Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Poem for Sambo

From Mista Jaycee's Chapbook Middle Passage Mindstate!

Sambo, Sambo!

Let me have a word!

Sambo, Sambo!

Let me have a word!

Run tell ya master

What you snuck and heard

You may get rich but your life is still a turd!

Run! Run! Run!

Run tell Massa

Run! Run! Run!

Tell em where we be

Sambo Sambo

Judas to your peoples

One day soon we comin for thee!


Miss.Stefanie said...

Love it~!

Bud Fox said...

Wasn't Sambo actually Indian (from India)?

Go B. said...

Alrighty seems like I've seen that black ceramic piece before somewhere. Actually I think back in the day ceramic pieces of black Americans were really painted BLACK.


Mista Jaycee said...

Hi Bud Fox,
Sambo was also the actual villian in Uncle Tom's Cabin. Black folks are called Uncle Tom as an insult but it was actually Sambo who was the sell out villian.

For the record though India has it's own history of Racism and Classism. The Dalits recieve the worst treatment. The Black Untouchables although some would call them Holy.

Nicole ♥ HealthyKisses Inc. said...

Love your Blog sweetie!

babbler said...

This is going to give away my age, but, do you remember the chain of restaurants called Sambo's? The story of Sambo was on all of the menus and placemats. It was actually a very tasty breakfast they served, but the name fell out of favor after the civil rights movement of the 60's. This is my first visit to your fine blog, I learned a few new facts while visiting you. Much love and respect to you! Love from "Mrs. Slug" in Oregon

Keli said...

But your life is still a turd...

says it all.