Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Help! Mista Jaycee needs your Donations!

Hey Y'all,
I would like to thank everyone who wished me well, when I posted that my car broke down on the freeway. (Sheer Terror)
Since then, I've talked with a mechanic and it will be expensive to repair the vehicle. He let me know that I have a blown head gasket. I was almost in tears when I heard that!
But it is what it is right?
I need your help! I have a Pay Pal account set up for donations but I don't write this blog for the money. I do this cause I love it! I do! But I need the help so now I'm reaching out to everyone.
I would like to ask you to please help me with a donation. I know times are tough for everyone, but there's no way around it.
I need the help! Please help me by sending a donation. I need to have my car to get to and from work! I need to pay the mechanic within the next two weeks.
If you are able to donate please leave a comment or send an email to letting me know that you did so I can send you a thank you note!
Thanks for being a loyal reader. God (IAM) Bless!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Anna Renee said...

*******crickets chirping*******

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Jaycee, Don't know if this would help, but try giving a direct link to your PayPal account. Wish I could toss a few bucks your way, but my own situation sucks big time. Wish you well and add you to my prayers tonight.

rainwriter jones said...

Man, that sucks! I know what it is to have car troubles. If you ask real hard, maybe the mechanic will give you a discount? Well, maybe not. :-)

Anna Renee said...

Im sorry Mr. Jaycee! There I go puttin my foot in my mouf! I wish I had something to spare to help you out, but you know how it is!! My car is rocking right this minute--my son tells me I might need my suspension fixed and I cant even afford it right now!