Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Daddy's Lil Girl! Montana Fishburne Gone Wild!

CSI Lead Actor/Thespian Laurence Fishburne is earning his Daddy Stripes right now.  It's all over the Internet that his Daughter, Montana Fishburne AKA "Chippy D" has began an Adult Film Career.

I heard that she feels that this is an in road to fame ala Kim Kardashian's Sex tape! If that's true then WTF?
Kim Kardashian is who you are trying to emulate? Why? 

What talent has Kim Kardashian displayed to become famous? She has her "DADDY'S" Last name. She has a curvy figure.  She has a big ass! Although if she was Black that ass would be considered standard, even average by Sista Standards.  She dated a few Famous Athletes.  So what?  If her last name had not been  Kardashian, her curvy figure, big ass, and sex tape would mean nothing.  NOTHING! And that's who you emulate? 

They say that it's Montana's revenge on Daddy!

News Flash! This is for all the Daughters out there. If you become a stripper or an adult film entertainer. That's NOT a reflection on ME or my Parenting.  There are plenty of Father's who's "Baby Girls" have taken jobs as strippers and adult actresses who came from good solid backgrounds and homes.  They were not abused or neglected. That's a myth! It's gives Baby Girl an out in case her choice immediately bites her in the ass! (In a bad way)

It's the WOMAN's Choice to go into line of work NOT Daddy's! Maybe Daddy couldn't articulate his feelings for you in the way you needed it but he would never choose a PORN Career for you! What did Daddy do wrong? HE DIVORCED MOMMY!

So! Maybe, Mommy was a Bytch! Ever think of that? HE Always wanted a SON! So....that doesn't mean that he didn't adore his daughter. HE married someone else! He didn't come to my plays! HE didn't call me on the weekends? Not an excuse for revenge! It's YOUR Choice!

Now, back to Montana Fishburne. If you wanted to be an actress, porn is not the way to go. Your Father is one of America's leading thespians! You bear his name.  HIS name gets YOU into workshops! YOUR Talent keeps you there! There are alot of ways to get fame. YOU Chose PORN! Name me one ADULT Film actress who has truly crossed into the mainstream? Heather Hunter? Not in the mainstream although she has done some mainstream work. She's still PORN Star Heather Hunter! JENNA Jameson? Not in the mainstream although she's made a ton of dough with her corporation. Marilyn Chambers? None of them have achieved Mainstream success! None,went on to become Halle Berry, Scarlett Johannsen! NONE!

There are alot of Sons and Daughters of Famous folks who follow into their parents footsteps. Lenny Kravitz is Roxy Roker's Son! His Daughter, Zoe is a model. She's beautiful, like her actress Mother, Lisa Bonet. See how that works! Actress Maya Randolph is Singer Minnie Ripperton's Daughter. Notice Maya made it on her talent. Sure, her Mother is famous but famous for being a Singer not an Actress!

But what the hell do I know. Nicole Richie got famous for what? Being Lionel Richie's baby! Paris Hilton famous for being a Hilton! Snooki! Hell, I guess what passes for fame these days is just being on tv.
Well Laurence, dear friend, have a good drink of some top shelf liquor! Sip it slow and know that this will pass. You've been around long enough to know that FAME and INFAMY come and go, but a Father's love for their child should never do so. 

Damn it MONTANA! Get out of that business!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


jjbrock said...

Mista Jaycee it's a sad state of affairs....Embrassing her father is not a good way to become famous...No father in the world deserve this kinda of pain.

Anna Renee said...

Hi Mista Jaycee--If this is her choice, I hope she has thought it through thoroughly. I hope she understands that she will be perceived as less than dirt, even as she is highly desired. I hope she's given it thought beyond having something against her father. I hope she knows that she's not Kim Kardashian, and that porn won't necessarily get her a reality TV show. I hope understands that she will have a harder time than Kim trying to keep a man. He'll have to have the understanding of a saint to be able to overcome her reputation. I hope she just doesn't go there at all, really. Just find her voice outside of her father's shadow.