Monday, June 30, 2008

St. Louis Levee Falls!

Never Trust a Mouse to do the job of a Rat baby!
Bootsy Collins, Musician, Funkologist, Bootzilla

The Levee was supposed to last 500 years! Well, that was provided we actually performed the upkeep. In spite of the brave efforts of the citizens and the national guard to dam the area, this little guy gnawed right on through the levee causing it to collapse.

Yes! A rat, specifically, a MUSKRAT! The little flea bitten water rat did it!
Seriously, we must make it a national effort to rebuild and maintain our infrastructure not privatize it! This is a national problem as our freeways/expressways, levee's, Dams, national parks and even the National Mall in DC is falling apart. Pay the tax money to rebuild and maintain your stuff! A muskrat just took down a Levee!

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pastor Wintley Phipps--God Will Restore

This is one of the most beautiful and pointed posts I have witnessed. God Bless You!

Call Me Anything But Black!

Which one of these beautiful Sistahs is mixed? Take your time.....

What if I told you only one of them, could you guess which one?

They all look similar don't they? So, why so strong an emphasis on the racial mixture?

I would say that it's just another way to continually divide and keep us conquered.

I talked with an aspiring model who's moniker highlighted her racial mixture, no, ya pervs, she wasn't a stripper! I mean, Adult Men's Entertainment specialist, laugh, ya pervs! That's funnie!

She checked Other when asked to describe her race. She looked Black to me but she checked other. I noticed quite a few other models did the same thing but they all looked Black to me with no immediate racial mixture. So what gives?

I checked the 2000 United States Census and it states that Black folks only compromised 12.7 percent of the total American population. Asians and Hispanics were growing at a much faster rate and would soon be the dominant minority in this country. Think about this. How many people do you think identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino/A who visually were Black? How many people do you think claimed multi racial or bi racial ancestry that otherwise would be Black? I would say that is where our population growth went.

Jennifer Lopez, J-Lo, exploits her African features, her lips, curves and her behind. She's made a career off it. She celebrates her Puerto Rican ancestry while denying the African ancestry that is inherent in Puerto Rican history. Dominicans are doing the same. How many baseball players are coming from the Dominican Republic these days, that have Afros, goat tees, dark skin and Spanish surnames? Are they identifying themselves as Black/Hispanics? No! Just Hispanic, and as a result Black folks don't receive the population growth. The case could go on and on but it matters.

Population growth determines political clout which translates into money. Money for scholarships, neighborhood building and political strength. That's the point!

Now, socially, it matters as well. I got called a Nigga by a Mexican dude. I replied, Nigga! are you kidding ?You're darker than I am! He looked at his arms then I saw the light bulb come on in his eyes. He thought he was different! That we were separate! No, you speak Spanish, that's all Hispanic means. Racially you could be Black but linguistically speak Spanish and culturally celebrate the mores.

So you have tons of so called Hispanics coming from Vera Cruz, Michocan, Durango, practicing Santeria and Catholicism and fighting Black folks! Ridiculous!

In Mexico, Brazil, The Dominican and Cuba not to mention Puerto Rico, the Afro populace is still fighting for equality and against varying degrees of racial apartheid and caste systems but they're taught African Americans are bad, then they get here and think we ain't them.

Dig, I love the Brazilian carnival that happens every year here in the LB. City of Men is one of my favorite shows, Oh, Poderosa! (Power Girl, The Mighty One) wait a minute..........

OK, all better, now! (smile) Do you see any dark Afro-Ricans in the parade? How about the Cubans, They always show them railing against Castro but not the Cubanos, the Afro Cubans who make up the majority of the population. Naw, cause they Black folks!

I know that I may be oversimplifying the issues but it ain't enough time to go into specifics. The point is while bi racial or multi racial folks should celebrate their diversity, Black folks have always been multi racial and/Bi racial and have always celebrated their diversity! Multi racial folks need to indentify themselves as Black period or else we all will suffer for it. We must eliminate all hatred of ourselves.

Hey! Bi Racial, Multi racial folks ask yourself, do the police identify you as Latino or Hispanic?

NOOOOOOOOO! Maybe the Hispanic groups that lobby congress claim you, huh? NOOOOO!

You won't see anyone who looks Black in the front row. See the point? We have to Unite and find ways to Prosper together. Diversity is great! But, Survival and Prosperity is Best!

Be Careful! Be Mindful! Be Prayerful!


Friday, June 27, 2008


All we wanted to do was make ten thousand dollars then we'd quit! But....
Freeway Rick Ross- Drug Kingpin, CIA Crack Connection, Los Angeles

All we need is one big score! A million dollars and we're out the game! Priest, Superfly 1972

A couple of years ago, the House, the Senate and the Presidency was controlled by the Republican party. Finally, they lost control of the house and senate, thanks to Americans finally fed up with the all the nonsense and the democrats regained control of both houses. Now, we can do something about the war, and the budget and the ram sacking of our civil liberties. Finally, right?

Wrong! Years ago I wrote an email newsletter called Outside the Lines, in my political section called Courtesy Flush, I angrily penned that the democrats were pus*ies! And I was right! Well, at least half right!

Actually, right now they're dangerous! Even more so than the Republicans because the corruption that is so obvious in the Republicans has infected the democrats to where both parties are but sick, twisted, twins of one another. Neither believe in democracy, both worship power and both insist it has to be their team that wields it! They're sick, twisted hobbits chasing after that accursed ring!

I, for one am sick of them. I vote independent, I'm a cynic, totally jaded but not quite forty years old. Fun date huh? I'm most sick of being conned!

Totally hustled and pimped again and again! How about you?

My buddie is totally excited by Barack Obama's campaign. I must admit that I too, am excited. His speeches are inspiring and he has a lot of style. I certainly want to believe again but there's a problem....I like to think and I have thoughts!

We're being conned! It's a very simple but powerful con. First, we elected the Dem's after they promised to end the war in Iraq. Did they do it? Hell No! They proposed a deadline, it was rejected and then they gave Bush the money! They made speeches, they stroked us and they gave another deadline, it was rejected! They teased us again, whispered sweet lies into our ears, slapped us on the azz and we giggled! Then, they gave those bastards even more money! Sure....they threatened to hold the money, to cut the funding to the troops...

The precious troops, we can't leave them without money to kill and maim and destroy! What would they do?

How about come home! Retreat! Pull out! Isn't that why we elected you to congress? Gave you control of the house and senate! Well, isn't it?

But, the Dem's didn't fight really. Every spending increase Bush wanted he got!


The Dem's are afraid they'll get called SOFT! oops, soft!
Sorry, Dem's, You Are SOFT!
You lack testicular fortitude!
You've got no heart, ya bunch of pansies!
You are supposed to be the opposition!

Katrina should have spurred you to action! The mortgage meltdown should have you on the front lines! Alberto Gonzales, Tom Delay, and Karl Rove should be in jail right now! Dr. Condi Rice, Bush, Cheney and Harriett Myers should be right behind them! Never, in the history of this country has there ever been such open contempt for congress and the rule of Law! Never!

And when we called your azzes on it, ya conned us again! We don't want to hurt our chances of regaining the White house in two years. When we get the Presidency then we'll fix it all!

Lies! Bullsh*t! We're gettin CONNED! Same ole bull sh*t! Same result!


Dig, first, it was give us control of the House and Senate then, it was wait until we win the White house before we do anything except tell you to wait!

Bush is one of the most unpopular presidents in history including Herbert Hoover, who sat idly by while the country went down the collective crapper in the 30's.

The Dems are so weak that McCain actually looks like he is a viable candidate. That's a shame! He's not viable! His policies are outdated, the world he grew up in is outmoded, and he won't be alive in twenty years to take responsibility for his policies! He's flipped so many times on the issues, it's ridiculous! South Carolina's confederate flag, he wussed out! South Carolina's flyers saying he had a Black daughter, pandering to SC racists! (His adopted daughter is from Bangladesh) He told Bush when he said it's just politics, John. He said then, some things ain't politics, George! But he supported Bush anyway, to the chagrin of his own daughter. He's flipped on everything he stood for. He wants to be President! Power! That's what he wants! Not to help and serve the people!
And with every passing week Obama, sells someone else down the river too! Power! That's what they want! And they conn'in us to get it!

But the Dems are pus*ies so even McCain can win!

Don't get conned! Insist, that the Dems stand up for you but if they don't we'll definitely sit em down! Or just like Priest from Superfly and the real life Freeway Rick Ross, you'll find you got more than what you bargined for conned into that one big deal!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

3 New Random Poems!

Old Friend

Length of Locks grown long and strong!
or shorn in battle with corporate whores
silhouettes shadow what life has become
reflected in mirror of what was once before

Memories wild laughter touch of snow tips along edges of crown
coffee scented after hours off La Tijera and Ro-Day-O
signposts testifying poetry and menthols
Old friends reunited
Reignited Betrayal!

Mutual Interest

I'd risk cancer for a taste of your lips!
stroll up, say hi
sip death stick from in between your fingertips
Inhale your scent
knowing you'd be the death of me
blind you with my audacity
gaze into your eyes
It'd be cool you'd smile
cause i would seize the moment
before either one of us came to our senses
or at least before you lit another one!

It still Sux!

Bush, Presidency, ha ha ha, eight years in!

Be Mindful! Be Careful! Be Prayerful!


Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin's Gone!

Sunday morning, in Santa Monica, California, Social commentator, critic, actor and stand up comedian, George Carlin passed on from heart failure after reporting to the hospital, complaining of chest pains. He was 71 years old.

Now, in his 71 years, he amassed a great body of work! His wordplay was legendary. His, 7 dirty words you can't say on TVstill rocks! And by the way, was cause for a supreme court ruling on indecency and censorship. US versus Pacifica radio network, check it out. We all owe a great debt to George. Now, Eff, all this mushy stuff!

The dude was funnie! Voted the second greatest behind only Mr. Richard Pryor as the greatest stand up of all time! Wow! His commentary, caustic, profane and irreverent, lampooned everything but his favorite targets were organized religion, politics and the general failure of the human race as a species. He often voted for the meteor to come and wipe out this planet!

For me, I will always remember George for his role in Car Wash, as a cabbie, stiffed on a fare spending his day chasing a six foot Black chick with red hair! Who having escaped into a near by restroom, pulled out an assortment of outfits and hairdo's and transformed herself so well, George, talked to her and couldn't figure out it was her! Hilarious! I loved him in Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl starring again, with Ben Affleck proving he could act in a drama, and the his character The Cardinal, who introduces the new updated Catholicism WOW! Campaign re branding Jesus as the Buddy Christ and selling indulgences. Hilarious! But, all irreverence aside, the dude had something important to say. He wanted us to laugh but more so he wanted us to be truthful and honest and treat each other right!

His rift on material possessions is my all time favorite! Stuff!

We live our lives amassing stuff! Our houses are filled with our stuff!

We clean out our garages and throw away our stuff!

We rent trucks and place our stuff in storage.

We travel to Hawaii and we carry our prized stuff!

Spend money buying more stuff!

A friend invites you to stay over his house, you open the dresser drawer to put away your stuff!

Who's' Crap is this?

How come everybody else's stuff is crap and your stuff is stuff?


George Carlin, thank you for the laughter! Thank you for the honesty and thank you for most of all of the Thought!

Sleep Well!

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!


Sunday, June 22, 2008


As if 5 dollar gas, 100 degree heat and a seventeenth Celtic championship banner wasn't enough to deal with Tim Russert is gone and The Sooooooooul Train has stoppped! Damn it!

Brotha Don, ya did us solid by creating the show in the first place. It herald the changes we all hoped would last. Black beauty, Black Pride and most of all Black Love and Unity. We danced in our makeshift soul train lines listening as great and not so great Black Music and Artists came on.

You featured us when no one else did. We didn't fit any one's model but from it we got Solar records, formerly Soul Train Records, Lakeside, Shalamar, Proline and Bronner Brothers Haircare products but most of all we got us! Thank You, Brotha Don!

Black Love, Pride, and Unity can stick around though!

Be Careful! Be Mindful! Be Prayerful!


Black Dots and Blue Notes! Esperanza Spaulding!

Alright, dig! I was tooling around itunes with a little money on my card from Fathers Day, yeah I got shoes and an Itunes card! Sweet! I hit the usual suspects, had to grab some Miles Davis, 2nd quintet era or late era with Kenny Garrett and Foley some Branford Marsalis and well, I gotta thing for Chaka Khan and Lalah Hathaway. I dig them, I just do!

Hey! I know I'm married but well....Hey! I don't get mad when all the womenesss swoon over that dude Idris Stringer Bell Elba or Terrence Howard! Get over it! But I digress...

I went through the Jazz section careful not to get fooled with that smoove jazz nonsense. Kenny G still out for revenge! But I saw a photo of this beautiful Black woman with an absolutely huuuuuuuuuuge! Fro! And you know, what they say about a woman with a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Fro, right?

Well, me neither, but dig, she looked hot but all that aside I listened to her stuff and read the reviews and Daaaaam! She plays Double Bass! I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvve the Double Bass!
All the great players, Oscar Pettiford, Ron Carter, Reggie Workman, Charles Mingus, Robert Leslie Hurst and Eric Revis but I've never seen a woman on a double bass!
Then, they said she sings too! Dig, she sings in three languages; Portuguese, English and Spanish and some of her songs are in one of those languages but listen anyway. Funk, Soul and Cool translates! Fake, don't translate! Now her stuffs melodic but it ain't smoove, ya can hum it but ain't smoove wave oasis type so called jazz! They'll probably try to co-opt her but don't go plaleeeeeeze! She plays enough instrumentals to let ya know she's got chops! So there!

Now, we live in a decade where a woman who has mastered an instrument and can sing is like this rare jewel! I dig Alicia Keys! but Rachelle Ferrell can outplay and sing her any night of the week! That's a fact! Alicia Keys is cool and in a few years she's gonna be great but she still ain't the anointed one, Aretha, Roberta, Joni Mitchell and Rachelle are still here and they all play but the record companies ain't trying to show that! Alicia's young and pretty. Thank God! she can play though!
Miss Aretha Queen of Soul Franklin can also play her butt off and sing well, we all know what she can do there! But back to Esperanza and her Double Deee I mean.....Double Bass! Oh, come on.... That was funnie!

She can write, she can play and she can sing! Period! The fact she's teaching at Berklee College of Music at 23 just adds to it! Hey! Take my word on it buy her CD but if ya just won't trust me then check You tube! Then, go buy it!

The 2nd cut got me open. I know that you know! I can appreciate the subject matter.

The way you look at me when you think that I'm not lookin tells me....
Your minds is tired of thinking of someone you loved before me...
i see you're scared I'm convinced I've tried to say that I am yours and no one's gonna take me away!

Yeah, personal experience on that one! Never mind that though!
Musically the album grooves, the melodies are solid and the vocals and lyrics are real. Check it out!

Nuff said!

Be Careful! Be Mindful! Be Prayerful!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Know the Lord! He heard my cry!

About a week ago, I wrote an angry post about fighting the bottom feeding ghetto MF's who destroyed the garden in my building. Within a day of that post, a college freind I haven't seen over twenty years and haven't spoken with for at least 15 years, read the blog at my invitation, and wrote telling me to keep my head up and asked for my address. She sent me a beautiful card and something to plant. Wow! It made my day! I didn't expect it and I wasn't asking for it, I just wanted to vent ya know? Well, NLGH, Thank you for passing the goodness on. Much love to you this will help fight the BFGMF epidemic! I will share your blessing!

Thank You sistah!

Be Prayerful, Be Mindful, Be Careful!


Friday, June 20, 2008

New Poetry from Middle Passage Mind State!

“Murder on my Mind!”

Our faces mask the hatred we share
Smiles disguise sinister intent in our stares
Skin color and shade determines the dividing line
Grasping straws of entitlement at what we each believe is mine.

Never mind both of us are scrambling for scraps!
Scrapple from the apple pie of American dream
Held up to our children as the gospel but constantly demeaned!

Border faces, some brought here with ears ringing from
Capitalistic empirical desire or Communist socialized Fire
Smelling of mortar smoke and ash
Sweat layered by the last stinging lash

Ellis Island sans West coast port
New land, American dream in form of corner store
Liquor sold to captive residents
Border/boat family sells in ghetto
Lives in suburb
Leaves before nightfall
Mercedes against curb

Resentment festers!

Boat people language written on walls
Buddha seems the only one awake
Artificially flavored Storefront Christianity sold like brown bag poison slum to slum
99 cent store groceries, marked down symbols of the dream gone bad
check cashing parasites, bank managing shark chummed loans
prey on us and take away our homes!

We are forced by our poverty to exist together
This however evident does not create a real connection
they vote bush, take cash from Black faces

Take cash from Black faces!

Take cash from Black faces!

Turning east at noon
Selling pickled swine, now and laters, old E and pork rinds
Cigarettes and DVD of large shapely nekked behinds

Resentment Grows!
Murder on my Mind!
J.C. Williams From the upcoming book Middle Passage Mind State

Thursday, June 19, 2008

And Now Mr. Pablo Neruda

Sonnet XVII

I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz,or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,in secret, between the shadow and the soul.I love you as the plant that never bloomsbut carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance,risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;so I love you because I know no other waythan this: where I does not exist, nor you,so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep. Pablo Neruda
This is just does it for me. $4.55 for gas $3.04 for a loaf of bread and the Lakers....Damn! Man, we need some real love talk in the world
Be Prayerful! Be Mindful! Be Careful!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Battle of Never Was! Lakers Lose To Celtics!

I stepped outside of my building looking for the true four horsemen of the Apocalypse. I saw nothing purple, I heard no horrifying sounds but I had this uneasy feeling that I just couldn't shake. Disgust! Shame! Oh, the shame!

Like getting caught eating a huge helping of chili cheese fries with extra cheese, onions and chili peppers and a large cherry cola! The burning feeling in your ulcer, chest cavity and tummie. Sure, at first it's heavenly, the aroma, the way the melted Cheddar shimmers off the Styrofoam carton...what, like you don't know!

Don't Judge me!

But then, you're caught! You say, you're gonna change, gonna give it up and go eat a salad, but then the chocadiles ( chocolate covered twinkies) are priced at four for a buck.

Don't judge me!

Then, you see your chocolate smeared, tear stained double chin, in the mirror, and your butta half, did I say butta, I mean better half, shake their head in disgust and you realize you've got a problem but as the burning intensifies in your chest cavity and the Tums no longer work, ya know it's over!

Such is the 2008 Laker run. The battle occurred as I predicted in my earlier posts! It was horrible. The Celtics, in their sickening green costumes, I mean, uniforms, stomping all over the beloved Lakers. They out hustled, out rebounded, out shot and the defense was just too much. The Lakers, didn't even try to slow Rondo down, put a body on Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, how many three pointers were enough?

During the pre season, MVP Kobe Bean Bryant, went on a tirade about how Mitch Kupchek was a terrible GM and Andrew Bynam needed to be traded so they could get an all star and win. Well, he didn't have Bynum tonight! How ironic huh? Bynum developed into a monster then got injured. Salt in the wound dude!

Congrats, to the Boston Celtics and to everyone on that team. Doc Rivers, ya won with class and style. Congrats! Paul Pierce, well thank you for at least not finishing us off at home. Inglewood still loves you man! Ray Allen and KG congrats guys!

Now, Kenny G knew I wasn't gonna be listening to anything he was playing. I had John Coltrane's A Love Supreme on and I countered Kenny G with Branford Marsalis, who although he was angry that the NO Hornets lost in the playoffs, still came to the rescue with technical artistry, original compositions, and a beautiful tenor tone to stave off the evil that is Kenny G. Then I was ambushed at work with a Fabulous freestyle and then almost taken out by a lil Wayne barrage from his current offering of noise. I meditated on Rakim, Melle Mel, and KRS 1 so I wouldn't give into the urge to commit Hire Kiri on myself!
Barney, was countered by Charles Barkley who having defeated Godzilla grabbed a slinky and catapulted Jiggly puff into Barney and Bert and Ernie, and Blue from Blues Clues finished the purple dino thing off. Thank You, Sir Charles! But, Michael Bolton and Yanni were another matter. Michael Bolton didn't go down easy much like some really cheap brown liquor, but luckily Barney fell backwards and landed on Michael Bolton crushing him. We placed an Isley Brother Cd on the body to keep it from rising again and Yanni, well, he got away! But we're looking for him.

So the horsemen were vanquished from this plane of existence at least until the Oasis or the Wave or whatever decides to play them again.
Thanks, to Oscar the grouch, for getting a hold of Barkley cause man, Barney had an army of clowns, mimes and a demented Jack in the box trying to eat me!

Fear no clown!

Again, Congrats to The Celtics! Good Game! And Lakers I look forward to seeing the Laker Girls, I mean watching you guys next year!

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day! Lakers Win Game 5

Well, Happy Father's Day for all the Dad's that's doing it! Biological or integrated into a family. God Bless and Keep You! For all those, who haven't been doing it, for whatever reason, we need you! Get to it!

Maybe, you can only set some money aside for your seeds or you can only take them to the park but take them, damn it! Being a father is about much more than how much money you give, it's about love, guidance, time! It's being an active participant in the game!

So what, you and the Woman can't make it! No excuses! Send a cashier's check, call them and take some groceries over there, that's for your seeds; Do it every week and call them every night, to say good night, and find out what they did that day and how is school, and say I love you! Pray for your children and for yourself and they Mama, so that you can have an active role in their lives. It ain't about you and the Woman! She got a new dude, cool, let them have it!Your kids, that's why you there, and she gave birth to them, so give her that respect always!

And Ladies, that goes the same for you, don't get in the way, of that man, seeing his kids! Unless you know, he puts them in danger! Y'all can't make it, he don't bring enough money, he got a new Woman and you don't like it, that is not a reason to keep him from building a relationship with his kids. Both of y'all you and him need to grow up! Grow Up! Give him, the same respect I told him to give you. He's the father of your seeds!

Now for them Daddies that's in the house, married or maybe y'all haven't taken it down the ailse but you there; You gotta raise them! You gotta be involved, it's your job to teach them of God, about work and responsibility and love and to protect them from those influences that you know will do them harm. It's your job! Happy Dad's day! They say we missing in action! But I know children all over being raised by MEN, Men who took the job even though it wasn't theirs to take and are doing it well. God Bless you!

Scratch That! It's a Man's responsibilty to help guide a child period! That's what Boys and Girls club, Cub Scouts, Pathfinder Scouts, Big Brothers of America, Kappa League all all them are there for. They are there, to tell a child ,Boy or Girl, that they matter and maybe that child, will believe you, and believe in themselves.

Happy Fathers Day! Now get back to work!

Now in other news, The Lake Show pulled out game five at the Staples Center against the scrappy but hated Boston Celtics who stood on the verge of collecting thier seventeen championship banner and unleashing the wrath of the true four horsemen of the apocalypse; Barney The Dinosaur, Kenny G, Michael Bolton and Yanni were once again held back! Whew! Obi Adisa Asad, while he does protest equating the four horsemen with Kenny G and Barney, he quivers a bit still. Hey Lakers! Play defense! That means ya don't let Paul Pierce walk up for a layup when there are three, count them, three Lakers standing there! Take a charge, foul them, tell him a story but keep him away from the basket!

Now for James Hit Man Posey, Hey, Refs! He's fouling the Lakers after the play is over, every time! Ya might wanna do something about it! Remember Defense creates offense! Lakers, Lakers, Lakers, Ray Allen should not be able to walk up to the basket! See earlier paragraph about Paul Pierce!
Happy Dad's Day! My daughter just graduated high School! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Be Mindful! Be Careful! Be Prayerful!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stopping This Bottom Feeding Ghetto MF's Mentality!

I planted a garden in the flowerbed, of the building where I reside and since then, It's been a very real battle to keep it from being destroyed. The flowerbed garden, is on the second floor of my building behind a railing so folks don't fall and go SPLAT!

I planted it to make the building look nice. The building had gone through some turmoil with people selling and moving out, building management had left us for dead by not taking an active interest in the building. So the building after some months and years began to look like shit! And the flowerbeds told the story. The flowers had died, and when I got there, it was just dirt, dead branches, trash, cigarette butts, weeds, and cat poop.
I complained to the association and although they were sympathetic, they were practically powerless and even moreso under assault from a few thugish types that used intimidation and keyed cars and other things when they were angry.
Obviously, It worked, nothing got done. The management company stopped coming out and then they abandoned us. But worse, folks in the building stopped getting involved and it got worse.
So my dumb ass decided to do something about it! I would plant the garden myself!
So, I planted aloe Vera, cactus, spider plants and a few other things. I placed Asian vases with large stems of bamboo at both ends and I grabbed a little doll chair as an ornament and the flowerbed was looking good. It only cost about fifteen dollars and about two hours or sweat. I paid for it out of my own pocket when the building managers didn't or couldn't do it! It was worth it!

I highly recommend gardening to balance and soothe the soul. It makes me feel good. There are folks that don't care and they pour cleaning agents out into the bed, leave broken glass, cigar butts, trash and everything else you can find in any urban garden. Dig, I understand, that goes with the territory.
But tonight, when the garden was damaged, I got angry! I spoke to my wife and my aunt who is visiting. They said just to let it go. " I told you not to decorate it, they would just tear it up!" And there are others who looked at garden and thinking that they're giving good advice, said to me, "Well, you know folks will tear it up! Maybe you shouldn't decorate it!"

Who is this, "They"?

The folks in the building of course! I've painted and scrubbed graffiti from inside the building, tagged by folks in the building. I picked up trash, swept glass, etc.

I noticed that they never actually looked at the garden. They never took the time to enjoy it. To smell it and pray and meditate by it. They never really allowed themselves to admit that it was nice. They've been jaded so long that all they could see is that someone would destroy it and take it away. This is truly, the ghetto mindstate. You won't even let yourself enjoy life a little. My God!

Why? Do i continue to fight? Because, I live there! I don't want to live in a filthy place period!Rent or own! Apathy, is the thing that kills Black progress, more than drugs, alcohol and guns.

Apathy, fuels the attitude of the bottom feeding ghetto mutha-f----! Ya know what I saying. The I don't care, what them Knucka's do, as long as it don't affect me, people! It's a selfish, race defeating attitude, that incubates and spreads to everyone and everything.

You gotta fight this attitude and the people that are infected with it including You! Or else, it won't be long before all the nice things, you saved for, built up or planted are dead! This includes your other, seeds. Your kids!

Can't go to the parks! Can't party nowhere without fear of something happening? Can't go to a decent hospital, grocery store, or sit on the porch and have a drink with a neighbor cause of fear.

You must get involved and combat it. Organize, and plant, clean and create. If your neighborhood does not have an upkeep or beautification program, then as God fearing, spiritually inspired folks, ya gotta start one! And like locusts, termites, ants, rats or other vermin, ya gotta fight BFGMF'S and never let up.

Check for this, if you ask, someone in your building, to help with a beautification project and you hear, Naw, I ain't doing s---t for this place!" This is an infected person and they're contagious! They're jaded, selfish, bitter, hurt or possiblly lazy, triflin, and directly influenced by evil but most of all, contagious!

It does not matter how a person got infected, we have got to be the vaccine, and teach care and prevention or you know what you get when you tolerate BFGMF'S? You get, ya guess it, a ghetto! An outwardly hellish place to live and a place where bitterness, anger, sadness, cruelty, sloth and apathy and hopelessness rule the day!

Nah, I'd rather fight! I don't like it but ya gotta do it. Organize, and report it to the landlords, the building management and the city as a group. Make sure that gardening and maintenance is not allowed to slack or if it has make sure that gets changed. Landlords, can be guilty of this too!

This, will take time, but first, you must change your mindset by not tolerating it period. It means, that you sweep the front, even though it ain't your job! It means, you may have to get a few kids, to pick up trash around the building or help you. Five or ten dollars is a small price to pay for a clean and attractive place to live. I love my people and where I live and I wanna see it thrive!

Only, you can fight Ghetto disease! Change, starts with you, then us!

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!


Friday, June 13, 2008

What the Hell? Game 4!

OK, it's obvious, we are in trouble. We set a record in the first quarter, had them on the ropes by half time and blew our lead and the game by the fourth!
We must play four quarters of defense! Defense creates offense! Defense creates offense! This is a constant and the hated Boston Celtics demonstrated this to the beloved Lakers. Hopefully, they will learn that lesson.
In better news, the supreme court of the United States of America, in a 5-4 decision upheld habeus corpus, stating to Presitrick Bush that you can not detain people indefinitely without trail or a lawyer.
5-4 huh? Oh, it's just an American founding principle. No need to worry now! 4 judges, that voted to not uphold a founding American principle. Nah, no need to worry. It's not like we'll be spying without a warrant or sponsoring a state sponsored religion or wait......Torturing anyone?????
Moving right along, Ward Connelly, is going from state to state, placing deceptively written and named civil rights initiatives on the ballots, to remove affirmative action and racial preferences. Something must be said about a man who continues to pursue a course of action that the majority of his own race is not in agreement with especially when he insists he doing it for the good of everyone.
In California, he led the charge to remove racial consideration in the UC system, got it passed, then tried to remove legacies from consideration only to have that fail like pork flavored cheerios. Hey, Ward! If you do something that hurts Black folks or some other colored folks, they'll help you but if you try to hurt the rich and powerful then they'll squash you!
I believe that he's being paid an awful lot of dough. Sambo sell outs usually are. Why haven't Black folks made this dude move? Or shown up at this dude's job or house? Just asking....
Be Careful! Be Mindful! Be Prayerful!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lakers, Celtics, Game 3 And they didn't recognize Kareem!

It was a must win for the Lake Show, down 2 zip to the hated Boston Celtics and they came through in fine style. They hustled, they played defense, they got hosed on alot of calls as the hungry Kevin Garnett, continually set an illegal screen that the refs didn't notice until almost the end of the fourth quarter.

I began watching this game with a cold spot in my stomach, hearing faint strains of Kenny G and seeing Barney smile, as he prepped the other two horsemen for Armageddon or worse, a concert!

Then, I heard that Kareem was turned away in Boston the game before. They didn't recognize him. Who? Kareem, Kareem Abdul Jabarr, the all time leading scorer in the games history! Kareem, six time MVP, Kareem, owner of five rings with the Lakers during the leagues most successful period, owner of another ring with the Bucks, Kareem, world renowned author, Kareem, Yoga and Jeet Kun do practitioner, friend of Bruce Lee, actor at the top of the Pagoda in Lee's last film, The Game of Death! The greatest college basketball player in history, UCLA Bruin, Baby, that Kareem, co pilot in Airplane, the movie; You didn't recognize that Kareem? Hell, Naw!

The League should be outraged that the legends who made it possible for some snotty nosed kid on the door to have a job and a team to cheer for are being disrespected in this way. The league needs to show an all Mikan, Jabaar, Russell, Walton, Dawkins, Erving, Wilt, tutorial to remind folks what greatness truly is. But even more than that the league needs to buy a million copies of each of Kareem's books and give them to schools and to fans in the stands, and say we are sooooo sorry Cap, we are sooooo sorry Mr. Bill Russell!

This is just one more reason why Boston must be defeated. No respect for Kareem! Mr. Bill Russell would be welcomed into the Staples Center as he is an eleven time NBA Champion, an Olympian, a scholar from San Francisco State, the NBA's first Black coach, and from what I understand, a pretty nice dude!

Mr. Russell, if you are ever disrespected at Staples, I can't afford a ticket for you, but I'll buy you a couple a hot dogs and some nachos too! Bet!

Play Hard!
Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!


Monday, June 9, 2008

Yoga, A Path To Health!

Years ago, my friends Mama told me a story of how she once took her daughter out of a pre-school because the teacher and staff began teaching the children Yoga.

As a Christian she felt that this was necessary to protect her child from what she felt was a different, unchristian doctrine and influence, and today there are probally alot of folks from all different walks who still feel that way. They don't understand Yoga and the physical benefits or meditation and how it can complement there life no matter their spirtual practice.

First, Yoga like all the martial sciences, tai chi, Kung Fu and Karate all have eastern religious philosophies but all these physical exercises are designed and capable of including any religious thought or none at all. The arts themselves promote tolerance, physical fitness, mental stamina and clarity and spiritual awakening and awareness. They link the body and mind and energize the spirit. A good Christian believer needs mental clarity and physical fitness and flexibility, just as much as a non Christian believer but a non Christian believer is often taught tolerance and an appreciation of other people and their faiths whereas Christians are not always tolerant and should emulate these qualities. I always felt it was kinda stupid that most Christians I met would look down on meditation and yoga and other martial sciences when healthy but have a heart attack and then start meditation, tai chi, wearing copper bands, and change their diets to include vegetarian dishes. But God's eight natural health laws are universal! I believe that the Patriarch Abraham, the Chaldean, used a martial science to remain fit and all the Abrahamic religions included at least one. There is evidence that this is correct as there is Egyptian Kemetic Yogas, The asanas, Tai Chi and several others in the histories. I believe it is only Western thought that has discouraged all things Eastern, all things Afrikan from it's canon of thought and practice including History, religious thought and medicine. What a shame! It's time to change this. Try it, try something and live happier and healthier. Long life, without good health is a curse!

This is a great outward demonstration of God's eight natural health laws. Mediation and prayer, Exercise, fresh air, fresh water, proper nutrition, proper rest and temperance. This is right here in LA maybe you will try it or something like it soon.

Be Careful! Be Mindful! Be Prayerful!


Lakers, Celtics! Game 2 Ugly yet amazing!

What the hell?????

The Lake show entered game 2 looking listless and uninspired. Did they not know it was game 2 and they lost game 1 in the hated Fleet Center? Of course, they did but they sure as hell didn't play like it! Where was the hustle in the first three and a half quarters? Sure the hometown refs weren't calling any fouls for the Lake Show as they were hacked to pieces by the hated Boston Celtics but even so....where was the rebounding, the post presence? The cutting to the basket? Where Damn It? Where?

It wasn't there. We didn't post underneath, we shot from the outside, we didn't control the offensive or defensive glass and I sat next to a bold Boston Celtics fan in a Laker room and she was the only one cheering.

Didn't she know she was a Celtic fan and she should feel dirty and ashamed of herself?

She didn't and she wasn't wrong but the Lakers should feel dirty and ashamed because they are the better basketball team and they let the Celtics believe the lie that they are actually in the same class. Shame on the Lakers for that!

But I'm sure by game three, Phil, Brian, Kurt, Kareem, Frank, Jim and Ted will have worked out the problem. Here's a suggestion...If the starters aren't hustling then put in the bench team especially since they're one of the main reasons we're here anyway. Just a suggestion.

Play hard!

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lakers Lose Game 1 Barney The Face of Fear!

Paul Pierce, the Inglewood expat, led an absolutely inspiring effort for the hated Boston franchise. He's from City of Champions, Inglewood, CA, and he represented well, albeit for the Celtics! Yuck!
Remember, it is Imperative that the LAKERS win or The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Barney see left photo, Kenny G, Michael Bolton and Yanni will wreak havoc on us all!
Now, in real news, Mildred Beaubrun's killers are still loose! Hey, don't protect them fools! The hood is outraged at what they did and they're benefiting from it's protection! They killed her cause she wouldn't give them a phone number! Don't protect them! We owe them nothing except a fair trail. Period!

Be Mindful!, Be Prayerful! Be Careful!


Friday, June 6, 2008

Yaaaaah Obama!

Well, it's almost safe to say that Barack Obama is the Democratic parties nominee for President. Just another long overdue first but still, well, I can't jump up and down cause it should have happened long ago. But Barack's got it so now what?

Now, comes the real work! Not so long ago we gave the democrats control of congress and what did they do with it? Nothing! A big friggin donut!


The war in Iraq is still going and the Dems did nothing but talk about how they couldn't stop it!
Bush and Cheney were not brought up on charges. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, CA, another first, repeatedly stated that impeachment was not on the table! Why not?

Gas is $4.59 a gallon today in California so what the hell are the Dems doing? The housing crisis is getting bigger, the country's infrastructure is collapsing from decades of neglect. People all over the country are out of work while freeways are crumbling, bridges are falling down, forests need to be planted and cared for. The Democrats should be dusting off every FDR program that we have and restarting it!

GM Corp is laying off tens of thousands and Exxon Mobil and the other oil companies are making the largest profit margins ever, while we're paying $4.59 a gallon when we could be and should be rationing fuel because we are in a state of emergency!

So what's that have to do with Obama? He'll fix it when he gets into office, just be patient! Bulls**t!

Do you remember how the Republicans hemmed up Bill Clinton's presidency? How he couldn't get any federal judges confirmed, how he couldn't even get a fair hearing on Lani Guinneer's nomination? Do you remember how the Republicans pursued Whitewater harder than congress pursued Watergate when in the grand scheme of the savings and loan scandal Whitewater wasn't even a blip!

Do you remember how a federal judge allowed a sitting president to be sued in civil court while performing the duties of the presidency and ultimately impeached him for lying about adultery when that didn't have anything to do with the job of the presidency? Remember?

Nancy Pelosi why isn't impeachment on the table for this president when there's enough evidence to say that he lied about Iraq, he and his administration have abused the Patriot Act, denied human rights across the board at Abu Gharib and Guantanamo Bay, spied on Americans without a warrants, harassed enviormental groups critical of the administration and shown contempt of congress.

Why is impeachment off the table?

But heeeey I'm supposed to celebrate dude being the first African in America to be nominated by a major party for the presidency huh? Hush!
Y'all know that unless he has democrats who will back his agenda in congress and in the senate then he won't be able to get anything done!
We need people in the congress and the senate who will back Obama's policies, his judicial choices, and any policies that he might change or implement! Too many democrats are just twins of the republicans!
That's why the democrats can't persuade the republicans cause they think too much alike. They're rich, White and out of touch with the majority of America; Multi ethnic, multicultural and working class not middle class!

John McCain is old but that's not the real problem, his politics and his political philosophy is cause he ascribes to a dead economic theory, and he still sees the world like it's 1958! He will never live to see the true effects of his policies if he is elected. That takes twenty to thirty years and dude's eighty! He can't be held responsible! Ya can't elect him! But what's the worst thing about him is that he is the status quo!

We need to get rid of the status quo in the house, senate and the presidency! This includes democrats stuck in 1958 too! Litmus test, Multimillionaire, receives most of their election money from the military industrial complex, the Prison complex, pacs or the unions just to keep the status quo!

Our chant should be Stat Quo gotsta go! Or Barack will not only be just a first but worst a token!

People are still smarting from Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and the Gulf states and we still got people living in trailers! Fidel Castro has outlived more than five presidents. He outlived the USSR! We are still using an embargo that failed more than three decades ago. Stop pissing down a hole and change strategy. Castro is there cause he got rid of our puppet! Change and start working with Cuba so we can bring them into line with the rest of the world and hopefully as an ally. Gone are the days when gangsters used it as their whorehouse, liquor haven, casino! Stop listening to the lobby in Miami who was thrown out with the mob and Baustista. They oppressed the people and they ain't going back to that!

We got rid of Saddam but again he was our boy. The Shah of Iran died and the villainous Ayatollah came on the scene but again, the Shah was our boy and we looked the other way, when he oppressed his people and Khomeini is the fruit of that! Pinochet killed for forty years cause we failed at diplomacy in Chile. Mobutu caused much suffering cause we played around in Congo's politics! Time to change. What we've done hasn't worked! McCain is just living proof of a bunch of brain dead philosophies!

Electing Obama is great, but give the man the tools to do the job or he'll be worse than a failure; He'll be a token!

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mildred Beaubrun Murdered!

As a father of a lovely young woman, abuse of a lady pisses me the eff off, but the murder of one shakes me to the core. I read about this young lady, Mildred Beaubrun and how she rebuffed a group of dudes in a car trying to get her number. According to the article they were disrespectful and she was a lady so she wasn't buying it. Then these demons shot her and she died later. I'm glad the Orlando Sentinel covered the story and Black Sapience, my fellow blogger, posted it as have others but this needs to be front page news, covered everyday until those folks are caught and jailed!

Mercy on their Mama's for what they've done! But these dudes must be caught and punished their crimes!

How many other people did they hurt that evening? How much suffering have they created since that faithful night? Her blood cries out for justice!
But my voice cries for her now!
Blessed are they that are in the first Resurection. Book of Revelation

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Four Horsemen Defamed! Really?

Obi asks what have Death, War, Pestilence and famine ever done to me to be compared to Kenny G, Yanni, Barney the Dinosaur and Michael Bolton? He feels that Death, War, Famine and Pestilence have been insulted unfairly; Do you agree? I DON'T!
Ya see, death, Famine, War and Pestilence will have some MERCY because they will END!
MB, BTD, KAY G and Yanni never end! They Never END! They lurk in the shadows, swallowing whole formats of great music and transforming them into hours of tedious, torturous boring dreck!

This is bad enough but now they spawn a legion of clones, each spewing their own brand of carbon copied( not a contradiction) dreck! Great acts of evil can occur if they are unleashed. It will be like being stuck in an elevator all the TIME! But I digress.....The Lakers must win!

I suggest we all cross everything! Fingers, Toes, Locks...Everything! And if we have re runs of the Electric Company, Vegetable Soup and Zoom play them or Barney will come and eat us ALLLLLL!
You Think I'm maaaaaaaaad!
Don't You?
Well I'm not!
I'm NOT!
You know you gotta a Kenny G cd, or tape somewhere in your home and remember how it made you feel? Sure, it was nice the first time you listened to Song Bird again but then after listening a few more times you started drinking again, didn't you! Didnt You! You know you should take that tape and smash it! but you can't can you? Evil has a face! Like Clowns it smiles!
It Smiles Damn it!

Remember in the dark ages Bozo was allowed to run loose too long and look what happened!
NIXON! REAGAN! BUSH QUAYLE! The Gas Crisis! Disco! Polyester Fabrics!
Learn Damn It! How many photos lie hidden somewhere in a box marked do not open ever?
Remember the geometrically disasterous hairstyles and colors of the ninties? The fashion faux pas of the eighties? If it wasn't for Rakim and Chuck D where would we be?
Look what happenned to Flavor Flav??? He's even worse but now I think he's on their side!
......Sorry, I was in the corner crying and sucking my thumb in a fetal position but I digress!

Be Prayerful! Be Mindful! Be Careful!