Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, Darn It!

Every Year I see and hear Christmas politicized and watch folks get turned off again and again.

Jesus is the reason for the Season! Says Pastor, Reverend, Doctor, So called Conservative Political Hack! (Insert Name Here)

Let's Put the Holy Back In Hol-I-Day!


Then on the other side we have a secular, commercialism soiling the spiritual potential of the Holiday as well.
Santa and his Elves! The Yule Log, Flying Reindeer and the Christmas Tree!

First....Let's be real. Yeshua was not born on December 25th! December 25th is Nimrod's Birthday. Nimrod, King of Babylon, was worshipped as a God! Semiramis, his Wife and Queen also enjoyed that status. In Kemet, (Egypt) Both were known as Ausar and Auset, (Osiris and Isis) In Greece, they were known as Zeus and Aphrodite, In Israel, they were called Baal and Ashtoreh. Different names, and variations on the story, but same orgin. Nimrod and Semiramis even had a child. Guess who?????? Horus!(NIMROD JR) Who received a golden egg (hint, hint) as a gift from Daddy, left under the tree (Big Nimrod) who had been killed by SET ( His Brother) and dismembered into 14 pieces the most important missing piece was well.... his member! Does any of this sound familiar Father, Mother and Child? Osirus, ISIS and Horus? Father, Mary and Jesus?????? HUMMMMMMM!
I'll Wait!
Amazing how the Capitol Building and a few other choice monuments resemble, well, they point to the sky! (WINK)
S0 back to it!

When the Christian Church was being organized by Bishop Iranehas (pardon the spelling) during the 1st and 2nd Nichian Councils, it was decided that December 25 would be Jesus's Birthday and Easter would be the day of his death and resurrection. (Actually these are the Winter and Summer Solstices and Sunday is the Day of the Sun not SON, it was hi-jacked by The Council see next few paragraphs)

It was decided by a group of gangstas what day would be celebrated! Check out the 1st Nichian Council where representatives from the different diverse Christian communities got together to achieve some cohesiveness and orthodoxy. They couldn't agree on much. Different communities held different interpretations of scripture, Different views on Jesus and his divinity and some held other books and scholars in high regard. The idea of central leadership or a POPE was rejected!

Now seven years later when they decided to try again, that's when the true Gangsta ish came out! Bishop Iranehas (Pardon the spelling) murdered or had murdered the Gnostic Christian Leader Marcion, declared the Gnostic Christian writings heretical and set about murdering the Gnostic's as well as those who opposed his folks point of view during the 1st Nichian Council. Then they organized the church, setting policy such as Christmas, Easter, The Abandonment of the Creation Sabbath (Saturday) in favor of Sunday (1st day) and deciding which books would be the standard books! And the eventual standard leader of the Church, THE POPE!

The Eastern Church Split saying oh HECK NO! becoming the ORTHODOX and COPTIC CHURCHES And The Western Church eventually became THE HOLY CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC MOTHER CHURCH!


What's the point Mista Jaycee?

The point is since we know for fact that Yeshua was probably born in the SPRING not the WINTER! We KNOW DEC 25th is the Winter Solstice and Easter is the SUMMER Solstice we should not, I repeat, not allow ourselves, to get caught up, in petty set tripping and brainwashing propaganda!

Osirus (Nimrod) Born December 25th and Raised on Easter Sound Familiar

We know this so...let's not gutter snipe! It's a drag seeing so called spiritually conscious folks at each others throats literally and figuratively over how holidays are celebrated. We all know the church hi-jacked a bunch of so called pagan beliefs and customs, put a good Christian face on it and packaged it to be sold to the masses.
Deal with it! Don't get mad cause these FACTS are pointed out and Don't get mad cause they are ignored either. Instead Merry Christmas Darn it! Remember what we should be focused on, healthy and loving families, good food and a blessed year in our right minds!
Merry XMAS!

In the Name of the Merciful God (YWH) IAM THAT I AM, he has sent a Savior and his name shall be called EMMANUEL (YWH With US)!

God with us! God beside us! God among us! Blessings!

Let us eat with our families and friends and remember those year round who are suffering. Some have lost all their material wealth, some have lost their homes and stability, some have lost their faith in humankind, Their God, and Themselves.

Semiramis (ISIS, Diana, Aphrodite) not her real picture, although... Had TEMPLES all over were SEX was Performed as part of the Ritual! Naughty and Nice indeed! (Wink)

Give them hope! Don't get tied up spreading DOGMA! Let them know there is a real hope and they can see it for real in YOU!

That's Right! IN YOU! Help them by donating time, money, education, services as well as positive thought. You will not only bless them but yourself!

Merry Christmas!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


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