Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nigger! Nigga, and Everythang Else!

I was catching up on my reading and Sista Martian ( I call her that) over at Black Girl On Mars ( Really cool blog) wrote this great post about the power of words called "Pearls before Swine."

In it she wrote about a recent incident involving the police in Copenhagen, Demark where a police officer was filmed calling a demonstrator a "Perker!"

What's a Perker?

According to Sista Martian (Only I call her that cause I dig Marvin the Martian and I dig her blog) It's a slang word for a Pakistani. It's used in the same context as the much loved N-I-G-G-E-R is used here in AMERIKKKA! And much like here the officer denied using the word and says he actually called the demonstrator a PERLE. That means beautiful y'all.

Sista Martian goes on to explain how some are taking back the word. Using PERKER the same way Black folks have flipped NIGGER into NIGGA dig? Of course, they don't get the significance of a Black person being referred to as a Nigga or Nigger by anyone other than a Black Person and since American Culture has transported the word Nigga all across the world via Black Music and Imagery other cultures have a twisted view of the word.

It tripped me out seeing folks like the Late Tupac Shakur ( A Black Panther Baby) trying to flip the word and explaining why, stand up comedians like Eddie Griffin continue to use the word even the Patron Saint of Stand Up The Honorable Richard Pryor denounced and renounced the word and provided a counter argument over 20 years ago.

Most recently we saw NAS attempt to name his latest musical offering NIGGER just like the Autobiography of Dick Gregory copying the same photo that went on Dicks book cover only to be told by the powers of Wal Mart and it's minions it would not be stocked with such a title and of course Politically correct not righteous minded Black folks protesting the use of it while not sponsoring higher Black Art.

Words like Nigger and Perker and the use is the same all over and we are not alone in our frustration and the battle over it!

Fight on!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Friday, February 27, 2009

Rashida - Jon Lucien

I can't find this version on I Tunes both this is the best version. The version that on I tunes is newer, more modern but has lost some of the expressiveness that he shared here.


Estimated Prophet (Grateful Dead)

Just so you know Mista Jaycee lovvvvvves the Grateful Dead. They were and are a folk, blues, jazz, rock jam band built totally on improvisation. No two Dead Shows were alike. They went night after night sometimes performing great and sometimes as guest member Branford Marsalis described horrendously. "There were two bands really, the Grateful Dead and the Dreadful Greats but luckily they played enough and so diverse that even after thirty years they still are setting the standard!

What a Long strange trip!

Aretha Franklin - Bridge Over Troubled Water

It's Funkie Friday again and well I need something inspirational, yet surprisingly funky. Arettha Franklin Let me Rox you Aretha Franklin that's all I want to do Aretha Frankliiiiiiin! (smile)

First Female Afrikan American Speaker The Honorable Karen Bass

47th District Representive Karen Bass became the first Female Afrikan American Speaker of the Assembly in California following in the footsteps of Willie Brown and Herb Wesson. Cool! Bass a graduate of Hamilton High School and California State Dominguez Hills (Carson) and USC Medical School has represented South Central Los Angeles working and leading the fight against drugs and working for Foster care reform.
In the recent Budget fight that held California Citizens hostage for three months Bass was a cool voice of reason in high stakes battle divided along party lines.
Cool Beans!
BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SEMPER FI Afrikan American!

I have said it before, and I will say it again, PBS ROX! They are absolutely wonderful! Last night, I watched a documentary on the Marine Corps about the First Black Marines and the segregated base in North Carolina they were stationed at. Montford Pointe!
I did not know that the Marines, The Marines were the last branch to let Black folks in! This was a shocker to me cause I have always had a high respect for the Marines. This is not an endorsement of the Armed Services! Nooooo! Not gonna do it! Not gonna recommend someone join up!
Well, maybe the Peace Corps or some other worthwhile groups but I digress! Since it's Black History Month I figured I would post this link. It has wonderful photos and commentary.
BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!

Nipple Gate 2.0

Bee is just bad! The lady has talent real talent! Now I know there are plenty of haters readying their knives. I have a neighbor who was livid that Bee performed for Mr. Obama. She called her trashy and said she had no talent. She thought that Alicia Keys should have had that honor.

The great Social Scientist Mary J. Blige coined the phrase Hateration to describe this phenomenon. Bee is talented and beautiful and she has a nice body. She can sing, dance, and act. That's the total package! Of course, she does some things better, than others, but she does have talent.

Even more important though, she has a great cheer leading section/ marketing team cause how you get to perform on all these shows that traditionally have not had any and I mean, any Black Folks performing on it? Alicia and India need to hire Bee's team cause Bee is getting all the damn work. Hell, even Janet needs to hire Bee's team.

Speaking of Janet, Nipple gate cost Janet a lot! Justin Timberlake's Cowardice aside, Damn! Now, I just wantz to know how the hell did Arianna Huffington post this and it not be on any Black outlet's first? In case you can't see it. That's a nipple! Nipple!

N-I-P-P-L-E !

Zac Effran, oops, not Zack Effran but HUGH! HUGH JACKMAN! is the consummate professional or dead below the waist cause I would have dropped Bee, and stood there with my mouth agape, followed by the biggest smile, since Jimmy JJ Walker was in Prime Time!

And just so it's said that was a REAL Wardrobe Malfunction! And for the photographer that shot it. Good Catch! (WINK)

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday David Love!

Happy Birthday to my perpetually 25 year old friend who I met when we were both eight years old. Well since he's found the secret to eternal youth and I just always seem to look good no matter what age I am saying Happy Birthday is merely a formality.

Happy Birthday Dave! God Bless!

Publisher Sardonyx Jade Places Third In Ice Skating Comp!

Poet/Publisher Sardonyx Jade
Page and Performance Poet and Publisher Sardonyx Jade emailed photos of her recent ice skating competition. In addition to promoting the Last Chance Cafe Collection, blazing local open mikes and Editing a new collection of erotic poetry and stories for Sardonyx Jade Publishing she skates!

I don't know bout y'all but I've been kinda down this Black History Month. Bam Bam's President but it just seems kinda...well.....ick!

But I found this to be quite awesome! Black Folks excelling and breaking new ground all over!

Check out Sardonyx Jade's work and tell her Mista Jaycee sent you!

That's Just awesome!

I can't even ride a skateboard

Effin Cool!
Do the Damn Thang!
Inglewood, California The City of Champions!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Poem for Sambo

From Mista Jaycee's Chapbook Middle Passage Mindstate!

Sambo, Sambo!

Let me have a word!

Sambo, Sambo!

Let me have a word!

Run tell ya master

What you snuck and heard

You may get rich but your life is still a turd!

Run! Run! Run!

Run tell Massa

Run! Run! Run!

Tell em where we be

Sambo Sambo

Judas to your peoples

One day soon we comin for thee!

New Poetry

From Mista Jaycee's Third Chapbook "Brotha Sings the Blues!"

" Friend Zone!"

2nd movement:

I’m in love with my best friend
And she’s crying on my shoulder over some knukka!
I’m listening but I can’t pretend that I ain’t heard this ish before or hearing it again.

She’s my friend so I try to stay within the boundaries
Who in the hell set up these rules? I know it wasn’t me.
I remember the first conversation we had
We went to all the same places at the very same times, knew people who knew all the same people but we’d never hit, never met at quite the right moment, somehow just never quite clicked

She had a boyfriend!

Now I remember how I ended up in the friend zone
She had a boyfriend!
Spending my daze with her and spending my nights alone
In the friend zone!

We listened to each other’s war stories
Shared all our secrets
Joy and pain
She had a boyfriend and I’m in the friend zone!

She crying over a rogue thug this week or wanna be playa that’s never ever
There the next or just some dude who don’t got a clue and don’t appreciate what he has
Or she’s just using for sex!
It drives me crazy but on my side she hears of all the tail I’ve chased, all the dinners I bought and the one night stands that fell down soon after they left my place.
It drives me craz----zay! Being in the friend zone spending daze of our lives alone, this one a moron, that ones a jerk! Forever getting the pussy while I do all the work!

She says I wish I could find someone like you? Like me?
Can’t take that ish as a compliment while she knows that I’m free!
I’m free!
Who’s more like me than me? Don’t you get it?
You should be with me!
Let’s get together

But she says Naw! It’ll just ruin it!
My love will ruin it?

I watch the subject make her fidget
Blood rush making her blush
See my suggestion of a love affair reduced to a crush
it’s not infatuation, puppy love, oh girl, you making me flushed
you need to take stock cause you killing me by not believing in us.

I got the blues spending my nights alone, loving you lost hopelessly in the friend zone!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

People that make you utter what the ****?

Starkeisha Brown and Krystal Matthews

The So called Baby Sitter! Latanya Jones

About a year ago these two women were arrested for torture and child abuse in Los Angeles. I wrote on it when it happened. With all the media currently focused on Chris Brown and Rhianna I am disappointed that this story and stories just like these get swept under the rug.
The shelf life on this story was much too short but the problem goes on.
Here's a re-cap. Starkeisha and Krystal are lovers. The two in tandem allegedly tortured and maimed Starkeisha's son. They also allegedly attempted to pass off another kid as theirs when interviewed by the Department of Children and Family Services.
According to people living nearby the boys alleged abuse was reported several times and well known but DCFS did not remove the child. The child's injuries are described as a hand burned so badly over a stove that it permanently disfigured. It is alleged that his hand was held over the stove as punishment. It is alleged that the child had cigarette burns over much of his body including his genitals. It is alleged that the child was found sitting in his own excrement and that he was dehydrated and malnourished. What the He**?
Question. What kind of hatred for MEN do these So called Women harbor that they allegedly took out on this boy?
Where was the Father? His Family? Her Family? What the Hell!
How will this child heal from this? I wonder...

Here's hoping that Starkeisha and Krystal, if guilty are sentenced to Life in prison!
BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Frank McComb - Left Alone

Underrated Unsung but damn!

Kill The Wabbit (What's Opera, Doc) The real thing

I just needed something funnie today! How bout y'all

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Bon!

The Agency said he looked just like Shemar Moore. Liars!
Ok, so I was trying to hire you a male stripper for your birthday and something went terribly wrong! Terribly, horibbly WRONG!
Now putting all that aside I ran out and got you this Happy Birthday Wish. Bon by 5 and 1/2 months old you were running behind me, Mal and Mia so you smart enuff to figure out I love you.
Happy Birthday! From Your Brother Mista Jaycee, Your Sista in Law, Vee, and your Niece.
PS. Don't tell the clown where I live. He's got the hotz for me.

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spiritual Food For Thought!

Seek first, Paradise all these things shall be added unto you. The Holy Bible

The Grass Withereth but the word of God shall stand. The Holy Bible

Surely unto Allah we are returning! The Noble Quran

I read this great post on Daisy's Dead Air today. Daisy wrote of a parable where one great monk en route to finish his tantra exercises ignored the suffering state of a woman beside a river. A junior monk who came later when asked didn't hesitate to help her when asked and was rewarded by being taken to the pure land. He reached nirvana without having to see death.

In the Book of John Chapter 4 Yeshua (Jesus) happened upon a Samartian Woman at the a well. The Jews and Samartians were enemies and did not speak to one another. Long Story. Jesus spoke to her and told her of the Living water that would quench her thirst and that would never run dry. Even more so he showed her the source from which this well originated.

Read it for yourself.

As we all look for ways to deal with the passing of the world as we knew it and into the world as it is now. Look for what will last and what can be renewed. The rest is temporary.

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What The Hell Gayle?

I read this morning on AOL Oprah's Gal Pal Gayle King's comment on the Chris Brown, Rhianna mess. She didn't care about Chris Brown and of course she had a low opinion of Chris Brown but felt for Rhianna.

My Question. And we care why??

What has Gayle King done in life except be Oprah's Gal Pal that her opinion should make the so-called front page? As many shows as Oprah has done on Anger Management, the Abused and the Abuser and boosting the careers of Priest Iyala Vanzandt and the Irritation known Dr. Phil.

As a Grown azz Woman you feel for Rhianna but not Chris? These two Young Black People, who just a week ago, were one of America's cutest couples implodes in a domestic abuse scandal and you as Oprah's #1 Gal Pal ain't pushin for healing and redemption of both of them? WTH?

Both these young folks could be your kids. Hell! They could be your Grand kids! But you ain't saying to the people Pray for them, You ain't boosting Abuse Shelters and Programs for both of them to heal you just picking a side, and looking to destroy the other one.

Shame on you!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Sixth Grader has spoken.

I went to my daughter's College basketball game and there was two six graders that came to see their big cousin play. Since I knew their Uncle, who's sister, plays with my daughter, so I spoke to them. One, of the cute lil 6th graders asked me about Chris Brown and Rhianna.

Do You really believe Chris Brown hit Rhianna?

Yeah, I do believe he hit her. He shouldn't have. Boys ain't supposed to hit Girls!

Quickly, I learned that she loved Chris Brown and hated Rhianna! I asked her why she hated Rhianna when she didn't know either of them? She replied that Rhianna drives Chris Brown's car in the Video, blah blah blah!

But baby the videos are not real. Producers bring those cars and things for the video. Producers write the stories for the videos. She's looked so shocked! I asked. You don't like Rhianna cause she's pretty and light skinned, huh?

I'm thinking about the budding female psychology of female competition and competitive hatred that she and so many other young Women will have in real life towards other females who may snag the attention of a young cute boy in junior high, high school, college, work and overall life. The whole light skinned, long hair, skinny or not thang. How can you explain over four hundred years of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome to a 6th grader? How do you tell a kid about the Multi verses when they only know one block of Earth?

No! I don't like her cause Chris Brown is the real star and she's just with him!

She's 11 years old and in the sixth grade. Both girls articulated their points so well. It was surprising for me to see that neither girl knew that Rhianna has sold more records than Chris and that in the overall scheme of things she would be the bigger star or Star because of that!

It didn't matter! They were hurt! For them seeing Chris Brown in a bad light was earth shaking and disturbing. They didn't know if they wanted to be fans anymore. That's hard and harsh for a youngling.

They understood the rules. Boys don't hurt Girls! And someone they admired and have a crush on has disappointed them cause they broke the rules.

I really didn't know how to explain to them that Chris and Rhianna are human beings and that they make mistakes. You can still like them and their music but realize they aren't perfect. Sure I can write this down now but when put on the spot like that!

My brain was like NKNNFD &$^#Wuzzle Beeep! KKKKK AGGGGHE ACK!
A week from now Chris and Rhi may be broken up or maybe not and unfortunately the general public will weigh in on their relationship but People do terrible things that they later regret. This is a universal truth. Here's hoping that Regret becomes Repentance and then Redemption.

Here's hoping for Acceptance and Atonement and Absolution!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Happy Valentine's Day!

U know it's Love after you've made the stupidest mistake
said the wrong thing at the absolutely worst moment
left the peanut butter in the grape jelly jar
broke wind and cleared each other's sinuses
took money from the ATM without checking the balance and made everything bounce like a super ball, used the last of the coffee when your partner really needed it
ate that strawberry shortcake ice cream that been in the freezer for months or worse just threw it away Drank the last root beer they u knew they set aside
Left toothpaste in the sink, let your curlers burn and left hair all over the bathroom
left your undies drying in the shower, left those special undies drying in the shower
It love when on Superbowl Sunday or during the NBA finals they go to the store and buy that box of special time lady things cause you need em
It love when even after the argument you sorry even when you were and still are right!
It love when even after all this happens Y'all still there.
Love when long after you would have left somebody else you still there.
Anyone can fall in love with someone. Candy, flowers, good food and music and great sex can help you get there!
It is Love after the bad things happen you realize they are human and you forgive them and move on. That's Love!
Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Domestic Violence! What? 2009 AOJ?

This morning I read a real nice post by this Sista Malika who wrote about both sides of domestic violence situation. I think this is worth the read.

Now, I think that Chris Brown's music is cool but I can't say I'm a fan and Rhianna's is easy on the eyes. Again, her music is cool but I can't say I'm a fan so I wasn't gonna write on this. But I was asked to chime in.

Two Rulez!
For Boys! 1. You do not Hit Girls!
For Girls! 2. You do not Hit Boys!

You Don't hit each other! You don't curse at each other!

I'm amazed that in the year 2009 AOJ (After OJ) we still dealing with this. Chris, I don't wanna know your life story or anything but dude Anger Management! Real Anger management!
Rhianna go with em! The two of y'all should go and work at some of these shelters together where there are families that have been torn apart because of ish like this.

Rhi Rhi, did you talk too much ish? Yes! Lady readers, this is valid question. Rhi, maybe you hit Chris, maybe not but the provocation is your part in it! So both of y'all need to go and work the shelters and learn something. Do it for real and for the readers maybe you've weighed in and picked a side.

Why? The news is filled daily with tragic stories like this. It's common! That is the true problem.
It's become common! Abuse! Physical or Verbal has become common.
This has to stop!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This was just tooo funnie not to post!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mia!

Happy Birthday to my sister Mia! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Happy! Happy! Joy!
I got you a puppy! Well, a picture of a puppy! That counts right?


Check Out this Valentines Day Love! Both of em took they Shoes off! (smile)

Black History Month! Chairman Fred Hampton!

Chicago Chicago Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton Sr.

It's essential that we remember folks like Fred Hampton Sr. always but especially during our so-called Black History Month.

Chairman Fred, a college student, and community activist founded the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party. Fred placed a high premium on community service and participation becoming instrumental in starting the Black Panther Free Breakfast and Medical Programs.

He brokered truces among Chicago's Black gangs and reached out to forge truces and relationships with other gangs throughout Chicago in hopes of creating a Rainbow Coalition.

Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. did not permit his youth to quell his desire to help people and his community. He seized the day, teaching political action classes as early as six in the morning.

What are you doing? What are you doing for your community?

(2) Fred Hampton, speech (1968)

Any program that's brought into our community should be analyzed by the people of that community. It should be analyzed to see that it meets the relevant needs of that community.
That's what the Breakfast for Children Program is. A lot of people think it's charity. But what does it do? It takes people from a stage to a stage to another stage. Any program that's revolutionary is an advancing program.

Revolution is change.

We say that the Breakfast for Children Program is a socialistic program. It teaches the people basically that - by practice. We thought up and let them practice that theory and inspect that theory. What's more important?

And a woman said, "I don't know if I like communism, and I don't know if I like socialism. But I know that the Breakfast for Children Program feeds my kids. And if you put your hands on that Breakfast for Children Program . . ." Speech courtesy of Spartacus International Educators

Fred Hampton Sr.

Ashe, Fred!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Black History Month!

Happy Black History Month America! Of course we all know there is no HISTORY without Black folks. That said, we the 1st people are happy to have given you Religion, Philosophy, metaphysics, Art, Science, Music, Language, Math and Culture. But most of all we are glad to have given birth to you. You are most welcome!

Just figured I'd say that cause for some reason every February I have to endure hours of your fine propaganda campaigns via the mass media. Queen starring Paul Winfield, Ossie Davis, Halle Berry and Jasmine Guy is not the history of Black People. Neither is Roots! It's only a small part of the lives of the People who first populated the earth.

What's Love Got to Do with it? While it is a great Tina Turner Story, it ain't a Black History film! That goes for Super Fly, The Mack, Posse, And Waiting to Exhale. Hear that TV One? BET are you with me? Just cause it got Black People in don't make it Black History dig? BET and TV One should be more selective.

Should we Play Malcolm X or King? Yes! But again, how bout playing their speeches? How bout playing some Marcus M. Garvey? Some Elijah Muhammed? Some A. Philip Randolph? How bout some Dr. Angela Davis or Stokely Carmichael? You know even if you focused just on the 60's it was more than just King and Malcolm. There are tons of Black films and shows. Franks Place! Tim Ried before he played the dad on Sister Sister and after he played Venus Flytrap on WKRP created and produced a beautiful series of work. How bout Soul Food, the series? Links? So much more. Dig?

Yes! These films employed Black People but so does the Post Office. That doesn't mean it should be counted among the commentary of Black Folks.

So in the spirit of Brotherhood, Check out the Pan Afrikan Film Festival. Here's the Link!

How about Sankofa. This was a great film! Maybe you should play it! Now it's not that I don't enjoy seeing Roots! It's not that! It's just that there's so much more out there. Funnie, I don't see anyone playing Love Jones, The Inkwell, The Spook Who Sat by the Door.

I don't see great documentaries like Eyes on the Prize. NPR commentator Juan Williams did a wonderful job on this before he turned to the dark side and became a Sith Lord. He wasn't always Darth Juan ya know. I don't see Brother Outsider: The Life and Times of Bayard Rustin. How bout A Great and Mighty Walk? John Henrik Clarke?

Halle Berry did do the film There Eyes were Watching God. That's by Zora Neale Hurston. She's a very important person in Black Literature. Just so you know.

Just ranting but not really!

BE Prayerful! BE Careful! BE Mindful!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Karaoke! Just add Liquor! No Good Can Come of It!

In the September 21, 1997 episode of The Simpsons, "The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson", Homer Simpson's recollection of his first trip to New York City ended with his falling in the sewer and quoting, "...and that's when the C.H.U.D.s came at me." Marge responds: "Of course you'll have a bad impression of New York if you only focus on the pimps and the C.H.U.D.s." Wiki.

Liquor mixed with Karaoke! No good can come of it! Jaycee
Have you ever heard the sound a butterfly makes when it screams? Jaycee

It wasn't that long ago that Peabo Bryson got called a hater cause he said that R. Kelly couldn't sing! Jaycee
So, like ok, here goes! I went to see my daughter's game and afterwards we decided to hit this popular Mexican resturant for dinner. Now the food was good. I personally, had the sour cream enchiladas and a Cadillac margarita but the liquor could not brace me for what occured next!

It was Friday night, the place was packed, and rain is pouring outside. It's Karaoke Night inside the bar. AGGGGGH!

Have you ever heard a butterfly screaming?
What there was no sign posted! No Sign! There was no sign Darn it!

Ok, so now that you got that visual in your head running on a continuous loop; I had a mouth full of food when I heard this chick belting out Chaka Khan's Sweet Thing!

Mental Note: Karaoke, people who can't sing, singing songs that are either too cheesy or too sacred to be sung by an non professional. Oh, and add Liquor! Lots of it!

Now, she's singing Chaka Khan's Sweet Thing so loud that people in the restaurant are now laughing, choking or taking bets on if she's gonna try to hit the note! You know, the Note!

For the record... She did! She tried to hit The Note! I won the bet by the way. Don't hate!

You know the real issue for me was not that she was singing Chaka Khan's Sweet Thing but I got the feeling she had never heard it. She heard Mary's version of Sweet Thing! Same song, Yes! But not the Same thing! Get it?

So, we laughed! It was cool. I heard an ok version of Lionel Richies/Kenny Rogers Lady that wasn't bad but when this one group of Ladies decided to sing Labelle's Lady Marmalade then the hilarity was reaching a fever pitch!

Just add Liquor, that should sum up Karaoke!

So the night ended when I began to hear someone attempting to sing Minnie Ripperton's Loving You! Oh Gawd! For all y'all who don't know, Minnie Ripperton could see so high she would shatter glasses during her performances.
Lalalala lalala lalala lala la lala la Do do do dood AHHHHHHHHHHH!
I ran to get the truck! I could hear the crowd and the sound of a poor lil Kittie being swung by it's tail!

And that's when the CHUD's Came.......

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Arnold's Flushing California!

What the hell is wrong with the politicians in California? Our state is going into the crapper and I don't think they see how urgent this is. Do you?

California has a huge budget shortfall. Something like $41 Billion dollars! California is a Nation/State and it has the economy of a mid size country all by itself so not only should Californians be concerned but so should the nation.

Part of the problem is the longtime partisan feuds between the Republicans and Democrats. The Governator Arnold now finds himself proposing even higher tax licensing fees then the recalled Gov. Gray Davis to try to balance things out. State workers are being forced to take two day furloughs. What the Heck?

I don't have the answers but I have lots of suggestions. Since we are in the crapper anyway, repeal and fix Prop 13. This property tax prop got passed in 1978 and the authors of the bill could not have foreseen the problems that it created. Now I am not suggesting we go back to the way it was pre-1978 with a part time legistrature but de-centralizing the state government is not a bad idea on its face. All the cities divvy up their tax base and give it to the state which doles it back out to the rest of the state.

Prop 13 is not allowing local cities to serve local cities. Fix it! We need property tax revenue. It doesn't mean that taxes have to be levied without a cap but we do need them.

2nd suggestion. Get rid of the 2/3 majority crap! The Dems are the majority party here and have more than enough votes to enact a plan. Good or Bad! But the 2/3 majority just allows the minority party to stifle any efforts. The Repubs have used this to stymie California Politics to a terrible end.

This may make some so called fiscal conservatives happy but it's a bad rule cause if the Dems were the minority would you like them to be able to stifle the efforts of the majority of elected officials? Bad Rule get rid of it!

Hey here's an idea! Close some of these prisons! If the only thing creating revenue in your town is the prison then that's just wrong! If it's a privatized prison then that too is wrong. The State issues a punishment only to have it enforce by a private contractor? Nah! Most prisons are filled with non violent drug addicts and offenders not violent criminals.

It's killing us. Hey Cals Levies need to be fixed too! That will create jobs and Revenue! But alas you don't care. How bout the assembly and California Senate go to half wages until this crisis is resolved? Got my vote!

Here's to some sense!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Rest With Honor Coach Yow!

Earlier this week some total jack azz defaced the monument honoring Hall of Fame Coach Kay Yow! They scribbled Cancer Rulez! What Pricks!
Shame on You and may God (IAM) have mercy on your souls. It was cheap and thank God we all recognize just how cheap and low you are.
I hope you get caught! I hope you have to explain yourselves!
RIP Coach! Rest with honor cause the lil wieners who tried to besmirch you don't have none!
Go North Carolina Wolf Pack!
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Congrats To Pat Summit! Go Vols!

1000 Career Wins!

Congrats to Coach Pat Summit! Go Vols! Coach Summit is College Basketball's Winningest Coach with a 1000 wins and the second longest behind the NBA's Jerry Sloan.

Big Round of Applause for the Coach for winning classy and Educating some great student athletes!

BE Careful! BE Prayerful! BE Mindful!


New Poetry!

“Winter Alone”
A description of Bi-Polar Disorder

Clear Sky, Dark blue night
Winter Chill coming in
Pending rainfall
But that’s alright
At least I’m out the wind.

Winter alone
Donnie Hathaway sings of giving up!
Oil lamp burning
Heat fan turning
Winter alone

I’m going through the highs and lows
Trying not
To break during winter…

When my mind’s on the high
I’m making phone calls across state lines
On and On
Trying to reconnect to memories
Forever in time


When I’m on the low
The hour and the minute hand much
Tears flowing from my eyes



Winter alone

Tears flowing
Past regrets presently whip me
Demons paw, reach and grip me




Between the sky high of the high
The low slow blows




My Mind going so fast…
I can’t stop!
Spirit goin down slow but I

I’m praying for balance ……

I smoke a cigarette down to the filter
Self medicate as long as I got ice cubes.

Winter alone


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

President Barack Bam Bam Obama, Jedi Order Chi Town Versus Michael Steele, Republican Head Honcho Sith Order New York