Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mista Jaycee Ponders the Resurrection

Happy Easter! Happy Summer Solstice! Happy Resurrection Sunday Y'all!

Dig, I haven't really done the whole Easter Celebration in several years. One reason is that Easter is really a Fertility rite dedicated to the Goddess Easter that got attached to the Christ Jesus after the 2nd Niciian Council.

But, I do believe that Christ, came in human form, lived, worked, died and rose from the dead for the atonement of our sins. Some would debate all this and you welcomed to it! Debate on! I'll just respectfully submit that Human Beings were created from the Nothingness. We didn't exist then we DID! So, the idea of a Virgin birth does not need to be proven to me being that the very existence of the how the Earth, Air, Man et all has yet to explained scientifically! You can't explain why we here and prove any theory! But Here we are!

On a side note, Rat Dawgs and Clowns, came from a Lab! That's my theory! But I digress!

I think what's more important is what Yeshua's (Jesus) sacrifice should symbolize. God's willingness to put his money where his mouth was. Some Christian Theologians assert that Satan declared that God's (IAM) law was unfair! It was unlivable! Well, some humans i'm sure would agree with that statement. So, God (IAM) put his money where his mouth was.

He came in Human Flesh! He went through all the same things we all have to deal with and then some. He relied on Prayer and the Holy Scripture. He had to exercise Faith in his "Father!"

Yeshua, in the garden of Gethsemane did not want to go through what he had to. Sounds alot like us huh? He asked "Take this cup from me!" Then after prayer, he stated "Thy will be done"

Nowadays we only here of his Death and Resurrection! Yeshua didn't stay Dead! His work didn't end with after the Resurrection either! So why do we focus only on those two things? Cause coming back from the Dead is sold as the ultimate Magic Trick! That's how we been selling it! Like it's a Magic Trick!

No, Yeshua's work continues now. Some believe that he is in the "Most Holy" Place in Paradise pleading for us! But I say that even closer to Earth, Yeshua is working in the lives of those that believe in him and for the good of those that don't believe in him.

Take some time and meditate on what has changed in your life this weekend? Better yet, think on who you are and Who you used to BE! Think on who you want to BE.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within if you allow it to BE.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



Revvy Rev said...

Right ON JayCee!

2cute4u said...

Love the talk.I truly wish everyone will read your post to get the drift.Not just the death and resurrection..How about after?Nice post.

Anna Renee said...

You betta PREACH! Yes, The Holy Spirit is the gift of God which lives within us. Yeshua went through those things so He can be acquainted with the feelings of our infirmities. He KNOWS us! He can relate to us! Yes HE LIVES! And He does intercede for us in the Holy Place! "God put His money where HIs mouth was" I LIKE this! A very visual way to describe it, and Imma take it and use it myself!
Many people think prayer is passive, but it is ACTIVE! It's the gift of power that God gave us.
A comment to your side note: Why such hatred of clowns?? Imma do a search of your blog because you probably have posted about the clown hatred! LOL! Can't say that I blame you about the clowns, though. Anyway, be blessed for Resurrection Sunday!

RealHustla said...

You betta say it!!!!