Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh, Lighten Up Already!

This morning I read this blurb about how this group or that group is angry cause Obama asked Pastor Rick Warren to perform the invocation. Hummmm, a preacher doing a prayer, Outrageous!

But Mista Jaycee, Rick Warren said this or that and his stances on this are.....gasp!

Lighten up!

Ya see, Bam Bam, is a politician and he's gonna get a preacher that's not gonna cause the controversy that say a Lou Farrakhan might cause see. And he's right to do it!

If he went and got that United States Marine, Former Medical aide to President Lyndon Johnson, from Chi Town, You know that guy....what's his name????? Again, You know the dude..

Oh....Pastor Jeremiah Wright! Then all Hell would break loose!

There is no preacher that I ain't gonna have a problem with when it comes to my politics. Politics and Religion should not be mixed but sadly that's not the real world.

The important thing is for us not to let Obama be Clintonized!

Clintionized, Mista Jaycee?

Clintonized! Where a President's agenda is impeded, stopped or sidetracked. Was it really necessary to allow Clinton to be sued for Sexual Harassment and eventually impeached for lying about it under oath? No, it wasn't and it should not have been. Sidetracked!

Clinton did not confirm as many judges as he could have. He was impeded every step of the way. Does any one remember Dr. Lani Guinneer? She was not even allowed the decency of a up and down vote before the senate. She was called, unfairly, a quota queen! Remember?

The Republicrats could very well impede Bam Bam on Judge appointments, confirmations, filibusters and the like. Don't get sidetracked with this petty nonsense about some preacher!

The countries undeniably in the toilet and the Republicans really don't care! They don't cause if they did they would be trying to at least look like statesmen instead of continually set tripping.

Bam Bam is not and I repeat not gonna bring about some liberal agenda or some Socialist Utopia! He ain't! So stop looking for him to do this sweeping change all at once and instead make sure that instills good government! A good, well funded educational mandate, a good fiscal budget policy and hey Bam, we could bring back the WPA and put alot of Americans to work!

Bridges, Roads, Schools, Parks all need work!

Focus! People! Focus! Stay on target!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!



jjbrock said...

Mista Jaycee thanks for reminding us of the bigger picture. At first I wonder the same thing as everyone else why Warren. Really, it don't matter someone would have a problem with whom ever.

Miss.Stefanie said...

We need to bring back the WPA for jobs...they also favored artists. Great posy Jay! Missed ya too!

Athena Christine. said...

;] good post.

Anonymous said...

exactly!! Thank you for this post, he must pick and choose his battles and while I'm REALLY on board with the gay community and their plight etc, This is not the moment and NO ONE woulda been exempt from scrutiny and bitching since the religious sector in this country has really become not only politicized and intent on their own agenda but oftentimes lately into some weird "appealing to our baser instinct" type of trip, so is whatever

Jeez! people do need to let President Chocolate Cinnamon (what? I call him that in utter love) get to office, make policy and YES he should be applauded for reaching out to all the sides of the equation and for Moderating the political climate that the previous administration has RELISHED!

P.S: My hair thanks you for the kindness LOL

Black And Single said...

its just politices , noone can understand it except politicians

CurvyGurl said...

i'm with ya on this...a big 'get over it' for folks who are unhappy about this.

Daisy said...

Rick Warren helped finance the hateful Prop 8 campaign, so I think it's EXACTLY like choosing Farrakhan, only Rick is from the right.

They call it "going triangular"--Clinton did it to Sistah Soljah. It's a way to make yourself look centrist... but at the expense of a marginalized group.

Have to disagree with you on this one. It doesn't keep me from liking Obama, but makes it clear to me that he IS a politician, looking at that bottom line.

Mista Jaycee said...

The Prop 8 campaign is like all the other hate based campaigns aimed at curtailing minority rights! Fight Back! But onto Obama! It shouldn't be surprising that he extended an olive branch cause he said he would in his campaign. When Pastor Wright had his God Damn America Sermon which was sound bited to death. I didn't flinch at any of his comments! Nothing! None! And this was a man that once served a President, is a Marine, dig? Don't waste time with this the real battle is ahead and already enemies of Obama and the left are sidetracking the agenda and issues. The Economy is still number 1, we haven't talked about IRAQ or troop withdrawal, we are not talking about the real issues.
Remember this is how they hamstrung Clinton and Cinton helped them with his loose pants dig?