Wednesday, April 28, 2010

California Assembly Gridlocked! Who U Gon Vote For?

Hey California! Republican Or Democrat? It will not matter! The California Legislature is gridlocked! Hopelessly, Gridlocked!

Steve Poizner wants to convince you that he's cunning enough, forceful enough, to get passed what Gov. Wilson, Davis and Swartzeneger couldn't do!
Remember, Swartzeneger, the Terminator and fix California! He was gonna beat the gridlock! He was sooo rich that he wouldn't be beholden to the special interests!

Then, he angered the majority Democratic electorate in California with his YOU are a Republican Speech for W. Bush at the Republican National Convention. Sure, it was great for Republicans but it did nothing for YOU at home!

He tried to get around the assembly by ruling by Referendum! It failed and California went right down the toilet! And guess what eventually Arnold ended up enacting alot of what Gov. Gray Davis wanted to do anyway before he was recalled.

Both Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner have flaunted their Wealth! I'm Rich! I did well in Business! Elect me!
Wealth and Success in Business does not mean you will be successful in Public Service!
In order to BE successful in California you must remove the two-thirds majority rule Period!
A Republican Majority would be just as gridlocked with a Democratic Minority as long as this rule remains in place! It allows the minority to keep a stranglehold on the will of the majority!

Any Governor will have to deal with Proposition 13. This law was put in place in 1978. It helped cap property taxes in 1978. It spoke to a problem in 1978! It IS the problem in 2010!

Proposition 13 IS THE PROBLEM in 2010! Warren Buffett said it! Alot of Rich, Smart Republican and Democratic People have said it too! Alot of Economists have said it! But the Grover Norquist Society treats it like it's sacrosanct! It's NOT! It Shouldn't be! It must be reformed!

Cutting Spending will not work alone! Why? The Governor, Any Governor will have to deal with what's being cut! Where the money is being spent! What's it being spent on! Some will favor privatizing State Services! But it must be examined if California is spending less money on services that are already privatized! A section of the 91 Freeway was privatized! The Toll road has been successful but is California making the money off it? By making money, I mean, the LIONS Share? We are not!

A private corporation is allowed to make the LIONS share and kick back a portion to the State! Why? Was the State unable to build and maintain a State highway? Just an example to think about!

Some throw rocks at Democratic Candidate Jerry Brown. But be fair! He's spent the least of all the major candidates on his campaign. He's the MOST experienced of ALL the candidates!

But he spent the surplus last time he was the GOV Mista Jaycee!

But what did he spend it on? Did he give a tax break to the wealthiest 1% in California? Did he use it to fund programs that were cut back when Reagan was Gov? BE Fair! Was he an ineffective Governor? Really? Or was he just not the conventional politician? What is he gonna bring to the table in 2010? Back Room politics and dealings is the last way we want to govern but a politician must be able to get things done!
So Choose but BE real about it!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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2cute4u said...

Lol Mista Jaycee.You're real funny!
So who then is the worthy choice?
I think you just settle for the lesser devil.