Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Leave Michael Vick Alone and Let him Play!

Pictured Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter

Quarterback Michael Vick has been been conditionally re-instated by the National Football League after spending the last two years in prison for running a dog fighting enterprise.

Cool! Great Mike! Good Luck and God (IAM) Bless You!

Now, only if the hypocrites would go away! I've heard everything now!

Michael Vick is not a good role model for our kids and he shouldn't be allowed to play football!

You're wrong if you believe that!

Not about Mike being a lousy role model. Hell, he flipped people off in photos regularly, walked around Thuggin for years and got busted, forfeiting a $100 Million dollar contract! All those things disqualify Michael as a good role model.

Michael Vick has paid his debt to society by going to prison, losing his fortune and listening to y'all's bullshit long enough! And now Michael Vick can become a good role model by being a good person!

Hell, there are many people who need the second chance at redemption! They need it for themselves but even more than they need it! We need it! Kids have got to know that if you fuck up then your life does not end there! Will it be difficult? Hell Yes! But it does not end there!

You can be reborn and rebuilt and create something decent with your life and the lives of others!

Now for all the judgemental assholes who don't like Michael Vick I got this to say! You've had more than enough time to make your feelings known! You don't like him cause he fought and killed some damn dogs! I get it! We all get it! Now take your azzes somewhere and sit down!

Mike fought and killed some damn dogs for money and fun! Sick! Yes! But they were some Damn Dogs! Y'all some effin hypocrites! There are Murderers and people who stole elections and democracy walking free! There are people who stole your damn pensions and y'all worrying about some damn dogs? That's some stupid shit there!

Here's what you can do. Route for the other team that's playing against Michael! Stand there in the stands, beer in hand, hot dog (no pun intended) mustard stain on your clothes and scream "GET THAT DOG KILLER!"

Come on! You know you want to!

Mike deserves the chance to make amends and become a better person. We all do! As far as being a role model for kids.

Here's the message! If you mess up that's still no excuse for you not mannin up and doin better!

Play on Mike!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Anonymous said...

Hey know I'm always here in spirit..*big hug*

I pretty much agree with your point here although I do have a little more sensitivity towards the dogs. Honestly I never heard of Michael Vick until he starting killing those pups. Do you watch family guy? They had a little skit!( friggin hilarious)

Well I like this post :)



Miss.Stefanie said...

They need to leave the dude alone seriously. So he messed up, who doesnt? Theres players out there who do worse TO HUMANS!

Gee-Nah Muh-Ree said...

Totally AGREE!!!
As a mommy of a pitbull I was pissed at what he did .. but who the hell are WE to judge .. When Im at work I think about doing worse things to humans .. like come on ..
He did his time. even if he does or doesnt believe what he did to the dogs was wrong, I doubt he will be doing it again .. which is a lovely thing
Great post ..

DaisyDeadhead said...

Vegetarian rant defending Michael Vick

Yes! you read it right!

RiPPa said...

I haven't really weighed in on the people who are all talking shit. I need to read up on them before I say anything. But from what you said here, I'm with you.

Tairebabs said...

oh yes! I am a strong believer in giving people second chances to make it good especially after they have been punished first of course. He has served two years and I think its fair to let him play...enough said. Its like you said kids need to know that messing up is not the end of life.

Athena Christine. said...

i do comment on your posts jaycee!! may not go thru cause i do it on my phone.


uNWrItten* said...

mmmm lets hope he does right this time..

uglyblackjohn said...

I'd like to see Vick in summer workout in Oxnard as a Raider.
Vick's done his time.
If Martha Stewart, Paris Hilton and others can continue to make a living doing what they do - why not Vick.

Anonymous said...

Finally some rational thinking ppl.
Where was the outrage of these same ppl when Dante Stallworth killed a man and pleaded guilty to DUI and second degree manslaughter? Did they protest his 30 day jail sentence (which he served only 24). Or how about Leonard LIttle, he was convicted of dui manslaughter and spent 90 days in jail. 90 days!!!!! the worst part being he was arrested 6 yrs later for dui again. Not only did he not learn from the previous dui he repeated it and was acquitted. If the NFL fields individuals w/ such superb moral character as this, how is Vick any worse?...or is a human life now worth less than an animals?

Where's the outrage when convicted murderers, rapists or pedophiles are released and allowed to integrate back into society? Why aren't there daily protests against these kinds of injustices that allow criminals to plea-bargain to lesser crimes? There were thousands of protesters during the Vick trials.
I find the hypocrisy and the disparity in which we classify who is deemed worthy of being reformed and who should be left in a cell to rot quite disturbing. Am I to believe that a crime such as dog fighting is to be held at par w/ murder?

I in no way defend what Michael Vick did to those poor animals; he was a coward and an all around ASS. But if other criminals get a chance at redemption, shouldn't he? How about his cohorts, I don't recollect hearing of any gathered protests to prevent them from resuming their livelihood.

If we are going to publicly convict Vick on the basis that killing animals for any other reason then food is wrong, shouldn't we round up big game hunters or those who like to "thin out the population" for the express purpose that farmers can earn a living or tourists can enjoy the outdoors? Isn't that comparable to genocide? The only difference is that the animals being put down aren't the cute and cuddly ones that sit at the end of our bed.

Don't get me wrong; the way that the dogs were killed were inhumane, but the sheer number of animals killed everyday to preserve out lifestyle is just as disgusting. You can't pick and choose. It has to be across the board, either they all should be punished just as severely or not at all.

It all comes down to irrationality. You can not argue animal lovers on the pragmatic aspects of the situation because when emotion plays a factor all logic and reasoning is lost.

I leave with a parting question. How does animal cruelty directly correlate to an NFL career? It's not like being convicted of embezzlement and applying to a bank or a pedophile trying to become a teacher. In those cases the conviction plays a crucial role in the employment being pursued.

Lets just hope the dumbass learned his lesson.

asia kismet said...

i feel you let him play...andguess who's coming back to yup you guessed it...soon i will be rompin in the lbc once again. :)

Reggie said...

Oh yeah, it's definitely time that he had an opportunity to play. I hate to sound cold and heartless; but as reprehensible as what he did was he shouldn't have gone to jail for that anyway on a first offense.

LeLe said...

I've never cared for Vick. I'm sure he's a good person despite this particular situation. I do not care if he plays in the NFL or any other football league that'll take him. Just as long as he is NEVER wearing blue & sliver & the star of the Dallas Cowboys, I don't care where he plays. Frankly, I'm sick of Dallas becoming the rehab for so-called "NFL Bad Asses". that soapbox...

The issue that is greater here for me is that Vick lied, now being said, he
mislead, the Commish on his involvement. If I lied to any level of management at my job, I would not have that job anymore. I'd been fired. People should think about that.

As far as Vick as a role am not a parent, but if I were, my kids would be expo
sed to better role models. Such as my parents, their parents, my sister...people who have been and can be of substance in their lives at a ground level. Being a role model is not always about a redemption story. My role models are not on TV...this says a lot to me about my parents goals in raising me.

Besides, there's a point a person in the public eye can reach where no matter what they do, they may not be a good role model because their story isn't typical. Look at the odds, kids need REAL role models...not just the anomalies.

Finally, Vick did serve his time in jail. I have no reason to believe he's seeking another round at that. The man deserves to have a life and not be constantly bothered by PETA and whoever else. I do question if he has any other marketable skills as I do believe it's a good time to maybe strike out and do something self-made. However, the other day he said he was in talks and close to making a deal. So if someone wants him, let the man work. Hell, this football thing could be all he can do. Hell, don't get me on that tip, cuz that's a whole other issue...

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