Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chloe H. Born on December 2, 2008!

Chloe H born December 2, 2008 Artist Rendering

Mista Jaycee and A Choice of Weapons would like to welcome Chloe H. into the world!

Congratulations are in order to Mrs. Shantia and Mr. Travis H. who were cool enough to be the parents of our newest reader and fan!

She was born kicking and screaming! Her Mom ate Chili Lime hot wings right before she went into labor! (Smile) And afterwards she decided to let us know how cute and cuddly she is!

She is the absolute cutest, next of course to my own daughter, of course, Cam! Cam's almost grown now and since the title of cutest Baby has been vacated, (not everyone will agree but they wrong) then I guess Chloe can hold it down!

I ain't insertin a photo but I will render a competent likeness!

Welcome to the World Kid! How do you like it soooo Far?


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Miss.Stefanie said...

I adore the name Chloe ( My dog is actually named Chloe) Oh congrats!