Monday, July 27, 2009

And Justice for the rest of Us!

The true measure of a Man is what did he build and who did he help in life? This is how a Man is truly judged. It's what's in his heart! - Mista Jaycee

This morning while peeking the weekend news I read that Former Middleweight Boxing Champ Vernon Forrest had been murdered in Atlanta.

He was shot and killed while filling his tires at a gas station. A man asked him for some Money and he took out his wallet. The man snatched it and ran. Vernon gave chase but could not catch the suspected thief. He turned around to go back to his vehicle when he was shot in the back five times.

I hope they find this coward and fast!

Vernon Forrest, the first boxer to defeat "Sugar" Shane Mosley spent alot of time helping the underprivileged and kids with special needs. He often had these children over for Sunday dinners. This was more than just a photo op!

I rage at the fact that this murder was so petty! I even think about the thief who although he's a Coward, his life as of now is petty and cruel and worthless! But this is not unique!

That's the problem!

A petty, cruel, worthless life is not unique anymore. Anyone can die a senseless death and not even be the headline or lead story anymore.

The Murderer may be arrested, the story may be covered a lil while longer cause the victim enjoyed some celebrity in life, but the murderer, if caught, will scrowl at the camera. Head held high and defiant! So he can be seen as staying strong for the homies! And we won't even hate him anymore!

We won't hate him cause we've seen it and it's almost impossible for him to go lower than the state we are already in.

Rest in Peace Vernon! And Justice for the rest of us!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Max Reddick said...

I was not that familiar with Vernon Forrest, but since his death, I have read of the many positive things he did within the community. So his death impacts the whole community.

I hate to hear of anyone senslessly losing their life, but when it is a life that touched so many others, the lose is even greater in magnitude.

Miss.Stefanie said...


Keli said...

I will never understand how someone could value a vehicle or a pair of sneakers over a human life...

I just don't get it. Although the masses have become desensitized to news of this makes my heart hurt.

♫Hershey's Kiss♫ said...

RIP. It is so sad. I pray for his friends and family.

Anonymous said...

This was a sad story! I wasn't familiar with him until after his murder.

The violence is out of hand in so many areas. There have been 24 murders in Baltimore since July 1. The value of another human life in insignificant in the minds of so many.