Wednesday, April 28, 2010

California Assembly Gridlocked! Who U Gon Vote For?

Hey California! Republican Or Democrat? It will not matter! The California Legislature is gridlocked! Hopelessly, Gridlocked!

Steve Poizner wants to convince you that he's cunning enough, forceful enough, to get passed what Gov. Wilson, Davis and Swartzeneger couldn't do!
Remember, Swartzeneger, the Terminator and fix California! He was gonna beat the gridlock! He was sooo rich that he wouldn't be beholden to the special interests!

Then, he angered the majority Democratic electorate in California with his YOU are a Republican Speech for W. Bush at the Republican National Convention. Sure, it was great for Republicans but it did nothing for YOU at home!

He tried to get around the assembly by ruling by Referendum! It failed and California went right down the toilet! And guess what eventually Arnold ended up enacting alot of what Gov. Gray Davis wanted to do anyway before he was recalled.

Both Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner have flaunted their Wealth! I'm Rich! I did well in Business! Elect me!
Wealth and Success in Business does not mean you will be successful in Public Service!
In order to BE successful in California you must remove the two-thirds majority rule Period!
A Republican Majority would be just as gridlocked with a Democratic Minority as long as this rule remains in place! It allows the minority to keep a stranglehold on the will of the majority!

Any Governor will have to deal with Proposition 13. This law was put in place in 1978. It helped cap property taxes in 1978. It spoke to a problem in 1978! It IS the problem in 2010!

Proposition 13 IS THE PROBLEM in 2010! Warren Buffett said it! Alot of Rich, Smart Republican and Democratic People have said it too! Alot of Economists have said it! But the Grover Norquist Society treats it like it's sacrosanct! It's NOT! It Shouldn't be! It must be reformed!

Cutting Spending will not work alone! Why? The Governor, Any Governor will have to deal with what's being cut! Where the money is being spent! What's it being spent on! Some will favor privatizing State Services! But it must be examined if California is spending less money on services that are already privatized! A section of the 91 Freeway was privatized! The Toll road has been successful but is California making the money off it? By making money, I mean, the LIONS Share? We are not!

A private corporation is allowed to make the LIONS share and kick back a portion to the State! Why? Was the State unable to build and maintain a State highway? Just an example to think about!

Some throw rocks at Democratic Candidate Jerry Brown. But be fair! He's spent the least of all the major candidates on his campaign. He's the MOST experienced of ALL the candidates!

But he spent the surplus last time he was the GOV Mista Jaycee!

But what did he spend it on? Did he give a tax break to the wealthiest 1% in California? Did he use it to fund programs that were cut back when Reagan was Gov? BE Fair! Was he an ineffective Governor? Really? Or was he just not the conventional politician? What is he gonna bring to the table in 2010? Back Room politics and dealings is the last way we want to govern but a politician must be able to get things done!
So Choose but BE real about it!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mista and Mrs. Jaycee Celebrate our 6th Year of Marriage!

Hey Y'all,
Mrs. Jaycee are celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary! Whooo Whooo!
April 25, 2010
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CNN, Birthers, Tea Baggers and Gun Nuts! You're Being Conned!

Something is wrong with CNN! It must be, cause they keep giving alot of press time to The Tea Baggers, The Birthers, The Palinites, and the Gun Nuts!


The Gun Nuts were declaring that they would fight for their 2nd Amendment Rights!

"Obama gonna take our Guns!"


I didn't see any proposed legislation dealing with Gun Control at all.

Have you?

Yeah, me neither!

This ish is just a con!

A Con?

Con! Here we are trying to recover from the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression, and CNN is covering Gun Nuts!


Guns are scary Mista Jaycee!

CNN is just lazy!

Fair and Balanced reporting means that you investigate a story completely. It means you go for the Facts! Has CNN checked out the Birthers Claims on Obama's citizenship?

You did? And Obama was born here? You went to the Halls of Records? You checked all the agencies? Have they stated that there is a problem with Obama's citizenship?

No? Then, if there is no legitimate claim then Why the Eff do you keep covering this bull ish?


Guns are scary! The Birthers give good copy!

Well, homelessness, hunger and joblessness are scary! Cover that!

Obama got in trouble during the campaign cause he said that when people get scared they cling to Religion and Guns!

Well, HE was RIGHT! And it's some bull ish!

The 2nd Amendment gives you the right to have a weapon to protect yourself not OWN a Tank! It gives you the right to have a rifle for hunting! Not a cache of Rifles capable of shooting down a Blackhawk!

The 2nd Amendment demands that you BE responsible with this Right! I demand that you BE responsible, CNN and cover some real ish! But why am I talking about the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment? No one's even talking about that ish except the same one's that's always talking bout that ish! The Gun Nuts!

Grow up CNN! Grow Some! A Get To Work Ya Lazy Bastards!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Rest in Peace Dorothy Haight!

Your Work is done and now it is time to sleep yet a lil while.

Then, the Lord will greet you "Well done my Good and Faithful Servant, enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Hip-Hop Icon Passes!

Keith Elam AKA Guru from the seminal Hip-Hop Group Gangstarr has passed away after a battle with cancer and a recent heart-attack. I was interning at KACE Radio 103.9 FM in Inglewood, CA when I first heard "Words that I manifest!" It was a mind blowing tune.

Guru was also the first rapper that I knew who openly professed that he was a Muslim. This was a bold claim in 1989 but it proved prophetic as Black Consciousness became the flavor of the day.

Well, rest well until the Last Day! (Allah U Akbar) (God is Great!)

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Monday, April 19, 2010

YAY! National Day of Prayer Cancelled!

The proposed National Day of Prayer was cancelled by the Obama Administration. This was the right decision.

Ask yourself, who proposed it? Now, Why did they propose it? Did I miss something?

Have we become so enlightened in America with Mr. Obama in office that Religion is no longer a Hot button issue?

That's what I thought.

I would, respectfully assert, that it is just the latest attempt by the Religious Community to insert "Christianity" as the State Religion. And "Christians" should be the most worried.

Did you say "Christians" should be the most worried Mista Jaycee?

"Yes I did!"

The Religious Community (Notice I didn't say Right) always frames attempts to insert Prayer in Schools, and displays of the Religious symbols as Harmless, Non Coercive, and a source of National Pride and Unity.

Why do you need to display the 10 Commandments at a courthouse? The first Four Commandments have nothing to say on Civil Law. Nothing!

The other Six Commandments while they do deal with Killing, Stealing, Lying etc are already covered by the civil law.

So what's it really about?

Some Religious Folks want to assert the BIBLE as the ONLY Religious Authority!

Now, that wouldn't cause a huuuuugeeee fight would it? Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists would BE sooooo cool with that huh?

That's what I thought! And if you KNOW that would be the case then why the heck would you throw that rock? Cause you want to get into that fight! You want that desired outcome! It's Dangerous, and it's wrong!

Hey Christians! God (IAM) don't need you to establish the Bible or the 10 Commandments! He did that already! What he needs YOU to do is follow HIM!


If you Love me Keep my commandments! How this jam from Yeshua (Jesus) Love God (IAM) with all your heart and Soul and Love your Neighbor as yourself! On these 2 commandments hang all 10!

Are you following God? (IAM) Really? Some, of y'all ain't following God (IAM) You ain't truly loving your neighbors in the true spirit of the Word! You just trying to rule over them! You ain't loving God (IAM) and Following God (IAM) either in the true sense of the word! You just wanna look like you are!

You just want to act like you following God (IAM)! You want to rule over people! What if someone REFUSED to Observe the National Day of Prayer?

Would you single them out? Yeah, you would! Would you persuade your Congressperson to enact laws that enforced observance? Yeah, you would!

How do I know? Cause it's been done before. "Sunday Blue Laws" anyone?

What's a Sunday Blue Law Mista Jaycee?

A Sunday Blue Law is law that gives power to a City and State to levy fines against any doing business or secular activities on the so called "Christian" Sabbath. (SUNDAY) Blue Laws are still on the Books in most states and are enforced to varying degrees depending on the State.

So called Christian Sabbath Mista Jaycee?

Sunday is the 1st Day of the Week. The 4th Commandment states to the 7th Day (Saturday) is the Sabbath of the LORD! Is the God of the 10 Commandments your God? Huh? I'll come back to that in another post!

When I lived in Texas you could not Buy or Sell Liquor from Midnight, Saturday Night, to Sunday 12:00 PM after Church let out. This was in the 1990's!

In Alabama, where I went to College, Two Seventh Day Adventist shop owners were jailed in the 1970's, for having their store open on Sunday! They were Jailed! This countries history is FULL of accounts such as these going as far back as the "Puritans!" You can even check out Baptist Roger Williams who founded Rhode Island! He enforced "Blue Laws" under penalty of "Death"!

This Baptist, who's church is founded on Man's right to have a "Personal" Relationship with God (IAM) enforced Sunday observance and Worship under penalty of public Whipping (1st offense) Dunking in the local river (2nd offense) and Death (3rd Offense) ! Check it for yourself!

So it's a good thing that the National Day of Prayer was cancelled. Don't want to open up that can of beans! But I would encourage you to pray in your own lives and homes. Prayer is a good thing but not at the expense of the separation of Church and State. Christians should be on guard against those trying to establish a religion that's based on the respect of Free Will and Free Salvation by Force!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey Everyone!

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to those of you that have sent a donation and also to those that want to give and can't right now. I really appreciate your kindness, I still have a lot of money to raise to fix my car. Please know even $5.00 can make a difference!

God bless you!!
BE Prayerful!BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2010 Year of the Skank!

Sometimes life can take you through some wild ish! Mista Jaycee

This Month has been a serious Mutha (Shut yo Mouf) Can you dig it?

My Daughter picked this month to assert her "Adulthood!" Damn! I guess it gets that way when your kid starts smellin theyselves.

It's the cycle of life Mista Jaycee...blah, blah! Blah!

Then, the home computer starts acting up! This just in! It's the hard drive! Damn! Lost alot of photos that I neglected to back up!

Mista Jaycee! Shame, Shame, on you!

Then, my Auto dies on freeway! So needless to say this has been one of those months when you pray, cry, say what the Eff? Then, ultimately surrender to Jesus!

I've hollered for Help from My friends, Family and the Blogging community! Most of the community feels my pain and at least, had some love for me. Some, kicked me when I was down and others haven't weighed in at all.

But now it's time to write on some other ish!

What the hell is 2010? Is this the year of the Skank or what?

All these Women appear so eager to announce that they broke this dudes marriage up, screw this other dude, then write a Darn tell all book about how they were the Mistress!

What happened to discretion? One thing I think the "Tiger Chicks", "The Jesse James Gang", and now "Tiki's Sneakie" have in common is that "None" of these chicks have any Children that can be embarrassed by these admissions!

I haven't seen a Career Woman among none of these Women! Have you? For the record, Adult Film star or stripper is not a career. It's a difficult job that will end as soon as gravity begins to have it's way with you.

I've tired of seeing these "Women" moralize about how it's been difficult for them or how Tiger, for instance, has not apologized to them.

Is anyone else confused by that?

Apologize to you for what? I broke my marriage vows, you knew, I was married and you screwed me! I get called a Cad, Womanizer, and lose several small fortunes. You get interviewed by E Television and Hawk your story and I owe YOU an apology?

No, I think not! We both scumbags let's just be honest and then try NOT to be scumbags! Dig?

PS. I never gave you money or a house or anything so you are NOT a Mistress! A Mistress is a KEPT Woman who other than my Wife I have made an obligation to.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Help! Mista Jaycee needs your Donations!

Hey Y'all,
I would like to thank everyone who wished me well, when I posted that my car broke down on the freeway. (Sheer Terror)
Since then, I've talked with a mechanic and it will be expensive to repair the vehicle. He let me know that I have a blown head gasket. I was almost in tears when I heard that!
But it is what it is right?
I need your help! I have a Pay Pal account set up for donations but I don't write this blog for the money. I do this cause I love it! I do! But I need the help so now I'm reaching out to everyone.
I would like to ask you to please help me with a donation. I know times are tough for everyone, but there's no way around it.
I need the help! Please help me by sending a donation. I need to have my car to get to and from work! I need to pay the mechanic within the next two weeks.
If you are able to donate please leave a comment or send an email to letting me know that you did so I can send you a thank you note!
Thanks for being a loyal reader. God (IAM) Bless!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Can You Say Sheer Terror?

Sheer Terror? This ain't another post about Clowns is it Mista Jaycee?

Uuuuuhh No! This Morning, My car broke down on the Northbound Santa Monica Freeway! It was rush hour, it was raining, and it was Monday Morning! I was in the middle lane when my car began losing speed. I pulled over in the merger lane between the 110 Freeway and the 405 Freeway! Semi-Trucks whizzing by and indifferent drivers flying passed while going 80 MPH.

Ok, well.....ok then!

Can you say Sheer Terror Boys and Girls?

Let's spell this phrase! S-H-E-E-R T-E-R-R-O-R! Sheer Terror!

Good, Boys and Girls.....Good! That's priceless!

I am safe! Thank God (IAM) I had a wonderful weekend watching movies with Mrs. Jaycee and chompin on BBQ.

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mista Jaycee Ponders the Resurrection

Happy Easter! Happy Summer Solstice! Happy Resurrection Sunday Y'all!

Dig, I haven't really done the whole Easter Celebration in several years. One reason is that Easter is really a Fertility rite dedicated to the Goddess Easter that got attached to the Christ Jesus after the 2nd Niciian Council.

But, I do believe that Christ, came in human form, lived, worked, died and rose from the dead for the atonement of our sins. Some would debate all this and you welcomed to it! Debate on! I'll just respectfully submit that Human Beings were created from the Nothingness. We didn't exist then we DID! So, the idea of a Virgin birth does not need to be proven to me being that the very existence of the how the Earth, Air, Man et all has yet to explained scientifically! You can't explain why we here and prove any theory! But Here we are!

On a side note, Rat Dawgs and Clowns, came from a Lab! That's my theory! But I digress!

I think what's more important is what Yeshua's (Jesus) sacrifice should symbolize. God's willingness to put his money where his mouth was. Some Christian Theologians assert that Satan declared that God's (IAM) law was unfair! It was unlivable! Well, some humans i'm sure would agree with that statement. So, God (IAM) put his money where his mouth was.

He came in Human Flesh! He went through all the same things we all have to deal with and then some. He relied on Prayer and the Holy Scripture. He had to exercise Faith in his "Father!"

Yeshua, in the garden of Gethsemane did not want to go through what he had to. Sounds alot like us huh? He asked "Take this cup from me!" Then after prayer, he stated "Thy will be done"

Nowadays we only here of his Death and Resurrection! Yeshua didn't stay Dead! His work didn't end with after the Resurrection either! So why do we focus only on those two things? Cause coming back from the Dead is sold as the ultimate Magic Trick! That's how we been selling it! Like it's a Magic Trick!

No, Yeshua's work continues now. Some believe that he is in the "Most Holy" Place in Paradise pleading for us! But I say that even closer to Earth, Yeshua is working in the lives of those that believe in him and for the good of those that don't believe in him.

Take some time and meditate on what has changed in your life this weekend? Better yet, think on who you are and Who you used to BE! Think on who you want to BE.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within if you allow it to BE.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!