Friday, December 26, 2008

The Original Sex Kitten Earth Kitt Passes Xmas Day!

Oooooh! That purrrrrrrrrr!

So resonant, so deeply, entrallingly primal and sexxxy! Damn!

Halle Berry looked mightly tempting as the Catwoman, terrible script and final conception aside, Michelle Phieppher was hellafied with that whip and that wet leather ,but for me, Julie Newmar will always be Catwoman for me. But that purrrrrrrrfect inflection, that innovation belongs solely to Miss Kitt! She added that and no one will ever forget that character because of it!

Years ago when I worked for a road service company as a dispatcher Miss Kitt called in for service and although she wasn't using the name Eartha Kitt on the membership card, she let me know it was her. How you ask?

Ask? Ask?

I commented on her voice and how familiar it was to me. She flirted, assuring me that we indeed were familiar with each other. She was in show business and her voice was purrrrfect!

So even though I knew that she was a senior citizen I assure you, that she got not only great service, (Hey if your Grandma had a flat you better get it dig?) and I could not leave my cubicle without fear news of my excitement would spread all over the office. (Laughing)

Let us not reduce Miss Kitt's career to Playing Lady Eloise in Boomerang. She was a singer, an actress bar none, a dancer in Katherine Dunham's theatre/dance groups. She remained sexy and flex able and vibrant until the last. She was born daughter to a White Male and an Afrikan American/Cherokee Mama as Eartha Mae Keith. She was raised first by her Mother's sister who she believed was really her Mother but sent to live with Mamie Kitt, her real mother in New York.

She worked in movies since 1948 and on stage but she will always be known for her signature recording of Santa Baby! So every time some new singer comes along with her hot lil body trying to interpret it, you will always be teleported back to Eartha Kitt. The Original!

In a luncheon with then First Lady Lady Bird Johnson she gave an opinion on her opposition to the war in Vietnam, a decision that caused her to be de-facto Black Listed and living in Europe for several years. In spite of a great body of work here in the US and abroad, Kitt will probably be remembered by the babies as the voice of Queen Vexus from My life as a Teenaged Robot and From the Emperor's New Groove. No matter!

Eartha, That Bad Eartha! Is and will always be purrrrfect.
Sleep Eartha until Jesus comes back!
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!



Miss.Stefanie said...

May she rest in peace :(

Revvy Rev said...

First class, top notch person and talent! We will miss her.

Anonymous said...

That woman was sexy as hell until her last breath. She will be missed..GREATLY.

just lex said...

i was so sad to hear of her passing. i'm one of the babies, because i totally remember her from Emperor's New Groove lol. never realized how striking she was as a youngster. thanks for educating (:

have a happy new year!

Anonymous said...


plez... said...

her stint as Catwoman may've been the first leatherclad image that got a "rise" out of me as a youngster! *smile*

Rocky said...

I just heard her not very long ago on Tom Joyner sounding very vibrant. This actually shocked me.

She was a class act and a beautiful woman. She will be missed.

MsPuddin said...

ah..I love it. "I don't have any pan-ties on" haha sorry but that is what I think about, but thanks for the quick remembrance, it's always so sad when the originals pass over...