Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Leave Michael Vick Alone and Let him Play!

Pictured Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter

Quarterback Michael Vick has been been conditionally re-instated by the National Football League after spending the last two years in prison for running a dog fighting enterprise.

Cool! Great Mike! Good Luck and God (IAM) Bless You!

Now, only if the hypocrites would go away! I've heard everything now!

Michael Vick is not a good role model for our kids and he shouldn't be allowed to play football!

You're wrong if you believe that!

Not about Mike being a lousy role model. Hell, he flipped people off in photos regularly, walked around Thuggin for years and got busted, forfeiting a $100 Million dollar contract! All those things disqualify Michael as a good role model.

Michael Vick has paid his debt to society by going to prison, losing his fortune and listening to y'all's bullshit long enough! And now Michael Vick can become a good role model by being a good person!

Hell, there are many people who need the second chance at redemption! They need it for themselves but even more than they need it! We need it! Kids have got to know that if you fuck up then your life does not end there! Will it be difficult? Hell Yes! But it does not end there!

You can be reborn and rebuilt and create something decent with your life and the lives of others!

Now for all the judgemental assholes who don't like Michael Vick I got this to say! You've had more than enough time to make your feelings known! You don't like him cause he fought and killed some damn dogs! I get it! We all get it! Now take your azzes somewhere and sit down!

Mike fought and killed some damn dogs for money and fun! Sick! Yes! But they were some Damn Dogs! Y'all some effin hypocrites! There are Murderers and people who stole elections and democracy walking free! There are people who stole your damn pensions and y'all worrying about some damn dogs? That's some stupid shit there!

Here's what you can do. Route for the other team that's playing against Michael! Stand there in the stands, beer in hand, hot dog (no pun intended) mustard stain on your clothes and scream "GET THAT DOG KILLER!"

Come on! You know you want to!

Mike deserves the chance to make amends and become a better person. We all do! As far as being a role model for kids.

Here's the message! If you mess up that's still no excuse for you not mannin up and doin better!

Play on Mike!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Monday, July 27, 2009

And Justice for the rest of Us!

The true measure of a Man is what did he build and who did he help in life? This is how a Man is truly judged. It's what's in his heart! - Mista Jaycee

This morning while peeking the weekend news I read that Former Middleweight Boxing Champ Vernon Forrest had been murdered in Atlanta.

He was shot and killed while filling his tires at a gas station. A man asked him for some Money and he took out his wallet. The man snatched it and ran. Vernon gave chase but could not catch the suspected thief. He turned around to go back to his vehicle when he was shot in the back five times.

I hope they find this coward and fast!

Vernon Forrest, the first boxer to defeat "Sugar" Shane Mosley spent alot of time helping the underprivileged and kids with special needs. He often had these children over for Sunday dinners. This was more than just a photo op!

I rage at the fact that this murder was so petty! I even think about the thief who although he's a Coward, his life as of now is petty and cruel and worthless! But this is not unique!

That's the problem!

A petty, cruel, worthless life is not unique anymore. Anyone can die a senseless death and not even be the headline or lead story anymore.

The Murderer may be arrested, the story may be covered a lil while longer cause the victim enjoyed some celebrity in life, but the murderer, if caught, will scrowl at the camera. Head held high and defiant! So he can be seen as staying strong for the homies! And we won't even hate him anymore!

We won't hate him cause we've seen it and it's almost impossible for him to go lower than the state we are already in.

Rest in Peace Vernon! And Justice for the rest of us!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Invisible Life Author E. Lynn Harris Passes on!

It's been eleven years since the night of the E. Lynn Harris book signing. I am a poet and a writer and I shopped regularly at the now defunct Education 2000 Plus bookstore in the East Arts Village community of Downtown Long Beach.

Marie, the owner, reminded me to stop by that Thursday evening to meet E. Lynn Harris. There were stacks of his books on tables at the store. Invisible Life, And this too shall pass, If this world were mine. They were stories of Black Men, Gay Black Men in hiding, under assault!

I didn't come to the book signing but on Friday when I stopped by again, Marie was waiting on me!

Marie: "Why didn't you come to the book signing?"

Jaycee: " I was busy and couldn't make it!" I lied.

Marie: "You should have come. You would have been able to meet him. His books are great!"

Jaycee: " Marie, I don't wanna read Gay Black Man Fiction!"

Marie: "IT'S NOT GAY BLACK MAN FICTION! It's great stories!"

Jaycee: Ok, then I will buy a few books. So I went and grabbed the one that had the least offensive covers to me.

Marie: "No, You've got to read them in order."

Jaycee: "Well, what's the first one?"

Marie: " That one!"

She'd pointed to the one that I'd avoided the most!

INVISIBLE LIFE! One the cover were two light skinned Black Men wearing corporate button down shirts. Did they look like the stereotypical Gay Men that I had seen? No!

But I picked up Invisible life and went home determined to read what the buzz was about. I began to read the first line. "There is something poetic about falling in Love."

I continued to read as the book introduced me to Raymond Tyler Jr and his search for Perfect. Raymond, a law student, was the son of a prominent Black Judge. He belonged to a popular Black Frat and had a high school sweetheart cheerleader girlfriend. In his last year in College he met Kelvin, a Freshman football recruit. Kelvin, was also openly and proudly Bi-sexual and fearless in spite of the danger of being so at a conservative Black Institution where Homosexuality was frowned upon and could be punished with violence.

He is seduced! Turned on and out and begins a secret relationship with Kelvin. The book wasted no time with getting into the sex cause at the start of the third chapter Kelvin had seduced Raymond. I threw that book from my hands like it was on fire! There it sat in my living room untouched for weeks. I loaned it to a female co worker! She gave it back! She couldn't read it! She was a Christian and just couldn't get through it!

I sat down and decided that no book would scare me. So I began to read about Raymond and Kyle, Kelvin and Cindy and their lives. The torture and anger that they felt. Kyle, Quinton and Raymond were Black Men trying to make it! Yet! Raymond was in love with Nicole and yet could not commit fully to her. It was the 1980's and AIDS was mowing people down like a machine gun!

When I finished the book I hated E. Lynn Harris! I HATED E. Lynn Harris! When a friend asked me why Hate? I said, cause he made me care about people who I didn't want to know. He showed them to be all too human.

It is now, that I am over a decade older and have seen more life that I reflect on his death. E. Lynn Harris has passed on at the age of 54 in Los Angeles, California. I never got another chance to meet him. That's alright!

I think that E. Lynn was able to tell a story. His story! I think that he was able to put a real face on Being Gay and Black and what that means? He was able to show folks, Black Men in all their complexity and Black gay Men in theirs as well. Gone was the stereotypical gay man, the church boy, the sissy!

Raymond was a Man! And admit it did anyone guess there would ever be a character like John "Basil" Henderson? The NFL football player who insisted that he wasn't gay! He just liked to kick it sometimes! If Basil had not existed I doubt that a character like Omar Little from the Wire could exist either.

He reminded us that "Those Gay People" were our Brothers and Sisters! Aunts and Uncles. Friends! He reminded us that people were ultimately flawed and complex but even more..

Sleep well E. Lynn!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Question? Mr. Do Right! Mistress Part 2

Photo courtesy of the Web

Hey Y'all!

The Mistress post was great cause alot of fine folks have chimed in and shared some great insights. Now, I'd like to continue the conversation by asking the fellas. Teems chimed in and left this comment. Please check her blog out!

From Teems:

I am not a mistress but I think that I have idea because I know quite a few. Women stay because they are "treated" well and given false hope. Usually the man assures them that the main relationship is going sour and/or doing this for the kids, yada, yada.If the mistress has the married man kids she expects to be treated equally or rush the process of divorce. Again false hope. I know a woman who only got the man for a few months because the wife found out about the kids and kick him out. But then man realizes that he still has to support the family, has history...and more to loose if he stays with the mistress. So he goes to marriage counseling.The mistress usually doesn't feel like she can change him. The man is TELLING her that things will change. He usually tells her lies when she threatens to blow the whistle and/or leave.Some of the time the mistress doesn't even know until after she has fell in to deep and feelings are strong.There are some women who don't give a ____ and like the no strings attached yet being taken care of. But most of the time the mistress has feelings which is why she cant leave.

Teems wrote: Women stay cause they are treated well and they are given the false hope that the relationship has gone sour. So what I wanted to ask the fellas is why did you have a Mistress in the first place? it just that old saying. You know there is only one thing besides some pussy that a Man is ever thinking about and that's some New Pussy! Is that true? Is it just the idea of Conquest, the thrill of the hunt that makes a man start a relationship on the side?

Having a mistress can not be an easy thing to do cause if you married, you can only be working so many hours! The paycheck has got to reflect some of that cash! You can only be out of the house for so long and even more so you can't come home from work smelling clean. Somewhere you gon smell like HER! She is gonna be all over YOU! Your Wife will notice. So why take the risk?

Is it the thrill? Do you think your Wife doesn't know or care? Come on now tell me!

What about the vows you took? Even if you ain't married maybe you cheatin and you got a side piece or several besides your special lady. Does it bother you and what do you do to justify it?

Come On! I wants to hear it?

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Who the Hell are you living next to?

Lyfe Jennings : I know your style dude… Tell it to the next man!
I ain't buying it ….. Sell it to the next man!
Going Postal…… well mail it to the next Man!
Cause I can't hear that bull shi…..!!!!

I listen to the drums and most of the Black Bloggers pull from the same wells so I didn't post anything about this right away but after reading several of my colleagues pieces and following the Dick Gregory method of listening to the news (Dick Gregory advises to write down the first reports and listen to how the facts get changed.) I have a question that no one else has covered.


Dr. Henry Louis Gates known affectionately as "Skip", a Harvard Professor and writer of several heavy books comes home from a trip and can't get into his home.

Here are the 1st news reports courtesy of NPR: Dr. Gates comes home and can't get the front door open. Something is wrong with either the key or the lock.

2. Dr. Gates asks the cab driver to assist him in opening the door. This does not work.

3. Dr. Gates goes around back while the cab driver remains at the front door with his luggage.

4. Dr. Gates opens the rear door and calls the alarm company.

5. Dr. Gates opens the front door.

Now here's where it gets interesting. It is reported that someone has placed a call to police. Possible Robbery. Nothing wrong with that right?

Question? Did they know or care what Dr. Gates looked like? Did they know their neighbor? Who their neighbor was?

The Police Officer arrived to investigate. No Problem again. However after an explanation had been provided including drivers license and the alarm company phone number it should have ended right there! Thank You Dr. Gates, have a good evening. Right?


Now, words are exchanged between Dr. Gates and the Officer. The Police Officer arrests and handcuffs Dr. Gates.

What Words?

I don't know but I believe that I can find out a fair plausible facsimile using Dr. Funkenstein's Hyper Funken Telakey!

Just give me a few moments to warm up the device.

Device booting up: To Capture a Booty You must attack from the Back!

Password: To the Rear March!

Now we're ready!

Police Officer: Hold it right there!

Dr Gates has his hands up as does the cab driver. He is careful not to make any sudden moves! The cab driver has stopped breathing completely.

Police Officer: We received a possible breaking and entering report from this address!

Dr. Gates: Officer, this is my home. I was just having some trouble getting the front door unlocked.

Officer: Do you have any Id?

Dr. Gates: Yes! This is my House!
Now the rest of the conversation is really speculative. Let's just go over some of the facts.
The Lead officer was a White Man. Did he own or live in a house as nice as Dr. Gates? Was this that Cops neighborhood? And just assuming that the officer could live in the neighborhood how many Black Folks did he know who lived there?
Now, there were two other officers on the scene as well from what I understand. Both were Black! What the hell were they doing when Dr. Gates and the White Officer were having their exchange? Did they emphasize with Dr. Gates, A Black Brother, or did they just act like Cops?
Could that have been the problem?
Then Dr. Gates says the stupidest thing a Black Man can say when dealing with the police.
Dr Gates: "Let me have your badge numbers and name I'm filing a Complaint!"
Any Black person knows that it's not smart to announce you are filing a complaint to the officer.
You might get arrested....just like Dr. Gates!
You wait until the officers leave then you calmly call your attorney then go over to the nearest police station and file a complaint.
Was Racial Profiling involved? Hell yeah! How many Black people live in that neighborhood? How many teach at Harvard? Hell Yeah? Did any of Dr. Gates neighbors come out and to check to make sure Dr. Gates was okay? That's Dr. Gates home? He's out of town, I hope that every things alright? Probably not! That's something for Dr. Gates to examine then maybe he needs to hire a Realtor.
I think that the cop felt that this Nigga was yelling at him, that he didn't know his place and he was gonna teach him a lesson. The lesson was that I'm a Cop and that you better know that you will never be so powerful or high up that I have to give you any respect!
Don't believe me? What did Dr. Gates say to the officers that was an arrestable offense? He already proved it was his home, he already proved no robbery had occurred. So what?
Malcolm X once asked a Black Man on a television forum what do White folks call a Black Doctor or an engineer?
A Nigger!
Think on that!
BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Did you See Harry Potter Yet?

Well, I hope that everyone is having a great Tuesday! Mrs. Jaycee and I went out and checked out Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I liked the film but it left out alot of things from the book. Now, before you say but alot of movies do that Mista Jaycee! Wait!

I know and accept that alot of films do that! They do it for artistic license or cause the film will be too long! I dig?

So before I don my fan boy gear and criticize what I feel is wrong let me tell you what's right about the film. 1. I dug the cute waitress with the "fro" at the beginning. I liked that it didn't go out of it's way to point out race.

2. I liked that facts that all the Harry Potter Movies are diverse. Admit it! There's alot of different types of folks in the Potter Films and even more so in British Cinema. I am a fan of the 10th Doctor Who and Torchwood and find that I can see more Black folks there than on my own American screen. These actors have great parts too! They are not just window dressing. This is not to say that the Brits don't have issues.

3. The Colors and visuals are always great! If you've only seen the Potter films at home. Ohhhhh! I feel for you! Luckily, there are theatres that show midnight showings of the other films. Check the local listings!

4. Hermione grew up and got kinda Hot!

5. Ron is finally coming into his own!

Now what I found wrong.! Here it is!

1. Harry and Prof. Dumbledore should and could have left the cute waitress with the fro a nice note! You know magic!

2. Ginny and Harry should have kissed more and we should have seen more of their growing relationship. Harry and Ginny's relationship takes a hard turn at the end in the book!

3. Snape! There is so many things in the book about Snape and he was almost entirely glossed over like an afterthought!

4. The Battle of Hogwarts! This was a very important scene and it was left out entirely.

5. Bill and Fluer's Wedding! Again, The battle of Hogwarts! It's sucks that they didn't mentioned it at all!

6. Dumbledores Army! Neville and the gang grow to be fierce fighters against the Dark Lord!

It's still worth the money! Go see it! I really like the scene with the waitress cause Harry gets to be a Young kid. She's young and flirty and doesn't know or care that's he's magic! Harry flirts back saying while reading his copy of the daily prophet, Harry Potter's a Tosser! She smiles, cause she wants to know this Harry Potter! Cool!

Go See it!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Question, Miss Thang!

Mistress: Noun (Mis'tris) 1. A woman who has a continuing sexual relationship with a usually married man who is not her husband and from whom she generally receives material support.

2. A mistress is a man's long-term female sexual partner and companion who is not married to him, especially used when the man is married to another woman. The relationship generally is stable and at least semi-permanent; however, the couple does not live together openly. Also the relationship is usually, but not always, secret. And there is the implication that a mistress may be "kept"—i.e., that the man is paying for some of the woman's living expenses, or provides her with an allowance.

Courtesy of Wiki Answers. Photo courtesy of the Web.
I just read a great post over at Absolut Brook's blog on the Steve Mcnair Murder. It spurred me to think of a few questions that I would like to ask his or someone else's mistress and the wife. If you are some one's Mistress feel free to comment.

Question 1. Surely, you were aware that he was married. So, why did you become involved with him in the first place? Was it sexual? You know just a one time thing that was too good to let go of? Or was it something else? Did you start as "Eff" Buddies? At what point did it become more?

Question 2. Now, let's be real. You did understand you were the Other Woman right? If he said he was gonna leave his Wife for you, did this bother you? He could leave you too. He could get another Mistress? What makes you think he would be faithful to you after clearly demonstrating that he is not faithful?

Question 3. Don't you think it's a bit arrogant to think that a Woman can "change" a Man? Am I being unfair?

Question 4. What about his kids? Do you think that it's right for him to have kids with you and neglect his other kids?

Now this is just part 1 cause I want to hear how y'all feel.

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Warehouse 13

I love science fiction and tales of extreme possibility. I still watch Kolchak the Night Stalker, The X Files and the original Twilight Zone. I dabble in things like the Dresden Files and Reaper. I like Reaper cause it's quirky and fun plus "Sock" has to be one of the goofiest characters every committed to a series like this. Ever!
So last night, I watched the Pilot Episode of the SCI FI Channel's Warehouse 13. Speaking on the SCI FI channel, what the hell is that Sy FY non sense? Anyway, moving on, I really dug the show. Some have described it as the X Files light with a combo of Indiana Jones. Nah, I think it's more along the lines of Kolchak with a lil of Reaper's quirkiness thrown in.
The show is about two secret service agents who end up being reassigned to South Dakota. Once there they meet "Artie" the curator for Warehouse 13.
Warehouse 13 is where America stores all the quirky and weird bric and brac that's too dangerous for America to know about or until they figure out if it's gonna kill us! I loved how it played to the conspiracy buffs out there as Artie regaled Pete and Mika (pronounced Myyyka) with stories about how Edison wanted Ford to used this vehicle powered off human beings own magnetic electrical energy but Ford refuse to use the technology. Oil causes the engines to break down faster!
But the show is about the team. The mission keep the objects cataloged and safe and solve cases that may involve some sort of object. Stop it and bring it back!
The characters include the elusive Mrs. Frederick played by the Shield's CCH Pounder, Artie, Pete, and Myka. Pete and Myka are two of the best Secret Service Agents and can't figure out why they were assigned to Warehouse 13. Pete, works off of vibes. He's scatterbrained and goes with his gut! He has a child like sense of wonder that keeps the show funnie. That's why Pete was chosen. Then, there's the Scully like Myka. Myka is by the book and a skeptic. The classic over achiever's overachiever that can't seem to accept that there's some kooky stuff out here.
Then there's Leena. She's owns a strange bed and breakfast where Pete and Myka stay. She can read your aura. I can't wait to find out how long she's been living. Mrs. Fredrick's has been on the Governments payroll since the 1950's but hasn't aged a bit and seems to enter your place without using a door.
I liked it! Mrs. Jaycee watched it with me and I think she liked it too. I'm battin a thou cause Mrs. Jaycee watched Dr. Who with me. She even like the episode called the Next Doctor!
Be sure to watch!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kimberly Anyadike Completes Roundtrip Transcontinental Flight

Once again, The Hub City, Compton, California is in the news and for all the right reasons! Kimberly Anyadike became the youngest Female Afrikan American Pilot at age 15 to fly across the US!

Well, alright! I watched her on the news and I was sooooo excited! Anyadike, every bit a kid when asked what she planned to do now replied finish my AP Homework!


BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fela Kuti - Teacher Don't teach Me No Nonsense

Watch Listen, then read the Carlos Moore post I wrote!

Author Carlos Moore on Fela A. Kuti!

Last evening, I went to Carlos Moore's book signing at the Shades of Afrika Bookstore. I received an last minute email informing me that Mr. Moore, an ethnomusicologist, had written a book about Fela Kuti.
Author Carlos Moore

Fela Kuti!
The best way to explain Fela and his music is this. Take James Brown type Funk, add Pan Afrikan ideas, horns and twenty different shades of love and you got Fela's music. So, I entered the Shades of Afrika bookstore excited that I was going to hear some great information about the late musical icon.
Now, just so you know. The Shades is more than just an art gallery and bookstore. It's a community center. It's been very important to Long Beach and very important to me at various times in my life. I could smell the incenses burning from across the street. I entered the shop and looked around at all the new books and works of art but I took in a relaxing breath of incensed air and looked around at the warm atmosphere.
Renee, the owner, greeted me and let me know that Carlos hadn't arrived yet. It was only 7:15 but the store was already full. Carlos, A dark skinned Afro Cuban entered about 7:45 and I greeted him first. I surprised myself cause I hugged him then introduced myself. Why? I have no idea but he gave off a great vibe and a wonderful genuine smile. The Shades of Afrika always has a diverse and multiethnic crowd so this wasn't surprising to me. What surprised me was how many Fela fans were there!
My friend Ifi, introduced me to Fela's music years ago. He put on a cassette that was a total funky dance groove. The groove went on for about six minutes before a word was spoken. But then I heard a Female singing the verse.
"English Man has an English name! German Man has a German Name! Afrikan Man has a British Name! Afrikan Man has a German Name! Every thing's upside down!"
It's Upside Down!
Every thing's Upside down!
I was hooked! I went to the nearest Music land store looking for Fela. I couldn't find any! Turns out they were imports! Finding and having Fela would be expensive! Ifi, my friend, would tell me stories about Fela in Nigeria. How he used his music to fight against the corruption in his own country. How they threw him in jail. How he declared his compound, his own republic and how the Nigerian Government attacked it and killed his Mother! All this for a musician who dared attack a corrupt government but who's army was an orchestra of 70 and including dancers and singers. His weapons, not a tank or a rifle, but an electric piano, a sax and his voice!
I heard Fela speak during an interlude of one of his long jams. " I want you to go and read a book called " The Black Man of the Nile!" By Dr. Yosef Ben Jocohanan. Fela talked about how the Black Man had been hurt by the Western Religions of Christianity and Islam both because they had not helped the Black Man liberate himself and his countries resources but instead implored us to bow and venerate some other land and it's people while throwing aside our own resources and traditions.
Carlos Moore spoke for more than an hour on Fela's music and how he affected Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley. Stevie got to meet Fela. Bob passed before he could! I remember reading about how Fela married forty Women at the same time. He could have up to forty wives and had no patience with the so called rule that he had to have them one at a time. I remember after he passed that he had two wells on his property. The New owner wanted the wells removed but the community would not remove the wells cause they said that they were for Fela's Gods and that only a spiritual master could remove them properly.

The new owner ignore the warning and hired Men to remove the wells. After they began moving the wells, a few of the Men dropped dead on the spot! It illustrates the lack of respect that folks had for Afrikan spiritual things and it's people!

Fela! Fela, believed in the power of people to change the world and it make it better. He felt that was why we were placed here and that was our main purpose. Carlos Moore has done a great job in providing a means for us to get to know Fela A. Kuti!
So please pick up a copy of Fela Kuti, This Bitch of a Life! by Carlos Moore

BE Mindful!BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I Hated Chasing Destiny!

Eric Jerome Dickey has written a few of my favorite books. I really dig the Brotha; First thing I dig is how all of his books use characters from all his other books. Dickey is one the best at interconnecting the characters and stories. Second thing, the Brotha does is create an interesting premises. Snazzy Title, Great visual photo, great idea.

But sometimes Dickey leaves me flat. To be fair, I will give you an example. In Milk in my Coffee, that book led you too believe that it was a tale of interracial romance but it kept giving you real, not so subtle, hints that our Female lead was not European American but an Afrikan American. How? By continually mentioning the Woman's Booty three or four gajillion times! Early on in the book I figured that out but it went all the way til the end of the book before it finally confirmed what I figured in the second act.

So over the years I kinda hesitate when grabbing an Eric Jerome Dickey book. But I do like the Brothas books so I grabbed Chasing Destiny!

Quick Peep! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! If you have not read the book and want to then go read Mista Jaycee's Sex Tape Posts and come back after you read the book!

The book focuses on the love affair between soon to be divorcee Keith and his Girlfriend "Billie/Ducati. Keith is in a very messy divorce with Carmen, a high powered Lawyer who like the Wicked Witch of the East uses all of her powers to make Keith's life miserable. Keith's crime, he wants a divorce! Carmen is determined that she and her hubby will continue to be a family, married til death do them part. And she means til Death do them Part! Caught up in the middle of all this is Keith's 15 year old daughter Destiny. Destiny is book smart and understands that her Parents marriage is dead and done. She understands this even if her Mother and her Grandparents don't!

The book does a great job of illustrating Destiny's confusion and fear. Her Mother is manipulative and mean! Destiny sneaks out and meets up with a few fellas she met in at the Beverly Center. She ends up in a fight, ends up drugged and gang raped. Worse! They filmed it and now they are selling it as part of Hoodrats Part Five all up and down Crenshaw!

Parents Moment to Pause....Shudder and Throw Up!

OK! Pause over! Now back to why I didn't like the book! Billie rides a Ducati and is supposedly a part of the Black Biker scene but Dickey got lazy cause he didn't really flesh out the Black Biker scene. Instead he gave us some eye candy, some Lipstick Lesbian Biker Chicks poppin wheelies at the Starbucks on Crenshaw. That is not the Black Biker scene. Billie instead is just a good looking Woman on a Motorcycle not part of a culture. Dig? EJD said that Billie was part of the scene not just a weekend Biker dig? It's glossed over! Hey Eric! Los Angeles has a long history of Black Motorcycle Clubs that are still active! The Chosen Few, Brothers of the Sun, Royal Aces! You could have talked with them and used them. There are also tons of Female Motor Clubs too. You should have definitely used them!

Billie tells Keith she's pregnant just as he's about to break it off. Why? Cause Wicked Witch Carmen got him by the short and curlies and he don't know what to do. That's why! EJD diverts us with Raheem, a very rich Afro/Latino dude that wants Billie! He buys a Ducati that he can't ride just to get next to her.

Now....I know it's getting crazy but you remember how I mentioned EJD's gift for interconnecting his characters right? Billie's roommate, an over sexed Korean raised by a Black Man, has a lil Bi-racial Sista that's running round with the Producers of Hoodrats Five. Raheem's proud of his niece who attends USC Film school but is completely unaware that she is the real producer of Girl Fights and Hoodrats Five. Raheem's niece, Lupe, rides up Crenshaw Blvd. scoping and stalking young talent for her to films. She lures the unsuspecting teenagers into sex parties or coaxes one of the girls to beat up a girl she may randomly choose on the street. Lupe, got the whole game on lock. She has the equipment, she employs the goon squad to hawk her tapes and scout for talent.

Raheem's niece, Lupe, is a piece of work! She's pimpin everybody! She pimps Destiny! First, she coaxes Q, Vivian's(Billie's roommate) lil Sis (Billie, Vivian and Destiny have no idea they are interconnected) to fight Destiny. Destiny hits her with her purse and ruins her model worthy face. Then Destiny goes to a party where she is drugged and well I told you the rest. (Barf!)

The book dedicates alot of ink to Carmen is stalking Billie, berating her and finally bribing her to take her Baby and leave Keith alone. The book gets lost from Destiny and Billie and Keith's relationship and gets lost in Carmen and Keith drama. In between this we have scenes of Destiny is on a revenge quest for all those involved in drugging and gang raping her. Billie is looking to kill Carmen who she believes tried to run her down and what about Grandpa?

All and all there was no real resolution. All of the characters had this six degrees of separation thing going on but none were connected at the end. The connections were not realized!
That's what I call Lazy writing. You wanted to write a story using the Black Biker culture but you did none of the homework. You wanted to tell a multilayer story, cool! But you didn't tie up the loose ends.

The Mo character gets his whole Southern region blown off! But Destiny is never shown to be implicated. Destiny is shown plotting to eliminate Billie, the problem, but never shown to stand up to her manipulative Mother. Destiny is shown disfiguring Goldie but leaving Lupe, hurt but alive even after she realizes that it is Lupe who is the puppet master. Worse of all I can't feel sorry for Destiny cause she managed to destroy alot of the DVDS.

Ultimately you didn't live up to the title. You didn't really make the focus on Destiny! Sure she was confused, angry, raped and exploited but Keith never really let his daughter know you are the most important person in my life. You are my Child! He never really allowed Billie and Destiny to build any kind of relationship. Destiny's life is wrecked but where is the Justice for her? All the characters ended up hurt in some kinda way but not punished and held accountable for their misdeeds!

Well luckily EJD will write a few hundred more for me to enjoy. Tell me what you think.

BE Prayerful!BE Mindful! BE Careful!