Monday, August 30, 2010

Just say God! Glen Beck and his March!

So called Conservative Pundit Glen Beck

Definition of COUNTERFEIT Merriman Webster Online Dictionary

Coun·ter·feit adj \ˈkau̇nt-ər-ˌfit\
1: made in imitation of something else with intent to deceive : forged

2a : insincere, feigned b : imitation
This past weekend So called Conservative Pundit Glen Beck invoked images of Dr. Martin Luther King and the March on Washington for Jobs and Social Justice as he spoke at a rally of so called conservatives.  I will only focus on one aspect of his speech.  "We have forgotten God, we have to get back to God!"  
As a child growing up in the Seventh Day Adventist Christian Church we were taught that the preachers of the day would use this language and that it would signal the coming of the Anti Christ or for those familiar with this blog the "Counterfeit Christ". It would be a precursor to State Sponsered Enforcement of Religion or more acturately a State Sponsered Religion and a persecution of those who would not follow the States religion. (SUNDAY WORSHIP)
"We have forgotten God, we have to get back to God!"
I'm not gonna spell out Seventh Day Adventist Theology or give a Bible Study on the Truth about Sunday (1st Day) Worship or the Creation Sabbath (7th Day).  Nah! That's another post. But I would say this about Glen Beck.  You are NOT Dr. King, and while some would compare your march to his, they would be mistaken! Yes! You both had a march. Yes! You both spoke in Washington. That's where the similarities end!
Mr. Beck, when Past President Bush started the Iraq War based on faulty info why weren't you calling for God then? When the so called Middle Class was shrinking and the divide between the RICH and POOR was growing larger and larger every day. You weren't hollering bout GOD!
 When Katrina happened and American Citizens were Homeless, Jobless and scattered across the wind due to faulty levies and neglect by the United States Army Corp of Engineers, You were Not fighting for those citizens! You were Not calling for the heads of those Engineers, State heads and etc responsible! When Bush and Co neglected them for over five days You didn't criticize them!
When 20 years of Phill Gramm inspired economic thinking and de regulation finally helped to collapse the US Economic System! You didn't cry out for oversight or regulation or even Jail for those responsible.  In fact you still supported them! YOU are still supporting them NOW!
So why God now? In my Bible God says that what you do unto the least of these you do unto ME! He was speaking of the poor.  Are you an avocate of the poor now Glen? I hope I can call you Glen.
So what Book are you reading and what God are you saying we need to get back to?  You mean more of those good ole fashion family values that the Republicans promote but don't follow themselves?
Newsflash for you Glen! Black Folks have always Been Back to God! You don't speak for us and Guess what? You don't speak to us either! You don't speak for the AMERICAN People! Wanna Get right with the God (IAM) start doing for the poor. Stop your hateful rhethoric towards President Obama and try to work with him. Encourage your Republican friends to do the same for once! Hey if you desire to live a real righteous life, steeped in the principles of God (IAM)  then Go ahead on Glen! But right now you just another one of a long line of Republican jackels who have invoked the name of God  and point a certain segment towards a false idol of God (IAM) whenever it was politically necessary.
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Friday, August 27, 2010

President Obama is NOT a Muslim!

President Obama and United Church of Christ Pastor Jeremiah Wright

President Barack Obama is a Christian! Why? How do I know? He declares it! He has a twenty year membership in a respected, well known and credible congregation that can attest that he is a member of that church. They can also attest to what kind of member he was, that he paid tithes, which are tax deductible, and that he was baptized.  They have records that he was married in his church.  He is a Christian! He is not a Muslim! I repeat he is NOT a Muslim and this non sense should not be entertained anymore!

President Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a Muslim! 

President Obama's Father was! Some of his Family and Friends are as well.  So what?

What's wrong with being a Muslim?  The Honorable United States Congressman Keith Ellison is a Muslim.  He was sworn in on Thomas Jefferson's copy of the Noble Quran. He's an American born Black dude from Detroit who converted to Dar Al Islam, wears Brooks Brother Suits, and did not change his legal name to an Arabic surname!

As a Christian who has studied Dar Al-Islam for years including the writings of Moorish Science Temple Prophet Noble Drew Ali and Nation of Islam Founder Elijah Muhammad and National Spokesman Louis Farrakhan's I have discovered a lot of good in the religion.  It was because of  my studies of Dar Al-Islam that I made a firm decision to BE a Christian in more than name only.  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam has been a firm fixture in the Afrikan American community for decades encouraging Black folks to study our history and judge all religions with a critical eye.  The Minister also has a proven track record of reaching out to the Orthodox Islamic communities worldwide but also, of being critical of them as well as Christian Leaders. 

What do Muslims believe?  Not the So called Black Muslims but Muslims period?

There are Five Pillars of Faith in Dar Al Islam

1. Faith Muslims believe in the God of Abraham, (IAM, Jehovah, Yahweh)  Issac, Jacob and Ishmael whom they call Allah. They accept the divine ordination of the Prophet Muhammad, that he received the Quran (The Recitation) directly from the Angel Gabriel and that he is the Last Prophet in the same divine Lineage as Moses, Abraham and Jesus.  Muslims believe that the Quran (the Recitation) is the last revelation from God (IAM) that includes the Torah, New Testament (Injeel) and Psalms (Zaburs).  To be a Muslim one must declare Shahada. "There is NO God except Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger."

During the 7th Century when the Prophet Muhammad would meet Jews and Christians he would study and pray with them. He would learn from them.  The Christian Church of the 7th Century was disorganized with  most Christians who not understanding correct Christian theology. Alot of the Christians of that time did not know exactly what they believed.  There were several different Gospels used. There was no orthodoxy.  This, I believe led the Prophet to question the accuracy of the Gospels including the beliefs in the Trinity and Jesus as the So called "Son" of God!

2.  Prayer: Muslims pray to Allah five different times a day.Prayers are said at dawn, mid-day, late-afternoon, sunset and nightfall, and thus determine the rhythm of the entire day. These five prescribed prayers contain verses from the Qur'an, and are said in Arabic, the language of the Revelation. Personal supplications, however, can be offered in one's own language and at any time. Although it is preferable to worship together in a mosque, a Muslim may pray almost anywhere, such as in fields, offices, factories and universities. Oftentimes visitors to the Muslim world are struck by the centrality of prayers in daily life.

3.  Zakah:  Christians, for example, are required to give 10% of their earnings in Tithes and offerings. Muslims have the obligation of Zakah or Alms. These are monies that support the work of Al-Islam and the charities to the people.

4.  Ramadan:  Fasting during the month of Ramadan the obligation of every Muslim. Ramadan is the month that the first verses of the Noble Quran (The Recitation) were revealed.  Muslims, if they are over the ages of 9 and are healthy are required to abstain from food and drink during the daylight hours until sunset.  Muslims break the fast on Eid (The Night of Power) when the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.  It is a time of growth, renewal and celebration.

5.  Hajj:  The Pilgrimage to Mecca is to be made by all Muslims who are able at least once in a Muslims lifetime. All definitions courtesy of the world wide web.

So, now that you have learned a little bit about this great religion what's so bad about it? Don't sound so spooky to be a Muslim now do it?  We all know several Muslims in our communities that are well balanced, honorable righteous people and it's wrong to defame them and their faith.  Without the Moors and Berbers of North Afrika Europe would never have come out of the Dark Ages and had it's Renaissance.  The aqua duct was built by the Moors and Berbers to ferry Snow from the Pyrenees Mountains down into Italy for fresh water.  Europe received education, built libraries, advances in hygiene and medicine from the Moors who ruled for almost 1000 years.  So the next time you read that Bible or recite cleanliness is next to Godliness give the nod to those Afrikans. But I digress.....

What Pundits and some of the American Public really mean when they say President Obama's a Muslim is that he is somehow wrong for America.  He's not White! He's Not White and no matter how color blind HE's is WE (America ) are NOT!

What is important about President Obama is that he is a good man trying to be a good President to all of the people.  He tries to be fair and honest.  I really don't care if that's because of his Religious faith! Do you? I 'm just glad that he's trying.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Court Determines Georgia Inmate Troy Davis Can Be Executed!

Death Row Inmate Troy Davis

The United States Supreme Court declined to hear the case of Georgia State Death Row Inmate Troy Davis turning the case back over to the United States District Court to determine Mr. Davis's innocence.  Mr. Davis was convicted of a 1989 murder of an off-duty police officer.  Since Mr. Davis's conviction 7 of 9 witnesses against Mr. Davis have recanted their testimony.  The court was issued the directive to determine if Mr. Davis could have been found Innocent during his trail.  The courts on every level have determine that Mr. Davis received a fair trail.  The real question ,though that the court has refused to answer is does receiving a so called fair trail mean that the jury and court made the right decision? 

Why does that matter Mista Jaycee? Courts have hundreds of cases and they can't be expected to go back and second guess themselves every time there's a problem can they?

I believe it does because the courts entire purpose ultimately is Justice! Other than justice for the accused and the accuser the courts have no other purpose.  It is my opinion that the so called Law and Order school of thought has run amok.  Yes, Mr. Davis may have received a so called "Fair" trail.  There may be no obvious signs of prosecutorial misconduct, witness tampering or racism in order for the court to grant a new trail but since Mr. Davis's conviction was weighed on so called eye witness testimony and those witnesses have proven unreliable the system must stop it process.  Mr. Davis should not be executed when more than half of his eye witnesses have recanted. One stated that he lied!

United States District Court Judge William Moore issued a 176 page opinion surmising that though 7 of the 9 witnesses have recanted it does not demonstrate Mr. Davis's innocence.  He received a fair trail. There is nothing that Mr. Davis's Lawyers has done to demonstrate that the trail result would been different."

 That's the problem with dogmatic thinking.  It all adds up on paper. It's neat but it's still WRONG! As far as Law and Order is concerned the system worked correctly.  But in the interests of JUSTICE the system has FAILED! 7 of 9 witnesses recanted! SEVEN OF NINE! NOT one! SEVEN OF NINE!

Judge Moore LIFE does not operate by the numbers.  You can't wrap everything up in a nice lil package and be done.  LIFE has weighed in and determined that the scales are not balanced! You are found wanting....

7 of 9 witnesses! Mr. Davis's sentence should be vacated even if it's extraordinary circumstances. He should be given a new trail. He can't be tried for murder but he can be tried. The court has the opportunity to present it's evidence and get a conviction if it's able or Mr. Davis should be released.  He SHOULD NOT BE EXECUTED!

Justice Demands that you DO more than just seek it! YOU must work for it! Free Troy Davis!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Long Beach Poet/Author Sequoia Neff Finalist for Woman of the Year!

Poet/Author Sequoia Neff

The Long Beach Press Telegram reported that Long Beach Poet/Author Sequoia Neff has been nominated Woman of the Year is now one of three finalists for the honor. She was recently interviewed in a Kongo Square Chat with Mista JayceeMista and Mrs. Jaycee and A Choice of Weapons would like to offer our congratulations to Mrs. Neff. Congratulations on your nomination and on the success of your poetry collection "The Diary of a Woman" and the continued success of all the Student/Athletes you coach in the Long Beach No Limit Track Club.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kongo Square Chat with Sequoia Neff

Jaycee:  Welcome to our latest Kongo Square Chat. This week I am honored to feature Poet/Writer Sequoia Neff who's just released her first collection of poetry, "The Diary of a Woman".  Welcome to A Choice of Weapons and thanks for sharing with us at our Kongo Square Chat. 

Sequoia Neff: Thank You for having me.

Jaycee: Believe me the pleasure is mine.  Congrats on your collection of poetry. Is this your first release or have your been published before?

Sequoia Neff:  This is my first poetry publication, actually my background is in music. I've been writing songs and lyrics for years.

Jaycee:  So how did the "Diary of Woman" come about?

Sequoia Neff: I've always written poetry. It started with my Mom and my Grandmother who both encouraged me to write. I've been writing since I was about eight years old. So, I was writing about things that are close to my heart and my Husband was the one who said that I needed to put these poems in a book. 

Jaycee: Is "Dairy of a Woman" a new Feminist manifesto?

Sequoia Neff: When I named the collection "The Diary of a Woman" I thought about what that title may invoke but no it's not feminist poetry, it's my personal story. This is poetry that I would hope that my Daughter and Sons would read.  These are the stories of my Sisters, My Mother, Grandmother, my friends. You don't have to BE a Woman to enjoy my poetry or relate to the stories in the collection cause Men will find that they can relate to these stories too.

"Daddy's Little Girl"
Excerpts from The Diary of a Woman

I have never experienced any Father/Daughter traditions
I was never Daddy's little girl
because you denied me a Father from the moment I entered the world
But I know, that I'm worth someone loving, even if, to you I don't belong
though your words left unspoken, left my heart broken it gave me reason to be strong...

Jaycee: Whew! Cool, I thought It was gonna be a real Man basher! (Laughter)

Sequoia Neff: Noooooo! (Laughter) It's not a Man basher! The poems share a strong Woman's opinion and tell a true story. That's the important part.  If I write a poem about a relationship gone bad, It's not bashing Men cause a Woman wrote it! The reader can feel the power and truth in the words that surpasses gender.

Jaycee: What inspires you to write?
"First Love"
Excerpts from The Diary of a Woman

I was hanging out with some friends when you approached me
I could tell you liked what you saw they way you looked at me
Cracked a few jokes and made a Sister giggle, said you just wanted to hang but I knew you wanted
wiggle.  I didn't want to seem forward, so I gave a little chase
but you put forth the effort, so I gave you a little taste

Sequoia Neff:  Everything! I grew up reading everything. My Mother and Grandmother encouraged me to read everything, to look around and take in everything so it comes out in my writing.

Jaycee: Who are some of your favorite poets or writers? 

Sequoia Neff: Well, I've read Langston Hughes but I can't say that I read one specific poet or type of poetry.  I think that what I have written is wholly original.  It's raw and unique.

Jaycee: Well, upon reading a few of your pieces and listening to you recite a few. I hear Sonia Sanchez's style cadence in your work. Your visuals are very earthly and powerful. Had your listened or read Sonia?

"I Remember"
Excerpt from the Diary of a Woman

I remember when I first met you
The tingly feeling when you touched me
the anticipation of you making love to me
I was so into you....

I remember when I first fell in love
the void I felt when you weren't around me
So happy that you found me I couldn't get enough...

Sequoia Neff: No, I haven't. Writing is something that I've always done, that's why I say my style if I have one is original because I didn't study the forms or attempt to pattern myself in a style or like another poet. Does that make sense?

Jaycee: Actually, it does.  Your method is wholly organic.  Cool! So what's next?

Sequoia Neff: Well, I've really been promoting the book.  I'm thankful because the response has been amazing! 

Jaycee: So, will we be seeing another poetry collection or perhaps some fiction?

Sequoia Neff:  I coach the kids on the Long Beach No Limit Track Club and I dedicate alot of time to that but I have a few musical projects that I will be involved in. I hope to have them released soon. (I am working on a "part 2" to  "The Diary of a Woman" and I will be including other woman writers, and they will tell their story. I am also working on a novel right now)

Jaycee: Sequoia, thank you for sharing with us at the Kongo Square Chat.  Blessings to you and your family. Where can folks grab the book?

Sequoia Neff: You can purchase the book through or if you have a Facebook page, you can order through my profile page on Facebook. Also please check out the Long Beach No Limit Track Club, out website is Our athletes are between the ages of 5-17 all donations are appreciated!


This is Mista Jaycee signing off until next time.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

All Poetry contained in this interview is Copyright of Sequoia Neff.  All Rights Reserved. All interviews and material contained in A Choice of Weapons is Copyright and property of Mista Jaycee. All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission only.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Abbey Lincoln: Throw It Away

Prop 8 keeps coming back like a rash!

Voters in the State of California voted to define the institution of Marriage as a Union between one Man and one WOMAN and outlaw Marriages between citizens of the same sex.  Now the courts have declared that it's unconstitutional and struck it down or granted a stay on striking it down or whatever.  What surprises me is voter outrage! It seems that the majority always feels that it's rights should be honored irregardless of the State or Countries history of protecting the Minorities right against the tyranny of the majority.

Long time readers of A Choice of Weapons know that I am against Prop 8.  I am a Biblical Faith Believer and have a church home.  I am married and happy about it.  That said, Prop 8 was wrong! Why? Two gay Men or Women would like to marry and enjoy all the benefits of being married. They are of legal age. 18 and above. They pay taxes, work and are citizens of the State and Country.  The State in my opinion has no right to infringe upon that right.  What is the state or majorities justification? Judeo/Christian Church law? We are not under Church law and we Shouldn't be.  Other than some religious prejudice and sentiment what practical reasoning is there to justify denying a Gay couples right to legally marry? None!

I decided to read up on the history of marriage in America.  In 1862, Congress proposed the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act clarifying marriage and outlawing polygamy.  What? Marriage had to be defined? You mean that regular heterosexual Men and Women did not have a defined legal definition of marriage? The Church wedding was not enough? No! And it never was. Why? Because it was not the only Church. In fact, it wasn't until 1878 that the Supreme Court settled the matter in Reynolds versus United States.

There are other religious faiths and sects that have different views on polygamy, for example? Throughout history Christian nations have allowed plural marriage for different reasons. War for example.  The German Religious reformer Martin Luther observed that one nobles was in a constant state of fornication and adultery and allowed him to take a second wife.  There was controversy among the people about this decision and it was kept secret.  So heterosexual couples and the institution of marriage had to be defined. Rules had to be set up! Fair rules! Now, Mormons in my opinion should be allowed to have multiple Wives and Husbands cause it's part of their religion. That sets it apart from the mass majority who have different views on it.

So back to allowing Homosexual couples to marry.  Is marriage really threatened as an institution if Gay Couples are allowed to legally marry?  Why? Can a Pastor or Religious institution refuse to marry or officiate over the ceremony? Of course they can refuse! Now, if an institution is accepting Federal or States monies then they may lose it! That may piss some off but it's true and right! They may lose their tax exception. What may be the remedy? Pastors stop officiating ceremonies and this is left to the states.

But I'm jumping the gun. There is no reason other than bigotry why this law was even proposed.  That's right BIGOTRY! Judeo/Christian/Islamic religious thinking condemns homosexually as a Sin. Ir speaks to our fear and/or loathing of homosexuals.  That said it should not matter to State Law. Why? If God (IAM) is upset then let God (IAM) deal with that and that individual.

I only have two things that I feel should be required concerning a legal same sex marriage.  The sex of spouse. Partner Spouse should be used in lieu of Husband and Wife. That is denotes Male and Female. (B) If a Man divorces his Partner and gets married again, to a Female for example, I think the Female should be able to check if He has been married before and TO WHOM! That way everyone knows what pools they been dippin in dig?

Let Everyone Marry Who want to!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Friday, August 13, 2010

LA County Sheriff Annouces Body Found in Malibu Canyon Ravine is Richardson

Student Matrise Richardson

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca held a press conference to announce that skeletal remains found in a Malibu Canyon ravine were those of missing student Matrise Richardson

Richardson had been missing since being released from the Lost Hills division on foot between twelve and two in the morning.  I found the press conference to be distasteful! Sheriff Lee Baca proclaimed that there was no sign of foul play and declared it was not a homicide. He also proclaimed that we may never know what happened? Really? How did you come to these conclusions? Please share! Are you a forensic scientist Sheriff Baca? Perhaps, you feel due to your many years of law enforcement experience that you can tell with the naked eye signs of foul play.  Isn't that the coroner's job to determine and announce if it is a homicide?  I'm just asking! So, then for the record, the Coroner's office has not announced any findings other than the remains belong to Matrise Richardson. 

I think it would have been interesting if the press had asked Sheriff Baca yesterday why the Sheriff's account seems so sketchy.  I would like to have asked why after Ms. Richardson was arrested was she released between midnight and two in the morning?  Is this common procedure? If she was arrested, then was she read her Miranda rights, why was she not held over for a bail hearing?

The Sheriff says that she was offered a ride but refused.  Really? Didn't Ms. Richardson have her own vehicle?  Where is it? Where was it? Is it policy to release arrestee's at midnight or later? Was Ms. Richardson allowed to make a phone call? The Sheriff says that the offer was made.  Where are the phone records of this call? The Sheriff states that it's phone system was being worked on? Not to doubt their veracity but how convenient! Ms. Richardson had no purse or cell phone according to the Sheriff, but she had id right? She had to right? Or else why would the Sheriff allow her to leave with no id?  I was told that it's against the law to walk around with NO ID. So it doesn't make sense that she was released with no ID by law enforcement. 

It makes no sense that she was even allowed to leave on foot in MALIBU CANYON at night! The Sheriff says it told her she could stay in the lobby but she refused.  Really? Why was she released from jail again? Why was she released at two in the morning? Where was her car and purse? Why couldn't she make a phone call?  What door did she walk out of and what direction was she walking in? She was arrested for failure to pay a bill.  There were two people listed on the receipt, where is the second person? Who was the second person? Where is the record of their interview?

Just on a side note! Why wasn't Ms. Richardson treated like every other high profile missing person's case? JC Duggard, Natalie Holloway....for example? They received nightly coverage from several different media outlets.

Something Stinks!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Wasn't Gonna Post This One but I GOTZ To!

A White Man has never been executed for the rape of Black Woman in American History but a Black Man has been executed for the rape of a White Woman. Black Men have been convicted of the murder of a Police Officer and sentenced to be executed for that murder but history does not bear witness to a White Police Officer being charged with Murder and convicted of it in a State Court.

No, the Federal Goverment usually charges a defendent with violating our civil rights and they are convicted in Federal Court of that but NOT MURDER! Then, they or their departments are charged money for it!

Oscar Grant, was killed while being arrested, on the BART transit train platform in Oakland, CA. He was lying face down and shot in the back! Videos of the arrest and shooting were caught on tape. The Officer was arrested, charged with murder and the venue of his trail was changed to Los Angeles. The jury had no Black Folks on it! NONE! There was one juror who declined to state their race! If they were Black, MIXED or otherwise, it stil sux! The Officer was not convicted of MURDER! He was convicted of the lesser offense of Involutary manslaughter! Once again as in the FEDERAL cases, wronged Black folks were given the LESSER!


Why are you reducing this to RACE Mista Jaycee?  WHY YOU PLAYING THE RACE CARD MISTA JAYCEE? I'm not playing! This IS about Race! Playing the race card is about using our REAL AMERICAN SHARED HISTORY as an excuse or a ploy to deflect away from the truth.  This is NOT a case of PLAYING the RACE CARD! This is about the EXECUTION of a Black dude named OSCAR GRANT by a white POLICE OFFICER who may have intended to tase him but shot him in the back instead.

I have a problem with the so called taseing explanation.  Oscar Grant was lying face down begging the officer not to tase him.  An amatuervideo recording showed Grant lying face down begging the officer "Please Don't tase me!" So, you mean to say you meant to do it anyway officer? Why? Oscar was face down. Instead you mistook your service weapon as the taser gun and shot him in the back.  It doesn't add up! A taser gun and a 380/41/44/45/9MM hand weapon DO NOT resemble one another.  They DO NOT Feel the same! They don't!  The story does not add up.  You were breaking up a fight! You got mad! The arrestee is lying face down without a weapon and not/or no longer resisting arrest. You meant to tase him! WHY? No! You may not have meant to MURDER HIM Officer! You meant to TORTURE HIM but not MURDER HIM!

You should be in jail for MURDER! Why? Cause that's what you did! Well AMERICAN JUSTICE protects you from being tried twice for MURDER, that's good for you! But here's to JUSTICE being served in court for you anyway not just for OSCAR but for every COP who makes an arrest. FOR every person who is arrested. None of us want to go through this bull shit again, unfortunately, this is America and we always come back to this bullshit again.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Body in Malibu Ravine may be remains of Mitrese Richardson

Student Mitrese Richardson

The unidentified remains of a body were found in a Malibu ravine that may be those of missing student Matrise Richardson.  The student disappeared after being released by the Los Angeles Country Sheriff/Lost Hills division on foot following an arrest.  She was never seen again.  There have been recent reports of unconfirmed sightings in the Las Vegas area.  Let's hope that Mitrese is still alive. Our prayers are with her and her Family.
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan Mubarak!

Muslims fast abstaining from food, drink and sexual activity during the Dawn to Sunset during the holy month of Ramadan.  Muslims like Jews use the lunar calendar so the celebration happens at slightly different times each year.  The Prophet Muhammed (Peace to all the Prophets) recieved the revelation of the Quran during this month. It is a time for prayer and atonement.  To my Muslim Family! Ramadan Mubarak! Allah U Akbar! (Happy Ramadan! God is Great!)

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shaquille O'Neal Signs Nefarious Pact!

The Big Diesil! The Big Number! Superman! John Henry Irons! Steel! Shaq FU! How could you? Has your rivalry with KOBE consumed you so much that you betray those of us who held you down? Long after you left the MOST BELOVED LOS ANGELES LAKERS we cheered for you! YOU joined the MOST HATED boston celtics!

We forgave your transgressions! Coming into camp out of shape! Nursing injuries not in the SUMMER but during the SEASON cause you were on the clock! We forgave!

Yet, love or not BIG FELLA, YOU BETRAYED US! Well Obi Wan cried as he struck down Anakin Skywalker and perhaps we too will weep when the Purple and Gold runs you over. 

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Daddy's Lil Girl! Montana Fishburne Gone Wild!

CSI Lead Actor/Thespian Laurence Fishburne is earning his Daddy Stripes right now.  It's all over the Internet that his Daughter, Montana Fishburne AKA "Chippy D" has began an Adult Film Career.

I heard that she feels that this is an in road to fame ala Kim Kardashian's Sex tape! If that's true then WTF?
Kim Kardashian is who you are trying to emulate? Why? 

What talent has Kim Kardashian displayed to become famous? She has her "DADDY'S" Last name. She has a curvy figure.  She has a big ass! Although if she was Black that ass would be considered standard, even average by Sista Standards.  She dated a few Famous Athletes.  So what?  If her last name had not been  Kardashian, her curvy figure, big ass, and sex tape would mean nothing.  NOTHING! And that's who you emulate? 

They say that it's Montana's revenge on Daddy!

News Flash! This is for all the Daughters out there. If you become a stripper or an adult film entertainer. That's NOT a reflection on ME or my Parenting.  There are plenty of Father's who's "Baby Girls" have taken jobs as strippers and adult actresses who came from good solid backgrounds and homes.  They were not abused or neglected. That's a myth! It's gives Baby Girl an out in case her choice immediately bites her in the ass! (In a bad way)

It's the WOMAN's Choice to go into line of work NOT Daddy's! Maybe Daddy couldn't articulate his feelings for you in the way you needed it but he would never choose a PORN Career for you! What did Daddy do wrong? HE DIVORCED MOMMY!

So! Maybe, Mommy was a Bytch! Ever think of that? HE Always wanted a SON! So....that doesn't mean that he didn't adore his daughter. HE married someone else! He didn't come to my plays! HE didn't call me on the weekends? Not an excuse for revenge! It's YOUR Choice!

Now, back to Montana Fishburne. If you wanted to be an actress, porn is not the way to go. Your Father is one of America's leading thespians! You bear his name.  HIS name gets YOU into workshops! YOUR Talent keeps you there! There are alot of ways to get fame. YOU Chose PORN! Name me one ADULT Film actress who has truly crossed into the mainstream? Heather Hunter? Not in the mainstream although she has done some mainstream work. She's still PORN Star Heather Hunter! JENNA Jameson? Not in the mainstream although she's made a ton of dough with her corporation. Marilyn Chambers? None of them have achieved Mainstream success! None,went on to become Halle Berry, Scarlett Johannsen! NONE!

There are alot of Sons and Daughters of Famous folks who follow into their parents footsteps. Lenny Kravitz is Roxy Roker's Son! His Daughter, Zoe is a model. She's beautiful, like her actress Mother, Lisa Bonet. See how that works! Actress Maya Randolph is Singer Minnie Ripperton's Daughter. Notice Maya made it on her talent. Sure, her Mother is famous but famous for being a Singer not an Actress!

But what the hell do I know. Nicole Richie got famous for what? Being Lionel Richie's baby! Paris Hilton famous for being a Hilton! Snooki! Hell, I guess what passes for fame these days is just being on tv.
Well Laurence, dear friend, have a good drink of some top shelf liquor! Sip it slow and know that this will pass. You've been around long enough to know that FAME and INFAMY come and go, but a Father's love for their child should never do so. 

Damn it MONTANA! Get out of that business!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey Yall,
I know I haven't been posting alot lately but I will be back soon. Lots to talk about!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!