Thursday, August 26, 2010

Court Determines Georgia Inmate Troy Davis Can Be Executed!

Death Row Inmate Troy Davis

The United States Supreme Court declined to hear the case of Georgia State Death Row Inmate Troy Davis turning the case back over to the United States District Court to determine Mr. Davis's innocence.  Mr. Davis was convicted of a 1989 murder of an off-duty police officer.  Since Mr. Davis's conviction 7 of 9 witnesses against Mr. Davis have recanted their testimony.  The court was issued the directive to determine if Mr. Davis could have been found Innocent during his trail.  The courts on every level have determine that Mr. Davis received a fair trail.  The real question ,though that the court has refused to answer is does receiving a so called fair trail mean that the jury and court made the right decision? 

Why does that matter Mista Jaycee? Courts have hundreds of cases and they can't be expected to go back and second guess themselves every time there's a problem can they?

I believe it does because the courts entire purpose ultimately is Justice! Other than justice for the accused and the accuser the courts have no other purpose.  It is my opinion that the so called Law and Order school of thought has run amok.  Yes, Mr. Davis may have received a so called "Fair" trail.  There may be no obvious signs of prosecutorial misconduct, witness tampering or racism in order for the court to grant a new trail but since Mr. Davis's conviction was weighed on so called eye witness testimony and those witnesses have proven unreliable the system must stop it process.  Mr. Davis should not be executed when more than half of his eye witnesses have recanted. One stated that he lied!

United States District Court Judge William Moore issued a 176 page opinion surmising that though 7 of the 9 witnesses have recanted it does not demonstrate Mr. Davis's innocence.  He received a fair trail. There is nothing that Mr. Davis's Lawyers has done to demonstrate that the trail result would been different."

 That's the problem with dogmatic thinking.  It all adds up on paper. It's neat but it's still WRONG! As far as Law and Order is concerned the system worked correctly.  But in the interests of JUSTICE the system has FAILED! 7 of 9 witnesses recanted! SEVEN OF NINE! NOT one! SEVEN OF NINE!

Judge Moore LIFE does not operate by the numbers.  You can't wrap everything up in a nice lil package and be done.  LIFE has weighed in and determined that the scales are not balanced! You are found wanting....

7 of 9 witnesses! Mr. Davis's sentence should be vacated even if it's extraordinary circumstances. He should be given a new trail. He can't be tried for murder but he can be tried. The court has the opportunity to present it's evidence and get a conviction if it's able or Mr. Davis should be released.  He SHOULD NOT BE EXECUTED!

Justice Demands that you DO more than just seek it! YOU must work for it! Free Troy Davis!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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