Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mitrese Needs Justice and Eff dem Damn Dogs!

 Michael Vick should never be allowed to earn a great Living!

Philadelphia Eagle Quaterback, Last season's MVP Candidate and Comeback Player of the Year Michael Vick has signed a $100 Million dollar contract for the second time in history after being convicted of fiancing and participating in a Dog Fighting Ring.  He served two years in Federal Prison, forfieted millions of dollars, served probation and re-entered the league on a minimum contract to achieve greatness. 
Good for you Mike! Good for You!  If you gon get Exploited for your talent Mike that's the way you do it! Hell, Mike, we all know you only there cause they can make serious Money because of you and your talent.  They ain't letting you play or giving you all that Damn Money for nothing! Way to get Exploited handsomely!

There are those who will never let Mike Vick live down the terrible crimes he commited and was a part of.  In thier eyes nothing short of being maimed and killed would satisfy thier sense of justice.  To them, I say on behalf of everyone F*uck Y'all and Dem Damn Dogs!  

I don't see them crying out against anyone else convicted in the DOG FIGHTING GAMBLING RING that Michael Vick and Bad News Kennels fought with.  It was a Ring and Mike Vick was NOT the head or the organizer of the GAMBLING DOG FIGHTING RING! He was just the Famous Dummy that was involved. 

F*CK Y'all!   Mista Jaycee how could you say that?

Two words! Human Being! HUMAN BEING! HU-MAN BE-ING!  I'll give you two more words. Matrise Richardson! MATRISE RICHARDSON! Let's make a sentence.  Matrise Richardson, a Human Being, is dead, after leaving a LA County Sheriff's station.

Matrise, a Master's degree candidate, a 24 year old Young Woman, was arrested and was released on FOOT after midnight into a wooded area without her purse, vehicle or phone. She was never seen alive again.  The Sheriff's have yet to explain anything plausible concerning her death.

The County of Los Angeles paid $900, 000 dollars of TAX Payer money to her parents but this TAX payer wants JUSTICE! This TAX Payer wants an Explanation and this TAX Payer wants arrests to be made, those responsible released from thier duties as Officers and procedures implemented to make sure that it never occurs again.   JUSTICE! Where is the PEOPLE'S Consistently Sustained OUTRAGE over that?!!!! But you cry foul over Mike Vick and some Damn Dog? DOGS?

It's a Damn Shame that there are those who care for about some Damn DOGS than they do for Justice for a HUMAN BEING!

I care Mitrese!

Congrats Mike!

And Again, Don't forget F*ck Y'all and the Dem Damn Dogs!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mista Jaycee's Bouncing Bundle of Bountiful Boobs and Buns!

I happened upon this infomercial for the PERFECT BOOTY and it featured a small European Woman with a tiny booty jumping into some spanx type panties that in were supposed to boost her non existent ass-ets.

Talk about a Cheap Tease! Perfect Booty, let me say it again. PER-FECT BOOOTAY! In order to have a PERFECT BOOTY you must HAVE a BOOTY!  Same thing happened with the one that said PERKIER BOOBS! You must have BOOOBS! And in order for them to need to be PERKIER you have to have Boobs in such ABUNDANCE that GRAVITY is having an Affair with them. 

Needless to say I got cheated but you know who got cheated even more and more often?  Black Women! Who?  Mista Jaycee Who?  Black Women! Sistahs! Sistas! Nubiennes! Afrikan Women, Afro-Derived Women such as Cubanas, Dominicanas, Boriquas, Mexicanas and the rest of all the Beautiful Black Wimmmins!

They were not in the commercial anywhere! Cheated! The product was not made for them in mind! Cheated! But even more and now the point of this pointless post! Personalities such as Kim Kardashian get famous for what Black Women have for Standard Equipment and Black MEN and WOMEN need to put a stop to it.   So here is Mista Jaycee's Bouncing Bundle of Bountiful Boobs and Buns!

Now, there's a commercial for PERFECT BOOTY and PERKIER BOOBS! Now feel free to make your own personal lists and add them to mine.

Have Fun!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mista Jaycee does the Long Beach Funk Fest!

Katadelic playing at the 3rd Annual Long Beach Funk Festival

The 3rd Annual Long Beach Funk Festival this past Saturday, August 23, 2011 was in a word Awesome! The Line up began with Delta Nove, Steve Arrington formerly of Funk Legends SLAVE, PFUNK Alums Katdelic, and Mr. Fred Wesley and the New JB's, Zigaboo Modeliste from the Meters and The BIG OL Nasty Get Down. 

Mista Jaycee with LBFF MC Rickey Vincent Author of the History of Funk! 

Good Food, Good Art and Great Freakin Music marked the day! Everybody was partying out there. People of all races, old and young.  No Violence!

Mrs and Mista Jaycee at the Funk Fest

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Obama Should Hire America! End Tax Breaks for Big Business!

Obama has not created one job!
The Government should be concentrating on job creation!
America is unfriendly to Business with all the regulation.
With De Regulation Businesses can grow and create jobs!
Businesses need lower taxes in order to create jobs and compete.
The Government needs to create a Business Friendly enviorment!

Is it a Governments role to create jobs? 

I, personally would not mind if President Obama created a FDR style workers program for the unemployed labor of this country.  I believe that it would be a great boon to the country.  The country's infrastructure is falling apart and we have more than enough labor and more than enough need.  America would benefit for the next 75 years if we upgraded and repaired our highways, levies and bridges alone. 

But wouldn't that create a deficit for the country Mista Jaycee? 

No, it would not be a deficit for the country.  America would see an immediate return on it's investment with a labor force that is building up it's own infrastructure, (2) A labor force that is being trained in various skills, (3) A labor force that spends it's income on products that it needs boosting the country's economy. (4) There would be possible reductions in crime, (5) no unemployment, (6) Skilled labor that could go into private sector work, the country could tailor job and skill training in areas it needs and the private sector could take it over and service the country.

I believe leaving America's labor unemployed taxes the health care system, and state and local governments without any of the benefits listed above.

But is it the Governments role to create jobs? 

In a state of Emergency it is the Government's role and duty to create jobs, just like it is the Government's job to tax and police it borders.  We are in a state of Emergency now.  The country's unemployment rate is at 11%. 

Well if the Government gave Businesses tax breaks and didn't burden the Business community with so much red tape and regulations then businesses could hire. 

That's simply not true!

Why Mista Jaycee? Why is that not true? 

The Government has given many Corporations tax breaks and subsidies for decades now.  The Business community has taken that savings and placed the earnings in off shore accounts, they closed factories, they've laid off workers. They've moved factories overseas for years irregardless of Democratic or Republican Administrations.  They reneged on Pension and health care obligations they agreed to pay their employees, shifting the burdens to the States.   Think about it.  How many factories were built under Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama?  That's Five Republican administrations to Three in over a thirty year period. 

When GM Motors began to use robotic/mechanized assembly how many workers were put out of a job? When the Shipyards mechanized, how many dock workers, longshoremen and stevedores were let go?  When the shipping industry was required to build double bottomed ships for eco protection, how many ships were built in America?  Where is our steel industry?  How many machinists, tool and dye makers, mechanics and electrical technicians are out of work or find themselves unable to find work that pays what their predecessors made?

Well, it was technological advances that made that occur Mista Jaycee.

Partially true, but it was big businesses failure to train and re-hire it's labor force.

Why Mista Jaycee?

Business had no problem implementing the new technology to create it's product faster and cheaper. Business also demanded a tax break from the Fed, and more of the same from State and local govs. Big Businesses pays far less than smaller business on water and sewage. It pays far less in taxes benefiting local governments.  Why should the Government give Business anymore tax breaks?  Why should Local, State and Federal branches keep the taxes low for Big Business? Business has not reinvested in America. If the factories are off-shore then America does not benefit. If the labor can not work and buy a home on their salary or educate their children then what benefits does America get from allowing business to have these perks.  China and Mexico have cheap labor forces but that only benefits Business not America. 

The Government in my opinion should eliminate tax breaks with big business and create it's own labor force, hiring big businesses best and brightest until big business gets the message that They need to give back to the country not just take.

But hell what do I know.  Chime in!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman????!!!!

Ahhhhhh, Comic book movies! Don't ya just love em? I love Comic Books, always have but I have not always liked comic book movies.  When it's done right a comic book character can been given much depth.  The Electra character in the Daredevil comic is a well written, well rounded Frank Miller creation but the movie....

Well at least, Electra the movie, had Jennifer Garner but on the minus side Daredevil the movie had Ben Affleck. 

The problem with Comic Book movies is as Ben Affleck stated in "Chasing Amy" It does not appeal to it's true core audience. "Over or Under Weight Guys that can't get laid they're our bread and butter!"

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman!  I like Anne Hathaway! Saw her in the Devil wears Prada! Loved that! Problem is that I have never found Anne to be sexxxy! Cute, attractive, but not sexxxy! Cat Woman is a Sexxxy character.  Anne Hathaway does not inspire Sexxxy!

"Over or Under Weight Guys that can't get laid they're our bread and butter!"

But Jaycee, the writers wanted a more balanced Cat WomanAnne Hathaway is a thespian and she could bring things to the character that have not been explored before with her talent and range beyond what has been put to film previously.  Hummmmm, something to think about......Bull Sh*t!

Halle Berry is an Oscar Winning Actress who is easily is in the top two of the sexxxiest Cat Women ever and it takes a SCRIPT to bring greatness to the screen which Halle did not have but also YOU have to fit the role.  Anne Hathaway does not fit the role.  Michelle Pfippher was hella sexxxy as the Cat Woman and she too can act! Sexxxy and can act! Sexxxy and can act! Did I mention Sexxxy!  And the purrrr belongs to the Late Miss Eartha Kitt.

"Over or Under Weight Guys that can't get laid they're our bread and butter!"

Now let's be fair to Anne Hathaway, let's look at the previous group of Cat Women.  Halle Berry, Sexy and can act. Michelle Pfippher, sexy and can act. Julie Newmar, sexy, could act but it was the TV series Bat Dude and she didn't need to act well.  Eartha Kitt, Sexy, interesting, and the purrrrrr, plus she was a Black! Anne Hathaway......not sooooo sexxxy! She don't fit the group!

Cat Woman is not August Wilson or Shakesphere, it's exploding cars, bouncing boobs and great catch phrases, but most of all SEXXXY! Damn it!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!