Friday, August 13, 2010

LA County Sheriff Annouces Body Found in Malibu Canyon Ravine is Richardson

Student Matrise Richardson

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca held a press conference to announce that skeletal remains found in a Malibu Canyon ravine were those of missing student Matrise Richardson

Richardson had been missing since being released from the Lost Hills division on foot between twelve and two in the morning.  I found the press conference to be distasteful! Sheriff Lee Baca proclaimed that there was no sign of foul play and declared it was not a homicide. He also proclaimed that we may never know what happened? Really? How did you come to these conclusions? Please share! Are you a forensic scientist Sheriff Baca? Perhaps, you feel due to your many years of law enforcement experience that you can tell with the naked eye signs of foul play.  Isn't that the coroner's job to determine and announce if it is a homicide?  I'm just asking! So, then for the record, the Coroner's office has not announced any findings other than the remains belong to Matrise Richardson. 

I think it would have been interesting if the press had asked Sheriff Baca yesterday why the Sheriff's account seems so sketchy.  I would like to have asked why after Ms. Richardson was arrested was she released between midnight and two in the morning?  Is this common procedure? If she was arrested, then was she read her Miranda rights, why was she not held over for a bail hearing?

The Sheriff says that she was offered a ride but refused.  Really? Didn't Ms. Richardson have her own vehicle?  Where is it? Where was it? Is it policy to release arrestee's at midnight or later? Was Ms. Richardson allowed to make a phone call? The Sheriff says that the offer was made.  Where are the phone records of this call? The Sheriff states that it's phone system was being worked on? Not to doubt their veracity but how convenient! Ms. Richardson had no purse or cell phone according to the Sheriff, but she had id right? She had to right? Or else why would the Sheriff allow her to leave with no id?  I was told that it's against the law to walk around with NO ID. So it doesn't make sense that she was released with no ID by law enforcement. 

It makes no sense that she was even allowed to leave on foot in MALIBU CANYON at night! The Sheriff says it told her she could stay in the lobby but she refused.  Really? Why was she released from jail again? Why was she released at two in the morning? Where was her car and purse? Why couldn't she make a phone call?  What door did she walk out of and what direction was she walking in? She was arrested for failure to pay a bill.  There were two people listed on the receipt, where is the second person? Who was the second person? Where is the record of their interview?

Just on a side note! Why wasn't Ms. Richardson treated like every other high profile missing person's case? JC Duggard, Natalie Holloway....for example? They received nightly coverage from several different media outlets.

Something Stinks!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Kia said...

I agree, something stinks...and it aint the corpse!

Miss.Stefanie said...

This broke my heart

Jill said...

Do you honestly think that police only release people from 9-5? Arrestees, detainees are released 24/7 ... after they are processed and bail out, get cited out or released OR whether it be 12PM or 12AM. You cannot detain someone longer than allowed because it's dark outside.
Re Ms Richardson's vehicle, she HAD one but she valet parked it and not only had no money to pay her food bill, she had no money to get her vehicle out of valet, therefore the RESTAURANT impounded it.
Re ID, it is NOT illegal to walk around without it. And do you seriously think that because you do not have ID, that the police can keep you in custody forever, that they are forbidden from releasing you?
Ms Richardson was released from the station and told she could use the pay phone (with which she could make a collect call) and wait in the lobby for her ride. She CHOSE to leave on foot. The police are not allowed to stop you from walking away from a police station! If you want to leave, if you want to walk away, that is your RIGHT! That was her RIGHT and she CHOSE to leave. She was in the safest place one could be ... a SHERIFF'S station but she chose to leave it. Unfortunately Ms Richardson made several bad decisions that night and my heart goes out to her family for their loss.

Mista Jaycee said...

Hi Jill,
Thanks for chiming in, now to address your comments. It is illegial to walk around with no id. Bet that! I never implied that it arrestees are not released at all hours of the night, what I implied is that the police have no record of Miss Richardson being bailed out, cited or what time she was released. They have no phone records, they have no video. Now that may prove to be untrue but it is what the police have stated to the family, media and public. Where is the paperwork? You cited that her vehicle was impounded by the resturant? Really? Then why was she arrested and not the other party listed on the reciept? Did you know that her Family offered to pay the bill via credit/debit by phone and were refused? There are alot of questions to be answered. Thanks for chiming in.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to a Sunday morning broadcast of this story one day. i think her mother was on. It all does seem suspect. They dropped the ball they didn't care about her safety.

Anonymous said...

P.s. the story you have is way different from the story I heard. There was no mention of a car. None of us was there when people spew off the facts they read like they know it as truth in justifying the police i get irked. yep!

2cute4u said...

This is sickening..