Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! 2009

Goodbye 2008 and Hello 2009! Happy New Year to everyone! Thank the Lord for what he has given you and for what he saw fit not to give you as well. God Bless everyone who took time this year to read A Choice of Weapons and Laugh, Question or get mad at the stuff that came through me. It is my sincerest hope that you will continue this journey with me in 2009.

Bless You! Happy New Year!


Allah U Akbar!
Om Padme Mani Om

Fear No Clown! (Smile)
We are one! Each but a single part to the body! Each essential for the survival of the whole.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are Black Colleges and Universities Still Needed?

Do we still need our Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the age of Obama? Recently I heard this question asked after the subject was broached merging an HBCU into the larger White system.

I am an Alumni of Oakwood College, now Oakwood University, and I would answer Hell Emphatically, Yes!

But...But Wait... Before I tell you why I believe it I would like to ask a few questions of my own.

Is there anything that prevents White college aged students from attending a Historically Black College and University? No mandates that states that only Afrikan American Students can attend? No threat of tax exemption being lost? Nothing in the mission statement preventing it?

Perhaps, a loss of funding from the grants and endowments left by the founders of the colleges and universities? You know those rich Philantrophists and slave owners who left millions in land and currency in order to try to make up (ie try to get into Heaven) for their part in slavery. You know Kidnapping, rape, murder, pimping and pandering and illegal imprisonment, child abandonment they did! Oh right that was kinda bias, huh?

That is how they made all that money right? Not to mention the wholesale slaughter and land grab from the Indigenous people, the so called Indians. How bout the dynamite, guns and nitro sold in order to carry out those deeds, not to mention, that Europe thanks to superior firepower, was successful in colonizing/enslaving/minerally raping, all of Afrika and most of the world. Those Good White People! Oh yeah, bias again, huh?

So is it a matter of attendance? Are Afrikan American kids not attending HBCU's? We know most premium athletes, male and female, aren't! Mainline colleges and universities begin following them and writing interest letters to them sometimes as early as 9 years old.

How many NBA and NFL caliber kids came out of HBCU's in the last ten years? I'll wait......

Girl from Ipanema playing in my head.


Still waiting........

Even if the kids didn't opt for a professional sports career, more talented athletes received scholarships and offers to mainline colleges than HBCU's could give out. The Athletic programs provide millions of dollars in revenue and advertising.

So once again, HBCU's, are overwhelmed by the superior firepower! Mainly, Money this time!

All this aside. Why Merge? Black colleges do not racially discriminate, never have. Black Colleges and Universities give a high quality education and employ great educators. Black Colleges and Universities are also affordable, steeped in, rich cultural pride and history.

So again, why Merge? Better yet, what's wrong with the system right now? How would Black folks benefit from a merger? What would we lose?

It was my experience while at Oakwood, that White Adventists from Huntsville, Alabama, more often than not, did not attend Oakwood, even though they could. They went to Southern, a predominately White but mixed school which was in Knoxville, Tennessee about 100 some odd miles away. Why wouldn't the parents send them to Oakwood? Black parents send their children to Southern and to other Predominately White and Mixed culturally and racially schools all the time. Is Culture an excuse? If it is for White folks what about Black folks saying it is a necessity? Just asking

I can tell you we'd lose something that is unique. Our history, our traditions, our ability to give someone a chance to build or rebuild themselves.

Local elementary schools and high schools are not preparing our kids for college but are doing a hellava job prepin them for the pen. How many Black kids would be admitted to the now merged school? How many would be able to pass the entrance exam? The SAT test, The ACT test? What about grade point average?

And for them bootstrap folks. you know the ones, nobody every gave me nothing, that's a lie!
A Big freakin LIE! Everybody who wrote so much as a letter for your ass to get even a moments consideration in the mind of some administrator or music teacher or goverment program. Somebody helped you! Yet you turn your back on the rest. I speaking to you so called talented 10th!

Many years ago, an educator, told me it was easier to get into some Black Colleges but HELL to get out! A Black college knows you might not have all the things you need to succeed coming in but when you get out then you not only will have them but you will have more! That was my experience. It's been the same experience for alot of people I know.

But what about pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps Mista Jaycee?

What about em? Black Colleges and Black People have always pulled themselves up when we had nothing but stiff opposition. Remember when we had poorly funded schools? When our educators didn't have current books and supplies? Remember...back then....Yesterday? Just yesterday and next week and next school year?

No! Black Colleges are still needed even in the age of Obama! Only Black folks are gonna look out for Black folks. How many Black non athletes go to UCLA? Go to Norte Dame? Go To University of California? How many are admitted to Princeton? How many are male?

I'll wait? Now, by comparsion ask how many are at Howard, Fisk, Alabama A and M, Paul Quinn, Marshall, Morehouse, Spellman, Clark Atlanta, Morris Brown, Oakwood? How many are non athletes and how many are male? How many of those would have been accepted to the main-line?

How many graduates from Black Colleges does America benefit from now?

Calling on all Black Folks! Conservative, Progressive whatever! Donate to HBCU's!

Calling on Everyone else. Apply to a HBCU. Great Education! Great Culture! Great Period!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Friday, December 26, 2008

The Original Sex Kitten Earth Kitt Passes Xmas Day!

Oooooh! That purrrrrrrrrr!

So resonant, so deeply, entrallingly primal and sexxxy! Damn!

Halle Berry looked mightly tempting as the Catwoman, terrible script and final conception aside, Michelle Phieppher was hellafied with that whip and that wet leather ,but for me, Julie Newmar will always be Catwoman for me. But that purrrrrrrrfect inflection, that innovation belongs solely to Miss Kitt! She added that and no one will ever forget that character because of it!

Years ago when I worked for a road service company as a dispatcher Miss Kitt called in for service and although she wasn't using the name Eartha Kitt on the membership card, she let me know it was her. How you ask?

Ask? Ask?

I commented on her voice and how familiar it was to me. She flirted, assuring me that we indeed were familiar with each other. She was in show business and her voice was purrrrfect!

So even though I knew that she was a senior citizen I assure you, that she got not only great service, (Hey if your Grandma had a flat you better get it dig?) and I could not leave my cubicle without fear news of my excitement would spread all over the office. (Laughing)

Let us not reduce Miss Kitt's career to Playing Lady Eloise in Boomerang. She was a singer, an actress bar none, a dancer in Katherine Dunham's theatre/dance groups. She remained sexy and flex able and vibrant until the last. She was born daughter to a White Male and an Afrikan American/Cherokee Mama as Eartha Mae Keith. She was raised first by her Mother's sister who she believed was really her Mother but sent to live with Mamie Kitt, her real mother in New York.

She worked in movies since 1948 and on stage but she will always be known for her signature recording of Santa Baby! So every time some new singer comes along with her hot lil body trying to interpret it, you will always be teleported back to Eartha Kitt. The Original!

In a luncheon with then First Lady Lady Bird Johnson she gave an opinion on her opposition to the war in Vietnam, a decision that caused her to be de-facto Black Listed and living in Europe for several years. In spite of a great body of work here in the US and abroad, Kitt will probably be remembered by the babies as the voice of Queen Vexus from My life as a Teenaged Robot and From the Emperor's New Groove. No matter!

Eartha, That Bad Eartha! Is and will always be purrrrfect.
Sleep Eartha until Jesus comes back!
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


This is Just totally Hilarious!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chloe H. Born on December 2, 2008!

Chloe H born December 2, 2008 Artist Rendering

Mista Jaycee and A Choice of Weapons would like to welcome Chloe H. into the world!

Congratulations are in order to Mrs. Shantia and Mr. Travis H. who were cool enough to be the parents of our newest reader and fan!

She was born kicking and screaming! Her Mom ate Chili Lime hot wings right before she went into labor! (Smile) And afterwards she decided to let us know how cute and cuddly she is!

She is the absolute cutest, next of course to my own daughter, of course, Cam! Cam's almost grown now and since the title of cutest Baby has been vacated, (not everyone will agree but they wrong) then I guess Chloe can hold it down!

I ain't insertin a photo but I will render a competent likeness!

Welcome to the World Kid! How do you like it soooo Far?


Merry Christmas, Darn It!

Every Year I see and hear Christmas politicized and watch folks get turned off again and again.

Jesus is the reason for the Season! Says Pastor, Reverend, Doctor, So called Conservative Political Hack! (Insert Name Here)

Let's Put the Holy Back In Hol-I-Day!


Then on the other side we have a secular, commercialism soiling the spiritual potential of the Holiday as well.
Santa and his Elves! The Yule Log, Flying Reindeer and the Christmas Tree!

First....Let's be real. Yeshua was not born on December 25th! December 25th is Nimrod's Birthday. Nimrod, King of Babylon, was worshipped as a God! Semiramis, his Wife and Queen also enjoyed that status. In Kemet, (Egypt) Both were known as Ausar and Auset, (Osiris and Isis) In Greece, they were known as Zeus and Aphrodite, In Israel, they were called Baal and Ashtoreh. Different names, and variations on the story, but same orgin. Nimrod and Semiramis even had a child. Guess who?????? Horus!(NIMROD JR) Who received a golden egg (hint, hint) as a gift from Daddy, left under the tree (Big Nimrod) who had been killed by SET ( His Brother) and dismembered into 14 pieces the most important missing piece was well.... his member! Does any of this sound familiar Father, Mother and Child? Osirus, ISIS and Horus? Father, Mary and Jesus?????? HUMMMMMMM!
I'll Wait!
Amazing how the Capitol Building and a few other choice monuments resemble, well, they point to the sky! (WINK)
S0 back to it!

When the Christian Church was being organized by Bishop Iranehas (pardon the spelling) during the 1st and 2nd Nichian Councils, it was decided that December 25 would be Jesus's Birthday and Easter would be the day of his death and resurrection. (Actually these are the Winter and Summer Solstices and Sunday is the Day of the Sun not SON, it was hi-jacked by The Council see next few paragraphs)

It was decided by a group of gangstas what day would be celebrated! Check out the 1st Nichian Council where representatives from the different diverse Christian communities got together to achieve some cohesiveness and orthodoxy. They couldn't agree on much. Different communities held different interpretations of scripture, Different views on Jesus and his divinity and some held other books and scholars in high regard. The idea of central leadership or a POPE was rejected!

Now seven years later when they decided to try again, that's when the true Gangsta ish came out! Bishop Iranehas (Pardon the spelling) murdered or had murdered the Gnostic Christian Leader Marcion, declared the Gnostic Christian writings heretical and set about murdering the Gnostic's as well as those who opposed his folks point of view during the 1st Nichian Council. Then they organized the church, setting policy such as Christmas, Easter, The Abandonment of the Creation Sabbath (Saturday) in favor of Sunday (1st day) and deciding which books would be the standard books! And the eventual standard leader of the Church, THE POPE!

The Eastern Church Split saying oh HECK NO! becoming the ORTHODOX and COPTIC CHURCHES And The Western Church eventually became THE HOLY CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC MOTHER CHURCH!


What's the point Mista Jaycee?

The point is since we know for fact that Yeshua was probably born in the SPRING not the WINTER! We KNOW DEC 25th is the Winter Solstice and Easter is the SUMMER Solstice we should not, I repeat, not allow ourselves, to get caught up, in petty set tripping and brainwashing propaganda!

Osirus (Nimrod) Born December 25th and Raised on Easter Sound Familiar

We know this so...let's not gutter snipe! It's a drag seeing so called spiritually conscious folks at each others throats literally and figuratively over how holidays are celebrated. We all know the church hi-jacked a bunch of so called pagan beliefs and customs, put a good Christian face on it and packaged it to be sold to the masses.
Deal with it! Don't get mad cause these FACTS are pointed out and Don't get mad cause they are ignored either. Instead Merry Christmas Darn it! Remember what we should be focused on, healthy and loving families, good food and a blessed year in our right minds!
Merry XMAS!

In the Name of the Merciful God (YWH) IAM THAT I AM, he has sent a Savior and his name shall be called EMMANUEL (YWH With US)!

God with us! God beside us! God among us! Blessings!

Let us eat with our families and friends and remember those year round who are suffering. Some have lost all their material wealth, some have lost their homes and stability, some have lost their faith in humankind, Their God, and Themselves.

Semiramis (ISIS, Diana, Aphrodite) not her real picture, although... Had TEMPLES all over were SEX was Performed as part of the Ritual! Naughty and Nice indeed! (Wink)

Give them hope! Don't get tied up spreading DOGMA! Let them know there is a real hope and they can see it for real in YOU!

That's Right! IN YOU! Help them by donating time, money, education, services as well as positive thought. You will not only bless them but yourself!

Merry Christmas!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Poetry! You Can't Flush a Fruit Cake!

Plastered smile on my face as I enter place of employment

Laugh, shake hands and give illusions of enjoyment

politely nod to the one who earlier this year stabbed me in rear

Don't tip my hand that I ain't happy to be here

Can't let down my hair or let my guard be licked

The Liquor may flow but past parties show

Careers on the upswing get damaged never to be fixed!

Smile, wave, I don't know how much more I can take!

Lame Secret Santa Gift, Smile, Thank You.... All Fake!

Whew glad that's over! I don't know how much more of it I could take!

The Bonus I earned! The company plaque I burned! But You can't Flush a Fruit Cake!
Lesson Learned!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Sugar Bear

Once again we find that Black folks are indeed America! Not American but America!
Check this out!

ACOW's Mista Jaycee Recieves Honest Scrap Award!

Sista GP over at A Southern Thang thought enough of me to bestow this accolade upon me. Thank you Sista, I am honored.

Now according to the rules I have to list 10 honest and hopefully interesting things about me then bestow the honor on seven other Bloggers. Cool!

So here goes!

10 Honest and Hopefully Interesting Facts about Mista Jaycee

1. Mista Jaycee was born 2 pounds and 2 ounces. No Kidding!

2. Mista Jaycee Luvs and I mean Loves Tacos!

3. Mista Jaycee's doesn't like Xmas Music! With exception to Handel's the Messiah, A Soulful Celebration, I can play that year round, James Brown Santa Claus Come Striaght to the Ghetto, Donnie Hathaway's This Christmas, Santa Got an AK by John London and the House Party, Christmas In Hollis, Run DMC, Happy Holidays by the Ohio Players. How many times can you hear Rudolph no matter who sings it?

4. Mista Jaycee's favorite color is Blue! Hates Green!

5. Mista Jaycee was once a Gospel artist! No...Really!

6. Mista Jaycee hates Clowns but Fears the Dentist! Good one or not!

7. Mista Jaycee is an avid Dodger, Lakers, Angels, and Raider Fan. I also route for Brazil in the World Cup!

8. I think John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, and Branford Marsalis should be required listening for intelligent people which is a misnomer really cause intelligent people already listen to them.

9. Mista Jaycee loves to play chess and Magic the gathering. That's a card game that's like UNO and Dungeons and Dragons but each player creates their own deck.

10. Mista Jaycee thinks neck ties were created by Women as payback for uncomfortable undergarments imposed on them by Men in the Past. Oh and on occasion Jaycee walks with a cane.

Now I would like to bestow this award on The Field Negro, On Curvy Stef from the Curvevacous Cuban, Double L, the Luscious Librarian, Bookworm Girl from You must love books, Hey you a Black Republican, an admitted one if that ain't honest what is, Aunt Jemimas Revenge, Dani from the Black Snob, and Daisy From Daisy's Dead Air!

Keep Writing and Congrats!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh, Lighten Up Already!

This morning I read this blurb about how this group or that group is angry cause Obama asked Pastor Rick Warren to perform the invocation. Hummmm, a preacher doing a prayer, Outrageous!

But Mista Jaycee, Rick Warren said this or that and his stances on this are.....gasp!

Lighten up!

Ya see, Bam Bam, is a politician and he's gonna get a preacher that's not gonna cause the controversy that say a Lou Farrakhan might cause see. And he's right to do it!

If he went and got that United States Marine, Former Medical aide to President Lyndon Johnson, from Chi Town, You know that guy....what's his name????? Again, You know the dude..

Oh....Pastor Jeremiah Wright! Then all Hell would break loose!

There is no preacher that I ain't gonna have a problem with when it comes to my politics. Politics and Religion should not be mixed but sadly that's not the real world.

The important thing is for us not to let Obama be Clintonized!

Clintionized, Mista Jaycee?

Clintonized! Where a President's agenda is impeded, stopped or sidetracked. Was it really necessary to allow Clinton to be sued for Sexual Harassment and eventually impeached for lying about it under oath? No, it wasn't and it should not have been. Sidetracked!

Clinton did not confirm as many judges as he could have. He was impeded every step of the way. Does any one remember Dr. Lani Guinneer? She was not even allowed the decency of a up and down vote before the senate. She was called, unfairly, a quota queen! Remember?

The Republicrats could very well impede Bam Bam on Judge appointments, confirmations, filibusters and the like. Don't get sidetracked with this petty nonsense about some preacher!

The countries undeniably in the toilet and the Republicans really don't care! They don't cause if they did they would be trying to at least look like statesmen instead of continually set tripping.

Bam Bam is not and I repeat not gonna bring about some liberal agenda or some Socialist Utopia! He ain't! So stop looking for him to do this sweeping change all at once and instead make sure that instills good government! A good, well funded educational mandate, a good fiscal budget policy and hey Bam, we could bring back the WPA and put alot of Americans to work!

Bridges, Roads, Schools, Parks all need work!

Focus! People! Focus! Stay on target!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Creation VS Evolution!

The Bible says In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was God! And the Word was With GOD and the Word was made flesh!

The Bible says in the book of Genesis And God stood on the face of waters and said Let there Be Light! And there was Light!
In the Vedas it is written that Brahma (GOD) created the world with a Word! OM or AUM!
Instantly the world was created. Just one word. OM!

I've listened to the evolutionists and the creationists go back and forth for years arguing over how the world began. It's amazing that it's hardly ever pointed out that evolutionists have varied and diverse theories about evolution.
For the Oceanographer he/she may teach that the world was one giant land mass, Pangaea, and one big super ocean. The continents, Oceans and Seas resulted from earthquakes and the shifts from the Teutonic plates. Man evolved from the ocean of course.
For the biologist man evolved possibly from a primate. Of course certain religious folks would protest that insisting that we have all evolved from a divine power or powers. Some would say that we were brought here from other planets.

The theories are endless and so are the arguments. But in spite of it all we never seem to ponder that our creation stories may be just a myth!

Myth! Did you say Myth.... Mista Jaycee?

Well now wait....put ya guns and paddles away! Especially you RIPPa!

I believe that human kind was created by THE GOD (IAMTHATIAM) but that does not mean that the creation story outlined in the Bible is THE CREATION STORY dig?

Dig, God (IAM) created the world in six days and rested the seventh right? Genesis

Adam (ISH Hebrew pronoun for Man) is created on the 6th day.

Eve (ISH) (a) same pronoun as the one for Man the a is denote Woman/Partner) is created some time later right?

What we don't consider is that the Bible's creation story is not the only creation story. There are tons of other creation stories and they are all valid but for the purpose of this post let's just deal with The Bible's creation story.

No, I ain't gonna attack it! Consider for a moment that ADAM, may only have been a literary creation designed to illustrate the first men on earth. EVE represents the first women on earth and their stories is about how we as human kind began and of course the fall of human kind from perfect, sinless creation to sinful, mortal creation.

It never enters into our theology that it may have been a tribe or group of folks and not two, single people. Considering this does not mean that Man was not a created being. It means that a copyist somewhere used a literary device to tell a highly detailed, multi layered story, that up until then had been passed by ORAL tradition.

Just think on that a moment.
Dig, there is strong evidence, to show that the world began in Afrika! (A.S.I.A. All started in Afrika) The Garden of Eden was near the Euphates and Tigress Rivers leading out of what became Kemet and Babylon. (Egypt and Iraq) So you telling me that a woman who looks like that supermodel ALEK, you know, that tall, thin, super dark skinned, Woman from Sudan, and a woman that looks like Cindy Crawford and Sade came solely from EVE. You telling me that Esther Baxter and Buffie the Body came from EVE alone? You telling me that because of climate change, the ice-walk and intermarriage that all these combos came to light alone?
Maybe they did's not unreasonable to question that now is it. ADAM and EVE possiblly just literary devices don't sound so far fetched now do it?

I'll wait!

Girl from Ipanema playing in my head...........

Thought about it enough yet?

So now we got Darwin's theory and some egg head in a science lab trying to date a fossil and determine how long the world has been spinin. He says after conducting test after test this fossil dates back 100,000 years! Eureka!

The Religious folks, probably Christians, say No Way! Blasphemy! The world is only 6000 years old!

The world is 6000 years old? How did you get that answer? Carbon dating? Historical record?

Tell me, How?

Did you use the good ole King James? Ya did, didn't you? The Bible deals with about 6000 years of written data. That does not prove the age of the earth.

Think on this...There was no measure of TIME except the separation of Day from Night, the Creation Sabbath, (Friday eve to Saturday eve) and the scripture notes that the Lord visited ADAM and later HE and EVE in the cool of the day. That is the only measure of TIME. No where is mortality a factor. No flowers dying in winter, no snow, No Death period but especially for MAN.
So how long did ADAM and EVE work and live in EDEN before TIME became a factor because of SIN and ADAM's MORTALITY? They had a reason to measure TIME then.

So the world could be millions of millions of years old which would prove the evolutionists right about the possible age of the sphere but then you the problem of how the sphere and man's orgin would remain.

What's your point Jaycee?

Let us not be so arrogant as to believe that we know everything and allow ourselves to stop questioning!
Maybe the solar system and the entire milky way galaxy was Eden. My couldn't the first people have planet hopped cultivating the system? Maybe, the wars and the tower of Babel were fought in space or on these other worlds? Why not? Have we not explored and found water, ice and other things that we are just now beginning to understand about the other planets in this system? Maybe after the SIN came in we were limited to just this world? Maybe Satan and the Shaiten (His followers) were limited to this world as well. It's just a theory but think on it. It doesn't make the story in the Bible untrue but it does explain some details. Dig?

Humans might be able to make a good guess at the earth's real age, Humans might be able to even scientifically explain the process (God's creative power) somewhat...but dig, you still only got a guess!

You may say there is no God! (IAM)

A fool says there is no God! (IAM)

But that is still your choice. My problem stems not just with folks who don't believe that the earth and man were created but also and especially the religious people who seek to install their religious viewpoint while ignoring tons of questions, alternative theories, and science.

I believe we are created but can I prove it, no, not really! But there is evidence that leads me to believe that my faith has not been misplaced. That's right my Faith!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Freddie Hubbard

Still groovin

Umbilical Brothers - Battery

Super Funnie! Happy Birthday to Amina and my God Daughter Amani!

Miles Davis 1988

Kenny Garrett

Miles is groovin off Kenny

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I wish a buck was still silver

And a CHEVY or FORD Truck would last 10 years like they Should

Are the best times really behind us now? Are the good times over for good?

I wish a buck was still silver

A man could get work and still would

Are the good times really behind us now?

Are the Best times really over for good?

Merle Haggard

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do You See what I see?

If I see another commercial trying to entice me to spend, spend and spend I think I'm gonna seriously consider boycotting TV with the exception of CBS THIS SUNDAY MORNING cause they rock!

Quite frankly like all of us I need more dough than what's coming in. Ya see rent has increased more than 50% in the last decade, food and gas have gone up too. Insurance, auto and medical has gone up with employers reducing the amount of coverage they offer. Anybody with me?

The only thing that hasn't increased is my salary. Talks of cutbacks and layoffs are repeated like a mantra. Christmas Bonuses and raises are being cut if given at all. These are surely difficult times. The nightly news says so, well it must be true!

I can dig that it's difficult for the nation right now but it seems to me that working class folks declared the economy in an emergency state a long, long time ago. When gas rose to $3.00 in California and then $4.00 our cries went unheard.

"The fundamentals of the economy are sound!" Quoted Bush!

When studio apartments rent went to $935 a month up from $350 in a two to three year period and home prices skyrocketed, the working class said Damn!

The smart guys like Greenspan and the whole Bush economic team said hey the economy's great! Cries to the contrary went unheard. The economies great said Bush, who's saying it's not?

The people who ain't prospering!

You know all these folks who scream about the benefits of the so-called free market or supply side economics and implement them while in political office should have to tour the places where their policies were implemented and see how they worked of failed. If only 5% got really rich under you but everybody else went two or three steps back then you should be force to see that your policy which after four to eight years didn't work and all your followers need to stop preaching that gospel as well.

Mr. Bush, its time you took a good look at the America I see and live in. Unfortunately I doubt that even if I show it to you that you could see it!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Don't Get Hustled! Test the Spirits!

A couple of years ago I was reading a local Black newspaper that featured great community events. I happened upon an ad for a luncheon for the United Nation Of Islam. ( Not Louis Farrakhan's Nation Of Islam)

Come See and Hear God in Person! Read the ad.

Come See Solomon! (God, Allah in the flesh!)

People's Temple Pastor Jim Jones

Be alert for many false teachers and false Christs will come! Every eye will see Christ when he comes and every head will bow. If they say he is in the desert do not go there! If they say he is over here or there, do not go there! Book of Matthew

Branch Dravidian Leader Pastor David Koresh
God in Person! Naw...I think i'll pass. I read in the Bible that when God returns all would see him. Now I look back on what has happened to my people. We've always followed folks cause we always are looking for a leader. Folks followed Yahweh Ben Yahweh, it didn't turn out so well. I'll leave it at that! Folks followed Dwight Malachi York. It didn't turn out so well.
First, Dwight York, AKA Malachi York claimed he was a Moor, a Black Hebrew, A Mason and with each new affiliation he changed his name, published writings, and sold books and other materials. He once wrote Anti Masonic materials but then changed saying he was always a mason and in fact a Shriner, raised in a lodge that when checked is considerate to be clandestine. Check it out on Bogus Masonry. He then started the Nuwabian Nation of Moors along with a Grand Lodge before he was arrested and imprisoned for crimes I will not detail here. Check it out for yourself but there were several warning signs over the years that should have raised a red flag. He changed his name several times, religious affiliation, added fraternal imagery, claimed titles that could not be confirmed.
These are signs that he may have been a hustler! Why was he allowed to go on so long? If someone lies to you it may be immoral but it ain't always illegal!
But he's hustling people out they money Mista Jaycee!
He says He's God and that he got this divine message that he wants to impart! Ok! So you went to hear him speak then you bought his book, CD and or DVD right?
Did he prove that he was GOD? How could you tell if he wasn't? What would you judge it by? What would you compare it to? You say Miracle, I say Science! You say unbelievable! I say cheap dime store trick! You were the one who decided to have faith in him or not to have it!
It turned out that he wasn't God at all Mista Jaycee!
Now, you know but what did you learn and how will you keep from being fooled again.

I was living in Dallas when David Koresh and the Branch Dravidian's were on the news. I had never heard of the Branch Dravidian's but I was raised a Seventh Day Adventist and was active in the church at the time. The idea that they were a splinter from us was mildly shocking and surprising but there it was in Black and White.

A friend of mine informed me that the Branch Dravidian's were known to Black folks in the Adventist Church as The Shepherd's Rod!

Father Major Jealous Divine

"The Shepherd's Rod!"

I knew that name although I never recognized any members until I got to Texas. Dig, Shepherd's Rod members often attended regular Seventh Day Adventist church services! They were familiar, they were inconspicuous. After worship services had ended I noticed that a familiar man who I always thought was a Deacon would pass out tracts and fliers to meetings at a local hotel ballroom. The flyer always advertised something from the Prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation and spoke of the end times. It looked like a regular S.D.A. tract....but on close examination it deviated sharply from what Seventh Day Adventist Christians actually teach.

But there was a tell tale warning sign at the bottom of the flier! It was always held at a hotel. Why? The Church has assembly halls that are available where multiple meetings can go on simultaneously. So why a hotel? Maybe cause what's being taught would not be tolerated by the SDA church. It would be declared heretical! In fact that happened that's how the Branch Dravidian's started! And then they would be exposed! Cover Blown!

It was subtle at first. It was subtle enough then Whack! Blatantly false doctrine!

David Koresh taught that Saturday not Sunday was the Sabbath of creation just like Adventists! The Bible confirms that this is true!

David Koresh used commentaries that were familiar to most Seventh Day Adventist Christians! All that is needed to fool someone is to have something that is familiar to them among the stuff that's not!

It is said that David Koresh first proclaimed himself a Prophet! A Messenger! A Christ Like figure but not Christ! but...

Then ultimately David Koresh proclaimed to be THE CHRIST! Not Christ LIKE but THE CHRIST!


That's a long way from proclaiming to be a preacher with a special message. I'm Christ! I'm GOD!

I'm GOD!

Black folks have dealt with this before. Father Divine claimed to be GOD!

Father Major Jealous Divine was his full name and he built the International Peace Mission and he did good works in the community that still benefit people today but He said he was GOD! Not a representative of God, not a model or in the likeness of God but GOD!

Jim Jones, a one time student of Father Divine, started the People's Temple and he ministered and helped the disenfranchised in Oakland, CA. There were members who left Jones and his People's Temple long before he emigrated to Guyana! They left because Jones began to preach that he was GOD! They left because he subtly and gradually moved away from the BIBLE and began to teach his own thing.

Dissident members were ostracized, threatened, and expelled! Jim Jones like David Koresh began preaching that the Government or some external outside Satanic force would persecute them. Black folks believed them cause we already had enough reason and experience here in America to believe it!

The threat was always on their lips and in the ears of their followers. Both Jones and Koresh would preach long hours to their followers. Criticism and critical thinking were neutralized!

Now most folks don't suffer the fates of the Branch Dravidian's or the People's Temple. God (IAM) Bless their souls! Most of us just get conned! Hustled! Fooled! Hoodwinked! Led astray!

(Sorry! Had a Malcolm X moment there)

We get hustled cause we neglect to read the Bible, the Quran , Gita or insert your Holy Book here! ( )

Study to show yourself Approved! Remember?

Imam Warith Muhammed while a member of his father Elijah Muhammed's Nation of Islam did not teach the Nation's doctrine explaining that he could not substantiate for example W. Fard's divinity in the Quran. In his later writings he often refereed to Fard as the Mystic Man but not God! Not Allah in Person!

Now let I get this straight! He could not substantiate a doctrine or confirm Fard's divinity in the scriptures.


Use the body of knowledge ascribed to your Deity? WOW!


But his Daddy said it Mista Jaycee!

Yes, Warith's daddy did say that Wallace Fard Muhammed was God in Person! But Elijah Muhammed also taught his students not to be fooled, that they must study and challenge the information they were taught!

But The Honorable Elijah Muhammed built mosques and schools and acquired land and built businesses and employed his own people! He got people off drugs and reformed Men and Women and encouraged them to lead honest God fearing Lives!

True! Elijah Muhammed did all those things! Those are great things! But it still doesn't mean that what he taught religiously is true! Good works the could see! But it is still the responsibility of the PEOPLE to see if the religious doctrine is true! Test it by the scriptures! If someone says they are a Christian but they ain't using the Bible you have got to question it!

If they say well we are Muslim but they ain't teaching from the Quran. You have got to ask why? Then make your decision!

It is your responsibility to do everything possible not to get hustled! Now maybe you study your scriptures and you check everything and you still get hustled! It happens!

Just ask anyone who signed a sub prime loan! Just ask anyone who took a pay day loan! But all will tell you no matter how good the paper work was there was always something that should have alerted the loan applicant! Variable rate Loan anyone? Variable???? That means it could change right? Go higher or lower right? Adjustable rate anyone? Same as Variable? Why not FIXED? Then came the lies and misinformation. Well, it's a low rate and yes it could change but probably won't or at least not by much....

I read some horror stories about some dudes who joined a Masonic Grand Lodge for example, The building had the square and compass, the members of the lodge were Black but they weren't Prince Hall. They said no we are SCOTTISH RITE! Or Modern Free or something or another.

The folks telling these stories all have some things in common. They all thought they were part of a legitimate body of masons or eastern stars. On the surface in most cases everything appeared as it should be in Masonry. It was only after the members questioned something they believed or knew to be true that they were lied to.

Example: My friend is a Prince Hall Mason and he says you can't just be SCOTTISH Rite without first having the first three degrees. We don't do that! Why?

True Answer: You must have the first three degrees, entered Apprentice, fellow craft, and master mason before you join the SCOTTISH RITE or THE YORK RITE.

These guys all lost alot of money, sometimes spent years in a lodge only to realize that it was not a properly chartered lodge and they all had to leave and find a new, proper masonic home.

The Beatles went to meet the Maharishi and learn Transcendental Meditation. They mediated, they opened their minds but after a while they stopped allegedly cause the Maharishi was more interested in their girlfriends, celebrity and money than their soul salvation. Does that mean meditation is bad? No! Does that mean Yoga is bad? No! Does that mean that the Beatles were wrong to look eastward? No! But it could have been tragic if they ignored the red flags and went anyway.

That's what this is about. The Red flags! The Alarm Bells! The Warning signs that keep you from being hustled! Led astray! Bamboozled! Run a Muck! (Sorry! Malcolm X moment again)

Study to show yourself approved! Keep your ears opened! Read your spiritual book and test the doctrine, the Messenger, the Spirits!

Test Them!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Victory is Mine!

Happy Holidays From Wisilla, Alaska Y'all!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Los Angeles Musicians Union Representative James Clark Sr. Passes!

One Thursday evening in 1986, long story short, my grades sux'd, I wasn't motivated and worse for me I remember I didn't feel I had much hope. My Mom, instead of yelling or causing my lower realms to glow like a fire fly, stated Your Uncle's Fraternity is having a retreat this weekend and You ARE Going!

Oh, Crap! That was the last thing I wanted to do. Reflecting on it now I didn't want to do anything and that was the problem.

I joined The Kappa League, part of the Guide Right Program, headed by Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. I was mentored by my Uncle Wayne and alot of his very smart Brothers. It is a relationship that has lasted me more than twenty years now. It is important to mentor young people. My own daughter has been mentored by Delta Sigma Theta's Delta GEM program and A.M.E. Daughters of Destiny Rites of Passage program. She's a nice well rounded citizen. My Big Brother Jimi, has continued to shepherd me to this day. Be a mentor if you can. Mentoring means that you are letting a young person know that they matter and hopefully they will believe and know that they do!

My Big Brother Jimi's father has passed on at the age of 95 after suffering a long illness. It is with a selfish sadness that we weep but we are not bound by death any longer, thanks to Yeshua (Jesus) so with that we look forward to seeing him again soon.

James Bernard Clark Sr. was born on January 25, 1913 to November 25, 2008, in Nashville, Tennessee and raised in South Bend, Indiana. He attended Indiana University and majored in Physical Education. He pledged Kappa Alpha Psi, Alpha chapter, under the founders in 1934. While on earth worked as a musician, union representative, and promoter.
He played the Acoustic Bass for Fletcher Henderson and Carmen Miranda. As a teen he played an entire summer with Duke Ellington in the late 1920's. He helped to merge and end the segregated musician's union system in Los Angeles in the 1940's that so many of us benefit from today alongside Conductor Gerald Wilson.
He was a lifelong member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. He leaves behind a loving wife and friend, Mrs. Carol Clark of 58 years, a Loving Son, James B. Clark Jr, a Loving Daughter, Candice Moody, a Daughter in Law, Mrs. Vivian Clark, a son in Law Gary Moody, another Kappa Man (Phi Nu Pi), Two Grand Children Aisha Moody and Hasaan Moody of Pasadena, CA and countless friends and musical comrades in arms.

Sleep well til the Last Day! It won't be long!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


TEE VEE SUX! But....

Ok, TV Sux! Gray's Anatomy jumps the shark every week since Addison Shepherd was introduced to the show, Desperate Housewives should never be forgiven for adding Alfrie Woodard and then wasting her talent with such a bull ish story line and of course, The Shield has run its course and will no doubt end on a high note unlike The Sopranos which gave the worst ending ever! To quote Comic book guy from The Simpsons!

So now since Soul Food is cancelled on Showtime, The Wire is gone from HBO and Showtime in an equal dose of stupidity cancelled Dead Like Me, Television with the exception of Dr. Who SUX!

But FX might just save the day, well at least Wednesdays! Sons of Anarchy is shaping up to be a real good ride. I don't know if I like these guys! The story of an White, Outlaw motorcycle club based out of a small California Town doesn't exactly appeal to me but the cast and the acting has been steller! Kathy Sagal (Peg Bundy) is great as Gem, the Queen Bee, emphasis on the B of SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original) and Ron (Hell Boy) Perlman is awesome as the grizzled club president Clay.

Let's hope that their tires don't run flat! They shouldn't not with so much history that they can draw from. Mongols, Hell's Angels, and all the Hunter S. Thompson books. No excuse.

Hey Guys there are Black Motorcycle clubs outlaw and otherwise. Black folks need not be limited to the 1-niners (gangs off the Shield) and that one window dressing Federal agent.

Oakland, not far from where Sons of Anarchy is set is home to the real life East Bay Dragons, which started down the street and the same year as the Hell's Angels! They know and respect each other! What about Brothers of The Sun, The Chosen Few, The Royal ACES? All real Black Motorcycle Clubs here in California.

Well at least now I have something to watch on Wednesday nights!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black Dots and Blue Notes!

Well, it's been a while since I posted a Black Dots and Blue Notes featuring new and hip music. Sorry bout that! This week I'm diggin O'Bryan!

My Question to him is where you been? It's been what twenty years since you gave us some new music!

Well at least it's worth the wait! It sounds up to date not dated and the songs are good!

If you digin, D'angleo, Maxwell, Eric Roberson, Chico Debarge and you not hip or just plain forgot about O'Bryan then it ain't your fault would be a shame!

O'Bryan along with Mic Murphy from The System ( Don't disturb This Groove) is the link between 70's era Stevie, early 80's Prince wrapped in the soulfulness of Motown. You really can hear where JOE and all the boyz got it from.

Check " Can I kiss your lips?" I wanna Kiss you and make you shiver/I just want to play in your river, This is the word play performed at it's best. Not hey you look good let's FUX!
A lil nasty but in a fun way dig? A good way!

My favorite is "Just like Doin it!" I love the melody and the delivery is just flawless. His voice sounds great! After twenty years I have heard enough singers that sound like they smoked unfiltered squares and drank 150 proof Likka all day every day! This is not the case! (Laughter) Go to Myspace, Go to ITUNES and check it for yourself. The album is basically artist direct, no radio pub, just word of mouth but Damn! It's good!

Just like doin it Baby!


A Hundred Thousand What?

Yesterday, I read this article about Pastor, Dr. John J. Hunter Jr., the Senior Pastor of First African Methodist Episcopal Church after going to the the ABC/Channel 7 website. The article stated that Pastor Hunter had used $122,000 on the church's credit card for various expenses including jewelry and trips.


The article then stated that Pastor Hunter has not filed Federal Taxes in three years!

I checked out the pastor's resume and he holds a Juris Doctorate, he has a BA and a degree in Divinity studies. He is the son of a Bishop in the AME denomination so why or how did he get caught up in this mess? Greed? Ambition? Hubris? Maybe...and then maybe not!
One thing that I peeped cause I didn't see anything that contradicted it was that maybe and only pastor and God (IAM) know for sure but maybe he used the church's credit card as if it was a part of his salary. I am sure that F.AME, a large, very vibrant congregation in Los Angeles has afforded a salary or offerings that in addition to a pastors career were very generous.
This may explain the lack of oversight from the congregation and the presiding officers. Was this considered even treated by other pastors in the denonination if not this particular congregation as a perk? A fringe benefit?
JJ, over at The Old Black Church recently wrote about what is happening to the so called MEGA church who has adopted wall street's business operating models into how the institution is ran and the costs. So, ask yourself, if I have a pastor, who otherwise, would be an upperly mobile, buppie professional, making a nice chunk of dough in the regular business world and possiblly a MEGA church business model described by JJ then are fringe benefits such as using the business credit card so out of pocket?
Or is it just cause he's a PASTOR? A MAN of GAWD! That this is frowned upon?
Huh? Think about it?
I'll wait.......( Girl from Ipanema, playing in my head)

For the record, Pastor Hunter has apologized to his congregation and made plans to pay restitution to the church. Pastor Hunter also advised and agreed to implement new procedures including frequent independent audits.
Done thinking yet cause Girl from Ipanema starting to get to me?

Regardless of how this shakes out I have to ask. Where in the heck was the oversight in the CHURCH?

FAME is not a small church! This is Cecil Chip Murray's Church! Where were the Deacons, the Church board, the accountants? Where was the congregation?

That's right the Congregation? The final check and balance. Were they asleep?
It's unfair to just brand a pastor and there are several where this is occuring, a shyster or jack leg! It's almost hilarious that we want our pastors and public officials to be above reproach all while we are not! Just saying.....

A few hundred dollars can be overlooked, a few thousand dollars should be questioned but a Hundred Thousand dollars has to and I mean, has to....scratch that Better BE QUESTIONED!

The Churches money is NOT the Pastor's Money! That money is so the work can go forth. That means the ministry of the church and the health of the congregation. Now should the minister be paid well? Yes! But remember that's not what a minister got into ministry for? At least I hope not!

The church, all churches, should make sure that there are checks and balances on it's budget. The church budget is part of the churches ministry.

Will A Man (the congregation) rob God (IAM)?

Where in have we (The Congregation) robbed thee?

You ( The Congregation) have robbed me (IAM) in tithe's and offerings.

Bring me (God IAM) all the tithe's and offerings into the store house

and I (IAM) will pour out a blessing that you (The Congregation) will not have

room enough to receive!

Things like this damage a Pastors standing and diminish the impact of his ministry. Sure, we all mess up and none of us are perfect. No not one! None! Nada! Except he that is just and has come for the remittance of sins! That's Yeshua! (Jesus)

In the Black community we are already cynical towards our institutions! The last thing we need is another Jack Leg Preacher! ( Preacher/Pimp/Religion Hustler)

Now, I am not saying that Dr. Hunter is a Jack Leg or a Preacher Pimp! No, I believe he is probably a good minister and desires to be a good pastor but if he was to become a preacher/pimp it's because y'all, the congregation, the community, let him!

Oversight is not to be neglected! Not now, not never!

The church let him charge that money! It ain't his fault that you neglected your duty!



You're a Christian! You worship where he passsstors! So, shouldn't you have shown up to the monthly budget meeting? Shouldn't the church as a whole made sure that the ministry and resources were used properly? We are to be good STEWARDS, right?

Common Sense should tell you, that if you driving a older model Toyota, on bald tires, and questionable brakes, and everyone in the church is doing darn near the same, You shouldn't give the pastor a $50,000 Love Offering, A new Mercedes and his Monthly salary too. The Pastor ain't hustlin you! You hustlin yourself!

May the God (IAM)! Bless F.AME Church and Pastor Hunter! May God(IAM) Bless you and your church too especially if you being hustled or worse hustlin yourself!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Grateful Dead - Birdsong

Sometimes you just need some unfiltered Joy in your life.

So here's some.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Spiritual Food For Thought

Surah 100: 6-10 From the Noble Quran

[100:6] The human being is unappreciative of his Lord.

[100:7] He bears witness to this fact.

[100:8] He loves material things excessively.

[100:9] Does he not realize that the day will come when the graves are opened?

[100:10] And all secrets are brought out. [100:11] They will find out, on that day, that their Lord has been fully Cognizant of them.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Just go Shopping! You're Being Conned! Part 7

After 9-11 with America's infrastructure in danger, people in fear, awe, anger and shock we did not receive the call of sacrifice and conservation issued by previous heads of state. We were told to Go Shopping by President Select Bush! (He wasn't elected the first term remember?)

Go Shopping!

We shouldn't do that this time. Even if you are still doing well, we should not do that!

But Mista Jaycee, the deals are soooo great! Con!

I know they are on the front end but remember what happens on the back end. Great deal in front, high credit interest rates on the back! Overextended high credit charges, collection agency blues, ruined credit reports? Easy financing is predatory and we need to sit this one out!

Instead spend time with the fam, watch a movie, take time to empty your closets and cabinets and donate them to your local food banks, churches and Salvation Army stores!

But those deals?

Those deals will be there in a couple of days, hell, Xmas is right around the corner and still folks will need our help!

Black Friday! (1st day of shopping for the season) is a con!

It's there to continue the current system, the status quo! As long as we are shopping under the current terms and conditions, businesses have no motivation to change or alter the way they do business with you!

Citibank, The Auto industry and the rest have not changed one iota of their business tactics or plans! They come to the taxpayer the Jamal Six pack and the Julia Nurse in training for mercy when facing imminent financial doooooom! Where was that same compassion when business and congress passed that despicable bankruptcy law?

Where was the mercy when business foreclosed on all those homes? When it was revealed that predatory lending practices were the norm?

Temptation! Goooooo Shopping!

Wisdom! Don't! Empty your closets and cabinets and donate to Goodwill and the Salvation Army or the Midnight Mission.

Conserve! Look to the future!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yahhhhhh, Thanksgiving Day!

Oh Yeah, She leaves you for him!
even worse you would have left her for him!

Need I say More?

Sure, it's probally good but don't you get the feeling somethings not right?

He's gonna do this right after dinner!

Smile! It's probally gonna happen and still as long as you got Love, your health and Family and lots and lots of Tums and Tylenol then Hey! Happy Thanksgiving!
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Fear No Clown!

Good Afternoon and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Having read Albert T. Clown's letter to Mista Jaycee and Mista Jaycee's response (Both of which were funnie) I feel now is the time for us remember that as the country muddles through very difficult times laughter is one the most important weapons we have at are disposal. The others of course being Prayer, Meditation, Art, Music, Poetry, Writing and honorable discourse.

All over the nation people are losing their jobs, their homes and most of all their faith in human kind. To lose your hope is truly one of the greatest tragedies. Let us not de-evolve into name calling such as Clown O phobe! And Clowns are Evil! That's ridiculous! Clowns not your taste, There's something else for you. Don't diminish your joy! Don't lose your hope!

This country has endured far darker times than this and we made it through because we were open to ideas of change and collective endurance. Art, Music and Prayer will be essential as we begin the work! Laughter is a tool we can not and should not do without!

In closing Be Blessed in advanced! Happy Thanksgiving to all and never lose hope!

God (IAM) Bless!
Dr. I. M. Nutz

Mista Jaycee's Response To Albert T. Clown!

Cesar Romero as the Joker

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and Godspeed back to Crawford, Texas!

Good Morning Albert T. Clown,

As you can see I did post your letter and now I hope that you're Man enough or Clown enough or...whatever you are to hear my reply.

Bozo, The Last True Clown Professional!

It is not and has never been my intention to disparage an entire community nor Children's Entertainment Professionals in which clowns are included. I believe that Clowns have done quite enough on thier own to disparage themselves!

Why would anyone say a clown is Scary?

As a Children's Entertainment Professional it is you who owe the apology! As a Children's Entertainment Professional it is your job by definition to entertain. Clearly you have failed miserablly. This is not my fault. I find clowns to be creepy and outworldly to say the least! To say the most I don't think Clowns are funny!

The Late Great Red Skelton, The Loveable Clown! Isn't that an Oxymoron? Loveable Clown?

Your very Clownatude offends my sensibilities but back to your letter, Mista Jaycee is not a Clownophobe!

Oh, No! Clowns are funnie!
Photo courtesy of

Phobia: Noun, Irrational persistant fear. definition courtesy of Webster's dictionary
Clown: Noun, A Funny, Costumed, Entertainer. definition courtesy of Webster's dictionary
I do not possess a phobia of clowns! A revulsion yes! But not a phobia!
Now, Albert, I hope that I can call you Al.......

Al, you are indeed costumed but funny entertainer...well.............

Big floppy shoes, flowers that shoot water, loud garish colors may be the uniform of a clown but Hey Al, bring your A game dude!

Stale Knock Knock jokes, dime store magic tricks and creepy makeup just don't cut it anymore and it hasn't for over twenty years!

And another thing Al! You didn't go after Stephen King when he wrote about Pennywise! You didn't go after Batdude and the Joker! You didn't go after Fox when they called thier Propaganda program NEWS! Oh....sorry I digress!

You didn't write about Shakes the Clown, Bill the Clown or Armstrong Williams! Opps! Sorry, I digress yet again! Oh....they 've represented the Clown Community well haven't they?

Let's face it dude Clowns are creepy and the true American Capitalist Clown knows the real $$$$ in creepy! No one is more creepy than a clown! Well except Barney the Dinosaur and the Kenny G Christmas album, but again, I digress!

Al...your creepiness, not withstanding, I gotta give it to you! You got sack dude or whatever clowns got cause you ride for yours, dude! I respect that but you still creep me out!