Saturday, July 25, 2009

Question? Mr. Do Right! Mistress Part 2

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Hey Y'all!

The Mistress post was great cause alot of fine folks have chimed in and shared some great insights. Now, I'd like to continue the conversation by asking the fellas. Teems chimed in and left this comment. Please check her blog out!

From Teems:

I am not a mistress but I think that I have idea because I know quite a few. Women stay because they are "treated" well and given false hope. Usually the man assures them that the main relationship is going sour and/or doing this for the kids, yada, yada.If the mistress has the married man kids she expects to be treated equally or rush the process of divorce. Again false hope. I know a woman who only got the man for a few months because the wife found out about the kids and kick him out. But then man realizes that he still has to support the family, has history...and more to loose if he stays with the mistress. So he goes to marriage counseling.The mistress usually doesn't feel like she can change him. The man is TELLING her that things will change. He usually tells her lies when she threatens to blow the whistle and/or leave.Some of the time the mistress doesn't even know until after she has fell in to deep and feelings are strong.There are some women who don't give a ____ and like the no strings attached yet being taken care of. But most of the time the mistress has feelings which is why she cant leave.

Teems wrote: Women stay cause they are treated well and they are given the false hope that the relationship has gone sour. So what I wanted to ask the fellas is why did you have a Mistress in the first place? it just that old saying. You know there is only one thing besides some pussy that a Man is ever thinking about and that's some New Pussy! Is that true? Is it just the idea of Conquest, the thrill of the hunt that makes a man start a relationship on the side?

Having a mistress can not be an easy thing to do cause if you married, you can only be working so many hours! The paycheck has got to reflect some of that cash! You can only be out of the house for so long and even more so you can't come home from work smelling clean. Somewhere you gon smell like HER! She is gonna be all over YOU! Your Wife will notice. So why take the risk?

Is it the thrill? Do you think your Wife doesn't know or care? Come on now tell me!

What about the vows you took? Even if you ain't married maybe you cheatin and you got a side piece or several besides your special lady. Does it bother you and what do you do to justify it?

Come On! I wants to hear it?

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Keli said...

As a woman, I still feel that actions speak louder than words, and at some point, no matter what he's telling you about his relationship with his wife, the fact that he is still married to her is what you should take into consideration...

I am interested to see how the men folk will respond.

Miss.Stefanie said...

He didnt care about his "wife" or his kids. But when I got pregnant, "My wife is gonna kill me!" No shit sherlock. He would talk shit about her, and truth is J, I was 19 and he was 30....He had such this napoleon complex that he did whatever it took when I walked away to make sure I came back. It was sick now that I think about it.

CareyCarey said...

If we are talking about the truth, most do not want to go there. But here it is, if a woman thinks she can keep a man purely by making that thang clap and talk to the man ....she's woefully mistaken. It's all about variety and egos.

And please stop with the notion that all mistresses are kept. That's a screen the "other" woman hides behind. She doesn't want others to know she's nothing but a lonely broad that's nothing more than a jumpoff. Morals aside, most men will F**k a tree if it felt good and it could cook.

Lets be real, many mistresses live in the projects. we're not talking glamour and shingaling.

Here's another myth that I alluded to. The love at home can be real good, just like that favorite pair of Jordons. But two or three pair are even better.

Here's another truth ...everyone generally knows the game. Er'body in the game of "Hidaway Hotel" knows what time it is until one of the players decides to change the game in midstream. That's when the shit breaks out. Then everybody wants to play the Nut Role.

Splash said...

for now, all i know is that this picture is HOT!

Teems said...

I just noticed this. Thanks for the reference. I am so far behind on my blogs its not funny!