you for dead unless you do more radical things!

That's right! You need to make a New NEW DEAL and fast! Use your muscle while you got it and trump on your opponents starting with some of these Demoncrats!

The Health Care Bill will fail if you leave it solely to them. What the Hell is a so-called Conservative Democrat? A Blue Dog? A Reagan Democrat? Is that like a DIXIECRAT? A SOUTHERN DEMOCRAT? Well, Hell! Mister Obama, it's time to clean house!

Sure you are a moderate Democrat trying to reach out to everybody but they are not reaching back Mr. President "Bam Bam" Sir. They not reaching back!

Remember, what happened to Jesus of Nazareth. During Passover they bought him into the City on the back of an ass, blessing him and fanning him with palm leaves! But by that next Thursday Evening, he'd been framed, arrested, tried at night, convicted and by Friday he was well....Crucified! That's all hellava difference from the previous Friday!

Mr. Obama! Take note, You Black, but you ain't even close to being Jesus of Nazareth!

Take heed from the Brothers that came before you. They have lit the path for you.

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!



Miss.Stefanie said...

Great posy Jaycee~

chayoma said...

Mr. President "Bam Bam needs to see this one!
lol@ "you black, you aint close to being Jesus"
But there is truth in your words.
it says, those that have ears, let them hear.
hopefully Mr President "Bam Bam" is listening

Anonymous said...

Great post! I still think there was something "off" about the Ron Brown plane crash and I'm not typically the type to cry "conspiracy". But, even now, years later, the details surrounding his crash STILL sound fishy as h*ll.

Mo said...

Prez Bam Bam needs to heed your words

Jeff Nebel said...

One could aim no higher than to aspire to be like Frank Raines. He is a phenomenally capable man who would make an excellent President. I have no idea if a conspiracy was behind the death of Ron Brown or Mickey Leland, but a conspiracy emanating from the White House and a spineless board of directors killed Frank Raines' career. That was a gross injustice to Mr. Raines and a loss to our country. Those responsible acted in violation of their oaths and offices, and should feel ashamed every day of their lives.