Monday, December 15, 2008

Creation VS Evolution!

The Bible says In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was God! And the Word was With GOD and the Word was made flesh!

The Bible says in the book of Genesis And God stood on the face of waters and said Let there Be Light! And there was Light!
In the Vedas it is written that Brahma (GOD) created the world with a Word! OM or AUM!
Instantly the world was created. Just one word. OM!

I've listened to the evolutionists and the creationists go back and forth for years arguing over how the world began. It's amazing that it's hardly ever pointed out that evolutionists have varied and diverse theories about evolution.
For the Oceanographer he/she may teach that the world was one giant land mass, Pangaea, and one big super ocean. The continents, Oceans and Seas resulted from earthquakes and the shifts from the Teutonic plates. Man evolved from the ocean of course.
For the biologist man evolved possibly from a primate. Of course certain religious folks would protest that insisting that we have all evolved from a divine power or powers. Some would say that we were brought here from other planets.

The theories are endless and so are the arguments. But in spite of it all we never seem to ponder that our creation stories may be just a myth!

Myth! Did you say Myth.... Mista Jaycee?

Well now wait....put ya guns and paddles away! Especially you RIPPa!

I believe that human kind was created by THE GOD (IAMTHATIAM) but that does not mean that the creation story outlined in the Bible is THE CREATION STORY dig?

Dig, God (IAM) created the world in six days and rested the seventh right? Genesis

Adam (ISH Hebrew pronoun for Man) is created on the 6th day.

Eve (ISH) (a) same pronoun as the one for Man the a is denote Woman/Partner) is created some time later right?

What we don't consider is that the Bible's creation story is not the only creation story. There are tons of other creation stories and they are all valid but for the purpose of this post let's just deal with The Bible's creation story.

No, I ain't gonna attack it! Consider for a moment that ADAM, may only have been a literary creation designed to illustrate the first men on earth. EVE represents the first women on earth and their stories is about how we as human kind began and of course the fall of human kind from perfect, sinless creation to sinful, mortal creation.

It never enters into our theology that it may have been a tribe or group of folks and not two, single people. Considering this does not mean that Man was not a created being. It means that a copyist somewhere used a literary device to tell a highly detailed, multi layered story, that up until then had been passed by ORAL tradition.

Just think on that a moment.
Dig, there is strong evidence, to show that the world began in Afrika! (A.S.I.A. All started in Afrika) The Garden of Eden was near the Euphates and Tigress Rivers leading out of what became Kemet and Babylon. (Egypt and Iraq) So you telling me that a woman who looks like that supermodel ALEK, you know, that tall, thin, super dark skinned, Woman from Sudan, and a woman that looks like Cindy Crawford and Sade came solely from EVE. You telling me that Esther Baxter and Buffie the Body came from EVE alone? You telling me that because of climate change, the ice-walk and intermarriage that all these combos came to light alone?
Maybe they did's not unreasonable to question that now is it. ADAM and EVE possiblly just literary devices don't sound so far fetched now do it?

I'll wait!

Girl from Ipanema playing in my head...........

Thought about it enough yet?

So now we got Darwin's theory and some egg head in a science lab trying to date a fossil and determine how long the world has been spinin. He says after conducting test after test this fossil dates back 100,000 years! Eureka!

The Religious folks, probably Christians, say No Way! Blasphemy! The world is only 6000 years old!

The world is 6000 years old? How did you get that answer? Carbon dating? Historical record?

Tell me, How?

Did you use the good ole King James? Ya did, didn't you? The Bible deals with about 6000 years of written data. That does not prove the age of the earth.

Think on this...There was no measure of TIME except the separation of Day from Night, the Creation Sabbath, (Friday eve to Saturday eve) and the scripture notes that the Lord visited ADAM and later HE and EVE in the cool of the day. That is the only measure of TIME. No where is mortality a factor. No flowers dying in winter, no snow, No Death period but especially for MAN.
So how long did ADAM and EVE work and live in EDEN before TIME became a factor because of SIN and ADAM's MORTALITY? They had a reason to measure TIME then.

So the world could be millions of millions of years old which would prove the evolutionists right about the possible age of the sphere but then you the problem of how the sphere and man's orgin would remain.

What's your point Jaycee?

Let us not be so arrogant as to believe that we know everything and allow ourselves to stop questioning!
Maybe the solar system and the entire milky way galaxy was Eden. My couldn't the first people have planet hopped cultivating the system? Maybe, the wars and the tower of Babel were fought in space or on these other worlds? Why not? Have we not explored and found water, ice and other things that we are just now beginning to understand about the other planets in this system? Maybe after the SIN came in we were limited to just this world? Maybe Satan and the Shaiten (His followers) were limited to this world as well. It's just a theory but think on it. It doesn't make the story in the Bible untrue but it does explain some details. Dig?

Humans might be able to make a good guess at the earth's real age, Humans might be able to even scientifically explain the process (God's creative power) somewhat...but dig, you still only got a guess!

You may say there is no God! (IAM)

A fool says there is no God! (IAM)

But that is still your choice. My problem stems not just with folks who don't believe that the earth and man were created but also and especially the religious people who seek to install their religious viewpoint while ignoring tons of questions, alternative theories, and science.

I believe we are created but can I prove it, no, not really! But there is evidence that leads me to believe that my faith has not been misplaced. That's right my Faith!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!



Miss.Stefanie said...

Hmm...Im totally feeling your theory and teachings. Seriously--never really thought about it. Now you gave me something to think about. :)

Thank you for the food for my brain Jay

Funms-the rebirth said...


RealHustla said...

I wonder what your dreams are like.

dons_mind said...

can't say i'd argue with anything you've written - some of it is stuff that i've heard discussed by assorted theologians - but never advanced past the discussion's certainly deserving of ponder :)

tks for stopping by!

Bombchell said...

interesting, & i found including models such as alek to esther funny.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I'm not learned enough to explain physics, but I remember reading that time in space is different than earth time. Because of this, seven days of Creation here could be billions of years in God's time, giving credibility to theories of how the earth is approximately four billion years old (I think), and accounting for the dinosaurs, Adam and Eve being created when there was only one continent, and Continental Drift Theory (it's cool).

The human races changed in appearance due to latitude and climate, explaining racial differences, as well as the differences in the same species of other animals.

I see Creation and Evolution going hand in hand, and all due to God's hands.

Anonymous said...

This topic has always been one to fascinate me! So much to think about and so endless.

Although, I'm not sure just what I believe. I'm too confused!

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Bella,
While I do not fully endorse a church cause of all that's happened to us I do have a good relationship with Yeshua. (Jesus)
I highly recommend him and am always willing to introduce him. He's heard about ya and wants to know you.
He's cool like that!

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Buttafly, Real Hustla,
My dreams, well......
I get to write a daily blog, play the piano and if I'm good, my wife and daughter will actually feed me and let me live with them but I try not to spend too much time in my head alone. It's dark in there and I have a feeling that Albert T Clown is waiting behind one of my childhood fears to eat me! Just kidding! Maybe!
Thanks for coming by I missed you!

Sista GP said...

Posts like this is the reason this is for you. Thanks for always keeping it real.

Anonymous said...

Good shit man!
Trying to figure that out is like askign what cam first the chicken or the egg

Jasmine Hormes said...

&& let your faith always keep you strong! =D

God Bless
&& thanks for stopping by my blog! love yours!revati

nikkiblanco said...

i'm going to read this again when i get off work...

Mr. Jolla said...

Good, no GREAT thought provoking blog...between your words and KIT's physics tie-in, it's quite the interesting piece.

Anonymous said...

Before you dis either one, consider learning how to spell AFRICA...

Anonymous said...


Brahma created the universe with "tapas" (fire) the first being, the one without a second raises the cosmos by fire. Brahma created the universe has no creator is the impersonal Brahman, Brahma is a false creator who deceives himself who believes omnipotent and omniscient as you said said Buddha.


The universe has been produced by the explosion of the Big-bang (the place that expolsion was equivalent to a temperature of one hundred million suns) the Big-Bang is a scientific theory among others can be the collision of two parallel universes from nothing uncreated that a collision has occurred that huge room.

It seems that the pantheism of Spinoza and Einstein's thought come together much in the Rig-Veda.

Religion and science flow in the same direction